Olumide Adetunji Idowu – Profile


Name: Olumide Adetunji Idowu

Country: Nigeria

Email: olumidepmp@gmail.com

Date of Birth: January 17, 1968

Education: B.sc, M.sc

Occupation: Management Consulting

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

To have responsive and result-oriented leaders that will make the world and the people a better place.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

Poor leadership; Poor management; Inadequate resources management; Poor people management; Crime, insecurity and corruption.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

Through adequate and early leadership development of the youth, leaders and potential leaders where such will be empowered with adequate tools techniques, framework and mentoring services.


I, Olumide am a geologist, Mineral Explorationist, Certified Professional Project Manager, HR Generalist, Enterprise IT Management/Quality Improvement Strategist, Learning & Development and Management Consultant armed with a Master’s Degree (M.sc), Professional Certificate in GIS Technology, Public Procurement and Knowledge Management for Public Governance with relevant internationally acclaimed certifications/licenses such as PMP, CPM, CPCP, MCITP, MCTS, CPT, CSSMBB, SCM, CBP, CEP just to mention but few. I have over 25 years of multi-sector and multi-functional consulting, project management, training, business strategy, strategic management/business development and general HR management experience across mining, mineral processing, borehole/water engineering, solid mineral investment promotion, oil/gas, strategy development, educational baseline analysis, business development, business process/quality improvement, feasibility studies/Proposal development, technical reporting, data gathering, analysis, presentation/reporting, organizational analysis/capability assessment and restructuring, performance measurement/management, IT policy/strategy,roadmap,architecture/frameworks review/development/implementation, project development, planning, implementation/evaluation, team building/development, ICT andsystems development/implementation, Data security, quality and governance policy development, training, Curriculum/content development, skill audit and competency framework/mapping, business strategy ,framework, tools/techniques development/implementation where I have directly handled, managed, led and strategically involved in over 200 projects/consulting engagements in the public, private,non-profit, CSO and religious organizations across relevant sectors which includes gemstones/industrial minerals prospecting, mining/marketing, tin, processing/beneficiation, geological surveying/mapping, quarry management, water explorati on, water quality improvement/treatment, IT service marketing, product development/marketing(RTM),technical skills/capacity building, Architectural, Engineering & Construction (AEC),Computer Aided Design/Desktop Mapping & Cartography,FCMG,SME development,Energy,SCM,CRM,Education,International Partnership/Collaboration Development/Management and Youth Entrepreneurship development/empowerment. I bring in a global perspective, multi skill sets, multi sectoral experiences, rich cultural diversity exposure and multi-generation workplace familiarity having worked with major multinational clients across Asia, Europe, USA, UK and Africa. As Managing Consultant/CEO of AFID Consulting, In addition, I have also actively involved in the execution of some strategic assignments being carried out across Africa, UK and the Pacific. I was the strategic team leader that got AFID Consulting collaboration with a leading project management software developer and UK foremost certification institute. In the recent past, he has undertaken Solid Mineral Investment Opportunities Study, Feasibility Studies for Multimillion Naira Quarry Business developed for a high-flier conglomerate, Geological Surveying and Mapping of a Quarry for Institutional Financing for Ayofe Quarry Ltd. and a Three Billion Naira PPP ICT Resource Centre Proposal Development for AnchorGrip Ltd.

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