Financial Empowerment

IIGl Studies provide a curriculum in consciousness designed to prepare students to become personally empowered, consciously aware, high-integrity and heart-centered leaders in their communities and the world.

Each of our first six levels of study are devoted to some aspect of personal empowerment, either through personal development or the acquisition of knowledge in the students area of interest. While personal empowerment and knowledge are the vehicle for transformation, finances are the petrol which allow the vehicle to move forward. Without it, you only have a nice shiny car that can’t go anywhere.

So Level Seven is about financial empowerment; helping our students acquire the knowledge and access the resources which will empower them to meet their goals in life.

These resources may be accessed in a variety of ways, depending on a students personal interests and orientation. Many of our students are devoted to community or world service and will choose to either work for or create their own NGO. Others are entrepreneurial oriented and will be setting up their own business. And there are others who will choose employment with a company or organization. Our intent is to provide the resources which will help students to pursue their goals, whichever vehicle they may choose.

Students who have reached Level Seven have often done so against great odds and by exercising a great deal of perseverance. They have already shown their leadership ability. For this reason, we see Level Seven studies as a co-creative endeavor between the student and the Institute. Our primary goal is to help the student become financially empowered. While we can provide a framework for these studies, the student him/herself is more aware of the specific resources he/she needs.

For this reason, Level Seven curriculum is a framework of study which the student may follow as outlined or may request some amendment to according to his/her personal circumstances.

A student may concentrate all of his/her studies in one of the three areas below or he/she may divide the studies between two different areas or even come up with another category which is more appropriate to his/her circumstances.

The final criteria for success with Level Seven is not how many books one reads, how many websites one researches or whether one has completed any of the possible tasks according to ones interests. The criteria of success is whether all of this leads the student to financial success. Everything a student does in this level of study is simply a vehicle to that end.

As previously mentioned, this is a co-creative process between the student and the IIGL director serving as a guide. The role of IIGL is to provide a framework and act as a resource in helping the student find the resources necessary to move forward and to act as a sounding board and mentor through the process. Each situation will be unique to the needs of the student.

Resources provided by IIGL

Level Seven does not require the reading of any books. Most of what a student will need is readily available on the internet. These resources, which are included in this section, will continue to expand with time. IIGL will commit up to $100 for website access fees for those resources which are not otherwise available. IIGL staff will be available to guide the student step-by-step through the Level Seven endeavor as needed.

The Level Seven Process

Step 1. Choose which area you want to study & notify the program director.

Step 2. Create a simple action plan outlining what you will do, step by step, and when.

Step 3. Begin to work your action plan step by step.


Once you complete your action plan, the IIGL staff will continue to work closely with you in it’s implementation. Actual completion of Level Seven is not a matter of simply developing an action plan, but rather it’s implementation. Thus, this level will not be complete until you have either created your own business and it is up and running, created your own NGO service project and it has initiated it’s services, found suitable employment which meets your stated goal or some other endeavor which meets the completion criteria of Level Seven, which is financial empowerment.

If you are a university student and are not yet ready to launch into an income producing career, then the implementation of your action plan may be postponed until you are in a position to move forward with it. Your university studies may be seen as another important step in preparing for a career that will lead to financial empowerment. In this case, Level Seven will simply help you lay a foundation for the day you finish your studies and it will certainly put you far ahead of your peers when that day comes.

There are several reasons that individuals pursue a university education:

(1) The love of learning and the desire to grow intellectually
(2) To get a good job (i.e. income)
(3) To have a degree (credibility in society)
(4) Because the family expects it.

We support academic education 100%. A degree will open many doors to you that might otherwise be closed and in many circles it does offer the individual a degree of credibility. It is like societies “stamp of approval.” However, the greatest leaders of the world and the richest individuals didn’t get there because of their degree. It was a certain ‘spark’ of something else deep inside of them that drove them forward. This “something else” is exactly what Level One studies were all about.


Completion of Level Seven constitutes the completion of the formal study program of the institute and is considered the point of graduation. Each graduate will be provided with a graduation diploma.

Post Graduate independent studies

After Level Seven, a student may begin self-directed studies. This will be designed, in consultation with the director of the program, to allow the student to pursue particular educational & professional goals. Students will be responsible for the costs of all resources, books, DVD’s, CD’s, website access or other fees they may encounter in pursuit of their self-directed study program. Students pursuing self-directed studies will also be asked to contribute financially to IIGL and to be available for mentoring other students.


Those who have graduated from IIGL will be eligible to participate in the IIGL Alumni Leadership Association.


A. Goal

To create a business which will bring personal satisfaction and will allow you to reach your financial goals in life.

