Kevin Obioma fortune – Profile


Full Name: Kevin Obioma fortune
Country: Nigeria
Date of Birth: October 2, 2000
Education: O Level
Occupation: Student

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
Integrity: To me integrity means some one being wholesome, complete and steadfast. So as a man of integrity people will like to associate with u because of the trust and your personality and it works for every body in all many of life.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
There are many problem the world is facing, most especially lack of economic opportunity and unemployment have become the other of the day student will graduate after spending four to seven years in school the work for them. Secondly religious conflicts in most of the country, lack of education both to the less privilege and also government accountability and transparency and a lot more. Lack of Security and well being of the citizens, inequality (income discrimination).

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
Global issues require global solutions. These issues include hunger and climate change – the key problems with the world today addressed by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Implementing solutions at scale, however, can seem like a nearly insurmountable challenge. Open innovation and collaboration across borders are both key. When global leaders in the public and private sectors act more openly, they not only seize huge economic opportunities but can also help society at large. When it comes to solving major societal issues through innovation, new business models or global agreements, many experts agree the problem is technical.

My name is Kevin Obioma Fortune, born in the year of the lord 2000. I am a native of umuafai Dikenafai in Ideato south local government area IMO state, Nigeria. Right from infancy my parents especially my mother taught me how to inculcate awesome values; how to respect people’s ideas, vision, and also appreciate them irrespective of their age, background, belief system, size and social status. Her great lifestyle has transformed me and made me a better version of humanity. I am passionate about education. To me, academic pursuit is good news. I developed love for education at a young age. While in primary school, my teachers confirmed I exhibited rare brilliance and love for academics. During my graduation in Primary School in 2010, I was honored as the Best student of the year by the staff and management of my school, Shammah International Primary School, Mbaitolu. After my Primary education, I proceeded to Calvary International Academy for my junior Secondary Education, Owerri, and graduated at Marist Comprehensive Academy Isukwuato, Abia State in 2016. While in Marist, I distinguished myself in debating and dramatic society, and won multiple awards as the leader of the group. I have always been passionate about developing my leadership capacity, and becoming a better version of myself always.

After my graduation in secondary school, I enrolled for a 2 month computer program, which helped me to hone my skills in technological operating tools. Having distinguished myself, I was invited to be teaching and mentoring the younger generation on how to develop these soft skills. This was how my journey to teaching started. I am happy teaching these young ones how to set and achieve their goals effectively. Currently, I am studying Business Management/ Administration at Imo State University. As a university student, I have attended a wide range of leadership, personal development and business conferences. Also, I have earned some certificates in leadership as a participant from some of these conferences. Today, I am happy serving as the mouthpiece of my department on issues affecting leadership and relating with Government. I am happy about International Institute for Global Leadership, USA, and the great work they are doing in shaping people’s destinies, and raising change makers around the world.

I particularly learned about this great nonprofit on the President’s Facebook time, Ethelbert Umeh from Nigeria. I have taken some time to read the profiles of some IIGL graduates and Students, and am impressed with the great work IIGL is doing. And I would like to participate. I am sure participating in this program will boost my leadership capacity, and enable me to leave a lasting legacy both in my community and around the world. I am motivated, and committed to start and finish this program till completion.
Leadership is one of the major problems affecting Nigeria and Africa, and I believe I can learn some skills from this great institute that can help me to be a gift to my generation and beyond especially with regards to uplifting the leadership standards of our present day society.

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