Jeremiah Jibro – Assessments

As A Man Thinketh
Assessment by Jeremiah Jibro (Nigeria)

1. What ideas were personally most import ant to you in this book?

A man is made up of by his thought. Thoughts are the basis of who I am. My behavior is the out burst of what I think or intentions towards anything. Whatever a man wants to be depends on the mind and attitude of that person that makes him to achieve his desires. A man has two possibilities in life, is either a man wants to live a good or a bad life. There are different procedures to both lives. What that person conceives in his mind to do will be the decision he has taken.

The mind of a man produces good and bad thoughts; it only depends on what I feed my mind with, which reveals what has been going on in my mind. Positive thoughts bring positive results, negative thoughts bring negative behavior.

I do not need to be harsh or angry to achieve my aims, I can achieve a better result if I am calm and well calculated, what I need to do is to make my mind balance and to get rid of things that can change my attitude towards pursuing my goals.

My dreams needs to be connected to my thought , this will yield a very good and long lasting result, but if my thoughts are not inline (connected) to my dreams, the end result will be confusion.

2. Can you relate the ideas or concepts in this book to your personal circumstances in life such as your relationships, your beliefs, your goals, yours values, e.t.c.

This book is a personal instructor in all facets of life. It has challenged my life towards transformation because it’s showing me what I need to apply to my life to achieve my dreams. I have been made for a purpose and there has to be training, I cannot be given a position that I was not trained for. I can witness it from my day to day activities. Friends, siblings and others tend to test your patience, honesty, self-control and endurance. Circumstances come my way in times I do not expect in order to be tested and see my performance towards it, of course, I fail at times and I feel bad for myself but whenever I pass the test, its like achieve the world. People around me also help me develop the person I ought to be, this has taught me to be alert at all times to receive any circumstance. Being a leader is a place of no excuse for failure, its better I get all the training I need to get in order to meet my dreams in future.

Power dwells in the mind, the way I prepare my mind in accordance to an activity that is how I will behave. A secret of where I need to work on to enable the parts of my body to follow has been revealed. In all I do or what I need to do my mind needs to approve of it, but if my mind is negative about it, the mind needs to be worked on. Another thing I have noticed in achieving my goal is to have a strong will towards it. That produces endurance for facing hardships that might be on the way to future success. Strong will is like a cushion that will soften the hurdles I might face in my life’s journey. There is something that fears me about my dreams and goals, fighting against wrongs and ills of the society are not an easy task, which my stand has to be strong to withstand things like death and attack to my present and future families, this is where the power of my mind needs to be more strengthened and put in to practice, this needs days or months to be put in place and with God’s help, cause we are advised to stand for the truth till death.

This book has challenged my spiritual attitude, goals, values and relationships in general. I have learnt to work with positive mind in pursuing a goal. I have learnt to do away with “I cannot….” in my vocabulary. Things do not just happen, we make them happen through our thoughts and attitude, my words are interpretation of my thought and also strong and goes along way in determining what we might be able to do or not able to do, words can also paint picture(s) of my strengths and my weaknesses, I need not to have limitations, I hope to reach and go above my targets and my dreams. I have to possess self control over my thought and how I want to go about with it.

The words of my mouth are also strong as relating to my thoughts; I need to suppress the negative thoughts in order to allow the positive thoughts and words out to have a positive achievement.

Failures, as I have learnt is an opportunity to do better in what I could not give my best to earlier on, I should be challenged to do better than my initial trial. I was faced with such opportunity in my first semester when I failed my French language exam, I did not only do better, but I understood the language more and my interest in the language grew more, that will lead me to studying French as a language during my summer holiday. Also in my secondary school, history was a subject I did not really like, but today, all my courses have their roots in history of not only Nigeria’s history but the world at large. My mind had to be willing to be interested in history since it’s a step to achieving my dreams. That’s to say my mind was linked to my dreams, guess I was in tune with this institute in my spirit. This also leads me to say that wherever our dreams are taking us to; either people we do not ever want to meet, places we do not want to go, life is all about sacrifices, I have to sacrifice and do away with some few minute pleasure in order to get a long lasting achievement that brings Joy, happiness, peace of mind and love. These attributes might even increase someone’s life span due to the fulfillment I or anyone will get in future.

Thank you Mr. Michael for such an opportunity, I pray your dreams in Life will be met through this institute and other things you out your heart to do. You are blessed indeed.

3. What are the most important new ides or concepts you learned from this book?

The mind is the seat of all character, behavior, attitude of an individual. What goes on in an individual’s mind over and over again becomes part of that person as character and will be hard to do away with. The control of these ideas is just like the President and all the remaining states. Proper coordination is necessary for that President or Governor to get fame towards the masses in meeting their basic needs. The mind also has needs that ought to be met, and that is control and endurance. These strengthen the mind in order to produce good thoughts for the benefit of the behavior of a person. I need to feed mine with control and endurance so as to get good coordination with calmness to succeed.

Everyone has equal chances in the same world to do different things, but it all depends in the mind set of the person to know his/her chances, dreams, goals, and how to go about doing them. Is one thing to know ones goal and another to link it to ones thought or mind. If the person is willing to know his dreams he/she will know and there is no interest then that matter will become a forgotten issue, unless that person is ready. There is no encourager better than that person himself. People might give encouraging words, but it’s left for me or anyone to work by the encouragement.

Fame and greatness is obtained and sustained by honesty, when deceit and bad attitude or fraudulent activities are the basis of fame, it will not last, and that person will achieve humiliation at the end.

Worry or fear is an indication of a weak mind, this leads to failure and can eject a person from being in the right environment and understanding will be far from such a person.

4. Has this book challenged or changed your thinking in anyway?

This book has challenged me in all ways. I have seen that my attitude needs to undergo some restructuring; I need to be calm and balanced to be able to achieve better results than being angry.

My body, soul, spirit are all slaves to my mind, i.e. my mind makes these good or bad, I need to work for positive actions to achieve good results.

I need to allow my mind and thoughts to be flexible to both harsh and good circumstances because my reaction to both circumstances tells who I am.

The secret of success or failure rests on my thought and what I believe. A successful mind is a successful life, and a failing mind makes a life full of sorrows. I am who I am in the way I think, so thinking right makes me to act right, thinking in a wrong pattern produces wrong attitude.

5. Are there ideas in the book that you totally disagree with? If so, why?


6. What did you find most helpful and least helpful in this book?

This book has taught me what I can do and not what I cannot do. “I cannot” is already thrown away from my vocabulary. What I believe will work for me. I have realized the power of the mind in achieving my goals. The most important thing is to keep an open passage positive thoughts and keep a sieve to bad thoughts to produce a positive Jeremiah for my present and future achievements.

I should learn to be more focused, know my purpose(s) in life and how to achieve it (them),then other things can come in, first things first, I have learnt to be calm and make sure my dreams a fused to my thoughts.

I have found nothing least helpful in this book, writing this will make me not to be honest to myself, which is the greatest deceit ever. What I have known was shown to me in differs ways and I had more understanding, the new things I found out made me understand my situations even more and helpful to my pursuit. I am still on a journey that needs road signs, and I know with the help of God, IIGL is among the road signs that have come my way and will lead me to my destination safe and sound in good condition.

7. In 50 words or less explain the main idea of the book.

The main idea of the book is I am a maker of myself. My mind represents who I am. The outflow of my thoughts is seen in my behavior. I am a good or bad person due to what I put in my mind and what I exhibit outside, with or without advice.

A) How interesting was it to read 8
B) How helpful were the contents? 9
C) How easy was it to understand? 8
D) Would you recommend it to others? 10
E) What is the overall rating you would give it? 8.5

Your books are directly speaking to me, telling me more on where to work on in my life and knowing that my dreams are positive.
I have come to understand more of what I go through in life; it’s as a result of my state of mind.
My spiritual life is seriously challenged too towards growth and more sincerity.
Thanks a lot for your books.

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Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Assessment by Jeremiah Jibro (Nigeria)

1. What ideas were personally most important to you in this book?

This book is a rich book full of important ideas brought to me. These will be seen subsequently.

It is good to listen to all advice given to someone but it’s not all the advice that will be put to practice. Some have to be implemented and the others have to be thrown away. The advices to be implemented are those that will hasten or improve my rate of achievement. I have learnt to have focus and the procedures necessary to get that focus.

I have noticed in school, I have placed targets for every semester and in that semester there are targets for every week, people come as distractions themselves and options for others distractions, saying give room for more rest, more pleasure and relaxation with friends, and we have to go on visitation and other things out of my schedule. Few times I fell prey of the distractions but most times my targets kept me on course.

Determination has no limits; it keeps one on the move to achieve what my target is and my focus. Determination also brings in line what I am interested in together with determination brings lots of marvellous results. Having no limits has taught me to work towards perfection. Perfection has to do with my courage and understanding of what I have to do and how to go about it. Limit is like bondage over me, whenever I try to forge ahead towards my goal. My aim in life needs hard work in order to attain perfection.

Determination helps in overcoming any shortcomings; shortcoming (weakness) with the strength of determination will make me do my best not withstanding my weakness or shortcoming. This can be seen. The weakness may be body weakness or natural disease like diabetes, my determination to run or do any activity that the illness can hinder can be done with great zeal and desire once I am determined. That zeal might make me to emerge a winner in that activity.

Nature is something that can never be changed, no matter what. Nature is good and helpful in areas of knowing who we are and what we are suppose to do, but nature on the other hand can provide limitation for me. What I have to do knows whom I am and know what I want and where what I want will take me to or I will achieve.
Whenever I am in a cross road (dilemma) I have to consider what is right for me and how what is right or good for me will help me. We must make perfect decisions due to the advice I get from different groups of people, be it my parents, siblings, friends or lecturer sand the like.

I need to know my abilities by myself, people do not have to tell me what I can do or where I can go, knowing my abilities will and can take me to any desired place, but I have to show those abilities and not just sit down for miracles to show my abilities.

Whatever I have learnt or will learnt has to be passed on to people behind me, this will make my dreams and desires to grow and will never die even after my death.

2. Can you relate the ideas or concept in this book to your personal circumstances in life such as relationships, your beliefs, your goals, your values, e.t.c.

My daily interaction with people gives me challenges to improve on what I already have. I have always been challenged by the positive and negative reactions I do or hope to do. I have found out that criticism can only bring out the best in me if I work positively and try to correct the wrong that was committed.

In Church, school, or at home, when I start something I must make sure I continue despite the negative response till I cannot get my target, most times I see that those negative responses bring out the best in me, the result is instead of disgrace, I am praised.

This book has made me know that my interest in particular stuff will benefit not only myself but my environment also. These values are to be shared among everyone, I might be rewarded or not, but that is not the case. The case is to have an impact that is where value comes to play.

In area of belief, I have realised that my beliefs helps my achievements and my abilities. My understanding also limits my destination. If only I give to great understanding and open my mind to positive beliefs, I will eventually be stock up in apposition that has no room for improvements.

I should never keep what I know and beneficial to everyone within me, it might kill cause its like poison, but giving it out gives love, joy, long life and fulfillment of ones life.

3. What are the new most important new ideas you have leaned from this book. Please explain.

I have come to understand that knowing my abilities and working on them will make me a better person who will be promoted without limits. Even in the presence of my equals, I will be seen as a model everyone wants to follow, like when Jonathan was uplifted to a new environment, he found it easier to learn new things because of his previous practice, his eagerness to learn and understand things.

I should not expect to be taught all the time, the little I learn, I will pass it on, this will make me to do better in my position and my aims will be achieved. This was seen in Fletcher where he was a student of Jonathan and an instructor to the new group of students.

My environment might not provide a suitable for learning, understanding creates the good environment that brings out the best in me. Jonathan barely started how to fly when his parents discouraged him to be like others; he had a full day of practicing alone but joined the other gulls at evening.

I am me, trying to be someone else will just make me number two. I will do my best to be myself by achieving my dreams and not another person’s dream. Knowing myself will make me to do and understand a lot of things. Following boats and canoes by other gulls to get food was very hard for Jonathan, flying made him to get enough food for himself and not being dependent on the arrival of ships on the shore and on the sea.

On the part of parents and friends, I have learnt to be emphatically in my behaviour, try to be in someone’s position and helping the person in the little way I can instead of discovering him/her and looking at things from the wrong perspective.

4. Has this book challenged your thinking in anyway? If so, explain.

Knowing my abilities is one thing but another is doing my best in achieving those abilities and brings them to reality, this may take the aspect of practicing. A saying goes “practice makes perfect”. Heaven in this book is seen as perfection. So we can have our heaven I think it means reward, if we do our very best in what we realise through our abilities. Martin was a low- speed flyer but he could only prove it when he was able to put he practiced and in a short while, he was unimaginably the best low flyer bird.

I have been challenged by completing what I started, I will be laughed at as a dreamer without achievement but when I continue I will be respected and will stand before kings due to my resistance against all odds. A popular saying goes “quitters are losers while winners never quit”. Jonathan was willing to be an outcast if he could meet his dream as a great flyer and be able to make the other gulls to understand why flying is important to all gulls. Understanding came after his achievement. Huddles in life only make us stronger to meet harder ones ahead, and to make us stronger at the end.

Jonathan was able to learn because he had understanding and patience, he was able to endure hardships in training, had peace when he was doing well and improving on his pass performance, had love for those that made him an outcast and compassion made him to teach them what he had always wanted to.

5. Are there ideas in the book that you totally disagree with? If so, why?


6. What do you find most helpful and least helpful in this book?

I do not personally feel there are ideas that are less helpful in this book than the other. They new ideas have opened my eyes to new things the old ideas have been put in different ways suitable for application.

I have learnt to be loving in the area of teaching, patience and endurance when learning or practicing, and try to understand what I do or will do, this will bring perfect result.

I should not allow my emotions to control me and my decision making, but I should give opportunity for proper min d coordination.

7. In 50 words or less, please describe the main idea the book is trying to convey.

The main idea in this book is knowing yourself and what you can give out.
Knowing oneself is knowing who I am, where I am from and what I am able to achieve. What I can give out on the other hand is how I can impact others in my environment.

A. How interesting was it to read? 8
B. How helpful were the contents? 9
C. How easy was it to understand? 8
D. would you recommend it to others? 9.5
E. What is the overall rating you would give? 8

The New Dynamics Of Winning
Assessment by Jeremiah Jibro (Nigeria)

1. What ideas were personally most important to you in this book?

Having the desire to win and the ego (drive) to go about winning. This tells me that everyone can have a dream or the ability and capability to win, but one cannot win if he or she still remains with his or her desire and not have to push forward to make his dream a reality. I have learnt that dreams in one’s life is inevitable but reaching or achieving that goal or dream is the task to be faced to make it a reality, some people never get to realize their dream. In this way I will be transformed from a dreamer to a winner (achiever).

Fear, this is common to everyone but very harmful in goal getting, but how do I manage my fears towards achieving my goals? There is fear of failure and fear of success i.e seeing oneself as not able to attain a certain goal. I have found out that, if I put determination and commitment towards hard work, I will succeed but fear of failure renders me to fail no matter what. I have learnt to work towards the mark; I have placed myself no matter the obstacles and not to look back because I will be discouraged about going ahead.

There is also the fear of (low) self esteem, can I do this? What is my focus? I have always being a looser and taking the rear position in my class, then I can I go about the goal? Why can’t the best students in class pursue the goal? These are questions from a mind suffering from inferiority complex. I have suffered from some of these questions, but I have learnt that everyone can be the best or be good if that person wants to. I should never look down at my capabilities.

Having a winning mind will make me strife at the highest peak without being discourage. I learnt in this literature that despite the health conditions of people in the book, they got their health back and went back to train without delay. I believe that it’s because of their interest in what they were doing and want to achieve their goal that gave them quick recovery. The road to success might make me fall or discourage, but I should focus my mind and eyes on the goal I need to achieve with enthusiasm which will yield rest of mind.

Commitment has a price to be paid to succeed in a desired goal. Commitment has to do with time put in for practice daily, positive mindset towards winning, getting the necessary mechanism for success and the like. I got this scenario from childhood, in terms of learning how to ride bicycle, play football, in all forms of play, we might get injured or bash ourselves against the wall with the bicycle, but we get up to ride again to correct the mistake made earlier on and to show our friends we can do it. Commitment also made us play football in the rain despite the cough we might get after the days’ football game. We went without food from morning to evening just to make sure we had a quality time with our friends playing, by creating lots of things like putting metals together and forming all kinds of puzzles, we sustained injuries, but we tried and persisted to perfect the job. This was really commitment. This price I have to pay to achieve my goal is commitment which also means to give my all; money, time, energy and the like to gain success.

I have learnt to see my pass experiences both good and bad as life’s lessons and must be corrected or improved upon respectively. This is to help me meet the unexpected on my life’s journey and to be able to succeed.

Recognizing my moment of truth is a (basis) lynch-pin to knowing what purpose or dream to work towards. This is the moment that I realize my dream or purpose to be achieved. This moment reveals the procedure of how to go about the dream or knowing the requirements needed for that task.

Knowing and looking towards the champion in me. The way I see myself is the way I will always act, seeing myself as champion will make me set my mind on winning, but if I don’t, the reverse will be the case. No one is born a champion, only an individual can make him a champion in his/her are; academics as a student, fast runner as an athlete and a good instrumentalist, all these boils down to daily practice to make it part of the individual. When I was about to start an online piano lesson, I was asked my tutor to always practice so as to become part of me, this has helped me not to forget lots of things, although my school is far from home, when I come back, I am able to play as I played before I left and still intend to practice more to be an expert.

Having the passion to do something will make an individual to press on to achieving the target. I should not go into a career because I am attracted to the price, because as time goes on and more responsibility comes up, I will look for a higher paid job, but if I work for the passion of what I am doing, I will see the money as an addition to my success.

To be a leader, I have to obtain the attributes of one, try to put others before myself which is hard in all times and have a listening ear, try to drop some character and pick some in order to attain the leadership status, just for the sake of others (followers).

2. Can you relate the ideas or concepts in this book to your personal circumstances in life? Such as your relationships, your beliefs, your goals, your values.

Commitment a price I need to pay for success. In the school setting as a student, my main aim in school is to come out with good grades and how what I learned to pass it on to people around me and those I come in contact with. This price I need to pay for my above goals are reading, asking questions where necessary, research and discuss with others to be able to weigh myself (standard) and rationalise things on my own. This takes a lot of my time, have to be patient because some unplanned activities get along the way and also take control of situation that want to be over burdening.

This commitment has taught me to be hard working no matter what to achieve the goal set. Looking at my failures or hard times will make me loose focus and make me think that I will still meet hardship, so I should stop pressing on. So I should focus on my goal and not the curbs on the road to success so as to get the goal through committing myself to the task.

Planning or organisation is one thing that enhances success. Everyone has 24 hours to himself or herself daily, but some people make use of theirs and succeed, some people sleep away the time. The difference between the two personalities is planning and lack of it, planning and organisation keeps one on course in achieving goals properly.

In school, a session, academic year is divided into semester and every semester is divided into weeks and so on, and also has a goal to achieve during the semester both academic and otherwise. Lecture is one thing no reasonable person can miss, but what happens after lectures? Goal getting, this is also divided into segments, what is my goal and the strategies to use? An unorganised person is destabilized as scattered but an organised person will achieve his goals in and without stress in anyway.

