Issue #239 *November 2021

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Issue #239 *November 2021
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MBA in Empathic Listening
Charles Kabera (Rwanda)


Have you ever wondered why Nature has given us one tongue but 2 ears? It is that we may hear from others twice as much as we speak. In order to be good speaker, you must also be a good listener. If they think about listening at all, most people think that hearing and listening are one and the same, a natural process we don’t have to think about. That may be why we do not teach listening in schools. In fact, hearing and listening are not the same thing at all. Listening is a skill, one that can be learned and improved. It’s also a lot more complex than it may initially appear. Peace depends on the ability to tolerate those with opposing beliefs. That requires trying to understand them, which is only possible if we work hard at listening despite our filters.

It’s said that we seek 3 things in a relationship: to be heard, to be understood and to be valued. Empathic listening achieves 2 of these and indicates the third. If you listen empathically, to hear, you understand and, by taking the time and making the effort, you indicate how much you value the other person.

Listening pays off daily in the professional world. Smart people have learned that you can talk your way out of business, but you can listen your way into one. They listen to their customers to find out what their needs are, then concentrate on filling those needs. Skilled negotiators know that no progress can be made until they have heard and understood what the other side wants. Listening, like speaking and writing, requires thought and care. If you don’t concentrate on listening, you won’t learn much, and you won’t remember much of what you learn. Some experts claim that professionals earn between 40% and 80% of their pay by listening. Yet, most of us retain only 25% of what we hear. If you can increase your retention and your comprehension, you can increase your effectiveness.

If you listen only with your ears, you’re missing out on much of the message. Good listeners keep their eyes open while listening. Look for feelings. The face is an eloquent communication medium. Learn to read its messages. While the speaker is delivering a verbal message, the face can be saying, “I’m serious,” “Just kidding,” “It pains me to be telling you this,” or “This gives me great pleasure.”

Some non-verbal signals to watch for:

Rubbing one eye. When you hear “I guess you’re right,” and the speaker is rubbing one eye, guess again. Rubbing one eye often is a signal that the speaker is having trouble inwardly accepting something.
Tapping feet. When a statement is accompanied by foot-tapping, it usually indicates a lack of confidence in what is being said.
Rubbing fingers. When you see the thumb and forefinger rubbing together, it often means that the speaker is holding something back.
Staring and blinking. If you’ve made your best offer and the other person stares at the ceiling and blinks rapidly, your offer is under consideration.
Crooked smiles. Most genuine smiles are symmetrical. And most facial expressions are fleeting. If a smile is noticeably crooked, you’re probably looking at a fake smile.
Eyes that avoid contact. Poor eye contact can be a sign of low self-esteem, but it can also indicate that the speaker is not being truthful.

It would be unwise to make a decision based solely on these visible signals. But they can give you valuable tips on the kind of questions to ask and the kind of answers to be alert for. Good listeners make it easy on those to whom they want to listen. They make it clear that they’re interested in what the other person has to say.

One of the factors that affects active listening is noise. Noise makes listening and communication more difficult, obscuring the signal we want to pay attention to. Noise is all around us, so it pays to have a simple system to deal with it when you
want to have an important conversation or get some work done. That system is here abbreviated as MBA.

The M is MOVE. Whenever I see people shouting at each in a noisy environment think: “Why don’t you just move?” It might not be the best idea to try and make a complex sales presentation in a coffee bar, or to propose marriage in a nightclub –
although I’m sure both these things happen! When you know what you want to say, how and to whom, the next question is: where?

The B is BLOCK. If you can’t move, try to block the noise. Close doors or windows. If you’re trying to work or make phone calls, headphones can be your friends here, blocking the background noise.

The A is ACCEPT. If you can’t move and you can’t block, then it pays to have an internal conversation and choose to be there. If we fight the inevitable, getting upset about the noise, the upset itself becomes the problem and adversely affects our conversation or our work. If, instead, you decide to accept the noise and the suboptimal context, and adjust your expectations accordingly, then the upset doesn’t occur and you make the best of a bad job.

(Charles is an IIGL Graduate and current Board Member).

What Others Are Saying

Why I Choose IIGL?

Kathleen Oweegon (USA/OR)

I have been affiliated with IIGL since just after its inception, and have served on the Board of Directors for more than a decade. The work IIGL does in the world has far-reaching and long-lasting positive impacts. What better way to grow strong, wise leaders of high integrity than by planting seeds of wisdom through self-directed leadership studies AT NO COST TO THE STUDENT, thereby assuring that emerging leaders in less developed countries? The positive results are remarkable, tangible and measurable. Go to: to read about our students and graduates, and to learn more about this wonderful leadership institute!

IIGL changes lives, and it is changing our world for the better!

(Kathleen is currently the Corresponding Secretary).

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