Mohamed Mathias Gbassa – Assessments

As A Man Thinketh
Assessment by Mohamed Mathias Gbassa (Sierra Leon)

1. What is the main ideas that the author is trying to convey in this book.

The main ideas that the authors is trying to convey in this book are: he suggested that, not explaining at all, man’s entire future rest in his own hand and that man is totally and wholly responsible through discovery and perception of the fact that he is the maker of himself. This is done through the power invested in him to think well and make a choice (direction) and encouragement. His mind becomes a master to mix well (weave) the inner self character and the outer garment of circumstance in which he find himself, when they are mixed property (woven) with Ignorance and pain and latter transformed weaved in enlightenment and happiness.

The other idea the author tried very hard to convey in this book, is how a man’s thinking can affect his character on circumstance, of his health and body, on the purpose and factors in achievement. All of the above mention issues can only be achieve or successful when the man take the right decision on the right time and continuously followed it up with the support of his body.

In summary a man is literally looks like what he thinks and his character being the complete make up of all his thought. He further reveled that with in him self no flaws of thoughts and understanding will transformed into thought – forces and mind element will operate in the shaping of character, circumstance and destiny.

He concluded that the body is totally controlled by the mind whether deliberately or automatically and when man thinks unlawfully the body will suffer either into physical harm or disease, and when the man thinks lawfully he bring the body joy and appear youthful and beautiful.

The author expresses clearly that until thought is linked with central purpose before we can reach intelligent accomplishment of anything. If your thought does not like with the purpose it is drift into the oceans of life. Aimlessness is a vice which consequent into catastrophe and destruction.

Finally he dictated that the man’s achievement depends more on how he think not another person, it is never the issue of I drink alcohol and you get drunk but is me who is going to be drunk .that means if a man achieve or fail to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts not another person.

A man’s weakness and strength, honesty and dishonestly are his own not another man’s and it is only him that can change the situation weather to happiness or suffering through making a good thought that bring achievement.

The authors further more took us to another stage of how thought can be transformed into action, he said the dreamers are saviors of the world as the visible world is sustained by the invisible, so men through all their trial and effort to achieve highly depends on his dream, as an old saying goes that: The path from Dream to Success does Exist, may you have the Vision to find it. The Courage to get on to it and the Perseverance to follow it.

2. What were the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why it most important to you. Use personal example from your own life.

* The Autobiography of the writer of this book, although it has inspired million around the world and is partly responsible for launching an entire self improvement industry but very little is known about him (James Allan).

This idea is very important to me because it straight away put me on my guides that what ever you are undertaken right now solely and wholly depends on you totally never you depend on any body else but your very self. Think hard and make use of the available resources and never depend on some body else to make you a better person. And that hero is never recognized when he is a live until he passed away.

Personally, we were in a meeting in our village, where at some point of the meeting the honorable member of parliament was ask to make a report of some issue which he thought was something that can put a colorful feather on his cap and the issue was somebody owe the chiefdom 200 million leones and he retrieved a cheque of 50 million Leone from him without any explanation from the gay and as soon as he concluded his report the entire house cried him down, that he should return the cheque back to the owner. The chiefdom want the gay to show in writing how much he owe the chiefdom and when and how he will be paying them in an contractual agreement signed by him and chiefdom representative.

Then the honorable member became very angry that people did not appreciate his efforts at all and some body said without wasting time by asking a question that who sent him in the first place. The lesson learnt is what ever you are doing, do it well and don’t look back for praises or immediate reward, but always follow your heart. It is only when you have achieved then people having their own different stories to tell about you.

* How your thinking affect your character, the author said that “ A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thought” that means if a man is a criminal then without any dought his thought is evil and dangerous. If a man mind is full of evil then he incur pain but if one endured honestly thought surely joy follow him and his shadow. A man with a noble and God-Fearing character is not a thing of favors or chance, but is the natural result of continued effort in right thinking.

Riches in gold and diamond are only obtained through rigorous searching and heavily mining which involve very high cost both in man power and resources, like wise man can find every truth connected with his being. If he dig deep into the mine of his soul. That he is the maker of his character, the molder of his life and builder of his destiny.

This idea have motivated me in doing the course with leadership institutes, because from all instances the best way out of hardship is by increasing your own knowledge through this training. The experience I have gathered from the two books is that if you want to progress in life you have to make more effort in pushing your own idea into fruitful action.

And the examples of mining Gold and Diamond makes me see the strength involved in seeking man’s future to a better place need a lot of sacrifices, efforts; and constant and continues focus with both moral and financial expenses. Because I held from a mining chiefdom of the eastern region of our country, I know what it will cost any miner of both Goal and Diamond to get it product, so if the author compare it to the personally transformation and social development of man then one have to really value the privilege provided by you to improve my our life.

* The author again reflected how man’s thought affect it health and body .The body is the servant of the mind, it is controlled totally by the mind whether deliberately or automatically. There is an old saying “A sound mind produces a healthy body”.

The author has reminded me long ago before the war that is 20 years back. I had an opportunity to visit mental hospital in Freetown. I asked the doctor that why mad people don’t feel upset even if they are doing/eating wrong things. Dr Nahim told me that the mind which is responsible to interpret things and communicate it is out of order. So What ever they do is done but they don’t know whether it is good or bad and even most time pain and suffering is highly not notice.

It is going to help me a long way to be focusing good thoughts, work and hope for a good result not the negative, but if it comes your way it will be a challenge. I am not going to take my weakness as a storming block against my development but a challenge which will be taken care of through the available opportunities.

* The author is trying to build the link between thought and intention (purpose). Until thought is linked with purpose before any intelligent accomplishment is achieved. With majority of people their thought are not linked with their intentions, it is an aimlessness there thought are simply drift away into the ocean of life with no achievement and consequence into catastrophe and destruction.

All those who’s thought have no central purpose in their life fall an easy prey to petty worries, fears, troubles, challenges, self defeat, all of which are indication of weakness and failure.

This lesson has taught me to link my thought to my intention because it is by this means you take action and continue with a central focus. Although challenges come my way but my opportunity will made me surely to achieve.

* How the thought-factor (director) in achievement. This idea is another brilliant issue which says that all that a man achieves or fails to achieve is direct responsibility of his thought. Never in life can a strong man help a weaker man when he is not willing to be helped. He must have decided by him self, his own efforts, develop the strength which he admires in the strong man. It is only him that can change his condition.

This can help me to see all reason that the course with you people is a sure way to success if only I take the desire to follow my heart, read and apply when I am reading into action. When I decided to join this leadership institute I had the feeling and belief that it was very difficult for me. But when I made up my mind, fix my focus and direct it to achieve the completion of the course.

* The ways how idea sustains vision in man’s transformation. The author emphasized that the dreamers are the savior of the world. As the visible world is sustained by the invisible, so men went through all their trials sins and sordid vocations are nourished by the beautiful vision of their solitary dreams. Humanity can not forget its dreams and their ideas to fade and perish, it lives in them, it knows them as the fact which it shall one day see and know. He who churches a beautiful vision a lofty idea in his heart will one day realize it. This part of the book is saying that any good thinking man must have a dream, this /these dream are his vision and it is only better for any man to do every thing humanly possible to interpret the dreams into reality.

And more over your vision can be some time, some body that is very important in your community; you wish to be like him. Your desire to be like that man can be your vision and you actually work hard toward that of your target.

When I was 6-8 years old, there was a man who graduated from Newziland and came to our village, I admire him so much and that made me to study Agriculture, although I did not had same opportunity to study in Europe but I have attended several seminal and workshops in Africa after my graduation from our university.

* The idea of how you do things, action taken can some times be good or bad. The author explained that calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom; it is the result of long and patient effort in self control.

Its presence is an indication of ripened experience and of more than ordinary knowledge of the laws operation of thought. There is a saying in our mende language (what an elderly man sit on the ground and see, a young man will never see it even if he stand on the ladder)

When you talk about seeing, it does not really mean your physical eye sight, but it means your thought. And these issues of thought is coupled with vision and how you applied your vision / dreams into action, The facts remain that it is only when you consider your strength by experience can let you achieve your target. But you have to consider that what ever you are doing you should not bring pain and suffering to others and take man as the centre value of your action.

3. How will these ideas or lesson help you in a practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world? If so how?

These ideas are going to be my fundamental principles in my personal development and social transformation of my life and help me to contribute to the creation of a better world.

It is going to help me be master of my own thoughts by directing all my energies towards my inner self and apply analysis and conquer.

This reading have made me so strong to believe that there is till a very big opportunity lying a head of me, waiting for me to effect an action despite where ever you find your self you can make it when you are only ready.

It have made me to develop a perseverance attitude toward what ever decision my inner self have taken towards my personal development and social transformation, because of my good thoughts I will gain a sound mind in a healthy body. I will never think of putting my self on a negative trend.

My thoughts are going to be strongly allied to the purpose which can help me move with a force to achieve my target. All my life and mind is now set to improve on my skill and knowledge to equip me to help create a peaceful world-world of peace and non violence.

Equipped me with self regulatory idea to look at my strengths and weakness, use the available opportunity to forge ahead in life, never me capitalize on my weakness in life while my opportunity is waiting to be used.

It has build my inner being to believe that man’s thought is the factor in achieving his target. It is only when i go through this course and other trainings which can equip me to talk with authority to people of my concern. And they can understand me well which can make us all work together to consider man as the most Important thing in the world and we consider to be free from all forms of violence, there then we live in a world with out wars.

The Relationship between me my community and the country at large is going to be cordial because this lessons have taught me that I have no enemy and I should love those that appeared to not be in my favors and convince them to understand me so that both can live in Harmony.

