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Ola Olamakinde
Skype: olaolamakinde
B.Sc. Politics, Philosophy & Economics

My 3 year and 4month walk with IIGL is a superb turnaround for me! I enrolled into IIGL as a man full of many dreams, and the institute has helped fine-tuned my dreams into identified goals, with visible realizations step by step. I am currently working with a global humanitarian organization that concentrates on nutrition; food-supply & livelihood; and, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), a role I got after I started conversing with Deb Rosen, I thank her for the confidence on my path-finding.

The great minds I came across (in prints) during my study with IIGL have poured on me an in-depth of impartation of living a life of service. As part of my learning in IIGL that learning never ends, I enrolled for Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution (M.Sc.) in January 2017, which will be rounded off by the end of year 2018. I can personally say that with the highest university degree, education seems not to be complete without passing through IIGL. I have made it a point of duty to tell as many as I can, on the need to be an active student of this great institute. My plenty thanks to the entire team at IIGL and her supportive donors. God bless every one of you.


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