Linquist Asiebela – Profile

Linquist Asiebela
Nairobi, Kenya
Birthday: 3rd October, 1979
Education: O level
Occupation: Musician
Gender: Male
First language: English
Other languages spoken: Swahili, French, Spanish, Lingala

Describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
A place where people love and care for each other, where every one has an opportunity to express his/her opinions without fear and be heard.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
Poverty, especially caused by inequitable distribution of resources, selfishness and corruption

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
Simply joining hands to pull together, then doing to your neighbor as you would like them do unto you. For whatsoever a man plants the same he shall reap. What you make happen to others, God will make it happen to you.

How has your life changed as a result of your IIGL studies?
A radical change in my life has occurred since my studies in IIGL. To start with, my self esteem has been boosted. Acts of selfishness, self-centeredness and procrastination, have been abated and replaced with the spirit of team work, determination and generosity. In order to excel, we all need each other. If you would have people participate in anything that you do, learn to make them feel needed and important. IIGL has taught me to always make other people feel important and treat them with respect; in turn they’ll treat me the same way.

IIGL has helped me to have a clear focus and imparted the confidence that is paramount towards success by getting rid of the cobwebs that were hindering my path. This was nothing other than working on my mental attitude. Your whole body from the feet to the hair is nothing more than your thought itself, because, as a man thinks so is he. What you see is what you get.

In addition, IIGL has also encouraged me to shun from violence in my communication. I used to think that violence was only in the physical assault, but I came to realize that even in our language, we can hurt others inadvertently by the cruel words we may be using. Most of the books in IIGL among them: How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie, and Nonviolent Communication by B. Rosenberg attributes for this. Nowadays whenever I’m in a meeting or discussing issues with people, I’ve learn never to interject them using the word ‘but,’ Instead, to find something positive out of their statements and start from there then use ‘and’ to stress my point. This has helped me to create rapport and elicit cooperation with others. We are all the same, no one is special. When you listen to the feelings and needs of others, you’ll no longer see people as monsters. No one suffers or is hurt and I’m not affected. I have learned to value others as myself. If you are to work with people and lead them effectively, you must learn how to identify with their needs.

I’ve been empowered immensely as it dawned to me that every adversity has a seed of equivalent or a greater benefit. In the midst of all oppositions and setbacks, I always find something that works for my good. Often I’m hurt and frustrated by people but it does not change my determination to get what I want. The key to success is massive frustration. Anybody who tells you otherwise doesn’t know anything about achieving. In fact, whenever I embark on a project and there are absolutely no resistance whatsoever, I end up asking myself if everything is fine? I have heard so many ‘No’s’ but having learned from IIGL the act to deploy the ability to persuade, persist and be resilient; I have ended up successful.

Every believer knows of the power that emanates from the words we confess. All words carry a vibration for the person who says or think them. There is an energy that comes from our vibrations which is the science of attraction. This law of attraction does not care whether you are remembering, pretending, playing, creating, complaining, or worrying; it simply responds to your vibration. In that case, I came to understand that it’s not only the matter of having a positive affirmation, but it’s how you feel and what you do after what you say. I’m a spiritual being in a physical body; therefore I’m not trapped inside a body with limitations. I can do anything as long as I’m connected to my intent. Intention does not err. The acorn never turns into a pumpkin, or the apple blossom into an orange. Every aspect of nature, without exception, has intention built into it, and as far as we can tell, nothing in nature questions its path of intent. Nature simply progress in harmony from the field of intention.

I see myself strong, mature and eligible. All things are possible. Every time when I walk down the streets, I know I’m in the divine will of God. Anything can provoke and trigger the resources needed to accomplish these grand goals. I have an expectant heart that yearns for inspiration. I look at the little things that people overlook and I say to myself; how can I improve them? I do things that other people fear to do and I have always learn to go an extra mile when others are tiring and quitting. I’m different, possessing great qualities; that’s why I have to do more than what ordinary people do in order to achieve great results ever.

Furthermore, my passion for learning has been ignited immensely. There is never an end to education and it’s never too late as long as you want it. I have a passion for books. It follows that, I make sure at least every single month I read four categories of books i.e. Christian literature, self help, career/financial opportunities and classic/novel/vintage stuff. This is helping me so much in my own personal growth. This inner drive to know more and excel has made me courageous and that feeling of inferiority complex that used to dominate me has gradually been dissipated. At least I can now confidently express myself.

Above all, my perception and approach to life has grossly been altered since IIGL helped me to embrace the act of goal setting. I came to realize goals are different from wishes. Goals being intentions, must be precise with a definite period of anticipation. If you don’t know what you want, you are granted not to get it. If you want to hit a target, you got to have one. This starts by committing to writing them down, if you won’t connect to paper, you won’t connect to reality. This perfect gift from IIGL among many others has helped me to put away aimlessness and weakness, and to begin to think with purpose, which is to enter the ranks of those strong ones, who only recognize failure as one of the pathways to attainment.

No doubt the list of what I’ve gained is endless. I feel strong as a leader. I am certain, am no longer at the mercy of every little thing that happens, I’m in the drivers seat. I’ve closed the doors of darkness, penury and resentment; I can never return! I’m conscious of this; I need nothing to ascertain it. When a man discovers his awareness of being to be the inexhaustible treasure of the universe, in that day when man makes this discovery, he dies as a man and awakens as a god. This is precisely what has happen to me. The world belongs to people who say ‘I can.’ So altered has my mind become that the walls of pennilessness can no longer hold me. They have become out of harmony with my mind-set that they are falling out of my life as a garment is cast aside.

