Jeremiah Jibro – Profile

Jeremiah Jibro
Bukuru, Nigeria
Birthday: March 31, 1985
Education: Undergraduate, International Studies and Diplomacy in Benson Idahosa University, Benin, Nigeria.
Occupation: Student

What is your vision of a world that works for everyone?
A world that works for everyone is a world for everyone, where everyone gives out to the world and receives a lot from the world. Everyone has different visions, aims, abilities and interests; all these “give and take” which is in connection with other people in that world will make a world for everyone.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
There is a high rate of poverty, exploitation by dominant Nations over smaller ones, terrorism and destruction of trading and significant centers of the world. Racism, discrimination of particular people is not left out; the bottom line is that, there is a high level of misunderstanding among the various groups of the world.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
I feel these problems will be solved if, a high percentage want the problems to be solved. There is a loss of identity and the people do not know where they stand. There has to be a forum of learning by different country and states that will tell the people the truth and work for the truth. A saying goes like this “is only the person that wears a tight shoe that knows where the shoe is paining him/her”, is left for different communities to do what is right to solve their problems. There is a need for negotiation among the parties involved and the desire to have a world for everyone by everyone.

I am a straight forward (simple) person; I am more on the optimistic side who believes that everything is possible if things are done in the appropriate manner.

I like making friends; friends that will help me meet my dreams and goals in life, like being corrected in a kind and friendly manner. I like hanging out with friends once in a while and doing what I am suppose do at the right time. I see it as a privilege to impact the lives of those around me positively.

My goals and aims in life are to be in a world for everyone. I love to witness and take part in the revolution of Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. I also hope to influence the growth and development my society and country at large, bring life and liberty to the people in darkness and in bondage and most of all, to bring people to our creator (God). My dream and desire is too see an equal exchange in areas of trade, technology, communication with people round the globe. I hope work with people that are ready and willing to be selfless, honest and hope to bring to shame those that have taken the pains to destroy and render useless our economy, political strength, and who have decided to close the eyes of the unprivileged ones to have their aims (selfish ambitions) achieved.

If it’s in my power, I hope to see love, peace and comfort restored to the lives of those in the orphanages, broken homes and others left without love.

I am interested in going to new places that have significance, like to associate with the good and positive minds of the world. Books that are educational and interesting are my favorite, John Woo films (movies) are just made for me, movies based on true life stories preferably short and straight to the point.

I reside in Jos in Plateau State, Nigeria with my parents, two sisters and three brothers

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
The New Dynamics Of Winning
Psyco-Cybernetics 2000
Success Through Positive Mental Attitude
Keys To Success
Real Magic
What To Say When You Talk To Yourself
Giant Steps
Nonviolent Communication
Leadership For Dummies
Goal Mapping
Goal Setting 101
Law of Attraction
Unlimited Power
The Power of Intention