Board of Directors  

The International Institute For Global Leadership is governed by a Board of Directors; led by a team of Executive Officers. The Board of Directors is the legal entity responsible and serves as the IIGL Leadership team. We are committed to the democratic involvement of all participants as the Institute continues to grow and evolve – with the goal that we can more effectively serve our students and the transformation of the planet.


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I am the founder and executive director of Vision for change foundation. The board Vice-Chairperson of Kenya youth for Christ Nairobi Chapter, and The chairperson of Fanaka women association. I am certified coach, a trainer and mentor. I find joy in helping other young people find their path in life, through rediscovering their purpose and living to fulfill that purpose. My background has been in humanitarian work working for an NGO in South Sudan, trying to address complex issues that affect the community in South Sudan. From addressing the local level peace processes, community security, natural resource management and livelihood. During my time in humanitarian sector, I started from project management to senior monitoring and evaluation officer. I was able to achieve this thanks to the studies and mentors IIGL offered me. My journey in IIGL has shaped my career path and enabled me to discover purpose and direction of my life. Most of all IIGL shaped me to the leader that I am today; and gave me the opportunity to serve within the noble institution. One thing I have learnt from my journey with IIGL is that we have more than enough resources within ourselves to make a difference. This has led me to pursue a career in coaching and to dedicate my time serving humanity.

Eze Ujunwa Lynda

Nigeria/United Kingdom


Lynda is an IIGL graduate and has been serving on the IIGL Board for more than 5 years now. She served as a Recording Secretary, a Board member and now as the Vice President.

She is a Nurse by profession and a specialist in the area of Public/community health Nursing.
Lynda is the Founder of “Fit for Life Initiative,” an organization she formed in 2011 out of her burning desire to help the women in the local communities around her to learn, practice and live a more healthy and quality life. Fit for Life Initiative is a Candle Light Award winner from IIGL as a form or appreciation and encouragement on their many achievements.

Through her initiative, she is able to reach many young women in the rural communities in Nigeria, promoting healthy lifestyles and reproductive health. As a result of her extensive awareness campaign on the biological and medical implications of child marriage, many young women from her initiative are able to decide to further in their education and careers first instead of giving in to early marriage. Lynda is currently working in the UK as a Nurse while continuing to collaborate with her Nigerian counterparts and members of her organization to continue her work in the local communities.

Udeme Idem


Recording Secretary

Udeme Idem is certified Life coach and the founder of Elite Coach (Africa), a non-profit organization that promotes personal and corporate leadership through her training and seminars. She is the convener of Elite Leadership Summit, an event geared towards nurturing potentials of leadership to drive social change, make impact and be an agent of change. 


Udeme Idem is a graduate of Electrical Electronics Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology, NAF- Base Kaduna, where she finished as the best graduating student. She is a member of Nigerian Association of Technologist in Engineering (NATE). She holds professional Certificates on Reliability and Maintenance Engineering, Diploma in Operations Management, Diploma in Public Relations, Certificate in Leadership skills in Business, Certificate in Management Strategies for People and Resources, and Certificate in Servant Leadership: The Deciding Difference.


She is currently a student of Electrical Electronics Engineering Department of Federal University Oye-Ekiti, and also is a Level Three student with International Institute For Global Leadership (IIGL), USA.


She volunteers as a coach and member of several Non-Profit organizations like, YouthUp, Giant Mind Masterclass (GMC), HR-girlfriends, Game-Changers and TOLDNetwork. She is the Team Leader (Manager) Youth Up Education Wing, where she is responsible for over 290 youths trainings and development, including organising capacity building trainings and webinars. She also holds the position of Secretary and women Leader for TOLDNetwork, an Organization that thinks of building trans-generational leaders.


Udeme is God-faithful, always willing to serve, she has served in different capacities in the church, such as  Zonal Youth President, Provincial Sisters coordinator, Sunday School teacher and she is currently the Vice-president of Youths and Young Adults (YAYA) of RCCG Excellent Parish/zone, Kogi Province 1, Region 24. She is passionate about learning, building and developing people. She is a firm believer that one should always leave a place and people better than they met them; To leave good behind.

Cheurombo Pswarayi (Zimbabwe)

Corresponding Secretary

Cheurombo Pswarayi has over ten years’ experience as an entrepreneur in the healthcare sector. She is founder and Chief Executive Officer of MedTours Africa, an organization that facilitates access of health care treatment for patients who cannot find it in their home countries and she manages the running of CJV Medical Supplies, a company that provides medical supplies at affordable prices to private and public medical institutions in Zimbabwe. She is also the Founding Trustee of Health Horizons Trust. Her roles at the organisations she leads enable her to passionately pursue her vision of ”Healthcare Access For All”. She is a Rotarian, Past President of her club and involves herself in different service opportunities in her community. She is a Mandela Washington Fellow for Young African Leaders, a law student, speaker and business coach.