4. Are there any statements which the Author made that particularly got your attention? If so, please quote them and comment auto why they were important to you.

They themselves are makers of themselves”

This statement is categorically saying that man is totally responsible for what ever circumstance he find himself, because he is totally controlled by his thought. His mind is a master designer both from your inside and outside because if you think well then you can appear good or nicely. But if you’re thinking about evil there then you must appear like a devil very indecent.

Every man has his strength and weakness; do not allow your weakness to pull you down while your opportunity is an axillary’s to pull you faster toward your strength.

There is no way that a man’s life can be change without him admire, choose and make up his mind how it can be done.

“He that seeketh findeth, and to him that knocked it shall be opened”

The quotation is saying that man has to look for ways and means to design his way of living and this can go through stages. The improvement on your skill and knowledge of understanding and can greatly effect how you do things. These are only achieved when you pursue them in order word seek for them.

When you do training either in skill or knowledge and succeeded in achieving either in then it is you who seeketh and fined.

You can use that achievement to knock the doors of employment or other means to get financial benefit.

In life the opportunities are floating all over the world freely but the most difficult thing to achieve are the criteria set towards achieving any one of them.

”One man is an oppressor because many are slaves, let us despise the slaves”

The fact of the matter is the oppressor and slaves are partners in ignorance, and while accepting to bring suffering on other, in reality suffering them. When you accrued knowledge you can be aware not to incure any suffering on human being, because he will be considered as the center of your action and concern for all and be in empathy with both oppressor and oppressed.
And we will condemn all from of violence and the world will be a world of peace and no violence.

“Do not see the long, arduous journey, but only behold the pleasant goal and called it good future”

In life the acquiring of knowledge and learning of skill can not be consider as a difficult task or a very long journey but considering what is your target or what you can get in returns to be paramount to you.

It is like when you decide that life is difficult but you have never decided how you can reform your own life fairing to be difficult, expensive and failure before even venturing into it.

Finally the path from dreams to success does exit and you must have vision to find it the courage to get it and be perseverance to follow it to the last.

5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about, or are there ideas which you disagree with and, if so, why?

There is noting in this book that I don’t understand or are unclear about neither any idea which I don’t agree with, every thing in this book is very clear and to the point, they are presented in a very good way that one topic flow into next coming after it.

6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so did you complete all of the exercise and did you find them helpful.

The book does contain exercises for any reader to complete and these are exercise that makes the reader to reflect on his own personal life.

It has further strengthen my belief that mans visions can become reality, simply through the power of thought, that has cause me to complete the look with the leadership. Institute.

The ties between your thought and character have again equipped me to revisit my past life and quickly know the person I am dealing with from his character.

The book helps me work earnestly, applies my self to remedy the weakness in my character and makes swift use of opportunity and harness marked progress in life. This can further make me the role model for my family, community and country.

I have been confused over issue of my father who died after suffered from diabetes and mother died because of cancer of the breast. I was confused if these two disease can not come my way one day. Now from my reading I have clarify that the relationship between the effort of thought on health and body. Now I am set free that I will never think of being effected by any of the two diseases that kills both of my parents. And I will consume to preach this belief to many people in order to care them too.

The issue of vision and ideas have help me to patiently concentrate on my vision (social worker) and have the courage to put it into action (completing leadership course with you) which will give me a lot of idea that can help me build my career as a community Development Agent. All of these issues that I have discovered in the reading cant achieved any good idea if I did not consider calmness, patience, parseorance in the vision; I have and follow my heart in order to achieve my target.

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that was not covered in the prevision question? If so, please comment.

There is noting in the book that was not covered in the previous question because the question are asking you to express what you understand during your reading, it is your style of answering can cover the entire book or not cover some aspect in the book.

A. How interesting was it to read 8
B. How helpful were the content 7
C. How easy was it to understand 6
D. Would you recommend it to others 7
E. What is the overall rating you would give. 8



Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Assessment by Mohamed Mathias Gbassa (Sierra Leon)

1. What are the main ideas that the Author is trying to convey in the book?

* The simultaneous personal development and social transformation of man (seagull) in life.

* The importance of having a focus and vision, which he followed to the letter regard less of difficulties faced him.

* Cultures and traditions can be changed with perseverance and consistence in applying the Non violence approaches.

This story is a historic one, just like stories of great men/women like (Mahatma Gandhi of India, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, Martin Lutter King of USA, Mandela of South Africa; Bai Bureh, Madam Yoko, Kailondo, Nyagua and Ndawa of Sierra Leone).

All these people brought changes in themselves and the community they lived in, like seagull thought that seagulls should not only fly for food but there is something beyond that long flight for food. All of this like seagull had something in them that push them into action.
That innermost taught is what each and every one who wants to prosper in life should listen to and follow it. Most great men always say: I am following my heart, when you followed your heart, your mind and physical being should support it. It is only when people sees, the differences you had made positively, there then they will admire you and try to imitate you then you will be a role model of that community / society .

The author of the book raises another concern of how seagull life was and how he wants to reform from his previous condition. This move from one stage in life to the other stage can be done cautiously, considering man at the centre (very important) but if you move without this consideration then all forms of violence can be applied to achieve that of your target like wise if you don’t have the appropriate know how to handle man at the center (very precious) to this of your move to achieve your target, he can cause you all forms of violence being economical, physical, racial, religions, sexual and environmental. This is done in order to completely stop you or even change your intention. Whenever you want to change your present situation to another, consider man at the center (very precious) and condemns all forms of violence and discrimination whether under the carpet or on the fence they are all the same and it is forbidden.

There is a constant repetition of suffering of mankind in the book. This repetition of suffering is not a welcomed idea, but the personal development and social transformation will force him out of the suffering, considering man as the most valuable being among every thing. Your strong belief and resistance to the challenges in life help you to conquer, when you have conquered make sure that other follows you, so that the impact of that can be seeing and realized.

2. What were the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why it was important to you. Use personal examples from your own life.

i. Learning (education, skill training and continuous practices) from my personal point of view, I quiet believe that education is the only independence you can achieve on planet earth. I have seeing in Sierra Leone where people hailed from communities were even bicycles have never and ever reached but due to achievement in academic world, that village was reformed with a street, school, clinic and market.

My own late mother and father never and ever had the means of traveling out of Sierra Leone, but when I was given the privilege to be educated, I have traveled to both of my sisters bordering states (Liberia, and Guinea) and another four ecowas sates (Senegal, Gambia, Ivory Coast and Ghana) at the expense of the organizations that I had worked for in the past.
Beside the above statements, I was a late developer; I mean I didn’t leave school for the university. I only enter the university after eight years of my schooling, but during the eight years, I did attend workshop seminars, and certificate and diploma course all in agriculture. There after I was engaged working practically as a front line agriculturist, when I entered the university most of the thing I was taught at lectures was mostly things I have done practically so I just have to reflect on item. Therefore my university days were not difficult for me because I was conversant with most of the things that were on the course syllabus.

ii. The Idea of Faith and Understanding

Faith is biblically defined as something you strongly believe in and stand by it. Economically or socially is something in you that force you to do good things or direct / controls you to move on the correct part.

But I believe that faith goes with understanding, any faith without understanding is like a cup of tea without sugar or honey, and it has no taste. Any body who has faith in something but lacks the understanding of that same thing will fail in achieving the target. When I entered the university, we studied serial course and our believes were have faith in God to help us pass the exams. But if you listen and understand who give the lecture then you can pass, most have the faith to pass but didn’t listen or border to understand the lecturer, definitely failed. One of our lecturer always use this word I hold you responsible for this, and always appear as a possible examination question and because I understand the lecturer well, I always use this understanding to have excellent or credits in his examination.

iii. The Idea of Heaven

Since I have realized my self as a human being, I strongly believed that there is some where above us that exist where we are going to give accounts of our past roles we have played on earth. But later on after my university education, I have even realized that before waiting for non scheduled date to go to heaven, the human right laws, Countries constitution and all legal structure has cautioned me that if by any means I violate any part of these documents and find me wanting, can convict me with a punishment. The idea of heaven means to caution man against all forms of violence’s but it failed to quantity and qualified it. Unlike the legal statures of the country clearly spelt it not for any crime committed and it proportional punishment for it.

iv. The Issue of justice and injustice

Personally, I am convince that the justice sector created was to remind people what ever they are doing they should consider that some other person is watching you if you follow the rule of the game .

Since I have being on planet earth, I have never faced with the full penalty of the law, I strongly believe that it is only when you fail to consider man as the most important thing on earth then you can violate him… I am always considering man at the center of any move I am making; therefore I have always being in empathy with man in any circumstance I find him.
In most or all cases you can be perpetrator or the victim when you completely disregard
these aspects above .If all of us consider and feel like one, nobody can be either a victim or perpetrator and there will be no need for justice or injustice.

v. The Idea of closing eyes in time of challenges

The idea of closing eyes in times of difficulties or challenges is something I always do.
The idea goes beyond closing your eyes, that means you can high concentrate or pay all of your attention to what ever you are doing .In my life time, most time I can forget words and names of special people, when ever I find myself in that situation I will stand and close my eyes for a while, then I will get that correct information which I need. Closing your eyes, can help your retentive memory function faster, than when your eyes are opened and passing on new visions to your brain. This is something I have used and believe it.

vi. The Idea of limited and unlimited opportunity

This limited and unlimited opportunity is the issue of how man can adapt it self to the challenges he is faced with what ever he is doing or even when doing noting. When I finish my university studies, I had two options of either be a teacher or an agriculturist Being educated I used the SWOT method to choice what I want to be or to go for as a career.

