Edwin Akpan Joel – Graduate Profile

Edwin Akpan Joel

Gifted writer, teacher, and entrepreneur in the mold of America’s Brian Tracy; with special interest in personal and organizational success; described as a strong natural leader, has obsession for excellence. Currently researching on application of business and military principles to grow a Church without compromising the Scriptures.

My personal mission statement is: “To empower and inspire people to attain their highest value.” I believe, as Prof. William James of Harvard university once said, that compared to what we ought to be, we are only half awake. And my personal brand promise is, “You’ll find a piece of me in you.”

I am a marketing, persuasion, and communication aficionado as well as a voracious reader; I consume at least 4 to 5 books every month.

As an entrepreneur, I have been doing business on the Internet since 2003 and have written several ebooks that have sold in Nigeria, US, UK, and Canada. Some of my works include: How to Compose Powerful SMS That Make People Respond!, Excellent Sermons, How to Write Killer CVs That No Employer Dares to Refuse!, and Lifetime Income Home Study Course.

Presently, I run one of Nigeria’s leading bulk SMS service (5star SMS) located at http://www.5starsmsng.com

My role models are: Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Richard Schefren, Mark Joyner, Marshall D. Rosenberg, and Seth Godin.


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