Patrick Adjei Nketia – Profile

Patrick Adjei Nketia
Cape Coast, Ghana
Birthday: August 13th, 1988
Education: tertiary
Occupation: student

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
It will be deeply satisfying to realize a world that heads of States and governments in my part of the world will do away with their selfish desires and put the needs and welfare of their citizens at their utmost priority. A world where we should eschew racism and offer genuine love to our fellow man, we should do unto others what we also want others to unto us, always offer a helping hand to less privilege, supply the needs of the poor people in our communities and live in freedom, peace and harmony with our fellow men.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
The world is facings numerous challenges today, some of these are poverty, conflicts, climate change, war etc. Penury in some part of the world is a major challenge which makes life difficult for other people and influences them into social vices, which later affect the society deficiently. Also the abuse of power by some leaders in effect raises tumult in their countries which have an effect on their neighboring countries and afterward the world at large. Climate change is another critical challenge, with makes humans and other living organisms find it difficult to live comfortably in their habitats.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
The solutions to these challenges lies with the individuals, to take up responsibilities, learn and develop themselves so that they can call on other youth to follow suit. The world is a global community, where countries are interdependent on others. In this vain, developed countries are to offer a helping hand by supporting developing countries with aids, encourage exchange programs, partnerships and also offer capacity building trainings to individuals in the developing countries in other for them hold the fort and man their affairs with prowess. The leaders of some countries are to nibble the welfare of their people, businesses are to take up their social corporate responsibilities, the youth as the life blood of every country are to play crucial role in the betterment of their communities by joining community based organizations and non- governmental organizations to create the positive change by finding substantive measures to problems in their surroundings. The governments are to reprioritize their budgets in order to meet the basic needs of their people.

I am a bold, creative, God-fearing, self-motivated, entrepreneur and a dynamic Leader. I was born on the 13th August, 1988. I believes my existence has a higher destiny; I am always willing to communicate the message of Peace, the youth having a positive mental attitude and the sense of creating positive change in their communities.

I am a product of Opoku Ware Sec. School and a final year bed. Management student of the University of Cape Coast; a member of the Student Representative Council (SRC) in the Programmes and projects committee, the immediate past President of Junior Chamber International – University of Cape Coast (JCI-UCC), 2011, JCI UCC General Legal Counsel, a certified prime trainer and also the Chief Executive Officer of “Mildrick”, a multi-facet business firm.

I have the utmost passion in serving humanity in whichever way I can. I have volunteered in implementing projects, educational Seminars and capacity building trainings. One of the projects was “JCI UCC Fights Against Malaria”, which saw the sensitization and the donation of 250 long lasting treated malaria nets to the people of “Amamoma” a suburb in Cape Coast. I also participated in the Ghana International Model United Nations and won an award as an Honorable Mention. I am currently volunteering in the organization and implementation of projects and other model United Nations conferences.

I have read numerous books and am still willing to read more because there is this quote that drives me by Ralph W. Emerson,” A man is worth the number of books he reads”. Some of the books I find interesting and educating are” The law of Attraction”, ”How to win and influence friends and people” by Dale Carnegie, “the 48 laws and power” by Robert Greene. I also admire Dr. Stephen R. Covey through his principle-centered leadership, Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar’s “better than good” and Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki’s “why we want you to be rich”. I am interested in creative writing, researching, poetry, serving humanity, sharing knowledge, personal development and gymnastics. The Ultimate Gift, Kirikuo, Lion king and Ratatuoille are movies I really learned a lot from and still love to watch them. I believe we can make the world a better place and a life worth living is a life lived for others.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude
Keys to Success
Real Magic
Giant Steps
How To Win Friends And Influence People
The New Dynamics of Winning
Nonviolent Communication