SWOT means strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. As a native of eastern province of Sierra Leone which is one of the bread basket of the country’s economy. I choose to be an Agriculturalist and farmer. For the past years I have being helping farmer in cash and food crop cultivation at the same time I my self a farmer in both of these crops . That has made me to be known in the three districts in the eastern province. Finally, for the past three years I have introduced bee keeping into the farming. Bees can provide me both honey and from its pollination activity it can increase the yields of food and cash crop. Now I can say that there are a lot of opportunities that are not taped by people so it only when you don’t have a taught, and failed to follow your heart that you will be limited with opportunities

vii. The idea of forgiving and helping those who hurt you

The issue of forgiveness and helping those who in one way of the other hurt you, can be achieved only when you put your self in that man position and consider him as a human being just like you, who had one way of the other offended other people and you was forgiven and helped.

I am sure if you only let him understand you’re taught and known when, how and where things went wrong then he himself can show remorse and forgiveness will follow. I was a man married to a wife, who was a wonderful cook but very poor at setting the house neatly. And I being a man that is very good at fixing the room and at first when we meet with my wife after, work I always raise my voice in asking why the rooms are so untidy, she will say in her sweet and soft voice aren’t you having your food first and latter on pack. I will get my food and latter explain to her why I want the sitting room always set; it is for unexpected visitor or guest.
But when we got our first child the situation changed because most of the blames goes to my daughter, she too was given my reason and they understand me while I understood them and we all co-existed as a family, my wife gave me her good food while I carry out my neat packing.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way both in your daily personal life and helping you to create a better world? If so how?

The ideas convey in the book will help me personally to get rid of the violence in me, before talking to people to denounce all forms of violence.

Because it is only when you are violence free then you can realize who ever you are dealing with is a human being like yourself. This will help me to live as role model honest and transparent because I put human being in the centre of concern to my personal development and social transformation.

The ideas will help me to follow my heart which is the focus of my future and with the faith and understanding of the challenges can be resolved with several available opportunities. I am quite sure that with those ideas I can break rock of difficulties/challenges and transform myself and my society into paradise when the condemnation of all forms of violence in the human being achieve automatically, love and peace without violence is achieved.

Although the issue of being violence free does not means that others will not violence you, but if that come my way I will use the way of negotiation with the perpetrator in order to understand what he has done and he show remorse and he can be forgiven or in some cases the rule of law can be applied by persecution and penalty by the court of law.

This idea had consolidated my inner ego to consider that my focus should be my taught in every day activity and all of my action must be directed to achieve my target of creating a non violence society. Further more, it give me the hope that more needs to be done in order to increase knowledge and skills to equip me enough to answer many questions from people, and convince them to achieve this non violence society.

As a humanist my belief is to live in a violence free community and society and disarm the whole world so that we can live in a world without war, before reading this book I look at it as a very big challenge and didn’t even know where to start, but the idea have target me that you have to be perseverance, committed and follow four heart and that can’t be achieved today, tomorrow, or in the more future but continues practice will achieve perfection because only by wishing to learn more, practice and put what you learnt into action and string very hard to understand more of the perfect non violence principle of all life can make you a hero

4. Are there any statement which the author made that particularly get your attention?

“I don’t mind being bone and feather mum I just want to know what I can do in the air and what I can’t that all I just want to know”

This question is very important to me because it taught me two things. One is the pressure piled on Jonathan seagull from his people when he started his new ideas in high flight. It vividly reminds me about the challenges I have faced with my wife when I decided to be very transparent and accountable in my job as commodity supervisor. She always remind me to practice corruption, build us a house which I had resisted in non violence manner for her to understand the repercourtion of what she is pushing me into, I might not be caught but my conscience can never be free and remain in the mind of society how I got the money to build that house I am living in now.

Secondly, the quotation reminds me of self evaluation (SWOT) in what ever you are doing you always look at your STRENGHT, WEAKNESS, OPPORTINUTY and THREAT. This is the only way you can realize if you have achieved or not. That means the idea of converting donors property to mine in order to build a house was a weakness, and plan wisely using my own salary to build a house was my strength, and my opportunity was to read more and plan wisely using my own new salary to build a house gradually which I have done got the land, put the plan and all other document together, In had with Cambridge International College and achieved two Diploma in both purchasing and Resource management and store management and stake (inventory) control with a free mind and comfortable mode.

“One day, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, shall learn that irresponsibly? My brother “he cn’ed “who is more responsible than a gull who finds and follows a meaning, a higher purpose for life? For a thousand years we have scrambled often fish head, but now we have a chance, let me show you what I’ve found”

This quotation is saying that whet ever you have decided to do in life should be done in the best way possible, and you don’t have to listen to distracters you always follow your heart and evaluate yourself, you realize that you are developing gradually.
And never be comfortable with the situation you find yourself but strive hard to make a meaningful change to you and others in life by looking for opportunities and make best use of them.

“Don’t be harsh on them, Fletcher Seagull. In casting out, the other gulls have only hurt themselves, and one day they will know this, and one day they will see what you see. Forgive them and help them to understand”.

The quotation is saying that you can’t mind your distracters or those who oppose what ever you have decided to do in life towards your simultaneous personal development and social transformation. Continue your hard work and follow your heart. What ever name they call you and some time cast you out as a foolish person. They are hurting not you but themselves because by the time they realize it you have gone far ahead of them, but remember to give back to them what ever you have achieved in terms of knowledge so that they too can develop.
Therefore it is only through sharing that we all achieve everlasting peace and non-violence.

“Well O.K. they may be outcast” said some of the youngest gulls, “but where on earth did they learn to fly like that”.

The quotation is very important because it shows clearly that although when you start anything that is very unique in the community/ society, you can be condemned by most people but at the same time they do evaluate you and give you praise if it dues you. And when you have decided on doing anything new in your society/community always be accountable and transparent to the community/society that is how reasonable one can come out with praises for you. The innovation might come from you but make sure you share it with people, no matter how small the number might be, but one day the reality would be realize by others.

“Look at Fletcher! Lowell! Charles – Roland1 Are they also special and gifted and divine? No more than you are, no more than I am. The only difference, the very only one, is that they have begun to understand what they really are and have begun to practice it”.

I am convince that you are never late to learn if only you identify the area where you want and wish to be, and always what ever you understand, you must try to do it over and over until it becomes part of you. Don’t ever give up.

“I don’t understand how you manage to love a mob of birds that has just tried to kill you”
“Oh fletch, you don’t love that! You don’t love hatred and evil of course. You have to practice and see the real gull, the good every one of them, and to help them see it in themselves. That’s what I mean by love. It’s fun, when you get the knack of it”

The quotation above is illustrating clearly that you have to love those who hate you, and try to let them understand you, by making you different from them in what ever they want to take things. “Fire will not put out fore, water is what can put fire” That means hatred (fire) and love (water). And don’t ever go for win – win but win – lose. It told us that man will hate you, when he don’t understand that what he hates you for, he can it better if you help them to realize themselves and make use of there one skill and practice it well.

“Poor fletch don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you’ll see the way to fly.

The quotation speak in a synonym, that you don’t see with your eye clearly in most cases, until you go deep into what you are looking with a very great understanding of what you have visualize. But you have to look at it continuously until you get a reflection of it which can give you the proper understanding of it. That means to any situation continuous assessment can make realize the reality of things. Never take a quick decision on issue weather for success or failure.

5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about, or are there ideas which you disagree with and, if so, why?

To the best of my own knowledge, I do commend the author of this book very much because when reading the book it make you reflect on your own daily life and the book was well understood.

I understood it more when I followed the instructions during the reading period.
This book is a very good book because of all the ideas are not centered of individual, group, race, color; a Nationality but Global issue that goes across and can guide you To go through the process of transformation. I do agree with all the ideas and the various processes that the main actor went through into change their living situation.

There were few issues that was unclear when I stated reading, that are the Animal Seagull is not familiar with me and sea side environment but a wider research and clips from wild life safari made me to understand it clearly. Beside that I am staying too far from the sea coasts of our country, although I have been on our beaches but not regularly.

6. The book does not have exercises for the reader to complete but there are some of the issues when reading can move you to do some of the things in question.

During my reading I was observed that the main actor Jonathan seagull faces some difficulties or challenges, what he always do “close his eyes” for some time. When I was reading, I tried to carry that out several times and its help me retain or understand the difficult area I am reading always.

Secondly It was said that the issue of fourth and understanding it, is not an exercise but a phrase that helps man in life, having faith in any thing without understanding it, is like cup of tea without sugar, if you are comfortable with where ever you find yourself, you can’t personally develop and socially transform. It is only when you have a strong inner push that makes you feel that some thing has to be done or wrong some where. This is how you can focus, visualize and take an action. This action bad you to a change if you are sincere and persevere through out your undertaken.

Thirdly, there was an issue of self evaluation of the main character express through out the reading. It teaches every reader to do so at every point of time. During my reading I do reflect on what I was able to do, and what I was unable to do, this helped me long way to come out with these assessment. And I am sure there are some other things that I don’t I don’t easily recognize but can be picked up latter in the work ahead on me.

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comments on that were not covered in the previous question? If so comment.

The question are set in an open ended way, what you understand is what you can comment on, and if you read some thing very important and you are given to opportunity to comment on what you read, I am sure you can comment on the silent points. Beside the comments another question asked how these ideas can assist you in your normal life. I am sure if you if you read and digest it properly you can come out with how its affects your normal life

I am happy to confess that, I have been a science student in life but I have learned a lot and reflected on my past activities, and some times I had one way or the other faced with problems/challenges that are similar to these of the main character. And I found it very difficult to handle it, but with the help of reading I am more equipped to do so in the futures

Rating Questions
A. How interesting was it to read? 8.
B. How helpful were the contents? 9.
C. How easy was it to understand? 7.
D. Would you recommend it to others? 5.
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 7.