In achieving goals, I have learnt to respect authority of the place I am at that particular time. At home, when I was learning how to play the piano, I had to choose the time that was convenient that none of my parents will need my help in anything. This was to have a perfect practice and in the same way not being disrespectful.

I have also learnt how to work with guidelines, learning piano, my tutor gave laws to be followed in learning the instrument, this I did and made sure I obeyed the rules. This made me to respect the authority and at the same time, I found learning easy and very enjoyable.

Being a good leader, qualities must be checked and corrected. Having an opportunity to be part of the executives at the departmental level, my character had to be reformed, I learnt to be more patient, have a “big” ear, and to say little but with lot of meaning, encourage people, think less of yourself and making sure things are made right. This position made be to respect higher authority more and be united so as to carry the goals of both bodies (school and department) along, and to try to achieve diverse interest. I have come to realise that change is the constant thing in life; change must be for progress and success but never for the worse or self interest.

3. What are the most important new ideas or concepts you learned from this book?

Overcoming setbacks, stress, pains, discouragement. These are inevitable obstacles in goal getting, but these obstacles are just to slow one down, I have realised that facing problems and solving them in the first instance leads to will make one meet more challenges which is a sign of progress. This is due to one’s striving force towards learning and practicing.

Commitment is one idea I cannot do without in goal getting. This is the price I need to pay for any success. I have learnt not to start something without committing myself to it because being committed to any task will make one to achieve the goal no matter what and to persevere to the end. Lack of commitment on other hand can lead to discouragement and low esteem, having the fear of not attaining peak performance. So to keep myself from the dangers of failures and falling into obstacles without paying the price; commitment, I will not bother going ahead to start such tasks.

The way or approach I look at myself towards achieving tasks is very important. I should be able to know “I can do” and what “I cannot do”. This helps to know oneself very well, knowing what he or she likes and dislikes, so that he or she will not be forced into pursuing a goal that the person is not interested in. This is a period of scaling and weighing a one’s likes and dislikes and most of all, what the person is willing to give out, either in resources or energy as the case maybe. As a person, I cannot set an “unattainable goal”, but will set a high goal that I am willing to commit myself to.

Avoiding the unholy trinity; denial, rationalization and repression. These are capable of ruining a peak performance; this might (will) make an individual to place blames or faults on others for not able to attain the goal, giving excuses that things were “beyond control” and the ability not to be able to express one’s feelings.

The truth is a long lasting phenomenon. It builds on a person’s integrity and fame. In attaining my goals, I have learnt to always say the truth to others and acknowledging the realities in life so as to know how to confront them or how to go about doing things. This will make others around to trust me no matter what, and can also stand for me if anything goes wrong or when I am in need of a referee.

A good goal getter or leader has to tell the truth in all circumstance in his career pursuit, this will attract respect from other and might be a very good mentor to others.

Materialism is not real fame, so greed (the ever increasing desire to attain or acquire more at the detriment of others for oneself and not able to consume or use) should be put aside in attaining peak performance. I have learnt that greed can never be satisfied no matter the abundance a person has, so why the longing for things I might not be able to use. I will try to acquire what is important to me and leave what is not mine so as to be useful to the people in need of that stuff.

I should also have a heart of sharing or passing down potentials and opportunities to people around and are capable of performing well, that will build me up and be able to know the areas I need to make perfect and the people I am helping will improve themselves, than dying with the little or wealth of knowledge that will not influence anything and making a change in my environment.

Being an observer of those making it or succeeding in their endeavours is good if I am learning from the winners and applying it to my life, but if I am observing for pleasure, I will continue being one and not know what I am suppose to achieve. I should be part of the people making things to happen and be a winner of my own by knowing what I need to pursue, practicing and getting closer to the goal daily and learning to be patient and take things step by step and not rushing the goal achievement, but allow it to flow and attain the goal effectively and at the right time.

In peak performance, I should always aim at the best or highest position. This will keep me alert and be able to expect the unacceptable, to stand to all challenges and not to fall away from progressing towards goal getting.

Real success is having peace of mind towards what one is doing or has done. At this stage I must have actualized my dream or seen the reward of my hard work and the item my commitment was able to purchase.

4. Has this book challenged or changed your thinking in anyway?

This book has challenged my way of thinking as trying to join the circle of success rather than staying back to observe people progressing and I am just the one giving standing ovation and cheering people up, meanwhile my dreams are dying of no attainment.

I have also been challenged in this book to use my positive belief, religion, this will lead me to the right goal to achieve and how to my goals. By thanking God and asking for guidance, just like John Wood in the book “Making The Most Of One’s self” by being true to myself, making each day my master piece, helping others in my own “little” way, reading good and healthy books for the mind, making friendship to be like fine art, building a shelter against a rainy day i.e planning before disaster, and most importantly, pray for guidance and give thanks for blessings everyday. The day I read this I was challenged and practiced some of the above guidelines; they inspired me to do more and I was very happy doing them.

I have being challenged to put my all to achieving a task i.e committing myself, this means committing my resources, energy, time and the like to see that goals and dreams come through.

Making a champion means obeying guidelines, laws, and rules, for every activity or participation, guidelines make success come faster and very effective and learning to respect my authority.

5. Are there ideas in this book that you totally disagree with?

I do not totally disagree with any idea in this book, but I have a strange feeling about the 21 day plan at the back of the book. I feel targets and goals are to be achieved step by step and daily, but the days we aim for our achievement might be short or long. What do I do if I am not able to achieve my goal at the speculated time? I feel every individual defer and the procedure for goal attainment are also different and there should not be a fixed time by another person to attain his or her own goal(s).

6. What did you find most helpful and least helpful in this book?

I found out how to achieve goals effectively through paying the real price to succeed: commitment; I should not mistake material things for fame or should not lie but be honest in all my pursuit so as to have integrity; honesty is also a criteria to achieving authentic goals, if goals are gotten through dubious mean, the meaning of success will be defeated because there will be no rest of mind as the result of hard work; it would be better I never put my hands to the plough than not to pay the price for success; respecting authority and the guidelines that are necessary for peak performance; to stop procrastinating the steps (creative relearning, practicing, e.t.c ) to achieving my desired goals.

7. In 50 words or less, please describe the main idea the whole book is trying to convey.

The basis in achieving goals. This book is trying to convey a fundamental concepts in achieving goals, the procedures to take, what to expect and not to expect and to change one’s mind set of how he or she feels about achieving his or her own goals.

A) How interesting was it to read? 9
B) How helpful were the content? 9
C) How easy was it to understand? 9.5
D) Would you recommend it to others? 10
E) What is your overall rating you would give it? 9.5



Psyco-Cybernetics 2000
Assessment by Jeremiah Jibro (Nigeria)

1. What ideas were personally most important to you in this book?

I should put my hands to start my desire or dream before I consider my inadequacy in such a dream, as in I cannot do it. If I refuse to start or to weigh my capabilities, I will give a chance for laziness, laxity, not been able to face challenges and also make me feel everything coming my way cannot be thrashed by my efforts. I have learned to face trials so as to improve on my weakness and to step forward in life.

I have come to realise that the picture I have in my mind about myself will surely exhibit outside and tells who I am (positive mind or negative as the case maybe).I have learnt not to put limitations for myself in achieving my goals i.e. thinking I can do a thing and cannot do the other, those are really fences put by my subconscious mind and I might never be able to scale through. Striving no matter what builds the man in me and to be able to face challenges, just like Thomas Edison who wanted to create light, he encountered a lot of mistakes and hard times, but he used those mistakes as strength to achieve his dream which we are all enjoying.

I need to give myself a period of time daily to always think of how to improve myself positively and how to organise myself better to have new ideas towards new goals, my job, leisure or relationship with my family and friends.

These limitations create the inferiority complex, it will make me not to be able to stand up to people and do my best, cause I feel there is nothing I can give out that will be good, so why can’t other be this or that.

My mind is the seat of all activities, what I desire in my mind makes my body work towards it. For the aspect of change, I can change my bad attitude or bad behaviour if I have it in my mind that I can maintain such a new life may see myself as a success and be able to confront situations that I was unable to. I achieve that by making the move and reach the end of the road to success.

Another way I see I can make it or be a success is if I see things as been dependent on myself, by so doing I can go to any length (positive) to attain my goals with little or no help from my external environment.

I should be able to use my creative imagination to build positive concept of myself. In my scheme of progress or success towards my dream, I should be able to create things in my mind and create positive image in my mind than allowing people tell me who I am and my capabilities which will make me belief them and create a limit for myself. Positive thinking and creating images of success in my mind will make it easy for creating it physically.

Building my mind up in a relaxed mode will make me be more productive in good and positive ideas that will enhance success in all I do, be it studying as a student, business or social relationship with friends and loved ones.

Relaxation allows easy learning and rich creative imagination. I can use cool music or a very nice rhythm to make me relax or even sleep for a while to have a refreshed mind, and then I can happily go on with my activities. Making decisions or acting with a tensed mind creates nothing more than bad results so I have learnt to that relaxation is one of the prerequisite for success.

Tranquilizers are drug materials that should not be found with me in trying to achieve my goal. That is using an extra strength to make my dream come through, in other words I don’t see myself as able to acquire anything with my own strength and determination. I have learnt in my little way not to depend on Nescafe to make me stay awake in order to read late night or work extra hours. If I rest well and plan my time, I will not need to over burden myself paying for loss time.

Having an independent mind helps one to be able for leave to fulfil his or her dreams and not another persons dream my not been dependent on what to do and how to go about it. I have learnt to plan my priorities, knowing what I enjoy doing and having the procedures to do it, cause doing things I don’t put my mind or interest to ends up being a frustrated effort. I should never try to be someone because I am me. Having models is a nice thing, but never to be that person cause I can only be the number two of that person, so why can’t be my number one?

Procrastination is an indication of failure. Procrastination is an attitude that needs to be cut off from an individual. This is seen as a basis of frustration, because when activities are piled up and must be done, it is not funny, this might lead to weakness of the body, illness, frustration and might lead to failure or not giving ones best towards something. I have learnt to take my activities step by step till I reach the climax, even the longest journey or mountain climbing starts with a step, it is necessary for goal getting.

Frustration is also a step to failure. Frustration only discourages and makes one to make wrong decisions. As written earlier on, frustration is a fruit of procrastination. The solution is to relax the mind and carefully start achieving desires step by step. At least is better some objectives are won than none. When I notice symptoms of frustration I should try to focus and make my priorities right.

My hard work is the key to my success, no matter what I believe in, if I don’t apply my effort, success will be on the other side unable to be reached. I should try to remove the obstacles on my way to achieve my desired goal. Hard work is inevitable in a successful life. Even getting to the position of a leader needs hard work, a student has to read hard and understand before success goes his way.

Forgiveness has power in making me free to myself and releasing a lot of burden by getting things easier and faster. I have learnt to hold myself or my friends responsible for the mistakes committed, but allow by-gone to be by-gone but to strife not to experience such mistakes again by putting in more effort than before.

Releasing the real me and not hiding or pretending to be who I am not will not make me to achieve what I want to, in the first place I will not know what I want, nonetheless, how to go about it. Being who I am realising what I want.

Practice makes permanence in all sphere of life. Doing a particular thing over and over again will make that thing part of me. I have learnt to pay more attention to the areas that seem impossible to me and I will find out that, spending time with something makes one understand it more and how to go about it.

2. Can you relate the ideas or concepts in this book to your personal circumstances in life such as your relationships, your beliefs, your goals, your values, e.t.c?

One thing I must say about this book, “Psycho Cybernetics 2000” is that it covers all spheres of life which makes me to adapt to its rules and it has brought my mind to limelight that it is the most important part of man, because be it in my relationship with people, what I believe or my goals and values, if I do not make up my mind to do anything can be done.

When I do my best in what I find myself doing, and it’s a success I will rejoice in it but if I fail, I will be sad. One thing comes into play; I sincerely did my best, but can do better next time. This can be seen when I was taking Philosophy as a course and saw it as a hindrance to success, the best I put in let me go with a pass although at a very discouraged stage, joy was the outcome.

Personal limitation is a concept that has worked in my life, for now in my academics like Maths and French language, I use to limit myself as I cannot know this cause people that have gone ahead complain about the same courses, so I am not different from them, the problem runs through every generation. I have learnt to break the walls of limitation so as to move on with other stages in life. Beliefs can make and unmake one just as the saying goes, right thinking right attitude. This has freed me from false beliefs.

Trying to use pass mistakes as a basis or a spring to my success. This can be seen in my relationship with my friends. When there is a great misunderstanding, the best thing to do its to take the humble part and be able to control the situation, next time the mistakes made by both parties will never be repeated so as to prevent the pass occurrence this helps to build relationship among loved ones and friends.

3. What are the most important new ideas or concepts you learned from this book?

Moving from goal setting to goal getting. The decisions or struggles I will take to set goals, the nest step is how go about pursing the goal. I have to give myself a period of time to attain that goal, work towards it daily and relentlessly, focus on the goal and not the distractions and allow myself to go on in a gradual process. Goal getting is very important because that’s the real thing and not goal setting; goal setting is a means to an end and not an end to itself. Some people have nice set goal but cannot go about it, it’s a bad experience.

Fake it till I get it. I have learnt to assume the position of success so as to work towards my mark. If I desire a good job in future, I should put my mind to it and start equipping myself by receiving the appropriate training for such a job or career. If I want to be a pilot, I have to go to an Aviation institute, get the skills and the interest to attain the goal ahead but meanwhile, seeing the dream it’s what enhances the process of learning.

An attitude best explains this because if one is trying to cut off smoking, he or she has to try not to smoke and restrict the body till the body adapts to it.

I should learn to respect other people’s views on how they see things. This will make me look at myself first as capable to give out important idea and us other people’s ideas to either improve mine, complement mine or even correct my view if its not placed on a right scale or judgement.

4. Has the book challenged or changed your thinking in anyway?

This book has really challenged some aspects of my thought. I use to think that ambitions and destinies just come into place not knowing hard work and practice is what takes to success.

I have been challenged to press on towards achieving my dream with all I have and with all I am, this leads to peak performance. In other words nothing good comes easy, that’s why I need to fake prospects till I make it. If I hope to make an impact in my immediate community, I have to start with myself and letting people know the need to react to changes which will lead to a brighter future.

Forgiveness can help me and that person I am not at peace with. It is a step to success because I will not always look at someone as a hindrance to my success and will lighten my burden if at al I have one at that moment.

I should be courageous to reduce or stop wrong doings so as to create a good reputation for myself and also be an instrument of “check and balance” to my friends and loved ones and also to myself so as to act right.

5. What did you find most helpful and less helpful in this book?

Most ideas in this book are important to any individual life, be it morally, socially, spiritual and the like. Nevertheless, some are ideas I knew before but the ways the ideas were presented in the book brought more skill and how to apply them. In the long run, no idea is seen as least helpful because it’s the combination of almost all or all ideas that create success.

I have been able to be sensitive to the stages or the “symptoms” of failure such as frustration and restlessness.

I have also learnt how to forgive to benefit the friend or person and me, thus although I knew before now in the religious sense, but has helped my present mind development a great deal in the social aspect.

Sharing ideas with friends and people of the same goal will make one more fortified and secured which will encourage one to move ahead in attaining goals. I use to think sharing ideas with friends or people of the same idea will create a negative part on my side, I have learnt that sharing builds one up and can be corrected if I am not following a right procedure.

Daily practice and creative relearning makes my goals to be permanent in my life. The constant rehearsing makes that thing be part of someone, and should always look for ways to improve and correct what I am doing and bring more methods of achieving the goal. This is a way to perfect success.

Most of all, my mind needs to be independent when it comes to goal setting and creative relearning. This will enhance the greater success of how I want to go about it, but can later discuss about it with others so as to improve on what I have already. This is because no one can see anything from the angle of what I see things, but might only pretend to understand and feel the way I feel, only if that person has gone through the path I am planning to take.

I should not allow myself to be inhibited by circumstances around me and feel I am unable to do what I intend to do, either it is too high to be attained or not, but to work towards the mark I have set.

Helping others or the needy people around me will make me happier and even lighten my burden. I have practiced that and indeed it reduced the burden of the person I helped and made my mood lighter.

Supremely, I have the power to change who I want to be, what I want to achieve and the way I want to think. This is by scrutinizing what comes onto my mind by what I watch the discussion I have with people and the company I keep.

6. In 50 words or less, pleas describe the main idea the whole book is trying to convey.

The mind is the basis or centre for success and failure. Whatever the mind thinks of the person, that is what will be reflected in the person’s character, the ability to achieve something or not.

Rate the following questions on a scale from 1-10

A. How interesting was it to read? 8
B. How helpful were the contents? 9
C. How easy was it to understand? 8
D. Would you recommend it to others? 9
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 9

This institute has really increased by reading culture. I always use to feel lazy about reading more than a 150 paged book, but here I am reading more than 300 paged book and finish them within 3 months.



Success Through Positive Mental Attitude
Assessment by Jeremiah Jibro (Nigeria)

1. What ideas were personally most important to you in this book?

There are two forces in life that can make or unmake m .They are Positive Mental Attitude and Negative Mental Attitude. Positive mental Attitude also known as PMA is to be worked with at all times and to be applied to my life s an invincible talisman for success and other ways ahead but Negative Mental Attitude also known as NMA is another invincible talisman responsible for all failures and other manners of pulling one down or make me lag behind even if I have the dreams or goals that I intend to achieve.

God is not to be blamed for any of my mishaps or absence of success in my life. Success depends on the talisman I work with. The burning desire to do or attain a particular height has to be developed. This is done by keeping in my mind what I want and will achieve and keep away from my mind what I don’t want and not of benefit to me. People are poor not because its fate or God‘s fault, they have never had the desire to grow higher than that situation.

I don’t have a disability physically or any malfunction in my mind, brain or entire body system, but I have learnt to use bad or negative situations to bring out the best results from them. I am working towards that and I know with PMA and great enthusiasm to achieve a lot, I will make it and have my fulfillment. Giving up is the beginning of failures, pressing on and enduring is the starting point of success, just as a popular parlance that says “tough times never last, but tough people do.”

The principles of Tom Dempsey that made him great is challenging and very important to me as n individual. One of principles that really attracted or caught my fancy is the man’s greatest power which lies in the power of prayer.” This means every good comes from God and is of God. So my dependency should be solely on God. This has made me to believe in God and prayer the more.

Another important ides that I have practiced and I am still applying to my life is the priceless gift of working and having a joyful character towards what I am doing. This is and will continue to enhance my interest in that particular job and I will have a growing desire of achieving a lot in what I am doing. I learnt to love people that come my way and to serve them. Whenever I do this I feel my life span increases and I can do more if I avail myself to doing it. This in turn brings success and fulfillment of the mind.

Having an inspirational dissatisfaction towards my goal will make me to have an eagerness to push further thinking I have not done enough but if I put in little effort, I will attain a great height and I should give myself the assurance of making it.

I should not allow my mental attitude to make me feel sorry for myself because I may not be able to achieve anything; this is because NMA has come into play, but if my best working together with PMA will bring a lot of success. Mistakes are things that we can hardly overcome but the most important thing about mistakes is correcting myself and forging ahead. That is what makes me great or successful.

