Mohamed Mathias Gbassa – Profile

Sierra Leon
Mohamed Mathias Gbassa
Birthday: 4th January 1958
Education: Certificate in General Agriculture
Occupation: Social Worker

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
My vision for a world, where it is build in a truly Human and Non – violent society: A universal human nation [No first, second and third world.] but a world for everybody. The world which promote simultaneously, personal development and social transformation at the same level. The world that had got rid of all forms of violence [physical, economic, racial, sexual, moral, religious, and psychological].

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
In my own knowledge the most pressing problem facing the world today is Segregation. Man has divided the world into several sectors disregarding the human being as a centre value and concern. These divisions had cause a major problem of inequitable distribution of natural resources and economic wealth. Man being desperate to personally develop and socially transform at all cost had further created sectionalism, favoritism and partiality. These indifferences stated are issues that have created all forms of violence in the world because people with the same idea come together and pursue issues of their own interest at the detriment of many other people.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
There are three ways in which the problem that the world faces can be solved: To build a world of violent free society: A universal human nation, promote simultaneous personal development and social transformation and fight against all forms of violence. The latter is only feasible through personal contacts and focus group discussion. People must be oriented to be humanist that is accepting human being as the centre value over every thing in the world. And these people put these beliefs in their way of life they can be followed by many others. The middle aspect can be achieved only by engaging the stalk holders in negotiating with them to see reasons in what ever they are doing, considering the three ways the world problem can be solved and adopt it in there new undertaken. The former can only be achieved by forming humanist structures which make representations at all levels in the society, these representatives wholly and solely stand against all forms of violence and they lived and proved to be ambassadors of non – violent to the whole world.

I Mohamed Mathias Gbassa am now 50 years of age, born on the 4th January 1958 by two parents, Mr. Musa Gbassa a driver by profession and Madam Mamakor Evelyn Dambo a petit trader and house wife both dead now. These were coupled that came together with there different religious background [father Muslim and mother Christian] but lived together amicably. My father later on married to two other wives after my mother and they gave birth to three half brothers and two half sisters. My mother being the senior wife had five children (three boys and two girls) and all her children were older than her mate’s children. My father being a fervent Muslim he wanted us not to go to school but my mother and our uncles paid our fees at school. It is unfortunate to know that all of my half brothers and sisters didn’t go to school. I was brought up in a large family with a polygamous practice and I co-existed with my half brothers and sisters who never went to school and were all Muslims while my own brothers and sisters all educated and are Christians. As a Humanist and eldest child of this family, I positioned every member of the family as a human being equal and place as the centre value of every thing, respect each other personal opinion while I develop and acknowledge what is considered as absolute truth for all, affirms liberty of ideas and beliefs and reject all forms of violence and discrimination. I am a married man now with three children (a boy and two girls but girls being the eldest and youngest).

My own contribution to the development of our country are many but I name the few most important ones, when I left the university I took employment with Ministry of Agriculture as an extension worker ( mobilizing and educating farmers). Through this I help many farmers to grow large acreages of food and cash crops. I was charged with the responsibility of training and guiding the farmers through their cropping cycle’s in order to improve on their harvest by adopting the improved farming techniques. Encourages the farmers utilize the Researched Seeds and Tools and take all Result Oriented Information back to the Researcher.

During our eleven years senseless war I served as a Humanitarian Worker, trained and assigned to displace and refugee’s camps respectively as camp manager. I was responsible with others to provide these inmates with protection, food and non – food items, shelters, education and skill training, and awareness for Resettlement/ Reintegration.

My dreams and goals in life are spelled out under my objectives, vision and mission; my dreams are to live in world of non – violence, and human being considered as the centre value of every thing in the world. In order to achieve the above dreams there are three objectives: – To build a Universal Human Nation, Promote simultaneously personal development and social transformation, and Fight against all forms of violence (physical, economical, racial, sexual, moral, religious, psychological etc). My Vision is to help people out of advert poverty; my Missions are to let my people enhance production, capital, marketing and management skills of co-operatives, achieve successful and sustainable development through expansion in all of their existing farming activities for the benefit of everybody.

Traveling at this part of the country is very expensive and difficult due to several factors but to name a few: – scarce facilities, bad roads, low income and poor services etc. how ever I had managed to visit my capital city and the twelve district head quarter town/cities in my country Sierra Leone; and had traveled to our two neighboring sister countries (Guinea and Liberia); and like wise visited Senegal, Gambia and Ivory Coast in West Africa respectively.