How To Win Friends & Influence People
Assessment by Mustapha Klah (Sierra Leon)

1. What is the main ides that author is trying to convey in the book?

The main ideas that the author is trying to convey in book are:

How to deal with people or human being. When dealing with people, let us remember that we are not dealing with creature of logic, we are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity. But it takes character and self- control to be understanding and forgiving. One of the most neglected virtues of our daily existence is appreciation.

How to influence people to your own way (making people like you). “What is that is common to all humankind and at the same time particular to each human existing? The search for happiness and the desire to overcome pain and suffering are common to all human being and yet particular to each and every human being. Well then, what is this happiness which the human being aspires? This happiness is what ever the human being believes it to be, everybody in the world is seeking happiness and there is one sure way to find it that is by controlling your thoughts, memory and imagination. Happiness doesn’t depend on outward conditions. It depends on inner conditions. It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. Learn to treat others in the same way that you want to be treated (way of life).

How to change people without arousing resentment. The first things to do in working or changing people without arousing resentment know the impact of contradiction on personal and social level. When I speak of contradiction I am speaking of acts that are harmful to one. I betray myself when I do things opposed to what I feel. That creates permanent suffering in me, and that suffering does not remain in me alone – it contaminates all those around me. All acts that end in one inevitably lead toward contamination of one’s immediate surroundings. Even pure wisdom, intellectual wisdom that resides only within oneself, can lead to contradiction. It is a time for action that called for consists of beginning to help others overcome their suffering that is right action, compassion the moral act per excellence. There is only one act that allows the human being to break with his or her contradiction and permanent suffering. This is the moral act in which human being direct themselves towards others in order to help those people overcome their suffering. If you are not indifferent to the pain and suffering of others, you must bring your thoughts, feelings, and actions into agreement in order to help them. A technique like that makes it easy for a person to correct errors, a technique like that saves a person’s pride and gives him or her a feeling of importance. It encourages cooperation instead of rebellion.

2. What were the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why it was important to you use personal examples from your own life.

Idea 1
It is the individual who is not interested in his fellow men who has the greatest difficulties in life and provides the greatest injury to other. It is from among such individuals that all human failures spring.

If you let your being cast it toward dark regions, you body wins the battle and it dominate. Then, sensation and appearance of spirits, of forces, of memories will arise. On this road you will descend further and further. Here dwell hatred, vengeance, strangeness, possession, jealousy, and the desire to remain. Should you descend even further you will be invaded by frustration, resentment and all the dreams and desire that have brought rain and death upon humanity. Yet I know and you know people who blunder through life trying to wigwag other people into becoming interested in them. Of course, it doesn’t work people are not interested in you or me; they are interested in themselves morning, noon and after dinner. This idea reveals to me the interest of the people.

Idea 2
Always make the other person feel important.

The so called existentialists assume important and implicit norms of perfection. Their answer to “what is mankind”? “What is the specific human condition”? Are formulated in a descriptive way but function as norms. The perfectionist can value pleasure and happiness highly, but refuse to regard them as ultimate goals. In a parley tactical light, there is little sense in a continual bring to consciousness of pleasure and happiness norms even when they are posited as basic: the blinks of self-centredness (Am I happy?) have the way for passivity and depression. The pleasure norms in particular have a tendency to lead to complacency and the exclusion of the activities tinged by unpleasantness or pain. Making some one to realized or feel important in the three state of human existence.
1. Self- realization
2. Ego- realization
3. Self-realization (with lower case).
These will contribute to human development of life form.

Idea 3
The difference between appreciation and flattery

That is simple one is sincere and the other insincere. One comes from the heart out, the other from the teeth out. One is unselfish, the other selfish. One is universally admired the other universally condemned. In each of these moments one feels strong and happy when he is united with other, according to his age, his landscape and his ideas. But in today’s world the possibilities became smaller. Jealousy, envy, intolerance and discrimination are separating us, and in our hearts remains an empty space, which cannot be filled up by false promises of individual ink. Good is what reinforces the human beings bad is what they weaken. Good is what unites the people, bad is what separates them from experience we can say the common force appear if the people feel united without any egoistic calculation, in a common project through which one everyone wins.

Idea 4
Everybody likes to be praised, but when praise is specific, it comes across as sincere not something the other person may be saying just to make one feel good.

In today’s society, Fundamental rights are attacked more viciously everyday, the social net is being destroyed, and people are set against each other so that every one takes issue with those who are worse of instead of with those who are truly responsible for the situation.

I believe that this situation can only change if people unite instead of dividing into a ridiculous war among themselves. It can change if the ties of solidarity between people are strengthened.

Idea 5
You can’t win an argument.

The noise in today world I observe them, the people around me, the people in my city. They move themselves to some where in the landscape of the city. In the street, in cars, on bicycles and in buses. And above my head airplanes fly over me, full of people who are going some where. Every body moves, from here to there, and back again, a daily endless movement.
And again I perceive an additional noise. The noise of the media, with their oceans of programs which sell the happiness of the human being in TV screen format. And now and then I see flashes of the world in between the onslaught of the media. Flashes of war, of violence, of poverty and great human misery, flashes of despair and grief. I see a moment of possible reflection and then the noise media circus goes on again.

Life fighting to exist among the noise in the world today. It is auto most important to know the negative impact that can be created on the time and human energy. The best way to save yourself, your time from argument is to avoid it.

Idea 6
By fighting you never get enough, but by yielding you get more than you expected.

Regarding violence, the state, institutions, the law and religion, and so as not to exceed the limits of this world. I do not believe that the meaning of human action has to do with senseless upheavals or “useless passion” that ends in nothing but absurd disintegration. I believe that the destiny of humanity is oriented by intention, and that people become increasingly conscious of this intention it open the way toward universality. From what we have previously seen it is abundantly clear that human existence does not simply begin and end in a vicious circle of self enclosure, and that a life aspiring to coherence must open itself, expanding its influence toward people and social ambits, advancing not only a concept or a few ideas but precise actions that extend the growth of freedom.

Idea 7
Letting the other person fell that the idea is his or hers not only works in business and politics it works in family life as well.

When we look at others, we are used to looking at what makes them different from us, and we base all of our relations on this attitude. The system is organized precisely to see only this; to underline the differences between human beings, so that in the end, every one feel isolated different, and not-understood. If we tried, on the other hand, to see the thing that we have in common with others, we could discover that by uniting, things work out better, strength and enthusiasm increase, and relations improve.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way, both in your daily and personal life and in helping you to create a better world? If so how?

These ideas will help me the developed and overcome the following:
* To develop the attitude of appreciating people for what they are not flattering them.
* To overcome critic, condemn or complain.
* To develop the attitude of genuinely becoming interested in other people regardless of their background or relation, and become a good conversationalist (improved human relation).
* Show me the way how to get cooperation from people (wining people to my own way of life is a great gift for my life).

4. Are there any statements which the author made that particularly got your attention? If so, please quote them and comment as to why were important to you.

“Always make the other person happy about doing the thing you suggest.”

Recognizing the dignity of the human being will help you in the entire thing you do.

“The difference between appreciation and flattery? That is simple. One is sincere and the other insincere. One comes from the heart out; the other from the teeth out. One is unselfish; the other selfish. One is universally admired; the other universally condemned.”

The above quotation show the way many people has been deceived by those that flatter them.

“There’s magic, positive magic, in such phases as “I may be wrong. I frequently am. Let’s examine the facts”.

This phrase opens the heart door of other people when dealing with them and allows them to participate fully with you.

“He who treats softly goes far”

This principle will help one to go above the limited image, if implemented.

“By fighting you never get enough, but by yielding you get more than you expected”.

Treating people the way you will have them treat you, will help you to achieve the above principle.

‘Simple changing one three -letter word often spell the difference between failure and success in changing people without giving offence or arousing resentment.’

Failure and success lie in the field of human mind.

5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about, or are there idea which you disagree with and if so, why?

There is nothing in this book that I did not understand or are unclear about, or ideas found which I disagree with. The centre theme of the author was that building of human relation with out using the mean of force. Success through a positive mental attitude has opened the door of my mind toward prosperity and fulfilment of hart desire in my life.

6. Did the book contain exercise for the reader to complete? If so did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them helpful?

No. I did not find any exercise in this book, what I see is principle that is recommended for the full implementation of the ideas presented by the author.

7. Was there anything you read in this book that you would like to comment on that was not covered in the previous questions? If so, please comment.

Question one and two cover all the book, the main ideas of the author. All the six questions cover this book and therefore, there is nothing to comment on as part that was not covered.

A. How interesting was it to read? 9
B. How helpful were the contents? 10
C. How easy was it to understand? 9
D. Would you recommend it to others? 10
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 9



Napoleon Hills Keys to Success, The 17 Principles of Personal achievement.

Mohamed Matthias Gbassa



What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in this book?


The author of the book teaches us how to achieve personal success in life through the 17 Principles of personal achievement, really it sound funny because it is a philosophical statement. However the author further more introduced exercises which can make you reflect on your past life (failures and successes), modify your present life and work for the future by taking your failures as challenges and look for a solution for it. The solution can be achieved when you use these tools.

Honestly, the way I am looking at the entire issue, is you have to make up your mind (focus) in the direction and commit your entire life that you want to make a change in life. There then you can be guided through these processes, the author further gave out examples of great men of the world how they gained their achievement. There is no one that had a very smooth ride, they faced huddles and their mitigation methods made or came out of these principles above.