The world should not be blamed for my failures; I am responsible for any mistakes or success. I have to check myself and see what is wrong with me and motivate myself. When I am right, my world will be right. I other words, I have the power of affecting my world and not my world affecting me and causing my failures as formerly believed. PMA is to be put to action and the problems of the work will bow before me. Since I have the same opportunity to come into the world, I have more opportunities of being a champion.

I have to be definite in what I want to achieve to put me on course if not I might be working towards nothing. From this book, I have come to believe that whatever the mind can conceive and believe that will be achieved with PMA.

I have also learnt a very important idea is helping me In my undertakings. This is the first principal idea of Positive Mental Attitude: God is always a good God. This has helped me to always put my circumstances in the hands of God and know it must come out with a good result. This has also made me believe in God all the more and put God at the zenith point in my life as a consultant, friend, leader and teacher.

Sex is one thing that youths of my age say they find it hard to resist at their teenage years and youthful stage. I have learnt to do the right thing at the right time. Although frankly, I am still on the road in conquering that totally, it has come to my knowledge that right things at the wrong time can be harmful like poison. I have placed it in my heart to make sex a virtue and fight against it with PMA and with God’s help I will overcome.

PMA is just like faith, putting my hands to do what looks impossible to man but can be achieved with God’s help. Just a little work and full dependency on God will make impossibility to be possibility. Faith according to the Bible says “Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:ⁿ.

The thing I read and profess becomes part of me. When I repeat a certain behavior, that becomes a habit and ends up as a character that will bring destiny. I have the power to create any habit I wish to, if only I us self starter and profess in order to make a good destiny and character.

I have come to realize that whenever there is a problem, there is a solution. What I need to do is just to earnestly search for answer and I will get it.

2. Can you relate the ideas or concepts in this book to your personal circumstances in life such as your relationships, your beliefs, your goals, your values, e.t.c.

No doubt, this book covers my personal activities all round, be it educational, spiritual, moral, political, and social and lots more.

In the educative part of the book, I have learnt to put my very best in my studies as my sole business for now, because all the people that have gone ahead of me with good grades, worked hard and whenever they failed, they sort for the correction and did it because they knew exactly what they wanted to achieve. A quotation goes in this line. It says, “Nothing good comes easy.” I have to put both my conscious mind and subconscious mind to work so as to remember things at a later date.

I have also added to my educational life that some courses may look difficult or tough but if I confront a particular course with boldness and PMA and also study hard, that course will turn to be among the easiest for me. Things that seem tough are nothing but springs to make me with PMA but can also unmake m with NMA.

In my spiritual life which is the centre-piece or the basis of all other spheres of my life and has challenged me to put my whole trust in God and to rely on him in all situations. Just like the saying in this book “God is always a good God”, this has also made me to put God first in all what I do and always ask for divine guidance in steps I intend to take. This I can do by praying to God which is the sure way to talk to the creator of the Universe and He will answer if I ask correctly with all humility. There is power in prayer and I have been challenged to pray without ceasing.

Inspirational books help people like me and those around to be better people in goal setting and goal getting. I have come to realize that the most highly placed inspirational book gets the source from the Bible. This has also boosted my craving for the Bible to get the real stuff and apply it in my life in everyway. From people’s experiences in this book, they became better achievers with the help of the Bible. This is a confirmation that the word of God is alive and true to save humanity from all forms of darkness and depression and to give light and life to those that are in darkness against success.

Morally, socially and Politically, I have learnt to be joyful in what I find myself doing. I my work and relationship with others, I have to put a level of trust and commitment to the people I work with and to the work I am faced with.

An important thing that I have learnt is to the help of those in need without expecting anything back in return, whatever I hope to be will be. From this book, lots of people that were successful gave a portion of their wealth to the poor and those in nee and they never lacked. This has challenged me to help people all the more and have a caring heart. This will in turn come back to me in many folds through God’s blessings. From a part of the Bible it talks about someone casting his or her bread upon the waters and at the time of need it will come back t such a person. So it is with success.

3. What are the most important new ideas or concepts you learned from this book?

One of the new concepts I found in this book is the sources of motivational books; the Bible and motivational books are just breaking the ideas and concepts to make it clearer. As mentioned earlier on, it has made my belief in God and his words to grow stronger and how possible it is to stop the bad doings so as to please God and work with Him in everyway. And also to make God to be the Master of my life. Knowing man’s greatest power or weapon, which is payer really motivates me to pray more so as not to be powerless.

To be straight to the point or being definite. This is he beginning of goal setting which will bring to limelight the procedures to make in order to get the goal. Being definite with people reduced confusion and I get what I need or like to achieve my intentions need to be spelt out clearly and correctly.

The things I read and profess become my life and destiny. I should be very selective and disciplined in the things I read or watch and what I profess because these things make me who I will be and behave or exhibit. So the decision is mine either to be good or to be other wise with the activities I partake in, because it’s a gradual process which I might not even notice.

The short cut to riches is something I have picked and will be helpful to me. This is the use of the principles of PMA that will not violate the laws of God or be harmful to my fellow men in my actions.

In succeeding, I need to know the rules and understand how to apply the rules of success. I have learnt how to engage in constructive thinking, studying, learning and planning time with regularity.

The principles in achieving according to Dr.Cureton’s systems are to train the whole body and push myself to the limit of elasticity.

For PMA to work it depends in a good level, so overworking myself am not resting will endanger me all the more and may not be able to achieve what I want. Rest will motivate me all the more, time planning comes into play as an important factor and PMA will work very well.

The difference among people is just their attitude towards things and what I want to achieve (either positive or negative attitude). The need to put up positive attitude in achieving goals is 100 percent to make it perfect. I need that and I will get it.

4. Has this book challenged or changed your thinking in any way?

This book has challenged my life and I intend to go through it again and again till I am able to utilize every lesson or concept in it.

When I have a problem, I have come to understand that I ask for divine guidance, think well, and know the actual problem, to analyze it and using the adversity for my own positive benefit.

Change is one thing that is permanent in life. In situations that come my way, I have to be flexible in meeting demands in the right manner and applying it well. Knowing the basis of success which is PMA with the help of God. I have changed my mind to accepting it and abiding in it.

Guilt can make people to go the extra mile in achieving their goals. It’s a feeling in someone that makes him/her to be dissatisfied of his/her attitude of what he or she is doing or have done. I have learnt to go ahead and do lots more with dissatisfaction with PMA so as to get rid of guilt and put my very best in what I am doing; this is an aiding factor just to get things done at the right time and properly.

The principles of Tom Dempsey that made him great has given me cause to rethink and realize the greatness that comes alive by developing a burning desire in achieving high goals; success is attained only by those that do not give up, practice makes permanence if I put in more effort and work harder, it will lead to desired dreams and success. I can use bad situations to motivate myself of being an achiever, and the most important to me is realization of the man’s greatest power which lies in the power of prayer.

With PMA I have to train my mind to interpret what I see. I sometimes fail to allow my brain to filter what I see and interpret what I see in my environment my mind is sometimes blind to my surrounding which enables me not to see anything beyond my eyes . I have learnt to be both nearsighted and farsighted. This is because the two are very important and should be applied simultaneously. Far sight looks at how to achieve my goals by starting step by step instead of fantasying and ‘building castles in the air’.

Looking at the ideas with fresh (new) eyes to see opportunities that lie around me, looking into the future for opportunities that are there to know the value to me to take me higher.

I have also learnt to see other people’s view point , abilities and capabilities so as to forge ahead to improve ourselves my elf having in mind that no one can ever be an island on himself or herself an no one is an epitome of knowledge. So when I share ideas with others and respect their point of view I gain more and get more ideas from others.

Asking self questions and others is of great essence on order to understand the things and phenomena that needs to be gotten cleared on. It may lead to great discoveries just like that of Isaac Newton, Dr. Plunket and the like. Asking self questions is related to being dissatisfied with a particular idea.

I have also learnt to use what I learnt earlier on from all spheres of life. Action is very important in getting things done (do it now). I have started using the pieces of advice I get daily can build me to be a better person in achieving my aims and objectives.

Mixing business and pleasure is a concept of making great profit. Doing things that are fun to me and applying it to my work will make the work easier and be able to accomplish a lot. Pleasure here stands as the motivating factor to continue the work not depending solely in the money but the commitment to my work.

The way I talk to people may either encourage or discourage them to work or give in the best they have. This is seen in the case of Thomas Edison’s mother, she believed her child had great abilities and able to give his best out despite the report she heard from his class teacher. Thomas Edison’s mother gave Thomas his confidence that he required to be a world inventor. I now believe that no one is dull but everyone is able and capable to do something meaningful and to achieve a desired goal.

I can be an encouraging figure with the words I say and what I write. Writing especially motivates lots of people. With this challenge, I will be either emailing my friends time to time, sending them text, just to make sure I try to encourage them at the time of need.

I have been challenged that God is interested in all my affairs if I just ask for help, desperate the need I encounter, I should call on him and He is always there to answer. One thing I should not forget is always give thanks to God for what He has done daily.

Using Other People’s Money also known as OPM is an idea that I hope to use in a particular project I hope to execute. There are some achievements that someone hopes to achieve and there is no money. The next option is to use OPM and having in mind to pay back at a specific time.

To use OPM to achieve a particular dream, I have been challenged by this book to be very honest, have a good reputation and have good integrity. These are characters that are all intertwined or knitted together. A good plan and OPM creates a large fortune, we can all see that even in life of Bill Gates.

Life and opportunities in life goes in a cycle, when I fail the first time, I should equip myself for success and the next time I get that opportunity I should get hold of it and correct pass mistakes and do the right thing with the help of PMA I will get it.
Finally, the quotation that gives me great challenge is “Anything in life worth having is worth working for”.

5. Are there ideas in the book that you totally disagree with? If so, why?


6. What did you find most helpful and least helpful in this book?

The things that I really found helpful and will carry me through life is the seventeen success principles, the principles that Tom Dempsey applied to his life and the knowledge that the origin of motivation is from the Bible.

7. In 50 words or less, please describe the main idea the book is trying to convey.

The book is trying to convey how best I can use my invincible talisman-PMA to attain a lofty height of success without violating God’s rules and the rights of my fellow men.

Please rate the following questions on a scale from 1 to 10. Ten is good and one is poor.

A) How interesting was it to read? 9
B) How helpful were the content? 10
C) How easy was it to understand? 9
D) Would you recommend it to others? 10
E) What is the overall rating you would give it? 9.5



Keys To Success
Assessment by Jeremiah Jibro (Nigeria)

1) What ideas were personally most important to you in this book?

Being definite in my purpose or goal is always the starting point in any journey to success or achievement. The definite purpose I have is what will create a burning desire, enthusiasm, passion to reach out and pursue the goal I need to, with all my strength, resources (money and human) and the like. Defining my purpose has a lot of advantages, such as to keep me focused, be self reliant, have or create personal initiative, imagination, self discipline, enthusiasm, concentrated efforts and the like. Others are specialization, budgeting time and money, alertness to opportunity, cooperation, application of faith and having success consciousness.

Making up my mind is a major purpose in life and the power of decision and choice is in me, this is also connected to definite purpose in life, this will create room for utmost performance and direction.

On the road to success or achieving goals, there are always curbs or obstacles that tend to push one off the way such as discouragement, things not working out too well, and the like. Faith is needed and applied so as to allow the mind to still recognize what it’s aiming for and able to overcome the power of discouragement and stress and apply faith with positive mental attitude which will make me correct the power of impressions and move forward. The consciousness to succeed will also make me to do what is very appropriate and get back in line despite all odds and obstacles.

Having a good plan is of great essence, but keeping it in mind will or may not make any difference. I need to share it with interested people around so as to keep that plan alive and make it a reality. Because in this world of ours, some people bring the plan, some execute them and others correct and give it a good finishing and will lead to success.

This will make anyone to look very useful to one another, because we need each other to make the best of ideas, trying what looks impossible, going the extra mile and lots more. The collective thoughts and efforts f like minded people results to lots of intangible power which is wealth.

Having a mastermind alliance as summarized above is of great essence. This is necessary for effectiveness and comprises of interested people, having the same mind set, education and knowing their functions and do not need to be told extensively. The ingredients that keep this alliance are trust in one another, understanding each others productive point of view, respecting each other and the manner and ability to work. I should learn to depend on my team for specialized knowledge. The mastermind alliance harmonizes its members and brings understanding.

I should learn to have a prayer style of thanksgiving and gratitude and I will get results much faster than I constantly request. Requesting may give room to doubts and unrealistic prayer but thanksgiving makes me see the plan in action and to affirm my desires in prayer morning and night.

Nature is something no one can change or amend. I have learnt to accept nature the way it comes without fear of things like death, rain, sleep and the like. But they should not discourage me from giving my best in what I find myself doing and achieve some goals in life.

In this world, there are drifters and doers. Drifters are not willing to sacrifice their time and money in anything they do and do not have a definite goal to achieve. But doers are always on track to achieve their definite goal and using their time and money wisely in attaining lofty heights.

2) Can you relate the ideas or concepts in this book to your personal circumstances in life such as your relationships, your beliefs, your goals, your values, e.t.c.?

In my general life there are things I hope to achieve and the basic things are the concepts of success. This book has brought more light or insight on how to apply the ideas or concept of success.

In my general life, there are things I hope to achieve and the basic things are the concepts of success in those more light in the way concepts and ideas of success are to be applied. And I have started adhering to them. In a man’s life, goals are set time after time so as to grow to high heights, but there are also steps to be taken. May my mind and character imbibe these key rules so as to attain the desired height. This book also covers the widest range of thoughts in my mind and in all my activities. It covers my spiritual, social, and political and has also increased my level of economic prospects. It has developed my spirit, mind and body.

In the spiritual aspect, faith was talked about and how to apply the faith. Faith according to this book and how far I have practiced it, allows my mind not to recognize any boundaries or restrictions in achieving goals. Applied faith works with Positive Mental Attitude which also makes me not to be afraid of set backs on the way but to use those set backs to forge ahead and be able to take the distractions or hardships behind of me to attain success.

This book has also put my mind in believing in prayer as the key thing to succeed and continue to lean on God as my all in all. I have learnt to put my burden or load on God and also believe in receiving answers. This has been working for me a lot of times, although sometimes I feel depressed in what I was doing, but God was and is always there to remove of disappointment. I have also learnt to thank God in my entire situation because I know He is in charge and capable of handling my affairs, so why should I disturb myself? I just do what I can do and put the rest in God’s hands.

Socially, I have learnt to work with people more and how to share my aims and objectives. Before now, I had a problem of expressing myself especially in goal getting because I thought people may not subscribe to it. I found out that this mastermind alliance brings higher success and achievement with ease. Other people in my mastermind alliance build on my ideas help out in achieving it to a great extent and I see myself doing little or nothing times with a good result. It has also helped me to be able to interact and to know the extent of help other people need and I can assist.

The idea of attractive personality works, but in some cases it works too much and one acquires a lot of friends that can overwhelm an individual. It is also good because it makes a lot of people to thrust me and build a strong circle of friends.

Politically, I have learnt to be very patient with people so as to achieve what we as a group are working for. I have also learnt to eliminate self interest in any thing I am doing especially if I am a leader in the alliance or member of the group. I have to give up my personal gains and work for the good of a large number of people. This will enable the members of the alliance to go extra miles and always like to participate in what they will benefit from. Personally, I have also seen the benefit of going the extra mile, I feel very accomplished if I do what I have to do without been told, although in some case my group members may not like to help out because of some restraints.

In my economic life and how to increase my prospects in life, I have realized that a creative personal initiative goes a long way to achieve success. It is a way of positioning my mind to succeed and to know the necessary steps to take and also to have a particular purpose and a good motive. This has also taught me to create something out of nothing, by this; I can help people, myself and my environment. This may also bring financial gains.

I have also learnt to give out of my wealth to charity and those that need love; this will enable more of the wealth to flow in and also to attain success.

Self- discipline has taught me that no matter how I try or believe in anything, I have to discipline myself and cut some bad habits away, bring new ones that are helpful and how best to balance my mind so as to attain success.

3) What are the most important new ideas or concepts you learned from this book?

Due to the dynamics of the mind and the large area it covers, the mind will continue to bring out new and important ideas that will enable me to be able to take charge and use it to my benefit and how to help others around.

A very important idea is the positive mental attitude. This application of PMA leads to success and the neglect of PMA and the application of Negative Mental Attitude lead to failure and make one not to have a burning desire to achieve anything or to move from a particular position to the other. PMA is of great essence to succeed.

My influence or my character can help build someone or destiny one. I can use my way of life or what I say or what I write to encourage others and give them a reason to live and the purpose to achieve.

I have come to realize that my life does not wholly belong to me because of my influence on others and it belongs to God. So I should use it for good of others and it belongs to God. So I should use it for good of others and the edification of the name of God. This can be done by accepting people the way they are, open my heart to be able to tolerate them, correct them where necessary, love them cause it the finest medication for my soul and body.

The concept of thinking accurately is of great essence and has opened my mind to have correct and have a productive thinking. The success or achievement of any organization like Global Leadership Institute was as a result of accurate thinking of some people with the intention to raise leader’s world wide. Thank God for that, though accurate thinking can come my way depending on what I always focus my mind towards and will create a beneficial experience with remarkable success.

Another new and important idea is to eliminate the habit of being credulous, which believes without having little evidence; it is a rival to accurate think because it leads to wrong results. Disbelieving anything that is not understandable. Accurate thinking helps to understand new ideas or unusual facts, not keep me from examining them.

In defeat, seeds of success are to be attained and appreciated for success driven ideas, never count losses, project the future success. Defeat has helped me to strengthen my will power and challenge my effort and see it as resistance. Defeat double chance of being an access.

Cosmic habit force is to serve me and not for me to serve it, taking control and subjugating things under my control and awakening my consciousness to take in what is good and acceptance to the environment and is right.

4) Has this book challenged or changed your thinking in anyway?

This book has challenged my thinking to success. This has helped me to be able to stand firm in the purpose I hope to achieve, to apply strictly the keys to success and use them with PMA.

This book has challenged me in all spheres of life and has shaped me to be able to forge ahead in all I do.

To be a little bit specific, this book has improved my thinking on being accurate and has enlarged my scope of thinking so as to attain whatever my mind can conceive even if it looks unattainable. How best I can apply faith into my life and depend totally on God by doing my part of the activities and leaving the rest to God. I have also imbibed in my mind to continue to give thanks to God in anticipation in what I want, it is faster gotten that way than always asking which might lead to little faith or doubt as the case maybe.

I have also been challenged to control my thought with the power of cosmic habit force and don’t allow myself to act any how by my unconscious mind.

Have been challenged never to be a drifter but be a doer. This is attained due to the time I spend in my work and the level of money I am able to sacrifice so as to attain lofty heights.

6) What did you find most helpful and least helpful in this book?

One of the ideas I found most helpful was building up the master mind alliance. This made me to be very careful in selecting my team to attain a particular goal, I found out that people about to be selected for the work had like minds and the people were more than the number required. The team is doing well and even pulling me to a high level of achievement. A curb in this alliance is finance but we are using the power of OPM (Other Peoples Money) to tackle the curb and I am optimistic about solving the problem. The idea of not being credulous might not sound important to other people, but to me, I have realized that some people bring up false sayings and the lie to deceive others. I have started acting strictly on a reasonable degree of evidence laid before me and should be genuine before I agree or make such stories as true.

Going the extra mile helps me and the people around me both in our relationship and respect. It also builds me towards doing great things without anyone asking me, this way sometimes bring great reward.

If I share my love with people around me, it is like a healing to my body and soul and love will saturate the environment and give room to understanding and good health.

7) In 50 words or less, please describe the main idea the book is trying to convey.

This book reveals essential principles of personal achievement and how, when, and where to apply them so as to make them effective and help bring success to reality.

A) How interesting was it to read? 9
B) How helpful were the contents? 9
C) How easy was it to understand? 9
D) Would you recommend it to others? 10
E) What is the overall rating you would give it? 9.5



Real Magic
Assessment by Jeremiah Jibro (Nigeria)

1. What ideas were personally most important to you in this book?

I have realized there are no accidents in this life: all the activities either good or bad that happen have purpose and they are directives to sharpen or mold me. The bad experiences that occur helps someone to be able to avoid the same happenings again in future and also help to build myself up and learn to withstand hardships. Some of the benefits that come with hard times are; suffering a times make me to be stronger, I have learnt to stop asking “why me”, but to learn good lessons from the occurrences that come my way.

Having a purpose is what describes a person’s life and gives such a person directions to follow and the guidelines to take. The occurrence of real magic comes as a result of having a purpose to work for. For message of my life is what I give, serve, how to show love and live in harmony, and there will be a great difference in my life and I should learn to reduce the habit of receiving all the time. My life without a purpose will be stagnant.

In order to experience the real magic in me, I should always be willing to learn and be a student with a receptive state of mind, because my teacher can come in any form at any time.

Another important idea is also to have the ability to control my thought. Having the power allows me to have total control of my actions. I have learnt never to be a product of uncontrolled mind but be able to control my thoughts.

In order to forge ahead, I have learnt to overcome my weaknesses by leaving them behind me and grow beyond them. This has created more opportunity for growth and miracles and allows my mind to think of ways to move ahead.

The world of real magic requires me to go beyond my rational mind and to enter the world of spirituality. To be a spiritual being, my mind has to know no bound and to attain spiritual experience. The thought of man is the only true reality and helps in creating opportunities to becoming my own miracle worker. The state of spirituality has given me the opportunity to touch my enviable self and know that it is the secret of my ultimate ability to create miracle. The great men that ever lived used their spiritual nature to manifest their physical attributes through their wonderful outcomes with their ideas. The world of spirituality looks inward for potentials, also sees people at being connected with ideas, and helps in meditation and controlling behavior.

Intention creates my reality. My intention is the energy of my soul which comes into contact with my reality. Anything I have in mind, I try to pursue, be it relationship, business, e.t.c and also make me aware of my spiritual nature. To change myself is to change my intentions. Being in charge of my intentions also makes me to be in charge of my world and be able to get what I want. This has helped me to push harder towards the mark of success.

I have also learnt to study the paradoxes. What I hate I tend to always do them because it makes me feel complete and what I want to do, I do not do them because I feel it hard to achieve. The truth is that I am complete without anything I should learn to be focused and control my habits and attitude.

Meditation is an act of solving problems within me before I put it to practice it. I have read about it and I have practiced it and it is working for me. Even in cases of uncertainties and doubts, meditation is the key to solving problems.

Rejoice in the prosperity of others: this will erode jealousy and sadness and can bring prosperity to me. Always see people’s success as yours and look forward to achieving mine or to have higher heights and I will succeed. The Bible also tells me to rejoice with those that are rejoicing and morn wit those that are mourning. This helps to feel each others happiness and sadness and also to create awareness to resolve any hitches needed.

To have good health, I have to watch the things I eat, drink and have to exercise to keep in shape, reduce the intake of junk food and never get addicted to alcohol, cigarettes or narcotic drugs to keep me moving but to simply work on my natural energy to achieve what I want, this will help me develop an enduring spirit.

To change the world, positive changes must first occur in the minds and in the attitude of people before anything can happen in the world; this is because situations have to be settled in the spirit before it is settled in the physical. The purpose to achieve or to change in our world is improving the habit of giving, serving and loving, and then a changed world will come to being.

2. Can you relate the ideas or concepts in this book to your personal circumstances in life such as your relationships, your beliefs, your goals, your values, e.t.c.

This book covers to a large extent, the generality of an individual and my life is not left out. This book has touched my spiritual, physical, environmental, health, relationship and my world at large.

My spiritual aspect of life is said to be the basis of all activities. Whatever happens in the physical owes its source from my spirituality, either knowingly or not. The world of real magic occurs in the dimension of spirituality. My spiritual life has being able to touch the invisible me and to work towards success. The spiritual me has helped me in meditation, in solving my problems, has helped me to forge ahead and learnt to leave my mistakes and struggles behind me for great success. I have been able to look inward for potentials to grow and to connect with people that have good and positive intentions.

My health is determined by my actions. Having a good health is having a sound mind. Before now, I use to think junk food is good for the body, but I now know that I have to give up all that and select rich and balanced diet, so as to have a balanced health. This act of been selective in the kind of food has enabled me not to be a patient in a hospital.

In my relationship wit people, I have allowed love to be the basis of our relationship. And I should not look for what I do not like to see in a friend, but concentrate on the things I will like to see and appreciate in a friend. This will strengthen the bond of friendship and will create better chances of understanding. I should not always be expectant but to be able to give out in all I do. Doing my part well and not seeing it as stress will make me do more and make the other party or parties to do their best.

In the world at large, changing it requires service, love and giving so as to transform the hearts and minds of people and giving them a look to the world that it’s not full of hatred, despise, wrong doings or separateness, we all need each other to grow, be it white or black.

3. What are the most important new ideas or concepts you learnt from this book?

The concept of nothingness; this concept has to do with the ability to know nothing or to feel empty towards a particular idea or towards everything. This behavior or act creates new ideas or approaches to succeed and even having a better intention to achieve anything. to provide miracles for me I also need to go beyond my five senses and try to experience new ideas, have wide thought, and meditate wide too and ideas will flow beyond my imagination. This has worked for me after I put it into practice.

Study the paradoxes: I can never be satisfied with the things I want. What I hate the most, I always long for and what I like, I hardly get. This is to say I am complete with who I am, I do not need anything to make me whole, be it money, alcohol, e.t.c. I should reduce my level of hatred for a particular habit or attitude but love some; this will enable me to continue to do what I love to do.

I cannot create prosperity if I believe in lack. If I believe in the attitude of acquiring and always looking for more, I will never be satisfied but to always long for more things and elongate the list of wants but knowing my needs and trying to achieve them can lead to success. I can not get prosperity through a job or work I do not have pleasure in, just because I want to pay my bills or take care of some things financially, but allow myself to flow well without serious struggles. In any organization I am working in, the primary purpose should be service, and gains and success will overwhelm me.

The power of Alpha meditation and physical practice. To attain good health, no matter how bad some one’s state or position is the power of alpha meditation and physical practice with affirmation can make one whole again. It may take a long time or a short time, as the case maybe. Any healing whatsoever starts from an individual’s mind. In me, I have realized the power to be healthy till I die naturally. The words of doctors is based on their knowledge and researches but my and knowledge and research is bound to change and improvement, I can create my own good health trough my beliefs and meditation. I also have to check what I take in and learn to say no to the food that can curse bodily harm.

4. Has this book challenged or changed your thoughts in any way?

This book has challenged me to use any situation I pass through as a learning process. I should face hardship or stress with PMA and see what I can achieve from it instead of always asking “why me”. This is because the experience of life are to guide me or mold me towards what I will face in future, and I should not always hang on to bad experiences, but let go of them and live beyond it. Let the days be days of enlightenment and not days of setbacks.

I have also been challenged not to wait to be given something, but I should be the giver because there is greater reward in giving than in receiving and will make me not to always be anxious to receive and to make it to be the basis of our relationship.

I should have a humble spirit and always willing to learn from a teacher, because I might not know when and in which form my teacher will come to make me achieve my miracle.

I have been challenged to allow my spirituality to dominate my affairs, this is because I will have no boundary, feel connected with people around the world, be focused, see my potentials, be guided by meditation and lots more. My spiritual being has a lot of effect on my physical things have to take place in the spiritual before it takes place in the physical.

I have also been challenged by the concept of nothingness so as to create new ideas. I should behave or pretend I am empty and be in a state of absolute dependence on God and my spirituality for new ideas, and they will come, they have been coming and will never stop coming.

I have also been challenged not to treat people harshly by using my size, money or influence to subjugate or try to control others, but to treat people with respect according to good conscience and human feelings, to interact with people soul to soul will lead to companionship, healthy relationship and will lead to achievement.

Never struggle to change or try to solve a problem without meditation, because meditation is an act of solving a problem in the mind before it is executed with great ease.

Real magic is available in everyday life, my miracle is watching me and having things to work right is waiting to be reached out for, my state of mind determines the above and all my transactions, relationships, e.t.c. it is left for me to think according to peaceful and faithful relationship with loved ones. Give out love in the midst of hatred (although it is difficult), misunderstanding, and it will give a positive result.

I have been greatly challenged that in a relationship I should not always watch out for things I do not want to see or experience because I will love to see and appreciate the outcome.

6. What did you find most helpful and least helpful in this book?

I can not get prosperity through a job or career I do just to have finance to pay my bills and have no pleasure in it, this is spiritual punishment. The essence of being able to flow in my career will bring out a lot of positive achievement, I have to create a primary purpose in life is service in all I do. I should learn to flow and give my best in my area of interest and it will lead to fulfillment.

Mind set is the basic ingredient for any miracle or magic. Whatever is in my mind that I want to achieve, I have to follow the necessary steps and belief in good result. I will reach my mark. Positive mind set is of essence too.

Our world needs change or reformation, and the power of spirituality which connects people around the globe can change the world and it is in the process of change. And can be achieved by a little group of people. Some issues that have been mitigated on world stage are racism, terrorism, fraud and the like through the help of agencies around the world known as non state actors.

Never disregard my intuition, I should develop a mindset towards obeying my inner voice so as to receive guidance and it’s also a way of receiving from the Lord. With this, I can receive instant instructions and perform them and will definitely lead to fulfillment.

7. In 50 words or less, please describe the main idea the whole book is trying to convey.

To achieve what will make me happy and creating steps to achieving them. Anything can work for me if I put my mind to it and make use of my miracle.

A) How interesting was it to read? 7.5
B) How helpful were the content? 8
C) How easy was it to understand? 8
D) Would you recommend it to others to read? 8
E) What is the overall rating you will give it? 8



What To Say When You Talk To Yourself
Assessment by Jeremiah Jibro (Nigeria)

1) What ideas were personally most important to you in this book?

All I am or what I hope to be is all in me and I can be anything I want to be with a good sense of direction of my thoughts and making my priorities right. The power of my thought can make me build my world.

I have come to realize why inspirational speeches do not really last long or become automatically permanent. This is because I overlook a lot of things such as knowing how the brain functions especially in achieving goals. The way it functions is how I treat it by inputting the right or the wrong ideas; the brain is like a servant of my mind by manifesting what the mind feeds it with.

My day to day conversation, interactions and attitude with people around me has either a negative or positive effect. It depends on me to either accept or decline the statements of people about me. Its better I filter or weigh the gravity about what is said towards me before I take it into my mind because it tends to create programs in my mind (dangerous or helpful). Whatever I think of always or put in mind to do, will always make me manifest such attitude is better and profitable to think of success rather than failure. The brain works according to what I tell it most and it will create just like an obedient servant, be it in my career, health or personal relationship.
Self programming with the help of Positive Mental Attitude will lead to success but with negative mental attitude, failure will appear. Self programming positions my mind and brain on how to work and how to go about doing things right. For good speech to work or motivations to work, I need to reinforce it always in order to correct my ways or maintain a particular attitude. its just like reading for exams, I cannot succeed if I go through my text books and note books once, I need to go over them again and again to retain the points and some explanations.

The missing ingredients I found out that makes motivation not to have a long lasting effect are permanence, having knowledge of physiological processes of the human brain and word-for-word set of directions.

Permanence is an ingredient that keeps reminding an individual to remain on track of success and persevere no matter what to reach the mark of success and also to practicalize what one was taught.

Knowing how the physiological processes of the human brain by believing success requires the strict adherence of rules that runs the brain and knows very well how it works.

Having a word-for-word set of directions helps an individual to be able to erase and replace any form of negative programming by having a direct control of my subconscious mind.

Self talk is what binds the three missing ingredients together and the ingredients forms glue that holds the keys to success that makes it permanent in an individual.
I have found out in this book that the motivation that lasts long is that one that comes from within, it will be permanent, but external motivation just carries an individual to a particular stage and needs to be re-enforced again. Any idea that is from within lasts long such as self help, self talk, self encouragement, e.t.c. .As a leader or member of a team, for an external motivation to work, it requires using good incentives without force, oppression, harsh talks, e.t.c but encouragement and the need to work together will bring out the best of that team.

To attain loft heights with any self improving concept, it has to be simple so that it will be put into practice without much stress or hardship.

Personal responsibility is the basis of an individual’s action and measures the level of accountability of a person and also reveals the determination of a person has to fulfill his/her obligation. To be responsible is very essential so as to live for myself, think for myself and work for myself because no one can ever do that for me for a long time, but i should take full charge of my business. What bring out the best in an individual is his spirit, conviction and hard work.

There are some things in life that we might not like to do, but i have to do them no matter what. What can help me to put things in order is to use situational self talk so as to adjust situations and how I see them and try to enjoy what I am expected to do and does it well with great zeal. This will make me happier with what I am doing and will create the best in me in that job, career or any other responsibility. I can like wise determine the kind of day I want to have either good or bad day through out – I just need to take charge.

2) Can you relate the ideas or concepts in this book to your personal circumstances in life such as your relationships, your beliefs, your goals, your values, e.t.c?

The concepts of this book have made me to live life the way I want it to achieve what I want to and to fail where I want to. Every thing depends on me as an individual. Nevertheless, as an individual grows speeches, attitudes and characteristics of his /her environment shapes the person’s way of thinking or programming as the book states. This forms directly or indirectly the attitude or the programming of the individual. It is left for him/her to choose the good things from people and drop the wrong ones so as to have the right programming for achievement. Having a good attitude is gotten through self talk, self determination and the internal motivation to change.

In my relationships with my friends and loved ones, I have considered the relationship to be a nice one and never to look for offences so as to have hitches in the relationship. In my work with my co-workers or team mates, I have learnt to use incentives and appreciative speeches to motivate them to give out their best in what they are suppose to, and encourage them to see the need to do what they are doing properly because internal motivation will be best so as to take them for a very long time.

An important idea just as the one above revealed the secret of long working ideas or motivations which has to do with permanence in an individual’s life, knowing how the brain works in the area of data collection and using and the emphasis on the use of words so as to direct individuals mind to success.

I have realized that in success, attaining such heights can look unattainable but a step to start the journey makes it easy. What ever I have to put into consideration to achieve it has to be simple if not, there might be stumbling blocks or an individual might relent in the pursuit of his/her goal.

On a general note, if I want anything done, either personal or in the society, I have to program myself positively towards attaining that, if it is not working, I have to start again to make it effective. And for anything to work for me as in my motivations, I have to go over the tips over and over again so as to make it permanent in my mind, brain, spirit and soul.

3) What are the most important new ideas or concepts you learned from this book?

Understanding the inner workings of the brain I now know that my brain accepts information and put it into practice. When my mind always feeds my brain with certain ideas, my brain will surely work towards achieving such an objective or will create the necessary step to bring it to a reality.

Thanks to the power of re-enforcement which leads to permanence and perfection and success. For an individual to be able to change his/her attitude, concepts and ideas have to be enforced so as to make it permanent in one’s life.

I have also learnt to filter what I learn and see in my environment so as to be able to get good results; this is because they have adverse effect on an individual. it is better to take in what can reproduce good character than a bad one. I should also have a view about life and try to be a little but flexible when need be so as to keep me on track on who I am.

In my attitude, I should never pass down my bad attitude that I do not want to see in my younger ones such as shouting unnecessarily, discouragement of all sort, e.t.c., because such bad character can pass to younger generations and we see it as something that can not be changed, but to discipline myself and try to give words of encouragement.

I have also learnt that there is always a chain reaction in what I feel or think. My programming goes a long way to determine my behaviors. I have to be in control of my with self talk so as to get good actions. Programming affects beliefs; belief affects our attitude, attitude affect feelings, and feelings bursts into actions. I have to be in total control of my emotions, because they direct my actions either positively or negatively. The reason of self talk is responsibility, it’s a way of meeting a need or finding solutions to some work and positioning my mind to tackle a particular problem and responsibility is the essence of life.

For an individual to attain peak performance, he/she needs to be convinced, must be hard working and to have the spirit to carry on with the work.

4) Has this book challenged or changed your thinking in anyway?

This book has challenged me to know myself better; it has led me to examine myself from my mind to my actions. I have also learnt the workings of the brain and know what I should feed my brain with because their will be result at a later date.

This book has also made me to have permanent success or retain it in my everyday life through the power of re-enforcement. The attitude or habits I need to change have to be re-enforced all the time and taking the prerequisite steps to stop such an attitude.

In working with a team, it is wise to achieve good results by giving good incentives to boost the output of my members. Trying to judge or reconfirm an individual programming (bad especially) will only make matters worse, so I should try build people instead of destroying them.

I have to be careful with the ideas I belief in because it produces what i say and will lead me to give more likely a wrong image of myself. I have to take responsibility of my actions, choices and not depending on another individual, but to handle things my own way.

In an individual’s life, there situations that come our ways that we never intended for ourselves, but i should try and get the best of every opportunity by putting into practice the situational self talk so as to position myself towards success.
The ingredients of a good and workable self talk are: putting positive words in present tense, being specific, getting the job done without any grumbling but fully beneficial, selecting a simple and recallable words and practicable and to be honest to myself first and then to others will bring out the best in me.

6) What did you find most helpful and least helpful in this book?

What I found most helpful was to belief more in myself as being complete and capable to give my best if I put my mind to it. I do not need to lean on anyone else to be the best. I can do anything because I see things from my view and have a purpose to fulfill on earth which is different from everyone. My success will come out from my spirit, deep conviction and hard work.

No idea was least helpful because a myriad of the ideas are building me up.

7) In 50 words or less, please describe the main idea the whole book is trying to convey.

I can be what I think of myself and give out what I belief I can give out only by myself through my own communications both inwards and outwards.

A) How interesting was it to read? 8
B) How helpful were the contents? 9
C) How easy was it to understand? 9
D) Would you recommend it to others? 10
E) What is the overall rating you would give it? 9



Giant Steps
Assessment by Jerry Jibro (Nigeria)

1. What ideas were personally, most important to you in this book?

Natural things or natural occurrences cannot be stopped but I can control my response to them and give good actions or reactions to the natural occurrences around me as results.
There is never a failure, but a result to any action I give out, whenever I do, a result pops out from it. So it is better I give my all what I am doing applying it with the right attitude so as to get the right thing or attain success. Doing otherwise and being lazy will also fetch me what I deserve.

