Issue #205 *January 2019

International Institute For Global Leadership
Issue #205 *January 2019
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Guest Editorial

Nonviolent Communication
Cheurombo Pswarayi (Zimbabwe)


The author speaks of how communication is key to put an end to violence. Even if words are not violently spoken, they can be a trigger to violent reactions. The author is communicating ways in which communication can be made in a positive and constructive way. Here are some highlights from the book:

Giving from the heart: When words are spoken and expressed in a genuine manner from the speaker wanting to enrich the listeners’ life it is a way of giving from the heart. It is the foundation of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). It is the base principle of how the same (bad) experience can leave a person bitter or still willing to offer affection. Sincerity in speaking is one of my strongest traits. Having this message reinforced by the book and calling it giving from the heart gives me a renewed reason to perfect my communication.

There are 4 components of NVC: 1. observation 2. feeling 3. needs 4.Request
As the author put it well- NVC guides me in reframing how I express myself and how I hear others. I used to believe in “saying it as I see it”, how I was seeing it. After reading this book I now take my time to say and give an opinion. I realize the stages of communicating in a non-violent manner and applying them in my everyday life has seen me experience a difference in how people accept my views and how they express themselves when they feel I am listening to them in a non-judgmental manner.

Observing without evaluating: The author emphasizes on the disadvantages of being judgmental and communicating, sometimes without even noticing it, in such a manner. He mentions moralistic judgment and how classifying and judging people promotes violence. I have understood that when a person is speaking or acting in a certain manner what they are communicating might be beyond the words they are speaking. It is important for me not to judge them but to identify the feelings they might be trying to communicate. The aspect of empathy is closely related to this so that when I fully understand the situation and position in individual is in or experiencing I am in a better position to understand what they are saying and to speak what they’ll understand.

Identifying and expressing feelings: I have realized that when I often use my moralistic judgment and state those as feelings without understanding the true meaning of, I feel. The author has helped me understand how to identify and articulate my feelings without projecting judgment to whoever I’ll be talking to. The author has also emphasized that how I feel is because of my reaction and can be controlled totally by myself. It is not necessary for me to blame someone else because the decision to react in any situation stays with me. I have also learned to separate my thoughts and y feelings. The dictionary of possible feelings written by the author and the exercise that followed shortly below assisted me in discerning between the two.

“Emotional slavery: we see ourselves responsible for others’ feelings.” I have observed myself and my conduct over time and what I realized was that at some point my decisions and actions where anchored on how others would perceive me. After reading NVC I have been empowered to make decisions and decline doing ‘favors’ which I am uncomfortable with. Every person, including my friends and family, are ultimately responsible for their own feelings. I have unburdened myself from carrying that responsibility. I have also stopped seeking and asking people of their opinions on me as a person.

Comparisons are a form of judgment: The easiest way to make myself miserable is to compare myself with others the author says. I believe in addition to this, the quickest way to have an inflated ego is to also compare yourself with others. Both results are self-destructive. What I have personally resolved to do is to compare myself with myself. The person I was yesterday, last week and last year, compared to the person at present. I have also resolved to improve at each stage and avoid regressing.

Mastering the art of NVC is a process which needs practice: To have to change my way of communicating- which is what I have known all 34 years of my life is a process which will need patience and persistence. The author mentions that it is more difficult to apply NVC to the people I’m close to, for example family, and I have realized that it is true. I am however making progress in applying the principles shared in the book and I am happy with my progress.

(Cheu is a Level Two student).

What Others Are Saying
Erick Omari (Kenya)

A Holiday Gift

A man was asked to paint a boat.
He brought with him paint and brushes and began to paint the boat a bright red, as the owner asked him.
While painting, he noticed that there was a small hole in the hull, and quietly repaired it.
When finished painting, he received his money and left.
The next day, the owner of the boat came to the painter and presented him with a nice check, much higher than the payment for painting.
The painter was surprised and said, “You’ve already paid me for painting the boat Sir!”
“But this is not for the paint job. It’s for having repaired the hole in the boat.”
“Ah! But it was such a small service certainly it’s not worth paying me such a high amount for something so insignificant.”
“My dear friend, you do not understand. Let me tell you what happened. When I asked you to paint the boat, I forgot to mention about the hole. When the boat dried, my kids took the boat and went on a fishing trip. They did not know that there was a hole. I was not at home at that time. When I returned and noticed they had taken the boat, I was desperate because I remembered that the boat had a hole.”

