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Many of our students with the Institute are very entrepreneurial, both socially with the various service projects they have developed, and financially with a wide array of income producing ideas. This page is dedicated to showcasing products and services that students have either personally created or have secured locally for resale.

If you see items which interest you, please contact the student directly to arrange for payment and delivery. IIGL is not in a position to handle these arrangements. However we will be happy to advise upon request.

Carvings From Kenya

My name is Erick Omari. I am from Nairobi, Kenya and enrolled in IIGL in September ’08. Below are soapstone carvings from my home region of Kisii which is 400 km from Nariobi, the capital city of Kenya.

These carvings were done by Kenari Magare a 56 year old man from my home village and my uncle. He has been carving all of his life to support his wife and 8 children.



Each carving has a meaning, e.g the Thinking man, the sculpture express on somebody in deep thoughts, about hardship and lifechallenges h’/she tries to think on how he can pull himself out of such challenges. Chess set used in leisure time when you are relaxing and trying to challenge your opponent through thinking, they come in various sizes & styles of Mother and child sculpture, also symbolize the motherly care and protection of the young one. There are also carvings of domestic animals, wild animals, social environmental and other aspect of life.

For more information and prices, please email me at

Carvings From Nigeria

To order any of the items below contact Rev. Louis Obiakor at

Photos-1-6 are – 12”, 10”, 18”, 2’, 15”, 15” in height, cost – $100.00 each and made of ebony. Each item when ordered shall come with its symbol. The carver inherited it from his father. The carver prefers to be referred to as a sculptor and he has won many medals and had led the state to win many contest on West African level. He had to go to the University to obtain a certificate to guarantee his acceptability in the profession in Nigeria.