I saw that in my team recently, where we were thinking we had lots of ‘stars’ in soccer this made us not to train for the competition ahead of us, we were amazed by the out come because we did not win any of the matches we played. Team work and quality practice is needed for any success if it’s in a team and the same applies to individuals on a general basis.

The decisions an individual makes goes a long way to changing any situation. An individual needs to know precisely what he is working towards and to have a focused mind. The decision of having a focused mind will lead one to his/her desired goal.

In whatever I want to do, achieve, attain or acquire my sense of personal well being and wealth of mind lays the foundation. To make any achievement strong, I need to build a fortified foundation so as to be able to carry the achievement all the way.

An ingredient that doesn’t need to be left out in attaining success in life is brainstorming for rich and productive ideas, try to give to give time for the ideas to mature, making priorities right, writing down ideas and carrying out explorations.

Persistence in what I do will overshadow talents which is most treasured in shaping life which leads to commitment that enables one to get the goals while interest in or on a particular thing will help stir that individual.

Joy and happiness brings success closer to an individual. They are essential for positive results and still keep an individual on track in whatever he/she is doing and will give out nothing but the best in his work. They also build up relationships among loved ones and friends.
The way I handle pain is very essential to what I hope to do. Pain is effective and useful to me when I bring out the lessons I need to, to learn and correct my mistakes. Some good things I hope to get in life are covered by pain or challenges before I reach the desired goal; I have to persevere if I really want to attain lofty heights.

Instead of fighting my natural instincts, I should try and change what I associate with my conditions when I am faced with pain or challenges and to use it positively.

Have fun in life’s puddles, is a lesson I have found helpful. This means I have learnt to have fun in ‘hard times’ ie stage in life that seems not to be going well at all. I have also learnt to laugh and to feel ease in stressful times and my situation will change and will be handled with utmost

What is paramount in either creating or destroying anything or situation is my belief. So, what I belief I am and capable of producing is what I will give out. It is advisable or appreciable if I belief in the best of me.

It is wise I avoid falling into the trap of trying undesirable pass mistakes, habits or emotions, it may reoccur over again may form a circle or be worse of than the previous time.

The use of metaphor in statements brings out certainty. They are capable of providing hope, by looking at life with a positive purpose and working toward it. I can change the metaphors that are not working for me in passing through my situations and it will help me to have a better new in how I deal with circumstances.

I have seen the necessity in cultivating the emotions of love and warmth. This will enable me to have a good relationship with those around me and the mode of my communication with people will be healthy and I will learn to appreciate people all the more.

The secret to good living is giving; the ultimate gift in life is the meaningful manner of touching lives. This is done by having compassion on the less privileged. I have learnt how to live well and also help others to do likewise.

The essence in life is to have values but attaining values can only evolve by placing and obeying the right rules to meet those values. Values make an individual to remain focus in whatever he/she intends to do and to follow a particular procedure.

Limited experiences create a limited life. To attain wealth and growth, I must increase my references by pursuing ideas and experiences that wouldn’t be a part of my life. In other words, people with little or no experiences can be seen as pointless/ baseless because they may have no destruction at all i.e totally limited or constrained. I have learnt to expand my references in order to expand the scope of my life in my environment, community even in my personal life encounters. References are determined by the people around me and the conversation I involve myself with. To get the right ones, I have to be at the good place conversing good things in order to have positive references.

After reading lots of tips to be better person with good attitude, there is a great need to pool all the ideas and put them into practice, so as to appreciate the book the writer which is really the essence of the book by creating giant steps in life.

The power of sincere and selfless contributing have been seen to be the deepest life’s and true fulfillment one can ever achieve. I have been challenged to start now so as to be better done or to contribute a lot to the growing world.

2. Can you relate the ideas or concepts in this book to your personal circumstances in life such as your relationships, your beliefs, your goals, your values, e.t.c.

In my relationship with people, I have learnt to be very careful with the choice of words I use, because it can aggravate quarrels or discourage people around in whatever we hope to do. Relationships need understanding, having long talks with your friends and love ones, this will lead to better relationships. I have learnt not to jump into conclusions due to my friends actions but always ask why he/she did that. If I know a person well, whenever the person is misbehaving, I will know that is not the real him/her, he/she will come back to his/her senses in a short while.

I have understood fully well that my belief can take me to any length to do any of any sorts. Whatever I believe in, I might feel it is the right thing. I have to hold on to right beliefs in achieving anything and also to be a little bit flexible in my beliefs so as to enrich myself and to be rational in the way I can. Whatever I believe in develops into conviction and will definitely lead to my actions or reactions. Beliefs are gotten from my experiences and conversation with people. Good friends create good conversation which leads to positive references and beliefs too. Beliefs are crucial in any achievement.

In setting goals, I have to make sure I am doing something worthwhile which will be of benefit to others around me, which is real success. Goals are linked directly or indirectly with values; values are important and tells me what I am worth and can go the extra mile to attain my desired goal but I cannot do without rules because the set boundaries of what I should and what I should not to do keep an individual from not been mislead.

3. What are the most important new ideas and concepts you learned from this book?

Brainstorming is an important element that I cannot do without if I want to get the best of what I intend to do. Brainstorming is an art of creating different views in solving a problem. Brainstorming on the other hand can be seen as seeking the possible solution to a particular obstacle. By this, it gives an individual a wide scope of understanding a problem or need and how to meet it.

Pains are necessary for better achievements. Pains revealed to me by this book, should be taking as a way of slowing me down to look well and modify the things I am doing so as to be perfect in it. Mixing pain and pleasure is the best way to pass through any hard time, I have to learn from it and apply it so as to be a better achiever and never to loose focus.

I create my beliefs by the occurrences that happen around me and the meanings I give to them. In life, whatever a person gives a meaning to a particular circumstance, that meaning sticks to it and the significance will become very important.

Asking questions is a way of being inquisitive. This is a strong desire to know a particular thing a know about a particular occurrence. People that ask questions always have answers and are guided. World inventions came about asking reasonable questions.

Questions also open the mind to receive a lot of knowledge. This makes an individual to have a wealth of reference so as to be able to produce good results. Questions lead to challenges. I have it in my mind to ask questions and understand anything and not to just assume.

Change occurs when I condition myself to change. It is very vital I know the process of conditioning to help me when I want to change my programming in everything I want to be in my hands. So I have to condition myself to positive change so as to attain lofty heights.
I have discovered the five keys to financial mastery and they are: the ability to create wealth i.e to make what I am doing better or to add 15 times value to it; maintain wealth by spending less than what I earn and invest the difference; increase my wealth by reinvesting my returns for compounded growth; protect my wealth legally by experts and enjoy my wealth by giving on to the needy and to link pleasure with what I am doing to encourage me the more.

Contributing positively to people is what keeps someone’s memory in people’s mind even after death. Contribution can be in cash or in anyway profitable to the people you are giving it to. Cash way of contributing is giving out to the needing and making them have financial intelligence, in a kind way, try and share love, being patient and humble to people around, that is a natural healing to me and others around.

4. Has this book challenged or changed your thinking in anyway?

A way I have planned to increase my reference is by reading a lot of books, and in circumstances that occur around me, I should not be quick to judge anything but reasonably have a right approach to it. This will go a long way to help me understand life situation. Another way to increase my reference is a way of having experiences; it’s a way of teaching oneself without really having teacher. This will further enhance the way to productive thinking.

In making any decision, I have to put it my unconscious mind that it will determine my tomorrow (future).

Imagination is more powerful than knowledge according to Einstein. This is because when an individual imagines success, he/she success. In order to succeed today, I must have the concept of continuous improvement as a daily principle. I should always seek for ways to increase my output and myself everyday so as to measure up to the improving world.

I should use the words that usually discourage or weigh myself down but transform the words to metaphoric powers to make one stronger and encouraged. Words have strong impact on an individual’s life. So that should make me very careful with the words I use to describe my condition of health, mind and the like. Words builds and can also destroys me and others around, I should make it a point of duty to have a wealth of vocabulary so as to be able to keep myself and others alive by the words I use. Words also describe one’s intention. Transformationary vocabulary helps to eliminate patterns of pain and also increase their pleasure.

I should have a code of conduct to always move on track and to put what I have learnt into practice with utmost care and concern. Always expect miracles to create ways where there are none.

6. What did you find most helpful and least helpful in this book?

What I found most helpful in this book is to give out the ultimate gift i.e contribution. I will never imagine where the gift I give any man can go to help an individual in his/her life’s pursuit.

I should never withhold anything from people, be it gesture, cash or the like.
This is a way of improving love and warmth across the world and to reduce the feeling of uncertainty and suspicion.

7. In 50 words or less, please describe the main idea the whole book is trying to convey.

Using the power of choice and decision making with positive ideas to be able to improve my present state (situation), in my relationship, finances, health, emotions and other spheres of life to a state of success and fulfillment.

A. How interesting was it to read? 9
B. How helpful were the content? 9
C. How easy was it to understand? 8
D. Would you recommend it to others? 9
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 9



Nonviolent Communication
Jeremiah Jibro (Nigeria)

1. What ideas were personally most important to you in this book?

Words are used in communication in our everyday life, they are very powerful and can lead to one’s happiness or sadness or even destruction in some cases. But what is of utmost important is how connected I remain in my compassionate nature as I select words for communication.

Nonviolent communication will be represented by NVC. NVC is to help me to remain in my right attitude behavior no matter how bad the situation might be. It will help me not to merely react to what people say or do, but to understand them fully and reply or not to reply depending on the situation. But if I choose to reply, I should reply in a coordinated matter that my mood will be good constructive ideas to get the right words to handle the situation.

Giving is an action that helps individuals to grow i.e both the giver and the receiver. Giving from the heart is done with great joy so as to enrich a person no matter the inconveniences I pass through but, what is to make sure I deliver what I have to offer to be free from my conscience and to feel happy. When I reach such a position, I will give out whatever it takes.

The components of giving from the heart are observing the situation without jumping into conclusion, the feeling after observing the action either I am happy or sad the needs of our feeling I have identified; request to the other person so as to enrich ourselves or situation that will be better for the both of us. These components of NVC are essential in giving out and in receiving any conclusions.

The commitment that brings violence out of an individual with us is known as “life-alienating communication”. This communication takes an individual from his/her natural state of compassion.

A moralistic judgment brings out the part of behavior that is not in harmony with our values. It can be seen by saying the problem with you is your noise or eating habits. This is an act of quick judgment and a space for understanding is not available or there will be no chance of being flexible. This is due to our needs they are differed which makes us or me insensitive to other people’s needs around us. When I judge an individual, it may result to violence because that individual feels whatever he/she is doing; he/she is right in order to meet he/her needs.

Comparing people or group of persons with another is also a form of judgment. This is because individuals tend to do things in ways they know best with the ability they have. Trying to compare an individual’s work and another person results to judging their works. Everyone has a standard to work with which also relates to friendship. I now know better, never to compare my friends because everyone has his/her endowments and a combination of friends builds a unity and strength which also drives away any form of weakness.

Placing demands on people can bring about violent communication. A mode of NVC to a servant, son, boss, daughter, father or anyone makes things to be done well and in good time. Demanding or forcing an individual may bring about eye service or hypocrisy and might not be done properly. Compassion should be used in interaction so as to receive and give out helpful conversation.

I should observe people and do not try to criticize or evaluate them. Encouraging people without making them feel bad. A productive communication is when individuals identify and express their feelings clearly, it will help in crisis situation by solving it. Learning to take responsibility of my feelings, this means, I will be in control of the way I think which will reflect in how I behave or react. Another person’s action should not get me angry. I can be stimulated to react in a particular manner but never to allow a situation of person to make me have a particular feeling.

In making request, I need to use positive language by saying what I need expressly and not trying to argue to another person or trying to prove that the other person is wrong or not. I also need to perceive the other person’s needs or feelings; this will be of great essence if I intend to persuade such an individual.

The essence is an act of emptying oneself to listen with all my sense fully what another person is passing through. This will reveal possible solutions to the person’s problem.

2. Can you relate the ideas or concepts in this book to your personal circumstance in life such as your relationships, your beliefs, your goals, your values, e.t.c?

The impacts of NVC cannot be overemphasized. It covers all the spheres of life. Since communication is vital to our communication in words or otherwise, I have to select words suitable for communication and also the manner of doing that.

In my everyday life, NVC is essential and of immense benefit in my relationship which encompasses my family, friends, and the like. Things such as characters, attitude and the like, NVC can solve the toughest problems, can calm an individual can with the use of empathy and soft words and can change any bad relationship of husband and wife, friends, brothers and the like to a loving and workable relationship.

When I am in school with my colleagues, I found out that the period I talk and use a little empathy by trying to feel what they are going through, I observe I get more friends and people that are willing to share their problems with me. This makes us to have less or no conflicts at all and when I am in need especially in finance, they are willing to give out what they have to make me happy. Friendship is a two way thing. I have learnt to try to solve the other person’s hard times to the best of my capability and they do the same.

At home, where I tend to express my needs expressly in a truthful and honest manner, I tend to receive positive response beyond my imagination. NVC with my brothers has led to closer ties and greater bonding. The days that we were younger, we had a lot of clashes due to the words and attitude we had. But as we grew, we found out that each one had a charisma he had to offer that the other did not have, and the only way to achieve success is by unity, we had no choice but to perceive each other’s needs and try to know the best for each other. The choice of words has heightened the love and care.

I intend to work more on myself in the aspect of characteristic and reduce reacting to people’s speeches in the way I can. I am also trying to see how quick I can perceive people’s needs. Empathizing is an act I need to be perfect in so as to help myself and others around me.

3. What are the most important new ideas or concepts you learned from this book?

No matter the conversation I receive or perceive that may be hurting, I must remain connected with my compassionate nature. That is the only way to change any circumstance. According to Etty Hellesum, the best way to communicate to people is either by listening or speaking. An individual does that everyday, operating no one before the other. She uses the approach of NVC which is a state of compassion where violence has subsided from the heart, to be known as compassionate communication. This involves interacting with people with great joy and to get the best out of the conversation by delivering the best I have.

I have learnt to avoid using life-alienating communication since I now know its effects on people which involves moralistic judgment or by demanding from people. This has to be done so as to get the best out of my colleagues, friends and family members. This is away of respecting each others feelings so as to fulfill each others desires.

Where the use of force becomes inevitable, NVC has to differentiate between the protective and the punitive use of force. Protective use of force is to prevent injury or injustice while the punitive use of force is to cause individuals to suffer for their perceived misdeeds which involves physical or psychological attack such as spanking or using abusive words such as “how could you be so stupid?” or “ you should be ashamed of yourself”.

I have learnt not to look at others with problems, but I should try to focus what I truly need and hope for as to create a peaceful state of mind. This can be done by looking inwards and knowing my needs and desires because, people cannot say what we have in my mind or try to solve my problem.

In appreciation people, I should celebrate the person and what he/she has done and not to appreciate the person because I want to manipulate the person to attain by selfish desires. It maybe successful at the initial stage, but when the person finds out, I will only get the bad side of the person. Everyone wants to be appreciated and noticed.

4. Has this book challenged your thinking in anyway?

This book has challenged the manner I handle my relationships of any kind since communication is of utmost importance in relationship with people. There is a parlance which says “kindness is a language that can calm the wildest person”. I look at NVC to be a form of kindness which can be seen given to a person even in a tough situation. A person that seems to be hard can be bent by kindness. So, I have been challenged to give out a compassionate communication with kindness in relating to others so as to have a healthy relationship and also not to have a mind of comparisom or judging mind when receiving from people but to try and perceive and understand the needs and desires of people.

NVC shows a way of calm reaction to a particular person that no matter how horrible we look at our relationship with people, just a little compassionate statement and showing of little kindness can change the whole situation. So I should not allow myself to reach such a situation. To change such situations, I have to spend time with the individuals, understand the other person, know their needs and what they hope for and we will walk on the path of compromise that will be suitable for both of us. So sticking to NVC is a way of keeping friends rather than enemies.

5. Are there ideas in the book that you totally disagree with?

I do not totally disagree with the idea below, I will appreciate it if it is explained or clarified. I am kind of confused.

“The intention behind the protective use of force is to prevent injury or injustice, never to punish or to cause individuals to suffer, repent or change.”

Does the above statement mean, if a child does something not in accordance with a particular law or instruction which he/she has done? As in when we sin against God, we repent because we know we have sinned, but if someone tells me what I have done is not in accordance with God’s law, does it mean he/she is not using NVC but judging?

I feel punishment comes in different manners, it can be through finding the needs and observing one’s feelings but will be made to change such an attitude like the boy that went out with his uncle’s car and his dad made him to go and tell his uncle and apologize or tell him the reason why he took his car without telling his uncle. That I think is a sort of punishment or spanking and making the boy to be responsible for his actions and next time he will know the better procedure to take a car out. What do you think?

Patterning the biblical saying,”spare the rod and spoil the child”. To me, it has a lot of meanings such as, if you see a child or anyone not behaving well or going the opposite direction of God’s word or even going against the rule of equity, good conscience or justice. Not sparing the rod which may have many meanings, may see it in one way as trying to know the person’s opinion and trying to suggest possible solutions to his/her position as of that time or that to correct some pitfalls.

6. What did you find most helpful and least important in this book?

What I found most helpful is how to select the words I use to communicate to people so as to give them a life worth while and not to destroy them. That is what NVC is all about.

NVC helps us connect with each other and ourselves in a way that allows our natural compassion to flourish, it helps is to listen and express ourselves and others by observing, feeling what we need and enrich ourselves.

7. In 50 words or less, please describes the main idea the whole book is trying to convey.

To teach people to communicate properly with themselves to transform their relationships, expressing their (our) needs with understanding and to meet our needs simultaneously.

A. How interesting was it to read? 8
B. How helpful were the content? 9
C. How easy was it to understand? 9
D. Would you recommend it to others? 10
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 9



Leadership For Dummies
Jeremiah Jibro (Nigeria)

1) What ideas were personally most important to you in this book?

All leadership positions are not for a life time, they are temporal with exceptions with monarchial thrones which in most cases start when the individual is matured to a certain degree. The sense of leadership comes up due to a need, a goal and the willingness of a person to take up responsibility. When a leader uses the chances he or she has to succeed then his followers will believe in his ideology and will give in maximum cooperation but when the leader doesn’t succeed in most of the chances he or she sees, perceives or is given, most of his or her chances or opportunities, the followers will then begin to look out for other places or another leader elsewhere for another leader opportunities. I have realized that as a leader, one cannot meet the needs of every member of his or her team or to satisfy everyone that has something in connection to do with the team. The leader on the other hand is required to check out or have an idea of the majority of the people’s needs and pursue the common goal for a higher percentage of the people that will supercede that of the rest and be of little benefit to them.

In developing as a leader, I have to be courageous in everything I do so as to be able to face different situations and to come out successful as well. This will enable me to be able to handle risks, trials, goodtime and struggling times and be able to handle all the situations with utmost bravery. When a leader doesn’t have courage, he or she will be influenced or directed by the wind of any situation which will eventually bring confusion that will not be able to attain anything.

I have noticed in this book that leaders are not born, but people are trained and equipped to be leaders: I can also have the spirit of leadership by training myself or others training me to be able to persevere through situations by hard work and the chances and availabilities I will have and able to put them to maximum use will make me to evolve as a good leader.

As a leader, I am expected to put my brain to work by trying to bring out the best situation by using the attitude, potentials, resources of people and other resources and mine by so doing, I will come out with good result. A leader should not feel some information are not important and some are, but be able to listen to all suggestions and requests then I will be able to sort workable ideas that will lead to success. I can sort useful information by using my experience, intuition, intention and negotiations with the entire members of the group. I shouldn’t repeat successful tips on similar situations that I was successful, but I should give room for reformations and increase new ideas that will lead to new styles and outcomes.

In order to be successful as a leader, I have to work with a clarified vision, an understanding mission that ought to be accomplished and simple enough to achieve. The priorities of the group have to be put straight so as to have a clear picture of what I should venture in as a leader. This is necessary if success is desired.

Organizations, firms or people that produce good products or good services are due to the close relationship existing between the leader, the group being led, the mission and the ultimate goals of the group and their abilities to overcome hitches or troubles on the way because of their oneness and unique strategies. This group is also able to try to bring the strengths and weaknesses of everyone so as to complement themselves where a member of the group is absent or lagging in an aspect so as to reach the desired goal. This group or people or firms were able to reach maximum performance of group members to be able to sacrifice their time as well as their extra time to be able to reach where the are, we can see sacrifice, joy in doing what one is doing, ability to forge ahead and trying to set daily, monthly and an annual goals.

2) Can you relate the ideas or concepts in this book to your personal circumstances in life such as your relationships, your beliefs, your goals, your values, e.t.c ?

Leadership can indeed be pleasurable and at some point be like going through endless valleys and coming out over and over again. But in most cases when things happen in ways one expects or the other, the key things that an individual must note and always put at the fingertips is the qualities of the leader and the purpose why he or she is occupying that position.

Actually, its not in all cases that an individual chooses on his or her own volition to be a leader, it might be due to a lot of advice, persuasion, nomination and the like, but the individual must elicit the cooperation of his group members or people that come across the leader in his endeavor to meet his goals and trying to place other people’s needs before considering the leader’s needs. Sincerely, being a leader and meeting other people’s needs before mine will be very hard maybe that’s why leaders are said to be given double anointing, but leaders still have to do that, that’s the way to have a formidable group and the ability to carry them along in every thing the leader and the group want to do.

In like manner, I was a leader of a group and I found out that, most of the times when I wanted to insist on my way to do things, I ended up doing it on my own instead of it being a group thing, that is to say the group members were not interested and will bring them no joy, but the moment I started listening to others and group members, work became easier and easy going for everyone, more ideas were added and the willingness to do more with enthusiasm brought a lot of success and the feeling of haven achieved a desired goal and was the group’s victory and joy this time and not only for me or others on my side as was done initially. So imposing an idea by a leader of a group will certainly not lead to success but be cooperative and be realistic in pursuing goals.

A leader should always have the temporal idea of leadership in his or her mind so as to be able to work in a certain time frame and to be able to give in maximum planning and practice so as to reach the mark before time will be up. This idea has really being of help to me and to manage the wealth and scarcity of time at the same time to achieve what the group had to without many laxities and procrastinations, although we met set backs on the way in group members. It looked as if I wanted to execute the world’s project; another thing that helped was to place priorities on different goals and the use of the available resources we had at any given time.
Before I handed over, I was able to achieve what I planned to an extent and wanted for my time to elapse. And also to pass on the dream I couldn’t achieve due to lack of sufficient funds overtime and due to their long term nature.

There is a slogan that says “information rules the world”. A leader is supposed to be vigilant with the current issues that are happening around. In areas of business group, a leader should be able to know new government policies on economic matters that is of influence to the business, and for other types of group to see more opportunities to spread or to have more influence. Information also includes the basic roles and obligations of group members so as to keep everyone on track and the manner to operate effectively and to take correction if need be.

In any situation, a leader has to have close relationship with his group members in order to be a winning team for proper understanding, a major belief in the group should be that of attaining victory and values should be working towards the set rules. In religion or any organization, there is always leader and followers, this book gives a scope for every kind of leadership and how to succeed in a group set goals. The family setting which is the smallest unit in the society is not left out and has a great influence on the individuals of any community.

3) What are the most important new ideas or concepts you learned from this book?

There are no natural leaders, leaders are trained and cultured in the way and manner to coordinate situation. It relies on the individual to do it effectively and give himself or herself to it so as to reach peak performance by abiding by the qualities of a leader and most importantly, should have a listening ear so as to do what is required and embracing by their followers that will be the determination of success.

Leaders make mistakes, what should different good leaders and others is the ability to be able to heed to correction and to learn from the previous mistakes. Leaders have to be careful because mistakes are very detrimental to the growth of any group and can lead to the fall of any group. But a leader should be able and courageous to be able to save any failing situation with bravery and cautiousness.

I have learnt to make good reasonable and important choices as a leader which is paramount. They are choosing among goals to pursue which have to be realistic, attainable and that which will meet the needs of the group and some members of the society; choosing among mission i.e using a particular strategy or method in achieving the set down goal and lastly choosing among people, this has to do with reasonably picking people that are willing, hard working, people with potentials and the ability to put it to work and not on the ground that the person is not a mere friend or a brother.

4) Has the book challenged your thinking in anyway?

This book has challenged my thinking to be an outstanding leader by sticking and holding unto the qualities of a good leader which are choice of been a leader, eliciting cooperation and putting the needs of others over and above mine.
An important concept is listening carefully to what people have to say, they do not need to be so sensible or reasonable but I should listen then later, I can sort the idea that has the majority and the ability to achieve a lot.

I should not use old strategies of success to achieve any other goal afterwards but the need to be innovative should be there and the ability to increase the methods or manners of operations so as to give a new flavour to any thing I am doing.

I have learnt to acknowledge the power of communication in any team. Where there is vital information, there will be no enhancement of cooperation. At a point in my team, there came a time where there was many groups among the real team because there was only information to a few and many others were left out of the picture, this brought a lot of set backs.

6) What did you find most helpful and least helpful in this book?

I have seen although not expressly in this book, that a leader is the first man or woman in any group or team, but what sustains the leader in that position is the ability to harness the group members to work through cooperative efforts, understanding, love in certain instances, care and the ability to give their best. This is when the leader is not self centered or controlled by his or her emotions or even full of himself or herself not able to listen to others ideas or perception and to put his or her needs over a majority of people’s needs.

7) In 50 words or less, please describe the main idea the whole book is trying to convey.

This book is trying to convey how an individual can develop practical strategies and the accurate tips for developing leadership skills for a day to day life, in every way and not to depend in the ideology of natural endowed leader.

A) How interesting was it to read? 7
B) How helpful were the contents? 8
C) How easy was it to understand? 9
D) Would you recommend it to others? 8
E) What is the overall rating you would give it? 8



Goal Mapping
Assessment by Jeremiah Jibro (Nigeria)

1. What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in the book?

The main idea that the author is trying to convey in this book is: attaining a successful life with goal mapping. What inspired the author, Brian Mayne, is the question; why are some people so much successful than others? This led him to developing the goal mapping system.

The author made a lot of efforts treating areas relating to business, he broke down areas ways to succeed in school, i.e education, in the family relationship, career and other essential aspects of life. This he did by setting methods of goal mapping from our intentions to the achieved goals which I saw as magic.

An individual always has an idea in him or her, but it only turns out to be achieved if the right steps or procedures are taken which is only found in goal mapping. Goal mapping according to the author impacts our left and right brain by using imagery, the language of subconscious, bringing words, pictures and symbols together to create extraordinary power to execute our intentions. This implies the putting in our whole being i.e every resource we have to attain a particular goal.

Goal mapping is a vital ingredient for success in any area of life, in any endeavor, individual or a collective group.

2. What were the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why it was important to you.. Use personal examples from your own life.

The seven (7) ideas that were most important to me are;

i) Life itself is a goal: the general goal in life is survival, both by human beings or animals. Human beings have gone further from only surviving, but also to be happy by making progress. Being happy can mean making our environment comfortable both for ourselves and those around us. The only way that is possible is having an idea and setting goals. That is how to keep our dreams in the light and also alive.

This idea is very important to me because I tend to see life not only for myself (survival) but a place to impact on my life and also in the lives of others. If I only progress in life and my environment is not, it does not really show sign of full success and happiness. So I intend to fill in other people’s needs in mine through goal-setting to achieve my life’s goal.

ii) Creating intentions from the heart: this signifies love, and love has an unprecedented force, achievement and it helps to bring out the best to achieve my desires and makes it easier so as to touch lives, this eventually puts smile on people. Love goes a long way with patience and compassion which enables one to give out his or her best in helping others.

This is important to me because it encourages me to give out my best o the people around me and I will not feel burdened but happy with what I do, showing signs of progress through less stressful ways.

iii) Climbing the lift ladder: LIFT is an acronym for Life Information For Transcendence. Having a goal is not all that is required. Goal mapping requires getting real information and the technical know-how of how to go on achieving the set goals at hand. This requires raising my awareness, developing possible conscious to create a framework to use, finding a balance, remaining within the purpose, being fully responsible for what I am doing maintaining positive focus and involving to evolve (create).

Having this in mind, I will not relax or give room for laxity with my goal or to go into achieving my goal blindly. But will have the required knowledge so as to know the way out and the manner o take to approach the way to make my goal map.

iv) Balance my goals: in times of having numerous goals, it is important I try to put them according to priority, effectiveness (influence), and finding connection to each of my ideas. This is done by using past experience with the right attitude to produce a positive balance between the goals for future success. This will help me not to jump into any goal in times of having many ideas, but to relax and connect the ideas if possible, where it is not possible, I can choose the one that the easier to achieve and which create a easier part to achieve the remaining ideas.

v) Belief in my goal and in myself: having a plausible feeling about my goal and my ability to carry out the goal I have set. Not having belief in my goal and myself is a first stage of failure. This is important because it makes me very sure of what I intend to do and to be very precise than just making decision that will not yield anything or not be helpful to me or others.

vi) Don’t find fault, find remedy: in hard times or situations, human beings tend to look for other individuals to throw the fault or blame at, not minding how to solve it. This is important because after I might have set my goal map and already on my way to execute it, things might not go the way I must have liked it to go. I should not through the mistake at any of my team mates but to concentrate at resolving the issue. It will save time suppose to be spent on quarrelling and will build a stronger ream. It reminds me of a saying that goes thus, “in every hell you find yourself, try to create a heaven out of it”.

vii) Creating my goal map: I need to dream of what I want i.e my imaging and visualizing, placing goals and procedures in order of importance (priority), try to draw what it looks like, knowing the reason I want to achieve that goal, what time I want to do it, the procedures I intend to take to achieve it and the people (team) I need to execute the task because I cannot really do everything on my own. This is very important because it is the crux of the book which has simplified methods in goal mapping that leads to success.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way, both in your daily and personal life and in helping you to create a better world? If so, how?

Goal mapping will help me daily in all aspects of life. Since life is all about achieving goals so as to make progress, I have found a very easy way of growing from intentions to achievement. For example, I usually have daily plans, weekly plans and so on and so forth; goal mapping has taught me to simplify the steps that go through the seven steps to achieve them, sometimes with the help of others and sometimes not with the help of others.

My future goals are now on the goal map about to be executed, I am now waiting for the time to attain them meanwhile, I am using the strategy of LIFT (Life Information For Transcendence) so as to have a full knowledge of what I am going to in business and career and trying to put God in the mist of my life and my goals.

I am still trying not to have doubts about some ideas I have by using the law of believing in myself and my goals or ideas because of the fear of how it will turn out to be, either successful or otherwise. But I am still holding on and becoming stronger as the day goes by.

Balancing my goals have helped me to knit the related goals together which is creating better sense and relevance.

I have also opened my mind to the possibility of seeing things or obstacles I never planned for in my road to success, and to always look for solution instead of finding faults that might eventually collapse the whole goal.

After achieving my goals, there is also room for extensions, this is by way of extending my vision to achieve more and better results which might project some ideas I earlier had..

4. Quotes: Are there brief quotes from the book which really got your attention? If so please list and comment on them.

i) “There are no great people in this world, only great challenges which ordinary people rise to meet” (William Fredric Halsey Jnr.). This is to say that everyone is on the same level and has equal opportunities, but others or some people are great because of their ability to face the threatening challenges and succeed in them, and then are looked upon like extra ordinary people.

ii) “You must become the change you wish to see in the world” by Mahatma Gandhi. An individual who desires to change or improve his or her society, needs to first change him or herself as a prototype of his or her intentions so as to have the right attitude to change the society around them.

iii) “Never let the shadow of a failure block the sunlight of success” (Author unknown). I should not waste my time pondering about past failure, but I should try to get the experience (positive) and lesson from it so as not to fail in the same issue again but to succeed.

iv) “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teaches a man to fish and let him feed and let him feed himself for life” (Author Unknown). Teach people to be independent by telling them the basis of success and not to give them the fruit of success that makes them always come back to you and I.

v) “Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both go to the making of a genius. Love, love, that is the soul of a genius” by Wolfgang Amadeus. When we tend to do good things for people because we genuinely love them, we are in turn improving ourselves a lot more.

vi) “The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating the paths are not to be found but made. And the activity of making them changes both the maker and their destination” by John Schaar. We are not going to a place or living a life that has been achieved, we have the opportunity of creating our future with our hands through the choices we make and the path we follow. In a nutshell, we are the architects of our future, what we do today determines our tomorrow.

vii) “Singleness of purpose is one of the chief essentials for success in life, no matter what maybe one’s aim” by John D. Rockefeller. Having a lot of ideas is ok, but merging them or balancing them into a single purpose will create rapid and effective success than when the purpose is more than one.

viii) “Success is never final” by Winston Churchill. When we achieve a desired goal that does not mean we have accomplished too much in life. Life itself is a goal we need to extend, improve build on our goals so that our success will not look insignificant, because the world is not stagnant.

ix) “Life does not require us to make good; it asks only that we give our best at each level of experience” by Harold Ruoff. We should avail ourselves to use our all to the best of our ability so as to always bring out the best in everything we put our hands on which will eventually give us satisfaction.

x) “I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship” by Lousa May Alcott. We should not focus on the problem, obstacle or distraction by focus on how to get over it and find a solution to it.

6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them helpful?

The book contained some exercises in it. I was able to attempt them. Some revealed I was not very balanced i.e in my emotions, rationality, e.t.c. I was asked to have a firm control on my mind by balancing the left and the right brain so as to get it right.

I was also given exercises of identifying my dream and knowing how to create a goal map which will eventually lead to success I am waiting for the time to mature by God’s grace, it will come to accomplishment.

The exercises were really helpful.


A. How interesting was it to read? 9
B. How helpful were the content? 9
C. How easy was it to understand? 8
D. Would you recommend it to others? 10
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 9



Goal Setting 101
Assessment by Jeremiah Jibro (Nigeria)

1. What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in the book?

The main purpose of the author, Gary Ryan Blair, in this book is to try to bring down the necessities within reach to those that are interested to succeed at anytime, space and age. He offers goal setting methods insights and suggestions to those seeking their path to success. He sees achievement and accomplishments as things that don’t just happen accidentally. He sees them as results or consequences of clearly defined goals acted upon until completion. Goals determine what one will or will not become or accomplish. Careful planning, thoughtful strategy and faithful or committed executions are the factors that lead to success. Success occurs only when a clear definable target or goal has been established.

2. What were the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each as to why it was important to you. Use personal examples from your own life.

The seven ideas that are personally most important to me are as follows:

Covering the ten crucial life dimensions: goals are very important in life. They create values that lay the groundwork of my being, goals lead to the fulfillment of my mission i.e what I want to be or achieve which gives me the realization of my life’s work and will place a legacy after me.

The ten crucial life dimensions are the different aspects a goal is suppose to cover, which are; personal goals which have to do with my character development, personal growth and practical issues of life; health deals with things like exercising, my appearance, diet and overall well being; recreation has to do with relaxation, renewal, hobbying, vacation, e.t.c; family has to do with enjoying and spending quality time with my siblings, parents and relatives; friends has to do with expanding my circle of friends and enriching existing relationships; community deals with serving others through my time, talents, heart and possessions; career i.e relating to my skill development, current projects and future ambitions; finance deals with income growth, savings, investments, retirement and estate planning; household deals with household maintenance, improvements and security; spiritual deals with my growth inn what I belief in

This is important to me because I have understood that making goals is to be enriching in every way, to me and the people around me. I never took these ten criteria as a whole i.e my goals could center on few out of the ten crucial dimensions but not all. I have decided to enlarge the scope of my present goal and reduce the areas that do not fit into the ten crucial dimensions of life. It has showed me to have an effective and encompassing goal that needs to be increase me and others at the same level without leaving anywhere in my life to suffer but to create value to me.

ii) Never stop planning: planning must be done, analyzed, re-planned and again due to competition, change in the market place, loss of any type, new unexpected threat from the economy, financial struggles, current strategies that are not working, a change in personal needs and maturity.

I have found out that making a goal and trying to achieve it is not just the issue. Creating a goal is to open my eyes wider to what I am about to go into, by consciously designing and redesigning what I need to achieve, because our society is not static, people change, needs change, desires (tastes) increase, my competence can be raised and economic policies also change. I need to on the working table day in, day out to be able to catch up with the changes in the environment, like this economic recession was not hoped for by anybody, it just came and plans and goals at this time that were not planned and analyzed and planned again will crumble and fall.

iii) Get Buy-in: when attempting to achieve a goal that some people’s involvement is needed to get the initiative stronger and balanced. I need to present or sell the idea or desired goal in a short achievable and profitable way so as to influence the other people to participate and to sacrifice their time and money in some cases to join me to pursue this common goal. This can be done by using discussion, compromise and agreement.

This is important to me because goals are not achieved single handedly. So when I am using others to achieve my goal, I should be sure we are using the same manual or method of operation i.e a common goal and procedures so as to overcome disagreements and also to make sure they have a stake in what they are doing.

Everyone involved I achieving the goal should have a part is establishing it i.e by giving their ideas and contribution in the goal setting process helps to ensure that the goal will be collectively important and successful.

iv) Create a contingency plan: contingency is something that is likely but not certain to happen. Every plan deals with what I expect to happen, but no matter how I plan, the unexpected can still occur, sometimes favorable and most time unfavorable conditions.

However whatever plans I make I should always have a second plan or expect a danger at one point or the other either in aspect of cash or material or I should even be prepared at anytime so as not to abandon the project due to the emotional or psychological effects. The ways I can project area of contingency are: what I think will actually happen, the worst case I can imagine will happen and the best possible scenario I can imagine if everything goes beyond my expectations

I can handle contingences by also asking different people that are currently doing the same thing or the people that must have passed through the same kind or closely related project.

v) Practice speed, simplicity and boldness: implementing a plan or an idea in time is far better than doing it late because of the value it will give it at the time needed. Vision and mission statements should be placed in a simple language no matter how the goal may be, so as to be properly understood by others which make execution easier and possible to achieve with little or no confusion. To make things to be apparent and visible, boldness has to be a matter of routine.

In essence, what is important, brings fulfillment to a goal is the kind of energy I use that creates the speed to my completion and always brings value, the need to be simple to make achievement easier and possible by my teammate since I will be leading the course of my goal attainment, it will create self confidence and comfort ability with faithful follower ship by my teammates.

That is to say a plan or course of action driven by speed, simplicity and boldness is difficult to fail.

vi) Learn to manage fear, failure and setbacks: fear is a feeling that comes time to time. It can also be seen as anxiety. Fear is the acronym for False Evil Appearing Real. That means we are sometimes afraid of what is not really there or in existence. I can overcome that by way of self discipline, self respect, self confidence, faith in myself and the love of victory that can make me courageous even when I am afraid. I have learnt to live with my fear, try to control it and try to recognize real danger to avoid what I am afraid of. Success depends on the ability to advance in the face of danger. Once I make my decision, I should move in full steam ahead, it will help me reduce my fear and doubt.

Failure and or setbacks are the ability not to achieve or meet a target at a particular time, on a particular situation in a particular place. But being a failure is an individual that does not succeed in anything he or she is doing.

The act of not managing a failure can lead one to being a failure. No one actually wins all the time, no matter the level of intelligence or wisdom a genius has, will not always place things correctly one time to the other. So where there are risks, I need to face them and try to draw from the knowledge of my experience both the ones I succeeded and the ones I failed so as to provide a suitable and faster way in going through the goal at hand. I need to refuse to be pinned down by failure but succeed with the ways (experiences) I found out was not the solution by trying another method.

True success is in character and character is measured by how high one can bounce back when I am toppled from a height and hit the bottom. It takes courage and character to engage and follow through on a project.

vii) Celebrate your Accomplishment: Accomplishments are successes we attain from reaching a goal and needs to be followed by ceremonies, occasions where identity is form, defined and affirmed.

This is important to me because I have found out that when accomplishments are reached, the value of the goal is presented and remembered. It gives energy for furtherance and improvement, knowing fully well there are more goals ahead. It gives appreciation performance, reinforcement to accomplish more and devotion to work harder. This can encourage others to pick up or continue their tasked where they were discouraged and stopped.

I never saw the importance of celebrating anything. I use to think it was a waste of time, resources and a way to show off. But now, I see the importance of celebration.

My siblings and I always wondered why our mum always invited people no matter how small the number maybe but to rejoice with her over her success or any achievement in the family and also to thank God. I now understand the reasons for all those celebration and also have a change of heart towards celebration.

Reward in essence should always point the way to future performance.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you I a practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world? If so, how?

Goals are necessities in improving one’s life, both generally and personally. This book analyzed and broke down the different parts of goals; from creating them to accomplishing them.

The ideas in the book will help me practically because it is a practical book and in my day to day goals.

The book has brought issues such as the ten crucial dimensions to consider in creating my goals i.e the areas I should make my goals cover so as to create value. I also remembered with the aid of this book that, my goals affect people directly of indirectly, so I should do what is in my power to affect people positively.

I saw the need to never stop planning over my plans because it creates better ways and brings more ideas in achieving a particular goal and trying to correct the gray area.

Getting the right hands or professionals for enhancing my goals need to share I the same idea and the need to succeed in such an endeavor, so as to put their best and sacrifice where need be.

Contingency plan helps to have a back up plan so as to sustain the goal in areas of distress or threat in areas of finance, advice, labor, materials, e.t.c

Speed, simplicity and boldness are qualities that hardly create faults but success in the endeavors I need to handle.

Managing fear, failure and setback, is having a successful character that steps forward no matter the distress or discouragement in areas of goal getting. Because experiences are to that passed throughout but are used to climb higher in the world of success.

Celebrating my accomplishment has and is still teaching me the way to express sincere appreciation of my performance and standing as encouragement to those that want to climb high. On the other hand, it still tells me and encourages me to continue to aim higher for greater progress.

4. Quotes: are there brief quotes from the book which really got your attention? If so, please list and comment on them.

“… an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

Whenever I have the privilege, the fewer and resource to be able to solve or repair something before it gets bad, I should do it because, it will just take little compared with that I will use to correct that omission in the future that might almost cost a fortune.

“The person who cannot face fear will always be running from it. Better to run towards a goal than away from fear”

Fear will only try to get me away from my goal due to risk I might face, but its better I move towards the goal that will reduce my doubts and will lead me to achievement than allow fear to keep me in a perpetual state of stagnation.

6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them helpful?

The book contained some exercises that I was able to do all. The results showed that I needed to think harder in some areas of goal creation and focus more on some essential points.

And where I had weaknesses, I should try to translate them to my strength by making conscious efforts and more concentration.


A. How interesting was it to read? 8
B. How helpful were the contents? 9
C. How easy was it to understand? 8
D. Would you recommend it to others? 9
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 8.5



Law of Attraction
Assessment by Jeremiah Jibro (Nigeria)

1. What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in the book?

As the title of the book implies, the main idea of the book is to teach or pass down the secret of Law of Attraction to its reader(s).

The author, Michael J. Losier, centers on personal growth of an individual in all spheres of life. He discovers that people usually do not achieve what they intend to or they see themselves in situations they never desired to be.

The author went further to explain that it is due to what individuals unconsciously focus their energy on that which makes them attract other situations to themselves instead of the desired situation.

He also mentioned that we may not be aware of what we attract ourselves to, but we need to know that a very powerful force is at work in our lives which is called the Law of Attraction and its all attracting people, jobs, situations, relationships to our lives and not all of them we attract to ourselves are good.

He taught me how to eliminate unwanted desires and try to fill them with the things that I desire which will be give me more energy, prosperity, and joy.

Michael defined the law of attraction as “I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to whether positive or negative”.

Other authors see the Law of Attraction in the following ways:

“That which is like unto itself” is drawn by Jerry and Esther Hick in Teachings of Abraham

“What you radiate outward is your thoughts, feelings, mental pictures and words, you attract into your life” by Catherine Ponder in Dynamic Law of Prosperity

“Every thought must manifest according to its intensity. The slightest thought of the intelligent sets in motion a power in the Law to produce a corresponding thing” by Ernest Holmes in Basic Ideas of Science of Mind

“You are a living magnet; you attract into your life people, situations and circumstances that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts. Whatever you dwell in your experience” by Brian Tracy

2. What were the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each as to why it was important to you. Use personal examples from your own life.

The seven ideas which are personally most important to me in the book are as follows:

i) The Law of Attraction responds to whatever vibration I am sending by giving me more of it whether it’s positive or negative. It simply responds to my vibration or feeling.

It’s important to me because it tells me when I always respond negatively to my environment or situation, negative result will show up leaving me angry, feeling like a looser, e.t.c but when I respond positively with great anticipation and success, that is what will befall me.

The Law of Attraction is affected due to the way I observe things. While I observe, I am unconsciously having a feeling about that particular aspect of my life. If I like what I am observing then I will celebrate it and get more, but if I don’t like what I am getting, I will need to use deliberate attraction to stop being attracted to what I don’t want and start attracting to what I want. Like when I was in school I needed to improve my grades, I tried to attract better methods by having the right friends that will be encouraging, studying and understanding better

ii) Understanding the significance of words: the use of words or our language generates our feelings consciously or unconsciously or both. It represents what I think about, read about, e.t.c. our thoughts are essentially made out of words. Words that attract what I don’t want are “don’t, not or no”. When I use these words, I need to ask myself what I want to do so as to give my attention and energy to creating changes in my vibration.

This is important to me because I have found out that, I am responsible for my thoughts and attraction due to the words I use. I need to therefore make sure that positive emotions constitute the dominating influence of my mind. It takes only one thought at a time to dominate my mind, it all depends on what I set my mind on.

Before I joined IIGL, words like never, I cannot, e.t.c was in my vocabulary, but I now don’t use them so as to create a positive atmosphere for manifestation and not doubt. When I am operating on a negative vibration by identifying the feeling I am experiencing, I can change (reset) it to positive vibration by simply choosing different words, and thoughts so as to attract positive things.

iii) The 3-step formula for Deliberate Attraction:

a) Identify my desire – trying to know what I desire, if it is difficult, I will use the contrasting method trying to see what I do not desire to bring out my desires

b) Give my desired attention – to what I am doing. This raises the level of my vibration with energy and focus which will create manifestation. In this stage we can use affirmative statements such as I am in the process of doing a particular desire, it gives a sense of energy to what I am doing

c) Allow it – this means getting started by removing every atoms of doubt and creates relief that will lead to statements such as “Ah! What a relief”. The speed at which Law of Attraction manifest my desire is in the direct proportion to how much I allow it.

The 3 step formula for deliberate attraction is important to me because I now know how to eliminate undesired ideas so as to achieve my goals. Sometimes, I tend to attract friends or ideas I don’t desire but with this formula, I now know how to go about it without much stress. Sometimes like 2 hurs will do. Thanks to the 3-step formula for deliberate attraction.

iv) Knowing the source of doubt:

Our own limiting beliefs. Limiting belief is repetitive thought that we think over and over and over again. Thus, it creates or sends out negative vibration. That negative vibration will prevent me from attracting my desires. When we get nice ideas to execute, we tend to scatter them because of what we have or have not i.e bringing out our weaknesses such as “I could have achieved this thing but don’t have a particular qualification” to stand as a hindrance to the achievement.

This is important to me because I found out the way or lessening or removing doubt is the purpose of Allowing statements. Since I now know the source of doubt I will use the Allowing Statement to delete the doubt which will make me achieve my desires.

v) Becoming more abundant and attract more money:

I found out that abundance is a feeling that has a corresponding vibration that I can duplicate. In many cases people are duplicating the feeling of lack, sadness or hopelessness simply by their thoughts and the words they use. I can then generate feelings with my words and thoughts to duplicate the feeling of abundance more intentionally by changing the way I use my words and thoughts. I then need to build a list of all the sources where money and abundance can come from. There are three tools to help attract abundance more deliberately, they are: to record evidence of my abundance, always say yes to money and hold on to that check.

This is important to me because I found out as human beings, we have self-pity, discouragement, e.t.c that doesn’t make us progress. Instead, I can have the opposite feelings which will create smiles and bring joy to me by having abundance. I have decided to go for abundance instead of crying and whirling with lack when I have the power to attract abundance.

vi) Relationships and my vibration: the distance between my vibration and someone else’s vibration is equal to the amount of resistance (negatively) I feel when I am with them. There are people I meet and don’t get along with at all and there are people I meet and we get along easily with. When I meet people I do not really have the same frequency with, I can maintain a positive vibration flow by using two (2) choices

Choice 1: I can buy into that conversation which lowers my vibration to match theirs


Choice 2: when I hear them say, what they don’t want I can simply ask them “so, what do you want?

It does not just stop at what they want; it includes their word change and their vibration change so they now offer a new higher vibration which will harmonize mine. it is important to me because in areas where I want to reach out to correct or want to learn a particular thing from others, we might not operate on the same frequency and I might loose out or the other person may loose out in what me or the other person will benefit because we accepted our differences and allowed it to affect us which led us to loose instead of gaining. I have found out that the people I think we are not on the same frequency (first instant judgment), they end up being close to me and there is something I always learn from them and appreciate each other better.

vii) Attracting the ideal relationship: this can be in aspect of business or love life and not necessarily connected to above number. Sometimes, we tend to look for a particular set of people or persons with a particular character. In that case, I will have to state the kind of relationship I desire either for love, business or otherwise, why I like it, i.e having a focus and the people I intend to work with or relate to. I also need to check out the kind of relationship I do not desire to bring a contrast out of it making reference to my experience. This is important to me because I have found out that we are all created in the image of God but we all have different purposes and family backgrounds and we do not perceive life in the same way. So in areas that I need to have a lasting and enjoyable relationship with someone or people, it has to be close to my aims and objectives. I do not need to enter a relationship or eventually get to marriage with someone I intend to manage with but to get someone I will feel heaven is on earth with and understand the purpose of life by the Grace of God.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you I a practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world? If so, how?

First and foremost, Law of Attraction has taught me that I myself have like magnet which attracts things to me either positively or negatively through my vibration, my thoughts, e.t.c .. I have decided to use the right words to attract positive desires to myself.

Secondly, I should try to check or make a contrast so as to know what I should try to attract so as to improve myself. Try to process them to function in my life by trying to remove doubt.

Thirdly, I have learnt to flow with people I claim they are not on the same frequency with them. Other relationship may turn out to be great. One way I can effectively do that is by trying to show love and care to people that need it and affect their lives if needed.

Fourthly, if I should try not to attract nothing less than abundance. I can only do that by trying to replace my thoughts of ‘I cannot’ with ‘I am in the process’. There is no point getting a lot. if it will be used in achieving great things and helping out that being in the dark and suffering with lack.

6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them helpful?

Yes, the book contained some exercises for the reader. I was able to do them and practically saw how I can improve in contrasting my pass experience to bring out my desired goals. I learnt to put my desires on the process recording my abundance, trying to locate the sources of abundance, showing the evidence of growth and the like.


A. How interesting was it to read? 8
B. How helpful were the contents? 8
C. How easy was it to understand? 9
D. Would you recommend it to others? 8
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 8



Unlimited Power
Assessment by Jeremiah Jibro (Nigeria)

1. What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in the book.

The main idea in the book “Unlimited Power” by Anthony Robbins aims at revealing the way an individual can achieve the unimaginable awesome life that someone can ever desire and deserved and also the ways to improve one’s personal and promotional life. He has shown the way to bring together the power of the mind so as to exhibit anything that an individual loves to add to his/her life. The book is a mind builder that tends to show the achievable tendencies of anything. It has shown the step by step method of doing that, how to gain control of emotions, finances, leadership attributes, self-confidence and gaining the cooperation of others. I can say that Unlimited Power is a holistic approach to unending success.

2. What were the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why it was important to you. Use personal examples from your own life.

i) Power is very emotional: Power has both positive and negative effects. Lust of power and the wrong application. It is time wrong effect while using power to build myself and others is a positive effect.

Power therefore according to Robbins is the ability to change my life, to shape my perceptions to make things work for me and not against me. Real power is shared or delegated not imposed by meeting the needs of the others I care about. Ultimate power is the ability to produce the results I desire most and create values for others in process.

Power can be in knowledge, substance, application, it all depends in what I want to achieve but most importantly, it’s the ability to control and think towards what I desire.
The concept of power is important to me because, I now know that power is in existence, it depends in my ability to reach out and use it meaningfully by knowing what to attain with it. Everyone has desires but not everyone has the ability (power) to turn it to reality.

Power is also the way I communicate with myself, both internally and externally. Internal communication is the way I feel, say and picture myself while external communication is what comes out and reflects on the outside, i.e my words, tonalities, facial expression, body postures, physical actions, e.t.c.

The communications sets out a cause in motion and eventually affects my power progress because it can make or mar situations. The level of my mastery of the external world will determine my level of success with others.

ii) My response to life challenges makes the difference. Human beings are generally faced with challenges everyday. Some tend to be pulled down by their challenges while others get elevated by them.

So, it is not what happens to me that separates failures from success. It is how I perceive it and what I do about what happens that makes the difference.

Experiences happen for a purpose, communicating to oneself helps to transform they experience to a stepping stone or a decline.

This can be done through modeling their lifestyle that I desire and knowing the procedures to take. So as to make the difference by perceiving possibilities in my experiences in life.

iii) My Neuro-physical state determines success or otherwise: enabling states are confidence, love, inner strength, joy, ecstasy, belief that get great well springs of personal power. The paralyzing states are confusion, depression, fear, anxiety, sadness, frustration that leaves me powerless.

Understanding states is the key to understanding the manner of change and achieving excellence. My behavior is the result of the state I am in some unresourceful attributes may creep in once in a while, that is not to become part of me.

A state therefore is the sum of the millions of neurological processes happening within us OR the sum total of our experiences at any moment of time. The way I think, see things and respond to them gets me into a particular state.

The people that succeed put themselves in a supportive state. This idea is important to me because in now know,

Success or otherwise depends on the state I allow myself to be in. it will be better I always be in a resourceful and happy state to accomplish things, than to be frustrated and never achieve a thing.

Although, it is sometimes unconscious to go into negative state, I have the required power to change my state to a productive one by the way I feel, think, stand, talk, walk and exhibit some characters. It has started working for me by directing my brain in the way to generate any state or behavior that supports my highest goals or needs I do away with my negative experiences and replace it with a new one, I need to put it in image setup, make the negative image to go dimmer and make the positive expense brighter and clearer so as to have a progressive picture that produce joy, happiness, blessings at all times.

Eliciting someone’s strategy: our dreams are desires most times require a multi-professional or multiple approaches to achieve those desires. We will therefore elicit the strategy of others to be able to make our dreams a success.

Before I can effectively elicit someone’s strategies, I need to know what to look for, what the clues are which part of a person’s nervous system he is using at any moment and develop tendencies to create a great rapport and results.

The step in finding out someone’s strategy is by finding out his representative system. This is because people see things and represent them in different ways. Achieving that will enable, to think from the person’s point of view and tend to match it to produce results. The simplest way to elicit strategies is by asking the right questions.

Strategy elicitation tends to find out the cause to o into the state and to show and reveal the strategy of the person.

Eliciting people’s strategy tends to have a fitting motivational technique aimed at a group should have something for everyone and to know that there is no substitute for working with people as individuals.

This idea is important because we all need our fellow beings to accomplish our desired goals. Getting the right person or persons is very ideal. This can only be done by knowing people’s strategies and to know if it’s fitting for the tasks. The individual is an island, besides, island is surrounded by water, and so, it’s never alone.

iv) Energy: the fuel to excellence: – the higher the level of energy I get, the more efficient my body is, the better I feel and the more I will use my talent to produce outstanding results.
I have learnt the power of breathing that stimulates the electrical process of each and every cell and gives strength into the white blood cell to protect the body, eating water-rich foods to meet with the water required level in the body, effective combination of food to have a productive digestive system and pattern, controlling consumption to have a longer lifespan, effective fruit consumption and neglect the protein myth.

This is important to me because, with energy and good health, goals and desires are achieved. Steps needs to be taken so as to attain that energy level.

I have found better ways to keep healthy and watch weight without much stress. It is really working because I have tried it and my energy level is ok for high productivity.

v) Value Hierarchies: The Ultimate Judgment of success: – Values are our own private, personal and individual beliefs about what is important to us. My values are my beliefs system about what I perceive as right, wrong, good and bad.

Values are fundamental to the things that move me forward. Values are the ultimate key to understanding and predicting our own behaviors as well as the behaviors of others as the master key to unleashing the magic within us.

Values are created from my environment parent’s life, family, friends, e.t.c. values change when I change my goals or self image and are unconscious in making or creating. They are the most powerful motivational tools I have. The way to bond people is to align them through their highest values.

The Ultimate way to use values is to integrate them with metaprograms in order to motivate and understand ourselves and others. Discovering someone’s values is simply a matter of finding out what is most important to him or her.

