Fawolu Lilian Doyinsola – Profile


Name: Fawolu Lilian doyinsola.
Country: Nigeria.
Email: fawolulilian@gmail.Com
Birthday: November 15, 1990
Education: HND Graduate
Occupation: Farmer

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My vision of a world that works for everyone is to embrace nature. Everything returning back to it beautiful self whereby every one have access to growing food by them self with easy way of Adding value to it. A peaceful world with love and no greed. Where every one has access to ICT.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The most pressing problem facing the world today is insecurity. This problem is widely affecting every area of every bodies life. We all live in fear and we are not doing anything about it. Fear grief us because even the food we eat are not guaranteed secure because of the polluted climate. When talking about security is not only property we should look at, what of our health /life which need to be nature with care, but selfishness and neglect is in the nature of man. Those people that are rich or in power don’t care about others that are less privileged and those people’s life remain in fear because of no trust for others.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

These problems can be solved and the solution is start from every one from our homes. Firstly we need to treasure our life and love our self. Selfishness makes a lot of people go into some business that can indirectly harm peoples life for example the climate that is not even secure again is because of high chemical usage that pollute the air and the solution for this is embarrassment of organics and plantation of trees and edible trees. There should be awareness everyday on security at schools, churches, mosque, social gathering and action steps should be taking. Even the government should take this serious.


I am Fawolu Lilian. I am from a family of three; my mother, me and my junior sister. Am from a Christian home and I a very devoted to the lordship of Jesus Christ. I am not from a rich home and it was so hard to go to school, but than God for his faithfulness that changes the story around. I am interested in meeting new people, knowing new things and being challenge. I am a farmer. Right now am working Springboard entrepreneurship and development initiative as a program coordinator. I was initiated by Springboard to be a potential farmer and right now I have the dream to take farming as a caregiver where I can be of great help to my country and provide solution for people that take farming as a business. Am interested in learning new thing and be around people that can influence my life positively or share the same passion with me. I love motivational Christian movies both American and Nigerians. Traveling is one of my hobbies but have not really travel out of my country except Bene Republic when I went for a tour to Sunghai farm. I love to attend leadership and management seminars. My favorite book is our iceberg Is melting by John Kotter., where I learned to be ready for change at anytime. Well as a program coordinator of springboard I have participated in different projects that were successful. As a coordinator my leadership experience has been sweet because I say to myself Lilian you are going to places so see everything that you are learning, as a leader you just have accept everyone as they are, be friend to every one , carry every one along and love them as they are, you just have to develop motivational spirit, even with that some people will turn your efforts on your face but with that you just don’t loose focus. My goal is to be a source of inspiration for farmers and youth around. I have had a lot of touching experience growing up that have make me to understand that we human being need to trace our way back to our creator and trust him for everything in our life’s and not to use human wisdom or else the person will be like a nonentity. I am a very cool and calm lady that I am ready to learn and take to correction, am always ready for change. I am very committed to my job but try as much as possible to balance everything so that my job will not take the place of God and home. Although a yet to married but I have to really train my self now so that I will be a virtues woman I dream of. I will say that am blessed with people around me and they have been my source of inspiration, and likewise I have people looking up to me too. I have a mentor, his name is Lawrence Afere who is my boss. He gave me what I can’t hold onto, he gave me a bright future and I am so blessed knowing him.

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