From the author he told us that you are an old African vehicle that has a starter problem, when the driver is parking it at any destination, he first take a decision of where they might be going next, then look for an elevated spot in the area, and finally blocks it before ever switching off the vehicle, Because for him to start for his next trip, the vehicle can be easily pushed physically and it gets on the engine. If this vehicle was parked on a flat spot and heading for the opposite direction, people who might want to give you a hand can be budged thinking of the force needed to reposition the vehicle first and push it to the highest spot before pushing it to get started. That means when ever you want a change in your life, your own mind has to be set towards that direction or what you actually want to start doing.

Let me now hit the nail on the head, I was looking for an opportunity of improving my academic status and i was connected to IIGL. Because I was already focusing in this direction I started my assignments with the two small books and now I am doing the others now. Before doing my first two small books i never knew my level of writing correct and good English, during my school days i was a science student and study Agriculture General at diploma level in Njala University College. However the posting of my introductory paper on news bulletin gave me more seal and courage to continue with this programme. I was convince that i can do better in this direction of further study for a higher qualification in the future and make me a successful person in life.


What were the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why it was important to you. Use personal examples from your life.




T he author is emphasising on the fact that the Developing definiteness of purpose as the fundamental spring box for any successful man on earth. That means in life you might have several goals / objectives but one must be the main / major idea that you have to focus on until you achieve your goal / objective. It does not mean that the process of chosen one among the lots of goals / objectives is an easy task but which ever you pick on must be definite.

My personal take on this issue on idea 1 is that i have worked with various organisations doing a lot of community development activities for over 10 years, but when at one point in time i went for a management course on how to mitigate hunger in Dakar, Senegal. During this study there were several activities lined during the study but beekeeping was the only one that i picked on as one of my best choice, because it was proved to be the least demanding labour, capital, time, skill and land among other agricultural project, but the highest food, medicine and income provider. This made beekeeping to have a comparative advantage over other agricultural activities.

I am happy to report that with the effective use of the 17 principles to succeed in life i am on the merge of success, with a team, to help others by increasing there income source, increase their standard of living, and my continues focus and practice made me a consultant in beekeeping in my community through a community based organisation called Humanist Action for Grassroots Development Initiative, Sierra Leone (HAGDI – SL).



Mastermind alliance is when you manipulate two or more minds to work together towards achieving a common goal. It can further equip you with the charisma of using the full strength of the experience, Training and knowledge of other people as if they are yours.

This master mind alliance have equip me with a complete beekeeping training module which i am successfully using in my consultancy contracts and further made me free and eager to consult a lot of people in the same beekeeping project , there achievements are adopted and there challenges are my guide.

No man’s mind is an island and all successful men in the world do confer with other great successful men that would like you to develop as they are or greater than them.

In order for your Mastermind alliance to function properly you must give out the correct signal at the correct time and there then they in turn must be willing to cooperate fully with you.

There are four steps in Mastermind alliance formation: – You must look for people whose purpose of alliance is either the same as yours or very closely similar.

Person (s) you choose for alliance must have the ability to work in a spirit of harmony with others. Personal achievement must give way to the fulfilment and successful achievement of the definite purpose of the alliance.

Compensation for any work done by each member of the alliance must be well spelt out at the initial stage, it will help to reduce fair and favouritism in service delivery.

Lastly, definite time and place for regular meetings are determining factor to your successes and failures and issues that needs clarification can be death with accordingly.

It is only when good formation of Mastermind alliance is done correctly then it gives birth to inspiration of team work.

The aspect of team work highly depends on the willingness of you to relate yourself with other people. It is left with you to give the reasons for that inspirited teamwork, and to be ready for any changes in the teamwork, as it is a continues process. Teamwork demands very little time, effort and pays a huge dividend that will enhance rapid development.

Personally, this process have guided me to reform the Beekeeping Community Base Organisation to a business enterprise through master mind alliance with some people and other organisation in the same vain and objective and now we have our honey on the shelves of supermarkets and drugstores. I am still continuing using the Mastermind alliance and inspired teamwork to achieve the threshold of the overseas market.



The issue of developing a pleasant personality is laudable idea and it consists of twenty – five different aspects of your personality which you must strive to improve. However don’t be scared about the number because most are closely related that achieving one will bear several aspects indirectly.

I am only dealing with the most important ones that can be of a vital important to my own development in life, and it is the Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). My own PMA have developed me so strongly that i am acceptable, accommodating, reasonable, tactful, optimistic, generous, tolerance, and good common sense. It has further taught me to a good posture, better facial expression and influence on my tone during conversation and had total controlled my emotion to be positive most times. Long before this time i was very aggressive and emotional in such a way that i hardly wait for any body who is in contact with me to complete his statement and i have realised that through that i have missed a lot of knowledge, and my facial expression was crude and rough which always implied that i was annoyed, and most people find it difficult to get in contact with me. All of these stated above is the Negative Mental Altitude

Prompt Decision making is another important aspect of Personal Attraction, because the world is very dynamic and if you fail to catch up with the speed it is moving then you are left out. When i took the prompt decision of doing beekeeping as a way out of poverty it sound so ridiculous to most people but my definiteness of purpose and my PMA gave the power and courage to continue following my heart. Presently i am in alliance with many people and one of them made it possible for me to be a student of IILG. I am sure you can only take prompt decision when you are Flexible. When we started the beekeeping project we got a tough time of producing large quantity of honey in the Eastern Provence so we took a prompt decision to extend to the Southern Provence specifically in Pujehun District, and since the correct action was taking we are proud of large quantity of honey ready for marketing. When taking a prompt decision you are not completely changing your objective but some rules can be modified while maintain the same focus, i used my PMA closely tied to my sincerity of purpose( Beekeeping) which gave me more zeal towards the value of my definite major purpose(Beekeeping to produce enough Honey) pushed me to changed location from Eastern to Southern Provinces for reasons of easy adaptation of bees into a foreign hives because of difficulties of existing natural hives due to lack of bigger Trees.

The last but not the least aspect in Assembling an Attractive Personality is Faith in Infinite Intelligence, this aspect is an inter woven principle of the philosophy of achievement, which can’t be ignored by any great man in the world. Faith in Infinite Intelligence inspires faith in other human beings as well. I had an Infinite faith in Beekeeping as a way out of poverty and using my mastermind alliance and teamwork brought partners that have similar faith in my objective and together we took a prompt decision due to comparative advantage of easy access to bumper harvest of honey.

Finally, these are the few aspect that i feel can be the most acceptable issues to address in order to achieve to Assemble an Attractive Personality in Development , Academic and Business success.



Faith in this concept is not only belief but the ability to apply your faith with the Positive Mental Altitude to make you a successful man in the community, Country, Nation and the World at large.

Although, there are several definition for faith but the religious one is not important unless with a continues practice, however; it can be expanded as the state of mind that make you to achieve lasting success, it must be an active faith which is a process that can alien you to the vital force of the world Known as Infinite Intelligence. It is impossible to purses active, applied faith without a positive definite belief in a supreme being, although there are many ways to gain such belief these are: – Observation, Experiment, Feeling, Prayers, and Thought all are legitimate paths.

It is an establish fact that your thought is the master of your self being and don’t allow your Infinite Intelligence distorted or misguided by fear of any circumstance. Fear is the main limitation that covers a wild range of activities (Poverty, Criticism, Health, Loss of Love, Old Age, Loss of Liberty and Death). Despite the several Fears highlighted above these can be replaced by Hope.

Hope is maintain by manipulating your mind of less thinking about things you don’t want and feed your mind with Pictures of things you do want, it is better and important to be capable of keeping your mind focused upon things, conditions and circumstances you really want and this must lead you to success.

I am very proud to tell you that out of the seventeen principles Faith is one of the commonest to be adapted to and i have used it in my own personal life. I had a very strong belief that Beekeeping was a sure way out of poverty, this belief had being maintained, focused and created my definite intelligence through the positive mental altitude; and teamwork with other people at home and abroad to equip us with more skill, knowledge and resources in cash and kind. These enabled us to produce Honey from the beekeeping project and add value on the honey by bottling, branding and send to shops for sale. We are frankly working on the marketing of this product and maintain a constant supply line.

Beside the achievement stated above this book have thought me how i can exploit other activities that are closely related with my definite of purpose like Forest conservation which my definite intelligence and PMA earns me the skills and knowledge to carry out with hope of providing the idea environment for the bees and hives. This have further created indirectly effective pollination of crops and trees that bees do forage on and it must provide us abundant food and seed for the community.



Going the extra mile is not a process with a well define principle that can be followed to achieve your goal or objective, but a state of mind that you develop and adapt to be part and parcel of you.

This is the only thing you have a total control over it in service delivery because you can decide on one thing and constantly do it into perfection by doing more than what you are paid for, but there is no means where you can let somebody else do it if he/she is unwilling.

In another study of Human Resource Management the aspect of what can employees doe’s for employer to give more than what he/she is paid for is so difficult that a lot have being spent on several activities like increase in salaries, social activities, Fringe benefits etc, and further studies; all are seems to have failed because the willingness of the individual is totally his making and it goes more with his infinite intelligence and PMA.

When we started the programme of beekeeping, structures were build and salary allocated but i served as the Manager/Trainer. The terms of reference was set for everybody. But when the need of producing more honey and value adding came up, targets were set and i as manager went extra mile to go to the web in search of ideas and more alliance to see the reality of this target. After the training of my colleagues, i left the office started massive training of bee hunters to be beekeepers and introduce framed hives along side of natural colonies. This two tract approach was in cooperated in to the programme because we saw thousands of natural colonies in existence and that holds a lot of honey under natural condition. If we had not taken the extra mile to be in the field that decision would not have been taken radically. And frankly when i was in the field all of my field officer endeavour to go extra mile and contribute immensely in our achievement.

When we held our Seasonal meeting after this operation, it came out clearly from the field officers that my presence in the field with them went a long way to achieve this target.