This is important because, knowing people’s values males it easier to connect to them and rapport with them. It is therefore easier to get someone through his values and can predict the kind of person he is. In trying to get a team to meet my dream or goal, I will start connecting with people’s value system to make things easy to achieve.

vi) Road signs to success are learning to manage frustration, learning to handle rejection, handling financial pressure, handling complacency, giving more than I expect to receive.
This road signs to success are important because they have opened my eyes to the secret issues of success and how to handle them to work for me. Like how to reprogram frustration to a comfortable and appreciable situation, how to manage finance effectively and having left ones, knowing that there is never an arrival mark in a life of an individual by comparing myself with others, but driving towards my goal cause everyone has a role to play and rejections do not reveal who I am, but how to press further to persuade others to belief in my cause and be better.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world? If so, how?

Generally, the seven ideas are new to me and I have seen the ways they will be of help. I have started using some of them.

I have taken power to be effective in the manner in which I coordinate my communication internally that gives a positively outward appearance that helps my ability to be positive and creative. Most times, I feel weak and not productive; I use the power of communication to get myself to work to bring out results. Sometimes, I need to force myself to rest so as not to exhaust myself beyond the limit.

I have started looking at my experiences with possible lessons that will help me handle future occurrences. Challenges are to make the best out of me and make me stronger so as to step higher and not go down. I have made up my mind to make the difference in situations that look terrifying by creating a heavenly atmosphere within a hellish situation.

Being in a negative state does not help in any situation. Understanding the manner of how I can change my sad state to happy one is the amazing thing I have learnt to do unresourceful states are now tackled to resourceful state so as to use my entirety for success.

Eliciting someone’s strategy knows how an individual represent things to himself. This makes it easy to work with people and how to use their strategies in meeting desired goals. Since I can not do everything all by myself, I will one day need a lot of strategies from people, understanding them will make it easy enough to elicit their strategies.

Energy is the only resource for excellence. Maintaining oneself with the quality and quantity of food determines how energy is produced in an individual to achieve success. This method has been tried and I am on my way to trusting it. Its a new strategy that friends of mine are amazed with and have started seeing its credibility.

Value is another idea to rate myself and to see what motivates me. Knowing what is right and wrong and doing what is good gives satisfaction. It is another way of getting connected to people and making them to work together with me if our value systems agree for work together.
Road signs to success are steps to creating wealth and happiness. I have seen the areas I am defaulting and areas to be more rigid upon to make me achieve happiness and wealth in a short time.

4. QUOTES: Are there brief quotes from the book which really got your attention? If so, please list and comment on them.

“The great end of life is not knowledge but action” by Thomas Henry Hixley knowing something is like potential energy and charge, action is like kinetic energy i.e the ability to move and do. With actions, someone’s mind is revealed, appreciated and brings about success knowing successful tips is not about real success which is striving to becoming more and knowing more.

“For disciplined effort, there is a multiple reward” by Jim Rohn. What someone has consciously done it will yield an outcome. It’s just like planting a seed or grain of corn (maize), the outcome will be multiples of what was planted.

“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it”. By W. Somerset Mangham. Whatever a person hopes to achieve and expects to get, comes his/her way because he/she is hardly distracted by other things a part from what is his/her desire to see. We see and get what we hope for.

“It is the mind that maketh good or ill, that maketh wretch or happy, rich or poor”. By Edmund Spencer. Whatever a man has in his mind, that is what he is going to work towards and will achieve it.

“The ancestor of every action is a thought”. By Ralph Wald Emerson. The actions we produce are as a result of what we continually think about and repeat in our brain and eventually act it.

“Good timber does not grow with ease: the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees”. By J. Willad Marriott. Anything good and of high quality passing moments of tests, turmoil, push in and out to become what it is.

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy”, by Henry Ford. We also find what we look for. It will be good to look for remedy to solutions and progress than to always find fault that will bring about confusion, quarrels, disagreements and non-remediable situations. People don’t usually lack resources, they lack control over their resources.

“Nothing has any power over me other than that which I give it through my conscious thought”, by Anthony Robbins. I have the power to determine what I want to think about and how to go about it due to the conscious ability to put my thoughts under control and determine what to belief in and what not to belief in.

“Let all things be done decently and in order”, 1 Corinthians 14:40. There is a manner and ways in doing things. They have to be done properly, neatly and in an appreciable manner that brings about arrangement of actions or process which bring out good results.

“Devils can be driven out of the heart by the touch of a hand on a hand or a mouth”, by Tennessee Williams. Undesirable situations or results can be corrected or be dealt with by having a conscious effort to do away with it personally and having the belief to do so.

“There is only one success to be able to speed your life in your own way”, by Christopher Morley. Success is what I or anyone wishes it to be. We all have different destinations, aspirations, limits of joy and happiness and where we feel we have done well. I define what I feel success is and know when I get there. So we all have different parts in life to lives may in one way or other complement themselves.

“Winning starts with beginning” Anonymous. We can see success without putting our goals on desires rolled. I need to begin the process to know how far I can succeed. That requires putting every plan and strategy on play.

“Words are the most powerful drug using by mankind”, by Richard Kipling. Words seem to have magic when said with force and precision for any act to go on well; it has to be communicated well with words. That precise nature gives it the clarification for execution that creates the magic. Words are the best verbal representation we can come up with

5. Is there anything in the best that you do not understand or are unclear about, or are there ideas which you disagree with and, if so, why?

I do not have anything in the book I do not understand or disagree with. The words in the book are full of power and credibility.

6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them helpful?

The book contained some tasks to be done individually. The tasks opened my eyes to see where my goals were not so clear and corrected that and some other tasks also that I performed. The tasks were helpful.

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that was not covered in the previous questions? If so, please comment.

No, there are no issues that the questions did not cover but I will love to add two ideas i.e trend creation and living excellence.

Trend creation: the power of persuasion can mean the massive, positive shifts in attitudes in an environment towards something.

The people in power are the persuaders while the people without power simply act on images and commands that are directed their ways.

Power is the ability to communicate and the ability to persuade. Persuasion may be the ultimate skill for creating change by communicating what I have to offer or what I want to get.
A persuader leads the way, maps the terrain and finds the paths that lead to better outcomes.
Living excellence: the human challenge. This is the ability to put to work what has been learnt. I cannot attain unlimited power by just reading the book. I need to act and to attain excellence. Blessed are those that read and do for excellence is their reward.

A. How interesting was it to read? 9
B. How helpful were the content? 9
C. How easy was it to understand? 9
D. Would you recommend it to others? 10
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 9



The Power of Intention
Assessment by Jeremih Jibro (Nigeria)

1. What is the main the author is trying to convey in the book?

The main idea that the author conveys in this book is the ability to change the way I look at things and the things I look at will change and learn to match my intention’s attributes with my own in order to capitalize the powers in my life.

The book largely talks about the power of intention as a force in the universe and everything and everyone is connected to this invincible force. Everything that is here (on earth) came from intelligence, and everything here should be enough for use.

The book is also dedicated to connecting our power of intention and letting go of ego, which tries to make us believe that we are separate from our divine originating source and tries to separate us from realizing ultimate truth. This ultimate truth is the source of our thoughts.

This new way of seeing, will enable people to feel comforted and peaceful, and to indirectly become beneficiaries of our connection to intention.

2. What are the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why. It was important to you. Use personal examples from your own life.

i) Everyone and everything has intention: intention is like a seed that grows into a tree. Every aspect of life or nature has intention built into it as far as we can tell, nothing in nature simply progresses in harmony from the field of intention.

Intention cannot be accessed through ego. Ego weakens the intention of an individual because it is always self seeking and proud. Ego can be put aside through discipline i.e training the body with practice , exercise nontoxic habits, healthy foods, e.t.c; wisdom(harmonizing thoughts, intellects and feelings), love, surrender my body and my mind to move into intent.

This is important because, I know that no one is on earth to accompany the other; everyone has his/her intentions to carryout and to fulfill his or her dream. Ego can be a hitch or can block me from executing my intentions, discipline, wisdom, love and surrender will make me surmount ego.

ii) The seven faces of intention are: the face of creativity which is a process of bringing things into existence that power of intention seeks to create; face of kindness which activates the intention in my life to bring about comfort, peace and bliss; face of love; which is the energy field of intention. The face of beauty which builds beauty in the soul and expression easy; face of expansion in what we do; having unlimited abundance that will not allow us to have limits; and face of receptivity which enable people to welcome others and live without judgment or discomfort and granting the power of intention everyone.

These seven faces of intention reach out to the phases of life and what to keep an individual moving in life.

This is important to me because it tells me the genuine nature of intention and how it can be executed. The faces of intention tells me when I am on track or when I am not. It is a map for those on the road of intention and helps people to still unite with themselves and the world around them.

iii) Connecting to intention: I cannot access with intention if I am contemplating the impossibility of being able to intend and manifest contemplating desires tend to weaken and kill and desire. The secret to manifesting anything desired is willingness and ability to realign oneself so that the inner world is in harmony with the power of intention.

The way to establish a relationship with the spirit and access the power of this creating principle is to stop continuously the conditions around that one wish to produce.

Trusting to provide the form and conditions for manifestation, one needs to establish a relationship into intention that allows to be connected for as long as the person intends. This is done by establishing a strong connecting link between the person and the invisible formless field of energy as power of intention.

Entering the spirit of intention can be done by nurturing the continuous ongoing expectation of the infallible spiritual law of increase being on an individual’s life.

This is important to me because, I now know that my imagination creates the inner picture that allows me to participate in the act of creation. It is the invisible connecting link to manifesting my own destiny. Let my imagination dwell on the end, fully confident that it’s there in the material world and that I can use the ingredients of all-creative source to make things tangible with my intention. Connecting me with intention makes things real and achievable.

iv) There are obstacles to connecting to intention: the obstacles comes my way if I think about what is missing in my life (imperfections), the circumstances of my life i.e not wealthy, background, e.t.c; what has always been (still seeing things as before and what people want from me.

I should not always focus on what is missing in my life but do what I absolutely intend to manifest and attract into my life with no doubts, no waffling and no much explanations.

Training my mind in my imagination to shift from what I don’t want to do what I want, so as to overcome the impediment on my path to intention by changing my inner speech to what I intend. The new circumstances of my life should be by thinking from the end. I should link up with intention so as my inner speech will regain the power from my source. When I always think of my mistakes of the past, I should make a shift and get a whole of myself and move my inner speech to what I intend to manifest. I should not do what my relatives and friends want me to do, but try to assess if what they are asking me to do, goes in line with my intention.

To remove the obstacles that prevent me from experiencing the perfections I am part of, I need to be the light I seek, be happy when I desire, love when I need to, to feel abundant when I want to, e.t.c. My energy level is responsible for my positive or negative attitude through what I meditate upon on a regular basis, what I eat, my environment, music I listen to, activities I do, friends and family, e.t.c.

I should have control over my ego (self importance) so as to be able to execute what I intend.

This is important to me, because whatever the obstacles of intentions maybe, they are 90% internal and 10% external, which means, working on myself is the way out to excel in the field of intention.

v) My impact on others connects people: my impact on people is the evidence of the strength of my connection to the field of intention.

It is difficult to know my perfection if I’m unable to see and honor perfection in others. This is to say that people’s attitude is the reflection of what I give out to them. The ability to see myself as a temporary expression of intention and to see myself in all of humanity is the characteristic of the holy relationship.

Holy relationships facilitate the power of intention at a high energy level for everyone involved. While an unholy relationship separates me with people and is as result of ego.

If I want to know if my energy impacts others, I will have to take note of how my presence instills calmness, leaves people energized, allows others to feel better about themselves, ability to feel unified, instilling a sense of purpose, having authentic personal connection, with beauty and having a healthy environment.

If I am not able to meet a reasonable number of these criteria, I will need to reconnect myself to the source so as to attain a higher level of holy relationship.

This is important to me because in the world of intention, people new to be affected positively and to improve lives. We cannot always do things alone, the power of holy relationships foster things better than when alone.

vi) Intention gives life purpose: A sense of purpose is at the top of self-actualization and definition. Having a purposeful life, gives the highest qualities that humanity has to offer. I have heard people discussing and they said, that a person with purpose and good intention hardly dies without fulfilling it, but someone that has not realized his/her purpose might and at anything time, because he/she does not have a reason to keep living.

I can feel purposeful by giving my life a way i.e living a life of serving others. While I am in the service of others or extend kindness beyond my own boundaries, I’ll feel connected to my source and have happy feeling with content in my heart knowing that I am doing the right thing.

To find my purpose, I need to practice being what I am good at, the source of my soul and to find where intention and purpose fuse together so perfectly that I achieve the empathy of knowing my purpose.

Purpose and intention are also located by sharing myself in a creative, loving way using the skills and interests that are inherently part of me. It can involve dancing, writing, healing, gardening, cooking, parenting, teaching, camping, singing surfing, e.t.c. When I am inspired, what appeared to be risky and hard becomes a path I will feel compelled to follow. The risks will be gone, because I am following my bliss, which is the truth within me. This brings about love working in harmony wit my intention.

This is important to me because serving others brings about joy, love, happiness, harmony and a lot of things that heals the soul. Purpose is all I need to make my intention manifest within me and in others.

vii) Knowing when I am connected to intention: the people connected to the field of intention can tell through their speeches as having attained a level of awareness. They are people who have themselves available for success and they thrust in an invisible force that is all proving.

To be connected person to intention, I need to keep my thoughts on what I intend to create; stay consistently matched up with the field of intention and then watch for the clues that what I am summoning from the all-creative source is arriving in my life. They live lives of appreciation, they do not argue to be sided in their ideas, but to allow if possible for others to partake in the field of intention. They feel an affinity to all life as well as to the source of all life. They are connected to others spiritual nature. There is a feeling of love around them and fell good regardless of the situation around them. They do not see the need to win, to be right, or to dominate others, their power is the fact that they uplift others with their presence. They communicate their views by being in harmony with the creative energy of the source. They are never offended because, their ego is not involved in their opinions. They see beauty in everything and everyone around such as children and they find a natural radiance and splendor in the aged. They have no desire to judge anyone in low energy negative terms and they know that the all-creating source belong only beauty into material form and so it is always available.

Their attitudes are the reason why friends are close to them and they feel energized, purposeful, inspired and unified.

This is important because, that is what I aspire to achieve; to be a person to be accommodative to others and can help at all times, no matter how small or big the issue is as people always feel relaxed around him and seems as if he does not have a problem. I need to work on myself to really attain the resemblance of a person with intention so as to be someone to redefine my environment and others around me.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way both in your daily personal life and in helping you create a better world? If so how?

Everyone has intention. What I do with mine is up to how I want to affect my world. I will love to affect my world positively by using the potential I have to create an atmosphere of love and unity for growth and effectiveness. I have learnt to remove doubt so that I can create a harmonious thought with universal mind or intention.

The seven face of power will help me reach the peak of my intention when I get connected to them. They are to be built in me so that the authentic intention will be revealed automatically from me.

Connecting to intention is the way to establishing a relationship with the spirit and to gain access to the power of the creating principle which is to continuously being in conditions that I wish and intend to realize and give out to my world. This is done by connecting the link between me and the invisible, formless field of energy i.e the power of intention, so as to achieve my dream on my life.

The obstacles to connecting to intention reveals the things that can hinder me from achieving what I intend. This is by consciously guiding my thoughts, inner speech, my level of energy and doing away with ego. All these are internal. My intentions come from within and obstacles also come from within, careful attention needs to be taken so as to surmount the obstacles and to achieve the very intention of my being.

When I am connected to my intention, I will impact people. If my intentions are not impacting people positively towards serving others with whom I am privileged to be.

Living my life on purpose brings about self actualization and definition. It helps to make me pursue my intention by doing whatever it takes to achieve it and connects to my source and makes living my life and every tasks by knowing what I ought to do or not to do.

Knowing the picture or a person connected to the field of intention will help me to continuously alone to attain that height and never to give up. It will be an encouraging thing to do because it does not only bring healing to others by and me. I know that by being a person with intention is a way to create my world in my way.

4. Are there any statements which the author made that particularly got you attention? If so, please quote them and comment as to why they were important to you.

i) “The law of floatation was not discovered by contemplating the sinking of things, but by contemplating the floating of things which floated naturally and then, intelligently asking why they did”, by Thomas Troward. p.35

I should allow my intention to unravel itself and work towards achieving its goals to see what it will come up with and stop hindering my intentions by asking why and how, because that may create a limitation in my mind.

ii) “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself … serve and thou shall be served”. By Ralph Wildo Emerson. p.89

We as human beings give excuses that we do not have enough for ourselves, let alone, to give out. The issue is that we can never have enough that is what some of us do not understand. The secret of the world is, when we give out without expecting, others around that see in secret try to give us back like a compensation for our good work and this is how the circle of giving and serving others starts and continues.

iii) “Eternity is not the hereafter … this is it. If you don’t get it here, you won’t get it anywhere.” by Joseph Campbell. p. 111

Whatever we want to be and hope to do, start today and now. Through our desires, choices we make and the actions tomorrow will be and today’s suffering or consequences is yesterday’s decision.

iv) “A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval” by Mark Twain p. 133

Whatever I decide to do to myself be what I will do and how I decide to present myself to people tend to be greedy to themselves is a choice they have taken. Our choices are our approvals.

v) “Those who have failed to work toward the truth have missed the purpose of living” by Buddha p. 147

The truth gives us the purpose of living when we decide not to accept the truth or do not know the truth, it seems, we are confused and without focus. our lives may be summarized as worthless and frustrated. Ultimate truth is the source of thoughts

vi) “Your sole business in life is to attain God-realization. All else is useless and worthless” by Sivanada p. 147

We are all created to perform a particular task to make an impact our lives and the lives of others and to please God which is our sincere worship. God has placed in us part of His ability to execute my intentions. When we do not realize that ability, it is like not living at all.

vii) “God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance” by St. Paul p.183

Abundance is possible when I change the way I look at things and attract it by feeling successful. Feeling successful requires asking from the source and not having the idea of lack. With that, I can get the blessings I desire in my life.

viii) “Infinite patience produces immediate results” by A Course in Miracle.

To be infinitely patient means to have an absolute knowing within me that I am in vibration and in harmony with the all-creating force that intended we here. Attempting to rush the schedule based on my own timetable is like getting down on my knees and rushing a plant to grow. Creation reveals its secrets by and by, not according to my agenda.

ix) “Those who are healed become the instruments of healing and the only way to heal is to be healed” by A course in miracles p.215

I cannot do or perform something, unless I am it. No matter how I pose or pretend to be, I only give out what I am and what I have. I should try to be what I desire to heal the world.

x) “Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them” by Buckminster Fuller p. 231

We all have our abilities and greatness in us, the way we live our lives will determine whether the greatness will manifest or not.

xi) “Self-actualizing people must be what they can be” by Abraham Maslow

Self-actualization is the ability of being fulfilled, successful, achieve and there is a sigh of relief of reaching the mark. It also goes ahead to feel there is more I can add to the people around and stop thinking of self all the time. At this point, an individual feels life is all about contributing to other people’s life and giving.

5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about, or are there ideas which you disagree with and if so, why?

There is nothing in the book that I did not understand or unclear to me. I found it understandable and easy to read.

6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all of the exercises and did you fill them yourself?

There were no exercises I the book.

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that was not covered in the previous questions?

I do not have more comments aside the answers I have given earlier.

A. How interesting was it to read? 9
B. How helpful were the contents? 9
C. How easy was it to understand? 9
D. Would you recommend it to others? 10
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 9