Personal Mission Statement
To create a lasting impact in people’s lives by using my musical and oratory talent to the fullest in giving back to the society by being creative, progressive, compassionate, loving, and always to have a held out hand to those in distress. To allow my values to guide me to keep my word and refrain from bitterness and unhealthy competition.

My heart is forever inclined to the Almighty God that I may ever live equipped to deliver. I’ve seen destruction, violence, strife, mischief, poverty and sorrow surrounding the city day and night precipitating deceit and guile. I rest not from my great task, to open the mortal eyes of man to connect to his original intent, thus, the spiritual realm. That he may cease from the flawed perception that has confined him to a body with limitations and lapsed his fulsomeness. For my whole personality has disappeared in the contemplation of the purpose of my being, giving way to paroxysm inspirations and ingenuity

There is much to be achieved, and as often, I don’t expect this to be handed to me on a silver platter. No amount of resistance nor disillusionment will dissuade me. Since this unfair world has made people to erroneously trust money as the only way out, I’ll accumulate all the cash and make them know that it’s not all about it, but a life that is in alignment with God’s word. Money answereth everything but is not everything, God is! To fulfill God’s intent in my life, I am a billionaire in a decade i.e. by 2020. It sounds absurd, but nothing is impossible! To get there, I’ve break my goals into quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily respectively. I’m getting self employed by April 2011. In any case, every quarter, my total revenue should increase by 50%. This will enable me to be able to facilitate the many goals I’ve purpose to accomplish to attain my destiny and eradicate all these vices.

In order not to lose track towards living up to my intent, my daily devotion will consist of the following:

Planning the day in advance by pre-meditating the things that I desire and seeing myself acquiring them.
Memories a single scripture from the Bible and a new single wise phrase from the sages daily.
Every time I say ‘thank you’ for any services offered, to recall the scripture and the phrase to anchor them in my memory.
Ratio 5:1 for every setback, to think and list five positive things about me to counter it.
Make at least two friends every month even if for a while, hence to be talking to a stranger every single day to meet the months target.
To perfect my memory through learning by the heart rather than always by the mind. This is anchoring through feelings to create an effective stimulus.
Take a darery move that makes me feel uncomfortable in order to get out of the comfort zone to pioneer and innovate.

I’m a very fastidious person, yet bouncy, I can get along with anyone. I’m a musician; with a strong partiality for musical instruments besides being a vocalist. I used to do music not as a career, but due to some unavoidable circumstances, I’d to be resilient and music has been what has helped me earn a living. I play in churches as well as in music studios helping others with their recordings which in turn helps me earn a living. Besides, I lead a musical band; La Grande Generation Band, of which we play music in various functions including rallies, parties, anniversaries, public holidays celebrations, weddings etc. Basically, our music is afro-fusion even though we do play different styles depending with circumstances.

I’m also a minister of the gospel. I lead an interdenominational group by the name; Global Grand Generation Ministry, of which we focus on Christian evangelism with no regard to church affiliations. We have had several crusades and seminars in the country, including interviews in several FM radio stations, whereby we explain to people what we are doing in the effort to living up to our vision of mitigating the vice and calamities in the society.
Books are not far from me. I’m an ardent reader of self-help books most of which I’ve gotten the insight with the help of IIGL. I also read several novels preferably comical and at times, horrors/melancholy (this due to the suspense and nostalgic feelings they evoke that enhance my song writings and compositions most of which are sentimental). The same applies to movies and TV programs. In addiction, as an artist and having been brought up in a challenging environment, I’ve got my own story to tell. In other words, I’ve written a book of which is currently being proof read by my beloved mentor.

I’ve participated on various functions in the community most of which have been volunteering to assist in medical camps.

I hate dishonesty, slothfulness, filthiness, injustice, corruption, deceitfulness and monotony. Honesty is my policy, and if I realize I’m being duped, it immediately affects my relationship with the party concern. Unscrupulous deals, count me out. I love change, growth, resilience, commitment and enthusiasm.

My dreams and goals are to own a musical studio, own a powerful sound system, establish the ministry, open a posh restaurant, open a library and become a successful entrepreneur.
Currently, I stay with my younger brother and sister. We are a blessed family.

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Books Completed:

* As A Man Thinketh
* Jonathan Livingston Seagull
* Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude
* Real Magic
* Your Sacred Self
* Psycho-Cybernetics 2000
* Giant Steps
* Unconditional Life
* The New Dynamics Of Winning
* Unlimited Power
* Goal Setting 101
* Leadership For The Dummies
* The Law Of Attraction
* Nonviolent Communication
* The Power of Intention
* What To Say When You Talk To Your Self
* Agless Body, Timeless Mind
* The Autobiography Of Martin Luther King, Jr
* Getting Funded
* The Hidden Messages In Water
* The Millionaire Course
* Journeys Out Of The Body
* The Great Game Of Business
* The View From Nowhere
* Change The World
* Falling In Love
* Gadhi An Autobiography
* The Grip Of Death
* How To Win Friends And Influence People
* Quantum Healing
* The Simple Abundance Journal
* Dancing With The Beloved
* Long Walk To Freedom
* The Secret
* Matrix Energetics
* The Conscious Heart
* True Prosperity
* Your Faith Is Your Fortune