Let me come up with another vivid example of how inspired faith do help hawkers and petit traders who does line up along some main streets or sit on a made shift tables, these people do have the same brand of goods or items with the same price but with inspired faith they do make there living. The same goes for the Lebanese shops that do cluster in one area with the same goods or items but the do have inspired faith they are doing very big business in Sierra Leone.

Another thing which i admire these people for, with only a gentleman’s agreement they can do business value into millions of Leones, and that have given them the nonchalant attitude in doing business with formal institutions which demands forms, collateral security, and high interest rate.

Finally, due to the high illiteracy rate in the country most of them fear to be implicated by financial officers who with bitter experience had cheated some of them before and their infinite intelligence have develop a negative mental altitude of fear to be cheated, the other people who have an inspired faith and hope in business, is the alluvial diamond miners who does spent money to search for diamonds which they don’t actually know their exact location, and some can succeed in getting it while a lot fail with a huge cost attached to it.



There is an old saying ” A healthy mind in a sound body” this is just telling us that there is no way for us to separate the mind from the body. These two things are one and the same in what ever way you look at and any thing that affect the soundness of your mind will affect the body, and anything that affect your body will touch your mind. There for the best way to maintain your mind-body depends on how you understand the way nature works and you must work with natural force not to fight with it.

The human being lives goes through a process which is a natural situation that start from birth through child hood and adolescence to full maturity. These changes are compared to how the day and night operates weather and seasons and how a small muster seed sown can develop into a mighty tree. All of the above issues do occur through a mysterious circumstance that can’t be understood by a common mind, and it is directed by a supreme being.

The mind is the centre of all the activities that the body carry out by any human being and you cant continue constantly using it without an interval or recees, because the body demands more from the mind and if there is no break in activity it will develops stress related disorder. And without rise and fall in life, the things that you value will start to fade.

The break of activity carried out by the body which is controlled by the mind is called relaxation, and it is the most important aspect in the human race. This exercise is one of the tools that was recommended in the controlling the sub- conscious mind and when ever you are faced with difficulty you simply close your eyes and the brain can perform better than previously, and that have help me through out my life. I was riding a motor bike one afternoon and it was getting late and fairing to be catch by night, i decided to increase my speed assuming that most vehicles have returned to their destination and the road have several curves, unfortunately i meet with a seven ton truck in a sharp curve, the shock made me to close my eyes and kept my position without panicking, in a second i found my self at the end of my side with the truck behind me.

I have used the relaxation method to get me remember the past faster because when you close your eyes your brain will stop to take in new messages and can recall past events, like name of a person, place of known him, and which activity that connects you together. I have used the relaxation method to prevent me from taking violent action when i am angry, i close my eyes and pause for one minute and i must be reduced in anger and some other thing comes up in my memory which must create fair in me in order to avoid the violence.

Success and happiness are essential principles of smooth functioning of the mind and DMP with a plan of implementation keep you from vacillating your effort. Satisfaction is important foods for a healthy mind.

Lastly, eating habits goes a long way to repair and maintain the proper functioning of the mind and it must be guided to be balance so that digestion takes place easily. Although there are no fix menu for food since nutritionist are still working on new ideas every day.



The author started with a question of if you tell him how you spend your time and money he will surely tell you what you will be in ten years time. This tells me that time and money are the main resources for every success in life and there is no successful man in life that does not possess either one in excess.

In our African setting, time is not really recognise as a main resource because we have a culture of not accurately keeping to time and when ever we abuse time we call it Blackman time. This culture of abuse is deep into our society that who ever keeps to time is called a Whiteman and maintaining your master mind alliance and teamwork with others is a serious issue to manage.

I am very great full to the white catholic missionaries who have instilled in me the accurate use of time and i have used it to evaluate my present and plan my future after going through this book.

Daily inventory taking of time use is a sure way of modifying your route to success because for me Time is Money.

Money was slashed from time because it serves in a different way in our own contest, financial issues are issues that rushed with in Africa and a lot people don’t plan well how to go around with it.

All the existing financial institutions in our country give tougher conditions to obtain loans from them, one of the conditions is a standard house which serve as collateral and this very difficult to achieve. That means it is not easy to raise money and invest it, however you have to really plan and study well how you can make use of any magger money that comes your way. Intelligently keep the balance in the use of time and money both in business and personally. Take inventory of yourself and activities so that you can properly take note of how you spend your time and money. Please don’t waste your time and money, only spend time and money where ever you know you can earn some thing in kind and cash.

Always use your time wisely towards the attainment of your objectives and develop a plan for the better use of your Income for expenses, savings, and investment.


How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way? Both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world? If so, how?


The ideas and lessons that i have gone through in this book goes a long way to transform my total life against all forms of violence because i have attributed most of my past failures on people close or far from me, i never had the idea that your thinking will determine on a large extent on your action through your definiteness of purpose in combination of PMA.

I would never had being peaceful in my life, if i hadn’t the idea of taking the blame of where ever i found myself in life and i have the power of moving from there all by myself.

This idea is going to help me live amicably with people who i had taken to be my enemies before and this will help me to be a role model of the IIGL Students. My master mind alliance can be used to known more people with better skills in my objective and team work with them for my personal development and the community and the world.

The seventeen principles in this book is a tool that is only introduced during this training and it can be used through out my life because most of what i have being taught can be adopted as my own way of life, gradually my entire life can be modified, guided towards success in what ever i and the team and community decide to as an activity or business.

The practice of taking inventory of my life and as a monitoring tool for what ever activity or business you are under taken, because i have learnt that before taken inventory of an activity, it is better to start with the individuals first and last on the programme. I we are honest with our self’s the self inventory will take care of the programs inventory because the issues are handled by the same people in question.

In assembling an Attractive Personality is a plus and minus in human dignity because it embraces every thing that you control (mind, body and soul.) It is very proper to develop the habit of being sensitive to your own reactions to people, circumstances, and events and to a similar reaction of individuals and groups to what you say, think or do. This is another aspect that can help us to resolve issues quickly before it goes off hand. I sure the aspect of the old saying which goes that you do things as you like others to do unto you.

The Positive Mental attitude (PMA) is correct direction that affects human life in a perfect way and it does not flaw on the laws of God and on right of any fellowman. The PMA encourages you to build on hope and overcome the negative attitude of despair and discouragement. Personally the PMA had equipped me to work without fair of failing and i have used my own will power to sustain the beekeeping project. This has assisted the community out of poverty and creates a gainful employment for some people like me and three others.

The aspect of sound health is directly referring to the mind and the body in a state of perfect functioning, and it give us the ability to choice the food we eat and how and when to eat it. And to maintain the well – balance health habits in work, play, rest, nourishment, and study. In order to maintain health consciousness we are dealing with good physical health and not in terms of illness or diseases. We are very ignorance about the type of food we eat in general but our programme producing honey which by all indication consist of all components of ingredients in the most available form to the body:- Minerals, Carbohydrates, Acids,Vitamins,and it also contains Protein, Fat, and Oil. We are encouraging the addition of honey to most of our members’ diet. It is going to be followed by an impact assessment of the use of honey in the homes. The other thing that seems to be existing in an unplanned manner, it is the physical exercise. As an organisation we have introduced some games (out door) and they are provided from locally available materials for the youth and elders who are interested, we have taking the initiative of creating awareness for the important of this exercise to the mind and body and the consequence on the mind – body to development of community. We are sure to create a habit of members with a sound mind in a healthy body which will work to the desired goal and change the community.

Lastly time and money is a very difficult aspect in the African contest, and it has to be handled separately. Time have being mostly abused by many and the altitude of getting late born some thing termed as black man time that means they are always behind schedule time. I am a stake holder in my community and i and two of my friends have decided willingly to be coming to meeting or any gathering on time scheduled and start the programme so that people are encourage to catch with us. It has giving a good result by getting more people to follow. We have awarded a prize for the best timer of the year among the previous defaulters. We are showing them that they should plan the use of their time. Money is another precious resource that can be used judiciously and it has to be planed. Our organisation has developed a module on financial management practices for our beneficiaries and i have practice the plan to use my own money for expenses, savings, and investment. I have bought the idea of saving some percent of what ever little money you are making because you don’t know when you will be faced with difficulties, invest to replenish your expenses for that is the only way you can create savings and your budget spending should be equivalent to your earning.

All of these expressed above are out of the 17 Principles of Personal Achievement and they serve us as our own daily route guide in our life, because i am always making reference to this at every steep of my definiteness of purpose and establish a mastermind alliance with other partners at home and abroad through my Positive Mental Attitude to achieve our objective of reducing poverty in our community through Beekeeping.


Quotes. Are there any statements which the author made that particularly got your attention? If so, please quote them and comment as to why they where important to you.



“One single idea may have greater weight than the labour of all the men, animals, and engines for a century “

“If you would plant for days, plant flower.

If you would plant for years, plant trees.

If you would plant for eternity, plant ideas.”

I am so moved by the quotation and statement because it put man at the centre of every development in the world. They further made it categorically clear that all the big changes that are going on in the world is due to the Way man had planed it to be and your thinking gives you the desire to put your idea into action. Through your definite of purpose, their then you will acquire the skill and knowledge through your personal initiative and goes extra mile to create mastermind alliance with others to achieve the goal. The quotation have made me strongly to believe that their is noting on earth better or important than man because his idea had developed the greatest object and can destroy it in no time. Let us look at all Sciecentist, Engineers, Economist, and Politicians etc all of these people had changed the world not with their strength but ideas, and i am proud to tell my colleagues that every little idea can be plod into a lofty development .



