Rugigana Anthony – Profile


Name: Rugigana Anthony
Country: Rwanda
Email: anthonyrugigana1983@gmail.comBirthday: May 11, 1983
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Supplies and Procurement
Occupation: Internship.

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

Because a leader is made not born, I wish the world is full of leaders who can exercise democracy the way it is defined, that’s to say by not limiting peoples views and ideas, by no discrimination and prejudicing people the way they are, racism that is rampant, tribalism that is too much, to point blank every body should live by his/her nature up and enjoy his rights fully.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The world major problem today is failing to put into account the components of democracy. Most leaders are living or leading people in their own carnal mind which leads to nothing but causing majority to suffer and minority gloom up and this has been a continuing contagious spirit to most today leaders.

Another problem is that political science has lost its core essence which was the back bone of good leadership to the world. Political interests is binding countries into nothing but fighting instead of developing them. I find the world losing a truck because of carnal mind in most leaders, political interests that nation’s well being, loss of components democracy like discrimination, rampant killings

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

One of the ways to curb these challenges is to sensitize the public of every continent to keenly and observatory the output of every leader they empower powers and by all means still unite and out powers the leaders who does not yield to their expectations.


Let me first bring to your attention the book called Talking to Myself by Nelson Mandela recent democratic world exercised leader who passed away. I am taken up by his mind set in that people are free to live the way are born to live not individual in capabilities which I termed as Carnal mind in the above paragraph of most leaders that ends up dipping the nation into calamity, agony life and meaning less life, time to spell out valid examples of leaders who went on carnally and ends up all people into dam pits of hell.

I therefore also talk to myself on the way I see things happening today a key in queue is African Continent, meaning

I am observant in nature, patient, enthusiastic that together we can change the world. My dream is to see the world changing to the gains of majority not minority which is the topic of the day. I have gone through ministerial ethics training of one year in Kenya which I obtained a certificate in ministerial ethics and on my day to day life to try and exercise this by exemplary life in friends, family and entire working environment backed by humility which is a driving pillar of it all to work well.

I real love all nations regardless of their race, tribe norms and belief based that we are all equal but which most leaders today aren’t hospitalist to this, but instead are dictators.

I real love to listen to news when facilities are available and one of my favorite station is BBC,I also love to quote most of the leaders globally and stay in their mindset tunes, example of the leaders tunes I real miss and now exercise his tunes of styles of leadership is late Nelson Mandela of South Africa.

I love to be open in discussion (freedom of speech) though most African countries do limit intimidates) our right to spell out what is right and what is wrong.

I am extremely bold in season and out of season literally I do resist all situations based on what I am pursuing to achieve or to reach at. I yearn to take appropriate decision and in most cases do yearn to risk my life especially when Truth, Freedom, Peace is violated to majority which is common mess topic to most leaders today key in point is African Continent. I like to serve under maximum supervision, I have interpersonal skills.

Finally I yearn to be an example in communities, by provision of Freedom of speech, rights of human being in length, gender balance in sex, human rights put into considerations based on right legal applications, qualified human resource to their distinguished roles and responsibilities with out favoritism.

As said before I love to discover daily and learn what I do not know if at all I happen to have the potential resources by use of internet surfing, reading news paper, listening to news, history review. No force in this world can stop a determined person/nation to have freedom or look forward as I am doing it.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
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