Charles Kabera
Kigali, Rwanda




Kabera Charles (LLM) is a graduate of IIGL in Social Entrepreneurship, Conflict management and leadership studies. I also earned of a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and a Masters Degree (LL.M) in International Economic and Business Law. He testifies that IIGL has totally transformed him reshaped himself for success. He served as IIGL Treasurer for three terms. He is IIGL National Coordinator for Rwanda and Books Distributor.
Kabera Charles is the Deputy Principal in charge of Administration in Rwanda Revenue Authority Training Institute/Department.
I am the author of “Legal and Administrative Mechanisms Used to Control Tax Offences” and “Challenges Facing Developing Countries in Dispute Settlement Under WTO.” These books can be found at the following link:
Kabera Charles also holds the following additional qualifications:
· Diploma in Business Studies(National College of Business Studies, Uganda)
· Diploma in French Language (Ministry of Education, France)
· Diploma in Law(Kigali Independent University)
· Diploma In Legal Studies(ALISON)
· Diploma in Project Management(ALISON)
· Diploma in Psychology(ALISON)
· Certificate in Auditing and Public Finance (Uganda National Examinations Board)
· Certificate in Negotiation and Conflict Management (United States Institute of Peace)
· Certificate in Conflict Analysis Course (United States Institute of Peace)
· Certificate in Data processing(Uganda National Examinations Board)
· Certificate in Elements of Banking(Uganda National Examinations Board)
· Certificate in Elements of Banking(Uganda National Examinations Board)
· Certificate in Informatics
· Certificate in International Players In Public Finance & Debt Management(United Nations Institute for Training & Research-UNITAR)
· Certificate in International Trade( The University of Adelaide-Australia)
· Certificate in Negotiation of Financial Transactions (United Nations Institute for Training & Research-UNITAR)
· Certificate in Taxation (University of Pretoria-South Africa)
· Certificate in Trade Finance Infrastructure Development(United Nations Institute for Training & Research-UNITAR)
· Certificate in Trade Policy, Design, Analysis and Negotiation (University of Adelaide)
· Professional Certificate in Leadership Skills for Supervisors – Communication,
· Coaching, and Conflict Resolution


Kathleen Oweegon


My life work is to help restore Harmony – within the individual, within relationships, and within systems. I do this through facilitation, mediation, coaching, training, and the practice of alternative healing arts. I also host “Co-creating Peace,” a weekly 30 minute podcast about conscious communication and conflict transformation. You can listen to “Co-creating Peace” on all podcast providers and at:

I am the founder of Bridges of Peace in Albuquerque, NM. I have been a trainer in communication and leadership skills for over 25 years, working with institutions and in the private sector, and have provided facilitation and mediation services for a wide variety of organizations and state agencies, specializing in meeting the unique needs of non-profit organizations. In addition to my work in the US, I have had the privilege of teaching workshops in St. Petersburg, Russia and Lagos, Nigeria. Living my belief that we each are created to be of service to others, I volunteer for a variety of community service organizations around the USA. My work is focused on bringing seemingly discordant voices together in collaborations that produce wisdom, growth and harmony, and result in the greatest number of needs being met for the greatest number of people.

Website: Bridges Of Peace

Iziomoh Emmanuel


“Give and it will be given to you.” Today, it is the other way as it has been given to me therefore; I have to give back to this clarion call. IIGL has helped in shaping my practice of mindfulness to learn humility and faith in spiritual principles, to release the past, forget the uncertain future, bringing the mind to the body and appreciate the present.
I hold a B.Sc in Sociology and the versatility has made me adventurous in learning, advance in thinking and finding answers to the many questions life poses. I enjoy speaking foreign languages, volunteering in social events and my concern for humanity is their well-being and freedom.

Zach Rosen (USA/IL)


Zach Rosen grew up in Mequon, Wisconsin and received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in international business, marketing, and Spanish at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has grown up around IIGL through his mother, Deb Rosen, and her involvement in the organization. In the spring of 2022, he joined the Board of Directors after learning first-hand the impact IIGL has on the world. He is a long-time believer in the organization’s vision and purpose. Professionally, Zach interned for his hometown Milwaukee Brewers in social media out of college for one season before joining the Washington Wizards’ social and digital marketing team for five years. In the summer of 2021, Zach moved to Chicago to join the sports agency Priority Sports & Entertainment as a communications coordinator. He leads Priority’s social media and content and works with the marketing team and the company’s clients on all media efforts.