I really like this statement because, it gives any body the desire and hope to come together (Definite Alliance) regard less what you are getting as a reward. In the whole world there is noting on earth that can make any individual to give it best or go extra mile to the fulfilment of perfect alliance. This is only born from the individual enthusiasm, the more enthusiasm you direct into the world; the better you are preparing yourself to attain exactly what you want.


“Where faith is the guide, the individual cannot lose his way.”

This quotation is saying that in any undertaking if you are guided by your faith you must succeed because faith enhance hope and hope strengthen your attractive personality through your mastermind alliance to achieve your goal and objective.

A person with an uncontrolled temper has a tongue that is mounted on ball bearing and swings widely and freely, with an edge as sharp as razor blade.

Temper is noting but an uncontrolled emotion and if you are unable to control your emotion you must say things and do things which cause others great injury. The best way out to control your emotion is by self discipline, which begins with the recognition of the two kinds of problem (problem you can solve and those you can’t.) Please you should be mindful of problem which you have solution to and forget about the problem that you can’t solve and it is like closing door on fear and worry and allows you to open doors of hope and faith.



If you are working with your Positive Mental Attitude and believe that success is your target definitely you get it, and you will go extra mile with your desire to have it. When you succeed in any under taking there are other successes that can follow directly and indirectly. I am always taking my self as an example always, when we have succeeded in the production of high quality of pure organic honey, added value on it by bottling labelling and branding have automatically created a marketing wing another success.


To be an accurate thinker, you must take two important steps: – Separate facts from opinions, fictions, unproved hypothesis and hearsay. Put the facts into two categories: important and unimportant

This statement is telling us that as much as we are going for Mastermind Alliance with other people it is very necessary to have a skill of Personal Initiative as a good thinker, because a lot of ideas will come your way but the best of them will be in line with your objective, this can’t be done easily. I am convince with this statement that it is a very good tool to be used in business and all development aspect, but don’t forget that you can’t think without listening well because it is only from listening that you can get materials to think about accurately.



This quotation is telling us clearly that there is no success without challenges and you should not be mindful of the challenges but used them well to take you to the new stage. I was moved to go for Beekeeping and after achieving the honey the struggle of value adding and marketing came up. Now we were very successful in Allying with Business Bomber to train us in value adding and marketing process in action. Presently our Honey is in the Market.


Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about, or are there idea which you disagree with and if so, why?

There is noting in this book that i didn’t understand or that i am unclear about, all though it is not a book of fiction, it is a book read to be used as a working tool and it takes you beyond understanding but reflection on your past personal life. There is no idea in this book which i disagree with and most of the ideas in this book are my personal guide in my life. I thank IILG team for this opportunity to be a student of their organisation.


Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all of the exercises? And did you find them helpful?

No. I didn’t find any exercise in this book, what i saw was practices which demand to be carried out regularly in every week of your life and t evaluate your effort if you are making progress in embracing these principles, in order to be adopted in your life.


Was there anything you read in this book that you would like to comment on that was not covered in the previous questions? If so please comment.

There is noting which i read in this book that was not covered in the previous question, because question 1 asking your take of the book from the author’s perspective. While question 2 goes for specific ideas that you read and seems serving you best in your life. There fore every thing i read was covered in the questions.


A. How interesting was it to read? 9.
B. How helpful was the content? 8.
C. How easy was it to understand? 7.
D. Would you recommend it to others? 7.
E. What is the over all rating would you give it? 9.



Assessment by Mohamed Matthias Gbassa (Sierra Leone)

1. What is the main idea the author is trying to convey in this book?

The main idea that the author is trying to convey in this book is how you can make use of your self- image in transforming your own personal and professional life. This choice of your own self – image goes through some procedures and these processes have to be totally manipulated by yourself not others, because the author further said that this book is guiding you to take full control of your own life through simple means of transformation.

The author again said that every one of us always acts, feels, and behave in a way that is consistent with our self -image regardless of the reality of that image, that means your self- image is responsible for the kind of person you are in both your personal and professional life. This self – image have being build up from our own beliefs of our selves , past experiences of our successes and failures and the way people have reacted to us in diverse ways, without any questions we have accepted to be true and adopt it to be part and parcel of you called Destructive Instinct.

The author said in achieving a positive self – image is to make use of life instinct instead of destructive instinct, which every one of us has the capacity to do so, and no real success can be achieved without transforming your self – image. However to transform this self – image (habits and beliefs) is a big challenge in life and takes from 10 days to 6 weeks with continues use of the book Psycho-cybernetic 2000 not just reading it.

The author finally said that the best thing Mother Earth have for every man /woman is when you appreciate your worth and importance as human being, and have the character to be accountable for your self and act responsibly towards others there then you have the right self-esteem in life.

2. What are the seven ideas which are personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanations after each one as to why it was important to you. Use personal examples from your own life.

a. How to identify your own self – image?

The identification of your own self – image is the beginning of your life reformation and in this book the author called it “the area of the possible”. It is an in built phenomenon and some time an Instinct in human being which is not even recognised by him self.

During my school days, I was a science student and we were really termed as being poor in writing stories, phases and reports. This saying limited me from partaking in most of activities that involves a lot of writing. How ever this was proved to be completely false only when I started studying with IIGL. My introductory was posted on in the News bulletin which gave me a new life and thinking that I can write better English. This bulletin posted in IIGL acted as a catalyst that change my take and turn my entire life over to a better one, which motivated me in continuing this course. During this study I have identified other skills in me which I realise that you’re self – image is the original picture of your self and nobody will change it but you’re very self. There fore if you don’t know where you are or you get there, you can’t be able to get out of there, unless you are help by somebody. Knowing your self – image is one of the main idea I have admired in this Book.

b. Program your self for success.
The idea of programming is an important starting point to both personal and professional life, because it is only during programming you can get your set goals and objectives, sub – goals can help you to come out with your road maps this eventually born the time line. Further more in the programming you manipulate the brain towards success by bringing together your conscious and sub – conscious mind to act as one in the positive direction towards your self-image that limits or expand your servomechanism operates. This can be achieved by considering the five simple principles that can be used to reprogram your self by casting out negative data and replace it with new information that will change automatic mechanism locked on target for success.

c. Imagine your way to success.
People always feel, act, and behave according to what they imagine to be true about them selves and their circumstances they find themselves. This is because the sub – conscious mind can’t draw a clear line between real experience and dream/imagination; you can create images of success from imaginations/dreams when you put them into action towards success. The issue of dream/ imagination are the first features that any human being with correct senses can see as first desire in life. It has being recorded by several philosophers that many people in one way of the other had dreamt of places, positions, situation that they have never reach before in life. Sometime people target the achievement of great men, stake holders, and professionals as their wish in life.

d. Relaxation in stress control.
Relaxation is a sure way of creating a good situation for correct imagination; this is the only state in which our servomechanism can perform properly. This idea is very important in life because there is no way you can avoid stress and it would be better for you if you know how to manage stress. There are many people including my very self that don’t know how to relax, however this book is teaching us exercises through five – step procedure as a means of reducing or eliminating stress. Professionally and personally this idea have made me independent financially, assisted others to be self reliance and enforced the protection of the forest in large hectares.

e. How to choose and set goals.
The choice and setting of Goal is due when you’re self – image have been transformed into Instinct image that gave birth to self -esteem. The power of positive self-esteem gives you the correct mandate to choice among your numerous dreams, inspiration and thinking. All of these must be recorded properly because it is only when you reflect on these past record then you have the option of prioritising your un -exhausted list. Those that are top on your list will be your intended proposal for action. The Author stated that there is direct relationship between what you strive for and what you actually achieve, if you consciously establish a set point, your auto mechanism has a tendency to advance towards that set point, if you have no clear and specific goal, there is no way to succeed on your part because your target was zero. I really look at this ideas as a continues process and look like links of chain which depends on each other for a perfect operation, there fore to build anybody self – image to positive – self esteem which is a force to bring reality in achieving success.

f. Self – Confidence and Self – Acceptance.
The idea of Self – Confidence and Self – Acceptance is a metal garment that provides you protection for who ever seeking for success whether personal or professional, on the other hand Self – Acceptance is God created that every human being is equal and have the fundamental right to accept him /her self as a supreme being no matter your status, colour, religion, political belonging and Continent. The acceptance of your worth in life accelerate your mind to take a major decision in your life as to move from where you are to a better situation without destroying other people, instead of being comfortable with where you find you’re self.

g. Practice perceiving yourself as a Success.
As the old saying goes “Try and fail is no disgrace “and if you don’t try you can’t know if you will succeed or fail. The idea of practicing to perceive success before even venture is due to make your mind set towards that target. The book teaches us a method of regulating your approach and procedure towards success, used “SEEDS” to ginger you up when there is doubt in capability, spiritual energy is very low, serve as a catalyst/booster for your self – image. The “SEEDS Method” involves five steeps: Situation, Emotions, Evaluation, Do, and Self-esteem; each of these words has the following explanation:- Situation – In life there is no situation that is permanent, static and pegged. Situation must be accepted as a random deal , it is on and off/ come and go, there are situation where you get lion shares or very little, dealt with you favourably / unfavourably don’t seems that life is unfair or cruel, remember that you are not the only one cheated but it can happen to anybody on planet earth.
Emotion- It is termed as human energy used and a question is if the energy is used towards or against your goal. It is worth it better to be used towards your goal in order to succeed in life, this book teaches us to regulate the negative emotion by relaxing , re- evaluation, shifting of awareness, address trivial issues by forgiveness / let it go, and avoid to be lonely find solace in alternative issues.

Evaluation – This is a way of checking if your negative feeling / action are due to perception and the steep back from the situation and focus on your reaction consciously by asking these questions: – Is my reaction thoroughly checked and the only interpretation or alternative to the situation? Where these interpretations did came from – is it my old tapes that I can identify? Why did I think about it this way and what did I read between the lines? Did I listen to my feed back or took reaction unilaterally?

Do – This is another steep teaching you how to maintain self – esteem by determining the appropriate action, when ever you are criticise including self criticism you think about it rationally. Some critics’ are pointers to your mistakes or issues to be dealt with latter.

Self – esteem is when your self – image is identified and transformed into action to achieve a goal, the method of fake – it – till -you -make -it altitude is a sure practice in life and it is the command of your self -esteem can let this happen. There are several ways you can maintain your self -esteem these are :- smile daily, maintain good posture, always assumed that others like you as you like them, pretend that all is always good, don’t show any sign of defeat or troubled by others.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create better world? If so how?

This book PsychoCybernetics 2000 was dedicated to all of it users as key to fulfilling life, the seven ideas consists of the basic things I felt that it would help me to transform my life and armoured me to be a winner / successful in all my under takings with out fair of failure. One of the main things that these ideas taught me was the identification of the self -image and the means to regulate it. My own personal life program have taken a U- Turn when I started study with IIGL because I had a negative belief before this time that I am a poor writer, due to a poor grade that was awarded me by an Irish teacher during school days, but today with the use of this book (Psycho – Cybernetics 2000) transformation have taking place in my life by changing my negative self- image as a poor writer to a positive self – image / self instinct. This issue of programming is a means of changing / regulating goals and objectives by using the “CRAFT METHOD”, it is further break into steeps like Cancel, Replace, Affirm, Focus, Train (explanations – Cancel old negative data, Replace it with new positive data, Affirm your new image to yourself, Focus on an image of success and Train yourself for lasting change).

During programming I have being motivated to write my books for IIGL and a Project Proposal for 1 year which wins the donors mind and was funded. This has helped me to change in both my personal and professional life.

The issue of imagination / dream are determining factor in life and you can put your imagination / dream to action. I am convince about this because when I was a small boy attending my primary school, I admired one our uncle who studied Agriculture in New Zealand, I did admire him and wished to be an Agriculturist, and fortunately I graduated at the Njala University College in a discipline of Agriculture General.

Beside the above there was another interesting Imagination that was put into action, sometime ago I was exposed to a further workshop conducted by US Aid for West Africa Food commodity manager in Dakar – Senegal. The objective was to develop a document on ways how people mitigate against hunger during the hunger season in their communities. There were several activities lined up raging from short duration of Food and root crops, but the activity of beekeeping was the one that beat my imagination. All of the other activities face with challenges like land tenure, environment, capital and skills etc. While beekeeping is environmental friendly, highly depends on the forest for food, housing and land resilience. During the training I had to imagine the forest regions I am hailing from and the youthful skills I have in bee hunting. After the course I was motivated to go into beekeeping on a large scale with modern techniques involved. This activity of imagination/dream of beekeeping is now a project operating in five (5) Districts in Sierra Leone. More over I am proud of producing a natural honey called (Sweeties of the Forest) on the selves of our super markets and drug stores.

Professionally and personally this idea have made me independent financially, assisted others to be self reliance and enforced the protection of the forest in large hectares.

Relaxation in stress control is one of the best means that keep any person on track because there are no means of completely eradicating stress. These ideas had helped me a long way in my personal and professional life, when I am faced with difficulties like forgetting the name places, people, figure and words etc. I used the relax mood of closing my eyes for 1 – 2 minutes help me to disconnect on the current situation around me and open up my servomechanism to what I am thinking about and send the correct message into my instinct image for an answer. As in the case of bigger issues specific time and dates are set beside to meditate on these issues in a relax mode where answers will appear in a form of dream. I am convince that you can be a winner / successful man only when you turn your challenges or stress to success / profitable activity.

I really look at this ideas as a continues process and look like links of chain which depends on each other for a perfect operation, there fore to build anybody self – image to positive – self esteem which is a force to bring reality in achieving success.

Personally I had experience this during our sense less civil war 20 years ago, there then I was working as a relief worker with a set goal of honestly serving our displace/refugee beneficiaries. But I was in a relationship with a lady whose objective was to accumulate wealth at all cost during that war. This lady put immense pressure on me for money and if I say I don’t have money she ask for relief items to be sold by her for money. Since my goal was set and her own objective was negative to mine I had no alternative but severe that relationship and serve my own goal and the Nation. Today I am happy to have served my conscience instead of serving material world of capitalism.

In another situation I have personally used the set goal idea to start a beekeeping project, with many years experience working as an agriculturalist, I only developed this idea in training abroad where my positive self – esteem push my burning desires of producing a local pure honey and bee wax from Eastern Province of Sierra Leone. Thank God our products are on the selves of our supermarkets and Drug store/ Pharmacies called Sweetie of the Forest (Honey and Beeswax).

Personally and Professionally I adopted the two principles of Self – Confidence and Self – Acceptance as my road to all my interventions and a fundamental steep in making a major decision in life. Being a Humanist with the ideology of considering man/woman at centre of what ever I am doing and I am against all forms of violence that affect Human being.

The lack of this two basic principle stated above is the problem of the world to create self defence which have built diverse world of War powers, Economics powers and several regulatory remote control Organisations. I am convinced that if all of us go through the IIGL training and develop these principles we will live in an arm free world, with fair trade economy and in Paradise.

Finally, the idea of perceiving yourself as a success is an endurance of putting fair behind you perceive with a burning desire to win / succeed and surely you will there one day, although it made provisions to make changes or modify your approach when the needs arrive by using “Seeds Method” and this idea make possible for no failure in life and your impossible can be possible.

4. Are there any statements which the author made that particularly got your attention? If so, please quote them and comment as to how they important to you?

“ It is your self -image that set the limits for what you can and can’t achieve -“the area of the possible”. The issue of self -image cannot be over emphasised but it is the first thing that determine the future of any successful person in life. The author quoted that it is reachable by anybody, which means it is an in built intent, and it is only left with you to expand the limits of your talents and capabilities. This is important to me because if you are not yourself you will never be somebody else in life, and you start a journey from the known to the unknown. Identifying your self -image is the pace setter for any undertaking in life and the mirror of your action. Finally enhancing your self -image is a process that can continue throughout your lifetime.

“Appreciating my own worth and importance and having the character to be accountable for myself and to act responsibly towards others.” Man/Woman is made as a supreme being in the world, which means you are made with a potential in you that gives you the skills to think act responsibly to environment and circumstance you find yourself. Most of us disregard our worth as a person that is equal to others not more than others because of colour, race, religion, political affiliation, sex, gender, and economic status. When you appreciate your self and all others as your self the issue of Arms building (world powers), Economic powers, Geographical and political boundaries and Ethnics and tribal boundaries can be use less and all form of violence will dissolve and the world will be paradise.

“Fake it till you make it.”
Imagination/Dreams are the first work of mans self -image and these are processed through programming before you take it as your goal. The process makes provisions for changing or bringing in alternatives ideas if the need arrive rather than aborting it. There is always the assurance that as long as you started a program you sure of success. Faking it till you make it means you put all the fears behind you and go ahead if any negative issue come your way you are well equipped to handle it until you win / succeed.
The time to worry about the decision is before you put it into action, while in motion you just continue correcting any thing that wants to derail you, and you will never and ever abandoned the action.

“ Before you start out on the road to revenge, dig two graves.”
This quotation is very important to me because it clearly saying that vengeance is not a solution to any negative emotion but leads you to a greater circumstance beyond your control. It give a clear warning that when you are on a move to revenge don’t expect any positive result but a negative one too. Beside that let us remember that the energy used to revenge is misused of your human fundamental right, because what ever you are doing is not affecting your perpetrator only but removing you being the victim to another perpetrator and you own action might not be proportionate to the action of your perpetrator. There fore if you want to redress your negative emotion from your personality, resentment, vengeance, teeth for tat are not the solution but negotiation and forgiveness is the way out.

5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about, or are there ideas which you disagree with and, If so, why?

No. There is noting in this book that is strange or that I didn’t understand although it took me more time to read due to the exercises involve. I agree with all that the author portrait.

6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them useful?

The exercises were completed as the author demanded “that you are not reading this book but using it” going through the exercises are the only ways you can understanding this book. More over there are some exercises they become your tool / partner in life as they can be used when ever the need arrives in your life time.

In chapter 4, the exercise of how to identify your false belief, the questionnaire was completed and helped me to see were I was limited in life to expand (poor in writing convectional English) followed by a worksheet using CRAFT Method to wipe my old tape and replace it with a new one through IIGL studies Level One.

In chapter 5 and 6, several methods were introduced how you can convert stress / negative emotions to useful / productive activity. As we all know that there is no way we can avoid stress because it is with in and outside any human being. One of most familiar method is Relaxation – it involves physical body action like closing your eyes, clutching your palm together, scratching your head / ears/ eye/and short quiet moment etc. Some times if the stress is difficult there is a method like SEEDS Backward Method used backed by SMART Method, and involves more time and special circumstance than the former which is a fast means of solving small stresses.

In chapter 7, my self evaluation questionnaire on taking stock of set point is another exercise that helps you out of procrastination, and can assure you that you are progressing despite some challenges. This system serve as a check list for pointing out if your goal is long term/short term or unrealistic. Finally it does not allow you to derail / abandoned your activity but provide room for using SEEDS Backward and reinforced by SMART Methods.

7. Was there anything you read in this book that you would like to comment on that was not covered in the previous questions?

No, I have no comment the question did cover all aspect in the book.

Please rate the following questions on a scale from 1 to 10. Ten is good and one is poor.
A. How interesting was it to read? 9
B. How helpful were the contents? 10
C. How easy was it to understand? 8
D. Would you recommend it to others? 10
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 9