My favorite books are Tales of two cities, Animal farm and Silo’s speaks. In tale of two cities written by Charles Dickens, the author was trying to show the inequality that exist between two cities and one was qualified to be better than the other in terms of social, economic, and other facilities. While in animal farm, written by George Orwell, animals were classed in various stages and awarded as equals among equals. And these differences in classes is the greatest inequality created in life, both writers in their books compared and contrast the indifferences between cities and animals. These are issues that have created all forms of violence, suppression, intimidation and aggression.

In the book of Silo’s speaks, which is a Humanist document concluded that ‘To feel that which is human in the other is to feel the life of the other in a beautiful, multicolored rainbow that grows farther and farther away, the more I try to stop, to seize, to capture its expression. You grow farther away, and I take comfort if I have helped you break your chains, to over come your pain and suffering. And if you accompany me, it is because in a free act you constitute yourself as human being, and not simply because you are born ‘human ‘ I sense in you the liberty and possibility of your constituting yourself as a human being, and in you my act find the liberty at which they aim. And so not even your death can halt the actions you set in motion because you are in essence time and liberty. What I love in the human being, then, is its growing humanization. And in these times of crisis, reification and dehumanization. I love the possibility of the human beings future vindication.”

In Silo’s conclusion, I learnt that human being desperate moves to promote personal development and social transformation which was not guided with the belief of considering human being as the centre value and concern in all activities under taken created in- equality, classes, mayhems, atrocities and wars. Humanist movements organizes activities regarding Health, Education, Agriculture and the entire improvement on the quality of the life of our people, it does so with those who are members. That means that those who become members take on the commitment to begin to work for themselves, for their people, and when the opportunity presents itself, for those who are beyond their immediate environment. The social actions of humanists are when you learn, so that you can teach others what you have learnt, and when you receive help then you should help others to help themselves.

My best movies are: The Day of the Jackal and Sometimes in April; in the day of the jackal the remaining survivor of the aborted French foreign legion who were against the democratic rule and existence of other foreign nationals in France made repeated attempts to kill president Mark De Gaulle and most attempt failed because he was the most guarded president in the world. As a desperate act by OSN, they hired a well known notorious killer with a code name ‘Jackal’ for half a million dollars.

We followed his preparation for this mission, were he created a lot of violent on others, abuses a lot of rule of law, committed crimes from civil to criminal and finally he failed to eliminate President Charles De Gaulle and died in police net.

In the second movie it is typical example of how hatred ness, jealousy, nepotism and suppression destroy a country. Belgium colonial master installed rigid colonial system of racial classification and exploitation. By elevating the Tutsi over the Hutu that created deep resentment among the Hutu majority.

In 1959, the Belgian handed control of Rwanda to the Hutu majority, with independence came decades of institutionalized anti Tutsi segregation and massacre hundreds of thousand of Tutsi and moderate Hutu’s were forced into exile.

In 1988, some of these refugees formed a rebel movement called the Rwanda patriotic Front (RPF) to reclaim their home land. In1990 from their base in Uganda, the RPF lunched an offensive against the Hutu regime that was step with French and Belgium military support. A deadly cycle of war and massacre continued until 1993 when the United Nation negotiated power-sharing agreement between the two sides.

To protect their power, hard line Hutu’s extremist resulted the implementation of the agreement, and planned one of the most terrifying genocide in history.

In the two movies people refuse to accept each other because of some indifference, these indifferences led to destruction of lives and properties.

The special studies I had undertaken and projects that I have served are: In 1980 -81 at Agricultural Technical training Centre (ATTC), Mange Bureh, Port Loko District, Sierra Leone. I was awarded a certificate in Agriculture General, and served in the Eastern Area project (EAP), Kenema, as Field Assistant. I continued another study in 1983-84 at Opportunity Training Centre (OIC) Bo, Sierra Leone and passed with a certificate in agricultural survey and continue to serve in the EAP as Agricultural Surveyor, Latter on I gain entrance into Njala University Collage in 1987-89 and graduated with a higher certificate in Agriculture General and joined an International Non- Governmental Organization (INGO) called Africare. I served as Agricultural Extension Worker / Camp Manager respectively.

I continued to seek for more knowledge by attending workshops, seminars and improve trainings on a diverse disciples that ranged from health, Education, Shelter, Food& Non-Food items and protection for the displace and refugee Inmates in camps.

In 2006 I was given a privilege to attend the West Africa food Aid management course in Dakar Senegal by US AID and awarded a certificate in food commodities management and served Africare as food commodity supervisor/Acting food commodity manager.

In 2006 to 2008, I joined distant education course with the Cambridge International collage, collage house, jersey JE2DB, Britain for two international diploma courses in stores management and stock control, and purchasing and resources management respectively. I passed with two International Diplomas with a grade of merit.

Presently, as a member of Humanist Movement council 255 -Beta we have created an action Front under taken Bee keeping activities with our members. I am serving as support in training and management of the project.

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