B. Research

Research the websites below and any other relevant resources before creating your plan of action.

C. Plan

Create a plan that outlines step-by-step the actions you will take in creating your own business. This includes creating a business plan and finding the start up capital. Be sure to include a target date for completing each step. Also make a list of any resources you will need to accomplish each step.

Web Resources
Creating A Business

Sample Business Plans
View for FREE, our selection of 60 Sample Business Plans to help you get started.
Choose an industry that best fits your business model:

The Small Business Planner includes information and resources that will help you at any stage of the business lifecycle.

A course on how to start your own business

Business ideas, business plans, finding financing, How-to Guides, start up basics

How To Start A Business
What you need to know in starting your own business.

This book was developed to help prospective small business owners with the often overwhelming process of starting a business– everything from writing a business plan to finding government contracts.

Business plans, Cash Management, Structure, Website, E Commerce, Start-up Capital, Financing, Investors, Market Research

Everything you need to know to start, grow and succeed in business.

Google Listings on Investing

Google Listings on Finding Start Up Capital

Standardized Testing
Preparing students for international standardized tests such as Toefl, GMAT, etc. SHL delivers tangible improvements in people performance through world leading assessment products and expert consulting services. We operate in over 40 countries and in 30 languages for more than 5500 clients.


A. Goal
To find employment which will bring personal satisfaction and will allow you to reach your financial goals in life.

B. Research
Research the websites below and any other relevant resources before creating your plan of action.

C. Plan

Create a plan that outlines step-by-step the actions you will take in preparation for finding suitable employment. This should include targeting specific job openings, creating a CV and job interview preparation. Be sure to include a target date for completing each step

Web Resources
Writing Your Curriculum Vitae

A CV or curriculum vitae is a marketing tool. With your CV you will be able to promote yourself. Imagine the CV as being a brochure that will list the benefits of a particular service. The service being your time and skills! When writing a CV look at it from your employers point of view. Would you stand out against the competition (the other candidates) and would the manager want to talk you for a possible job? You have to ask yourself these questions when writing your CV or curriculum vitae.

How to write a Curriculum Vitae, when you should use a CV, plus curriculum vitae samples, examples and templates.

advice on writing a CV resume, types of CV, and covering letters for job and career applications. Also decision-making for students, and the international student help page.

Google Listings For CV Writing

Web Resources
Preparing For A Job Interview

The job interview gives the potential employee and potential employer a chance to learn more about each other. You’ll find articles, sample questions, interactive practice tools, the facts on illegal questions, and fashion tips to help you succeed.

Information on all aspects of successful interviewing – preparation, performance, and follow-up for an entry level job interview.

This Guide offers articles and suggestions to assist you in preparing to handle your job interviews successfully

Career development and job search advice for new college graduates.

Articles and exercises to master the job interview, including tips for phone interviews, a “virtual” interview, sample questions to ask, and a message board

Job-seekers going on job interviews can basically expect one of two styles of interviewing. While the styles differ, there are some basic activities job-seekers need to do both before and after the interview in order to succeed.

Google Listings for Job Interview Preparation

Web Resources
Job Search

The biggest and most comprehensive internet job search engine on the web.

Find your dream job! Search for jobs, post your resume, compare salaries and find career advice and research. Thousands of new jobs listed daily.

Google Listings for Job






Google Listings for International Jobs

Web Resources
Internships International

Google Listings for International Internships

Standardized Testing
Preparing students for international standardized tests such as Toefl, GMAT, etc. SHL delivers tangible improvements in people performance through world leading assessment products and expert consulting services. We operate in over 40 countries and in 30 languages for more than 5500 clients.

Social Entreprenuership

A. Goal
To create your own NGO project which will serve as you’re your vehicle for service while also meeting your financial needs, or to expand or enhance such an organization if you already have one.

B. Research
Research the websites below and any other relevant resources before creating your plan of action.

C. Plan
Create a plan that outlines step-by-step the actions you will take in creating your own NGO. Be sure to include a target date for completing each step.

Creating an NGO

Have you ever thought about starting a non-profit organization in your community? Here are the things Oprah’s Angel Network considered before getting started


Frequently Asked Questions

A good resource with links to related subjects and requirements in different countries.

A comprehensive review of how to establish an NGO, including Organization, Management, Regulation, Resources & Development.


How To Start An NGO
Google Listing of Websites.

Writing A Grant Proposal

Writing A Successful Grant Proposal

* Introduction

* The Sections of a Standard Grant Proposal:

– Summary

– Organizational Information

– Problem/Need/Situation Description

– Work Plan/Specific Activities

– Impact of Activities

– Evaluation

– Other Funding

– Future Funding

– Budget

– Supplementary Materials

– Variations on the Standard Outline

– Other Common Questions About Grantwriting


Grant writing: strategic planning and proposal:

Winning a grant takes more than an idea and a funding source. It takes an organization that is well managed, that understands its purpose, and one that utilizes its staff and board efficiently.