Imagine my relief and joy when I saw them returning from fishing.

Then, I examined the boat and found that you had repaired the hole! You see, now, what you did? You saved the life of my children! I do not have enough money to pay your “small good deed.”
So, no matter who, when or how. Just continue to help, sustain, wipe tears, listen attentively and carefully repair all the ‘leaks’ you find, because you never know when one is in need of us or when God holds a pleasant surprise for us to be helpful and important to someone.
You may have repaired numerous “boat holes” along the way of several people without realizing how many lives you’ve saved. So Keep up the Good Work!

“I want to thank Everyone who repaired my boat this year in every way like Good wishes, thoughts, love, care and prayers.”

(Erick is an IIGL Graduate and the Kenyan National Coordinator)
What our Students are Reading

Showing Up for Life By: Bill Gates $13.99

A heartfelt, deeply personal book, Showing Up for Life shines a bright light on the values and principles that Bill Gates Sr. has learned over a lifetime of “showing up;” lessons that he learned growing up during the Great Depression, and that he instilled in his children and continues to practice on the world stage as the co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Through the course of several dozen narratives arranged in roughly chronological fashion, Gates introduces the people and experiences that influenced his thinking and guided his moral compass. Among them: the scoutmaster who taught him about teamwork and self reliance; and his famous son, Trey, whose curiosity and passion for computers and software led him to ultimately co-found Microsoft. Through revealing stories of his daughters, Kristi and Libby; his late wife, Mary, and his current wife, Mimi; and his work with Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Carter, among others, he discusses the importance of hard work, getting along, honoring a confidence, speaking out, and much more. Showing Up for Life translates one man’s experiences over fourscore years of living into an inspiring road map for readers everywhere.

Students/Graduates In Action

IIGL Graduate shares Holiday Message about Springboard!
IIGL Graduate and former Officer Afere Lawrence (Nigeria) shares 2018 Springboard highlights!

Dear Supporters, Partners and Friends of Springboard,
On behalf of all our staff, farmers, village entrepreneurs and the communities we serve across Nigeria, I want to wish you – all our supporters, partners and friends, the happiest of holidays, the best of the ends of 2018 and a wonderful year ahead.
As you will see in this short video (please see the link below) what we have done in 2018 is remarkable. And we couldn’t do a single thing without your support and partnership. Again, on behalf of all the Springboard People, Farmers and communities, I say a big THANK YOU. And I look forward to your support and partnership in 2019.
Happy holidays! Here is the link to a short video that summarizes our work in 2018:

Valuable Resources for Personal & Planetary Transformation

World Learning Inc.
Today, World Learning Inc. continues to build on its decades of success. The Experiment sends more than 600 American teenagers abroad each summer for life-changing experiences. SIT Graduate Institute offers accredited graduate degrees in Vermont and at our centers around the globe. SIT Study Abroad provides more than 80 study abroad programs for undergraduate students, including multi-country comparative programs through the International Honors Program (IHP). And World Learning oversees 92 programs with participants from more than 150 countries, including the 2,000 emerging leaders we bring to the US every year on international professional, academic, and youth exchanges.

2018 IIGL Holiday Book Drive Results
Thank you to those who participated in our Annual IIGL Holiday Book Drive. We received 9 new donations in December which raised over $800 for IIGL! We hope you enjoyed your holiday season and all the best for 2019!

2019 Annual Meeting Date
The Board of Directors announced that the 2019 IIGL Annual Meeting will be held on May 11th! All Active Students, Graduates and Financial Contributors are invited to attend via teleconference. We will share more details on how to participate in a few months.

