Kennedy John Offor – Profile

Kennedy John Offor
Education: B.Eng. (2002), M.Eng (In-view)
Occupation: Lecturer

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
I dream of a world where people are well informed and educated about the transient nature of life. I see a world where people live in peace and harmony. I see a world without war and violence. I see a world where people’s lives have meaning and direction, and hopelessness replaced with hope. All these will be possible with the right leadership education as been offered by IIGL. This type of leadership training should be all over the world especially the developing countries where people live without hope.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
The world is presently plagued with suffering and hardship. People are living a hopeless life – a life without meaning and direction. This life of hopelessness and hardship has given rise to various forms of selfishness and violence. While some people are disillusioned to believe that they cannot make it in life others are bent on having their ways through violence. They want the world to revolve around them. Many developing countries’ leaders especially in Africa are steeped in corruption making their people to live in abject poverty. They govern with impunity, greed, selfishness and wickedness. The people are impoverished and therefore unable to fight for their rights. They are downcast and have resigned themselves to fate. There is a wide gap between the rich and the poor, and this gap is widening every day.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
To solution to the above problems will consist in the following
People should be made to change their perception of this life. They should be made to understand that this world is ephemeral. They must die one day and leave all they have labored and fought to acquire. The only thing for which they will be remembered is their contribution to humanity. It is also important that people be given hope and direction through leadership trainings and workshop. I personally believe that the major problem facing the world is ignorance. If people’s ignorance is removed, violence will stop, hopelessness will be replaced with hope and the world will be a better place. The bible says that my people perish for lack of knowledge.

My profile
I am a graduate of electrical, electronics and computer engineering. Soon after my graduation in 2002, I found myself captivated in the use of computer. I have been learning and teaching computer to people since 2003. The packages I use frequently and teach include AutoCAD, Matlab, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. After my one year compulsory National Youth Service Corps in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State Nigeria in 2004 I opened a computer training centre in Yenagoa with only one computer I had when I was in the University. With the help of one Mr Felix Odubo, I was able to pay for an office space. From 2004 to 2006 I increased the number of computers to 15, rented a three bedroom office space with a large warehouse for the computer training business. I was able to give training to 250 people in the use of the above programs with the said period. I also helped the Geography department of Niger Delta University to design an MS Excel template for the computation of student’s results.

Personal interests, Dreams & goals in life
Right in my University days, I have desired to be a humanitarian. I hated injustice and cheating with passion. It abhors me to see people suffer and intimidated. I had wished I could help students set and meet their goals. In fact, I want to be a leader showing people the way and not standing in their ways. I have always sought to learn and help others learn. I understand that this world and the things in it are ephemeral. One has only few years to spend on this earth and must leave all acquired wealth to people. I am comfortable with my income. It is my desire to contribute to the lives of others that made me to continuously seek for ways to accomplish it. The search led me to International Institute for Global Leadership. My present dreams and goals in life are:

1. To be a God fearing, loving, honest and dedicated Christian father
2. To contribute to the development of youths and humanity in general by establishing a leadership school and computer training school.
3. To defend those who are treated unjustly
4. Establish a company
5. Be an evangelist
6. Study up to PhD in engineering
7. Build and equip a public library

My desires to impact the life of students lead me to take up a Job with Anambra State University in 2006. I was actually employed as a computer engineer in the University and attached to electrical/electronic engineering department. Soon after I resumed work at the University I was assigned to teach undergraduate students because of my outstanding performance. As a teacher/lecturer I impacted positively in the life of the students both morally and academically. I was able to convince the department curriculum committee to introduce the teaching of basic computer operation skills (known as Information Technology in Engineering) and the use of computer aided design and drafting packages like AutoCAD and Matlab. I have successfully taught four sets in the use of AutoCAD and Matlab. Because of the success of Information Technology in Engineering in the department, the faculty of Engineering adopted it and I have been teaching it since then.

Favorite books & movies, special studies or projects you I participated in
I am an avid reader, devouring books on self help, good Christian literatures, computer and programming. I spend most of my time reading and researching on the computer. I hardly watch movies but when I do I prefer watching comedy and adventurous movies. My researches have been mainly on how to improve myself and help others. I have been looking for ways to solve the problems in my country. My desire to improve people’s life led me to modify the result computation template to automatically calculate students CGPA and transcript using Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). I am also involved in the computerisation of the activities of the University where I work. We are presently in the data conversion stage.

Leadership experience/ family
I have been involved in various leadership positions right from my secondary schools. I was the Assistant senior prefect in my secondary school. In the university, I was two time president of Nigeria Federation of Catholic Students. I helped to impact positively on the life of my members. I was also able to source for funds to build a worship centre for the students. During my one year compulsory NYSC, I was elected the President of the National Association of Catholic Corps Members in Bayelsa State. I was also able to impact positively on the life of the Corpers, and helped to build a family house for them. I have always been loved, respected and obeyed by those I have led. It is my desire to learn how to better do it.
I am married and presently have one child. My loving wife has been caring and understanding. She has always given her support to my goals and dreams which I developed before meeting her. With her, I have modified the goals to accommodate her.

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