How to write a grant proposal:

Some hints on how to develop a clear, concise description of the proposed project.

Proposal writing: a short course:

The subject of this short course is proposal writing. But the proposal does not stand alone. It must be part of a process of planning and of research on, outreach to, and cultivation of potential foundation and corporate donors….

Suggestions on how to write a grant proposal:
This document, produced by Simon Peyton Jones and Alan Bundy, is an attempt to collect together a number of suggestions about what makes a a good research grant proposal.

Writing a grant proposal:

Helpful suggestions by Craig White and Paul Castelloe, Center for Participatory Change on how to write and correctly structure a grant application.

Guide to grant proposal writing:

Writing grant proposals is a very important and potentially very rewarding skill. Although there will be procedures that are specific to particular grant awarding bodies, there are also general rules that should be obeyed.

Writing the research grant proposal:

Guidelines on how to write the best grant proposals.



* Identify your Organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses and Identity

* Identify and Develop a Project that Supports your Organization’s Core Mission

* Write a Short but Detailed Mini-Proposal or Project Description

* Research Potential Sources of Funding

* Identify Funders That Fit Your Organization’s Ideas and Projects

* Obtain Application Guidelines and Information

* Clarify Any Questions About the Guidelines Before You Start Writing

* Divide the Labor of Preparing the Proposal and Get Started

How To Write A Grant Proposal

Grant proposals are a part of any fundraiser’s portfolio. Although grants can be from a variety of sources (such as foundations or a government entity), most require the same basic information in the grant proposal.

Website Resources
Funding Sources

Active Element Foundation
The Active Element Foundation is a non-profit organization that builds relationships between grassroots youth organizers, donors, professionals and artists through grant making, technical assistance and hip hop culture.

American Jewish World Service
AJWS supports 200 grassroots organizations in the developing world and Russia and Ukraine through grant making, technical assistance, emergency relief and advocacy. We also provide unique international service opportunities for the Jewish community, enabling Jews to play an active role in the process of meaningful social change. Last year we sent over 300 volunteers to the developing world.

Ashoka’s mission is to develop the profession of social entrepreneurship around the world. Ashoka invests in people. It is a global non-profit organization that searches the orld for social entrepreneurs – extraordinary individuals with unprecedented ideas for change in their communities. Ashoka identifies and invests in these social entrepreneurs when no one else will. It does so through stipends and professional services that allow “Ashoka Fellows” to focus fulltime on their ideas for leading social change in education and youth development, health care, environment, human rights, access to technology and economic development.

Careth Foundation
The CarEth Foundation believes that love and reverence for life are necessary and basic conditions for the realization of enduring world peace and justice. The Foundation accepts the intrinsic value of all people, and seeks ways to lessen the existing polarization between the powerful and oppressed, which is the major cause of destructive conflict. The Foundation believes that freedom and implementation of true democracy are essential ingredients for change, which enables us to unite in the common purpose of becoming a global community founded in compassionate peace. The CarEth Foundation seeks to promote a compassionate world of enduring and just peace with social, economic, and political equality for all.

Foundations & Funding Organizations
Includes several hundered different funding sources for projects to improve the world.

Foundation for Purposeful Living
For two decades, the volunteers of the Human Service Alliance (HSA) have been serving their community in various ways-first, by caring for disabled children and terminally ill adults and providing health and wellness and mediation services; and now, by conducting purposeful parenting workshops and operating one of Winston-Salem, North Carolina’s most popular and critically praised restaurants, California Fresh Buffet. Through their relatively modest but regular giving, their careful stewardship of resources, their sound investing, and their unpaid labor-and with no large grants or donations from major benefactors-they have amassed a million dollar (and growing) fund with which to help support human service work around the world. The Foundation offers support to individuals, groups, and organizations that are all-volunteer or primarily volunteer-based and are involved in projects in the United States and abroad. Those motivated by selfless service and altruism and whose work is practical, inclusive, a source of inspiration to others, a demonstration of goodwill, and a response to clearly identified needs will receive serious consideration.

Foreign Aid
Founded in January 2003, ForeignAid.com’s mission is to build the capacity of high-impact international development nonprofits by providing information to connect nonprofits with donors and resources worldwide. ForeignAid.com provides detailed profiles, analysis, certifications, and ratings for grassroots nonprofits worldwide. Our mission is to bridge the information gap between high-impact grassroots nonprofits worldwide and donors by providing donors and nonprofits information they can trust.