First Speaking Event in January!
Director, Deb Rosen (USA/WI) will be presenting an overview of the 1st IIGL book, “Creating Your Path Through Leadership” in January in the Milwaukee area. The book is available both on Kindle and in Paperback on! Check it out! A portion of each purchase is deposited to IIGL as a Royalty payment. Here’s the link:…

Meet Our New Students

We had 6 new students this month

Adeyemi Johnson Adetunji (Nigeria)
I hailed from Oyo State Nigeria. I was born 51 years to Mr. and Mrs. Adeniran Adeyemi. I had my first Degree in Education History/Christian Religious Studies from University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria in 1994 with second Class Upper Division. Thereafter I proceeded for my graduate studies in Library., Archival and Information Studies from University of Ibadan in 1998 with proceed to PhD. I am a certified Customer Relationship Manager from New Horizon in 2018. I emerged the best student scoring 833 out total mark obtainable of 1000. I won The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library (TEEAL) Grant in 2016. I am married to Oluwatomisin, a Child educator and Counselor. I am blessed with three children, Enoch, Adeife and Adeiye

Muogbo Precious Chinyene (Nigeria)
I am the second of four children from Anambra State in Nigeria. I am a final year student of Prosthetics and Orthotics at Federal University of Technology, Owerri in the south eastern part of Nigeria. I am a budding entrepreneur in areas of e commerce, agriculture and technology. As a youth in the developing part of Africa, I seek to always pursue service; this is evident in my love for volunteering in humanitarian and social causes. I strongly believe that the ladder to influence is threaded through service and this has shaped my mind to always want to better my eco-space. My interests are: arts, music, journalism, activism, writing, law and global Ambassadorship. I’m currently and undergraduate but engage in online courses to equip myself with tools required for building my knowledge bank. I am pro leadership and positive change in my society and I’m willing to weather any storm to change the Nigerian/African Narrative.

Ejemeka David Ezichi (Nigeria)
I was born in Oru-west local Government in Ubulu Imo state Nigeria.I was born in February 21, 1990. In 2010 I got admission to study law in State College of Islamic and Legal Studies where I studied Civil law and obtained my diploma in civil law. In 2013 I proceeded to complete my study of law in National Open University of Nigeria( Noun) where I am about to round up my thesis in order to bag my LLB by 2019 and proceed to my bar professional course. Right now I work with a notable law firm in Kaduna State known as House of Justice/Mive Legals where I hold the office of a litigation secretary.

Iyahen Faith (Nigeria)
I am an Innovation and IT Manager with the National Health Insurance Scheme, Abuja, Nigeria. I was born in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria. I had my elementary and secondary education in Lagos State and later proceeded to the Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger State, Nigeria where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Physics/ Computer Science. I recently completed my Master’s degree in Information Technology with the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). Presently, I work with the Nigerian Government in the Health Insurance Sector. I have almost two decades of working experience in the Nigerian ICT sector. My interest is in innovation and business process enhancement using Information Technology. This led me to obtain a certificate in Innovation and IT Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore through edX. I also have a certificate in Effective Problem-Solving and Decision-Making from the University of California, Irvine through Coursera and a certificate in Fundamentals of Management from the University of California, Irvine also through Coursera.

Olumide Adeturji Idowu (Nigeria)
I am a Geologist, Mineral Explorationist, Certified Professional Project Manager, HR Generalist, Enterprise IT Management/Quality Improvement Strategist, Learning & Development and Management Consultant armed with a Master’s Degree (, Professional Certificate in GIS Technology, Public Procurement and Knowledge Management for Public Governance with relevant internationally acclaimed certifications/licenses such as PMP, CPM, CPCP, MCITP, MCTS, CPT, CSSMBB, SCM, CBP, CEP just to mention but few. I have over 25 years of multi-sector and multi-functional consulting, project management, training, business strategy, strategic management/business development and general HR management experience.

Mamma, Michael Kelechi (Nigeria)
I am the first of the family of Mr. and Mrs. Augustine Mamma. A nuclear family of four, comprising of three boys and a girl. I was born in Obollo-Eke, Ogwu, in Udeni Local Government Area in Enugu State, Nigeria. But spent most of my childhood life in Obalende Police Barracks, in Lagos State, due to the fact that my father was still active in the Nigerian Police Force. I attended Dodan Barracks Primary School, in Eti-Osa Local Government Area of Lagos State. I had the opportunity of meeting some wonderful people there including my teachers and peers. My school life was quite interesting. It really didn’t take much for me to find a good spot in the hearts of my teachers as they took me as one of their own and also my peers amongst whom one is still very close and was the person that introduced the Institute for Global Leadership to me. I think I was most the favorite for all my teachers due to my thirst for knowledge.

To view complete profiles, Click Here

Visionary Leadership

Student Progress
We had 14 students from 3 countries complete a total of 20 books in December. These students were from Nigeria, Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

Adeyemi Johnson Adetunji (Nigeria)
* As a Man Thinketh
* Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Onyema Augusta (Nigeria)
* How to Win Friends and Influence People
Muogbo Precious Chinenye (Nigeria)
* As a Man Thinketh
* Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Ejemeka David Ezichi (Nigeria)
* As a Man Thinketh
* Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Iyahen Faith (Nigeria)
* As a Man Thinketh
* Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Samaila Ibrahim (Nigeria)
* Keys to Success
Olumide Adetunji Idowu (Nigeria)
* As a Man Thinketh
* Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Adeosun Oluwatosin Isaac (Nigeria)
* The Leader who had No Title
Mamma Michael Kelechi (Nigeria)
* As a Man Thinketh
* Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Christopher Lawal (Nigeria)
* The Law of Attraction
Olakunle Michael Oladoyin (Nigeria)
* Keys to Success
Dominic Paul Nwakuma (Nigeria)
* The Monk who Sold his Ferrari
Muramira Innocent (Rwanda)
* Keys to Success
Cheurombo Pswarayi (Zimbabwe)
* Nonviolent Commuincation

New Enrollments
3 enrolled in December
44 enrolled in 2018

Book Assessments
20 in December
145 in 2018

Books Shipped
9 in December
86 in 2018

Cost of Books
$165.17 in December
$1,963.17 in 2018

You Make It Possible

We extend a special thanks to the following individuals and/or organizations who contributed to IIGL last month. Your ongoing support makes this work possible.


Roger Yomba (Cote d’Ivoire/USA)

Deb Silver (Israel)

Pierre Wittmann (Thailand)

Lynne Murguia (USA/AZ)

John Hornecker (USA/NC)

Michael Lightweaver (USA/NC)

Janis Thayer (USA/NC)

David Banner (USA/WI)

Minda Devorkin (USA/WI)

Heidi & Ed Fallone (USA/WI)

Deb Rosen (USA/WI)

Charles Rudolph (USA/WI)

Jill Plavnick (USA/WI)

Elizabeth Sinclair (USA/WI)

Julie & Mike Walker (USA/WI)

Patrice Zorn (USA/WI)


Make A Difference

Dream Team 22

Please join Dream Team 22 as our goal is to have 220 people contributing $22 per month.  We understand that money is energy and that to sustain and build IIGL we need a lot of people pouring their energy into this endeavor on a regular basis. We also know that not everyone can afford to commit $22 a month – especially our students, who live in countries with economies in which this amount can be equal to a weeks’ salary. So we are offering two options for those who wish to become a part of the Dream Team. One can commit to a $22 a month contribution or to spending 22 seconds each day holding the vision of IIGL becoming financially sustainable by the end of 2018.


Will you join the Dream Team and help us create an energetic foundation to support the transformational work of IIGL? You can really make a difference in the world by making a modest contribution of time or money.  To make the $22 a month commitment or a one time donation, click the link below.  To become a member of the Dream Team 22 by committing 22 second a day to help us hold the vision, contact Deb for details:


Checks on US banks, payable to the International Institute For Global Leadership, can be mailed to IIGL, 11537 N. Lake Shore Drive, Mequon, WI  53092 USA. Contributions may also be made by credit card by clicking the link below. Contributions are tax deductible under the 501 (c) 3 tax code of the United States Internal Revenue Service.


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