Rexford Aremu Jimi Ajeigbe



I am a Level Five IIGL student and look forward to joining the IIGL Board! I am happily married with three wonderful children, a girl and two boys. My appetite for reading knows no bounds. I am a voracious reader and an ardent student in search of the truth and peace. The quest for knowledge has led me to delving into various fields of study including Metaphysics, Numerology, Kabbalah and the Tarot card reading. In fact I am not just religious, a Christian for that but a Theosophist who believes that the world can be made a better place if only people know themselves by being enlightened. I love travelling, playing chess, soccer, hockey and table tennis in addition to reading. I also love good music; jazz, blues, reggae among others but ironically I do not have a nice voice to sing. My years of existence on planet Earth have exposed me to various experiences that make me yearn to render my best to humanity by making the world a better place for all.

Ahua Bem Gura



Ahua Bem Gura is in humanitarian work and with over 6 years’ experience serving and providing care to people living with HIV with his specialty in monitoring and evaluation.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and statistics and is currently studying for his post graduate Masters in Biostatistics. An Alumni of Enactus, while with Enactus, he worked with the youth preparing them for the future by providing them with knowledge and skill that they may need to succeed. He had also worked with women groups training and providing them with information and skill that would allow them to be financially literate and financially independent, while with the prisoners; they were provided with information to help them integrate back into the society when they get out of prison. Ahua Bem Gura is currently a Level Four student with the International Institute For Global Leadership. 

Michael Kelechi

Nigeria/ United Arab Emirates


Michael Kelechi is currently a Level Two student with the International Institute For Global Leadership (IIGL). He is a Medical Microbiologist with a strong passion to spread the Gospel of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is a content writer and creator, social media manager and marketer, poet and life-coach. He has pastored in three local churches before moving to the UAE. He has been of positive influence to quite a number of people through preaching, workshops, seminars, book reviews and other events. He served as the President/ Commandant of the Nigerian Redcross Society, Offa, Kwara State, Nigeria during his National Youth Service Corps in 2015.He was the pioneer president of the Kennel Club of Rivers (KCR), Chairman Board of Trustees Kennel Club of Rivers, first secretary of the German Shepherd Dog Foundation of Nigeria. He spends most of his time reading the scriptures and self-development books. He is a student of life and aspires to become a research scientist with a strong passion to improve the living standards of people living with genetic diseases by developing curative treatment options. He is also open for partnership.

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi



Anita is a Level Five IIGL student. She is an advocate of the High court and subordinate courts of Uganda. She is currently the Managing Partner in Newmark Advocates. Anita is married with three beautiful girls. In her free time, she is at the farm where she empowers women by training them on better farming practices. Anita has supported various organizations on corporate governance, and assisting them with legal aid. Anita is also one of the founders of Sowing Seeds of Tumaini, a local NGO that empowers rural women on better farming practices and links them to the final consumers so they are not exploited on price by the middlemen.

Thomas Shereni



I am the Founder and Director of Global Leadership Institute – Zimbabwe. Our main focus is Leadership development and accelerating leadership principles. Our anchor Philosophy is that “No nation can succeed unless the spirit of leadership is cherished among its citizens.” It is our Mission to stimulate this spirit. We are also committed in creating high quality leadership development materials that are beneficial to all leadership aspirants. In the course of executing our Mandate we have so far developed more than 15 high quality leadership development manuals that we are using in pursuit of our goals. I am looking forward to serving on the IIGL Board.

“If I am given 8 hours to cut down a tree I would rather spend 6 hours sharpening the axe” said the philosopher.” We Prepare you for Leadership

President Emeritus

Ethelbert Obinna Umeh


Ethelbert is the 18th graduate of IIGL and he was the fastest graduate ever in the history of IIGL till 2020. He served as IIGL’s Board President from 2018 till 2021.

He is a Certified Leadership Development Coach, Speaker, Nonprofit consultant, Ghostwriter (he writes Speeches, Books, Articles, Website Contents, Personal Statements, Biographies, Promotional Contents etc), Master of Ceremony and organic farmer of Plantain, Banana and Palm.

Ethelbert is the Managing Director of Ebic Farms Ltd, a Pan- African organic agricultural startup, established to promote sustainable food security in Nigeria, boost rural farming and activate youth participation in agricultural revolution.
He is the Editor-in-Chief of Future Map Magazine, a global Youth Development Magazine. A published author of 4 books namely:
• The Audacity Of Giving,
• How To Cope When A Beloved Suddenly Dies,
• How To Find, Attract, And Keep Your Beloved And
• Creating Your Path through Leadership (Co-Author).
All Are Available In Amazon.
He is an African Changemakers Fellow, selected in 2019.
He is an alumnus of the following prestigious institutions; University of Oxford, University of Pretoria South Africa, Pontifical Urban University Rome, BAU Executive Education Nigeria, University of Ibadan Nigeria, Richmond Open University Nigeria, and International Institute for Global Leadership, USA.

His strongest mission in life is to raise and equip young leaders who can think differently, sustainably and globally, inspire their communities to challenge the status quo, learn collaboratively and build a better future.