Gaia Trust
Gaia Trust is a Danish-based charitable association founded in 1987 with the intention of supporting the transition to a sustainable and more spiritual future

Global Fund For Women
The Global Fund for Women is a grantmaking foundation supporting women’s human rights organizations around the world working to address critical issues such as gaining economic independence, increasing girls access to education and stopping violence against women.

Global Giving
GlobalGiving enables individuals and companies to find and support high-impact, grassroots social and economic development projects around the world. Donors have direct communication with the extraordinary social entrepreneurs who run these projects and can receive frequent reports straight from the field.society through grants and proactive initiatives.

Search GuideStar’s database of more than 850,000 IRS-recognized nonprofit organizations.

Lifebridge Foundation
Lifebridge Seeks to promote the concept of One Humanity and the Interconnectedness of all Life and to foster spirit of inclusiveness and global vision leading to transformative action. Grantees cover a wide range of disciplines and social concerns including Arts & Culture, Youth/Education, Environment, Science, Community Service, World Goodwill and Interdimensional work. Visit the website for grant guidelines.

Living In Love & Light Foundation
Living in Love and Light Foundation (LILAL), a network of Africa’s leading community and environmental projects (members). LILAL provides funding to it members through workplace giving campaigns. Employees and workplaces can support hundreds of groups at once through a charitable giving drive.

National Center for Family Philanthropy
Family Foundations identifies more than 18,000 family foundations and documents their distribution by region and state, size, geographic focus, and decade of establishment; analyzes their staffing and public reporting patterns; and examines trends in giving by a sample of larger family foundations between 1993 and 1998.

Network For Good
NetworkforGood.org provides a FREE online service for nonprofits to allow them to safely and securely collect donations online. Nonprofits receive 100% of the donations, there are no fees or costs involved and donors receive a record of the donation for tax purposes. Organizations with websites simply link to the donation page Network for Good will set up after you complete their application. Even nonprofits without websites can receive donations.

New Earth Foundation
Our work is to offer educational support and grants to projects that bring transforming energy and new life to communities and the world. We particularly seek to fund efforts which combine high purpose, intelligence, and inclusive love with a practical approach to implementation.

Progressive Technology Project
PTP works to raise the scope and scale of technology resources available to grassroots organizing groups working for environmental, economic, and social justice. To be eligible for funding, organizations must be able to demonstrate that they are increasing the capacity of people to impact public policy and hold decision-makers accountable locally and at other levels of government; seek to address the underlying causes of social, economic, and environmental problems; engage in leadership development with people traditionally excluded from civic decision- making processes; be directed by and accountable to their members/constituents and make decisions democratically; and work strategically to empower low-income people and communities of color. PTP will only accept proposals from organizations focused on and based in the United States.

Raising More Money
Raising More Money trains and coaches nonprofit organizations to implement a mission-based system for raising sustainable funding from individual donors. This system ends the suffering about fundraising and builds passionate and committed lifelong donors.

The Foundation Center
The Foundation Center has been referred to as the best source on the net for grant seekers. Click here: The Foundation Center

The Gere Foundation
The Gere Foundation awards grants to humanitarian organizations supporting victims of war and natural disasters, providing HIV/AIDS care and research and addressing human rights violations occurring around the world. Our primary mission is to assist the cultural survival of the Tibetan people through health, technological and educational projects. The Gere Foundation contributes directly to The Tibet Fund, supporting His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan community-in-exile. Dislocated from their homeland since 1959 and under the continuing brutal occupation of the Chinese, thousands of Tibetan refugees risk their lives every year escaping to freedom in India, Nepal, Mongolia and elsewhere.

The Oprah Winfrey Foundation
The Oprah Winfrey Foundations provide grants to not-for-profit organizations that offer education opportunities and enhance the quality of life for children and families throughout the world.

Tides Foundation
Tides Foundation partners with donors to increase and organize resources for social change in the areas of Arts, Culture and Alternative Media, Civic Participation, Economic Development Economic and Racial Justice, Environment, Environmental Justice, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Issues, HIV/AIDS, Native Communities, Women’s Empowerment and Reproductive Health, Youth Programs, Violence Prevention

Skoll Foundation
The Skoll Foundation’s mission is to advance systemic change to benefit communities around the world by investing in, connecting and celebrating social entrepreneurs.

Google Listing of Nonprofit Funding Sources

Standardized Testing

Preparing students for international standardized tests such as Toefl, GMAT, etc. SHL delivers tangible improvements in people performance through world leading assessment products and expert consulting services. We operate in over 40 countries and in 30 languages for more than 5500 clients.