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Full Names: Wondwosen Teka Hussen
Country: Ethiopia
Email: wondwosentk@gmail.com
Date of Birth: April 2, 1977
Education: BA in Economics
Occupation: Middle Level Management

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
My vision for a world is a world out of poverty especially there should not be food in secured people in the world. There should be affair income and resource distribution. Access to basic needs including infrastructure and communication tools should be full field to the people of the world. The imposition of own interest and policy on the developing countries by the developed countries should be stopped. Developing countries should implement their own policy option and ideology rather than forced to accept foreign made policy sometimes called Shock Therapy. Climate change resulted drought, flood, tsunamis should be minimized by reducing the carbon emission and by expanding forestation for carbon absorption and soil conservation. Terrorism is one of the most dangerous challenges for the world. Terrorism free world should be realized by increasing global integration and reducing people’s hopelessness.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
There are a number of problems that a world facing today. Among the problems I will try to explain the most pressing one. The first and the most problem that faces the world people is terrorism that can be related to religious extremism or hopelessness or political opposition. This terrorism event is currently the most that result in loss of life, destruction of asset and infrastructure. And make people of the world to live under fear. The second challenging problem of the world is climate change that result in Global warming, drought flooding tsunamis etc… Currently people living in the across the world are suffering by the global climate change consequences. The third problem is poverty especially food insecurity in the developing countries. A number of people and nations can’t survive without foreign food aid even in the normal rain season. The fourth problem is corruption and lack of good governance. In developing countries corruption is widely practiced. A small number of people live a high standard life as the expense of large number of poor people . The fifth, but not the last problem is the struggle between nations for super power and ideological win that include nuclear weapon development.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
The problem that a world faces today can best be solved by using the following solutions. In my opinion every problem in this world has its own solution. The problem is leader’s unwillingness to find the right solution and implement it. For the major problem of terrorism different solutions should be deployed. The first for the terrorism related to religious extremism religious institutions should work towards attitudinal change of their religious followers. In this world there is no one religion that allows loss of life. In addition equality of all religion should be assured, government intervention should be prevented, and religious state should be for bidden by the national constitution of any nation. In relation to political and hopelessness resulted terrorism there should be democratically elected state and economic development and employment opportunity should be created for the citizens of a nation to reduce hopelessness. For the second challenge which is climate change, the first solution should be reducing carbon emission especially by highly industrialized nations. Second there should be forestation and soil conservation for absorption of carbon and reducing environmental degradation. Carbon trade should be implemented. And the polluters’ pay principle should be implemented. For the third problem poverty and food insecurity the solution should be increasing small holder farmers’ productivity. People should receive aid after the participation in public work for environmental rehabilitation. Over all sustainable, fast and all benefiting economic development should be assured. In order to reduce corruption and enhance good governance there should be transparency, accountability, participation, equity and over all good governance principle should be assured. For the global nuclear problem, there should be a democratic and responsible state all over the world. The struggle for supper power and ideological win should be peacefully. Every nation should given the right to follow its own ideology and our world should be lead by multi polar powers. To sum up, to solve the overall current world problems, there should be democratic, transparent and accountable leadership. Enhancing leadership quality, knowledge and skill can be taken as a panacea for the overall world problems.


My name is Wondwosen Teka Hussen. I was borne on April 10, 1975 in Kemissie Town, Amhara Region, Ethiopia. My home Town Kemissie is 325 km far from the capital city of Ethiopia Addis Abeba. My education status is I received my BA degree in Economics in August 2003 from Ethiopian Civil Service University. My work experience is I have served as a leader of government organization for 4 years. I lead Trade and Industry department, Industry and Urban Development department for the above mentioned years at Zonal level. And I have served for more than 5 years as an expert in public participation department, Food Security work process coordinator expert in Disaster Prevention and Food Security Program coordinating Office at Zonal level. Currently I am serving as Investors Aftercare and Industrial Parks management Director in Industrial Parks Development Corporation in Addis Ababa. Concerning my family, I am married and father of two children one baby and one daughter. My persona l interest is to be a good intellectual person with a good personality. I have a dream to continue my education up to PHD and to be part of the solution provider for my country Ethiopia Development. Regarding my leadership experience as I have mentioned above I have served as a leader/ member of cabinet and head of department at Zonal level/ for 4 years. Though I was in this leadership position, I was not too much interested and I didn’t believe that I had been successful in leadership. For the last three years I have been serving as an expert by resigning from my leadership position by my own interest. And currently I am a Investors Aftercare Industrial Parks Management Director which requires a leadership skill. In my work place I always do my best to be successful. Always I don’t want to measure only activities. I prefer to see and measure results which are outputs and outcomes. I am very interested to work as a team. I always try to be a model to my followers/ m y team members/. Most of the time I prefer to listen people than speaking. I don’t believe that I do have a strong communication skill. Communication skill is one of the areas which I want to improve through studies. My favorite book is Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Influential People and any development related books. But my reading habit is not good. I believe that the path to development is spiral, not straight line, it has also pain. But it can’t be as painful as poverty. The same to the path to development, Personal development and self-empowerment also needs passing through ups and downs. I hope I will improve my interest towards leadership and through the help of IIGL, I will be a good leader and every aspect of my life will be changed. During my leisure time I enjoy watching football especially English Premier league. I am a supporter of Arsenal football club. And I spend more time with my family members especially with my children. I have no travelling
experience abroad. Domestically I have some experience in travelling in some parts of Ethiopia. I am very interested to visit historical and natural heritages.

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