Haastrup Adetunwase – Profile

Haastrup Adetunwase
Ibadan, Nigeria
Email: Ipilerereprintingservice@yahoo.com
Birthday: April 14,1980
Education: H.n.d holder
Occupation: printer

Institute for Global Leadership is a program that trains children or develops children on how to become a good leader in future. In Nigeria , Our leaders have corrupted the nation entirely that is why we need a good leader for a better future. Therefore I will like to participate in this study

A statement says righteousness exalts the nation but for me I say righteousness exalts the world. My vision for the world is to be a good example to my country and the world through righteousness and submission of myself to humanity for the betterment of my generation and incoming generation

Problems facing the world today are many for the purpose of this topic I says one of the problem facing the world is language barriers not everybody can engage in international trade this is because not everybody understand English language which is the universal language also another problem is the communication problem by this I mean not everybody have access to telephone and internet because of ignorance of some people and also some people can not read or write lastly some development nation are poor this also affect and don’t have access to some technology product which can make their nation develop

United nation organization should assist some developing nation among them to educate some people that are less privilege to understand English language on how to read and write and communicate like giving them loan through World Bank also they should provide facilities on communication for the needed nations

World Bank can also assist developing counties by given them loan in other to solve the problems of technology moreover world bank can also assist some developing nation which have high rate of poverty to make everybody have access to internet system communication, telephone communication, mass media communication etc

My name is haastrup adetuwase. I was born on 14th of april 1980. Am a young man, single, born in ibadan my state of origin is osun state in ilesa west local government

I went to osun state polytechnic iree in osun state where I studied banking and finance as a course in the year 2008 am an HND holder. My aim and objective is to be highly creative, innovative, technologically outstanding and relevant in organization circle.

And to be a good leader and good example for my generation and my incoming generation.

My strength is fast learner, quickly incorporate and implements procedure. Job experiences have worked in stoma investment ikeja lagos Nigeria from year 2001-2004 as a sales manager. I love to read business book, motivational books, book on leadership and Christian’s book and have been a personal assistant to the proprietors, HM of a school, and sales manager of a company

My responsibily is to arrange and keep in the appropriate files, collection and entry in the appropriate books and payment of salary for the workers

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull