Linquist Asiebela – Graduate Profile

Linquist Asiebela
Nairobi, Kenya
I’m a very fastidious person, yet bouncy, I can get along with anyone. I’m a musician; with a strong partiality for musical instruments besides being a vocalist. I used to do music not as a career, but due to some unavoidable circumstances, I’d to be resilient and music has been what has helped me earn a living. I play in churches as well as in music studios helping others with their recordings which in turn helps me earn a living. Besides, I lead a musical band; La Grande Generation Band, of which we play music in various functions including rallies, parties, anniversaries, public holidays celebrations, weddings etc. Basically, our music is afro-fusion even though we do play different styles depending with circumstances.

I’m also a minister of the gospel. I lead an interdenominational group by the name; Global Grand Generation Ministry, of which we focus on Christian evangelism with no regard to church affiliations. We have had several crusades and seminars in the country, including interviews in several FM radio stations, whereby we explain to people what we are doing in the effort to living up to our vision of mitigating the vice and calamities in the society.
Books are not far from me. I’m an ardent reader of self-help books most of which I’ve gotten the insight with the help of IIGL. I also read several novels preferably comical and at times, horrors/melancholy (this due to the suspense and nostalgic feelings they evoke that enhance my song writings and compositions most of which are sentimental). The same applies to movies and TV programs. In addiction, as an artist and having been brought up in a challenging environment, I’ve got my own story to tell. In other words, I’ve written a book of which is currently being proof read by my beloved mentor.

I’ve participated on various functions in the community most of which have been volunteering to assist in medical camps.

I hate dishonesty, slothfulness, filthiness, injustice, corruption, deceitfulness and monotony. Honesty is my policy, and if I realize I’m being duped, it immediately affects my relationship with the party concern. Unscrupulous deals, count me out. I love change, growth, resilience, commitment and enthusiasm.

My dreams and goals are to own a musical studio, own a powerful sound system, establish the ministry, open a posh restaurant, open a library and become a successful entrepreneur.
Currently, I stay with my younger brother and sister. We are a blessed family.


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