Vivian Muciri – Profile

Vivian Muciri
Birthday: 20th Novermber 1988
Education:Occupation: cyber assistant

What is your vision of a world that works for everyone?
A word that works for every one. Come to think of it everyone is unique in one way or another and our needs vary from one place to another and also our need vary with time to. For me my vision of a world that work for everyone is to have evryone dreams met that is if only they stick to there dreams they probably will have an opportunity of having it met. I also believe a world that would work for everyone should be a world where every person is able to meet there daily basic need (food, shelter, clothing, education and medication) without going through a struggle. I also believe that weman are part of this world and they need to be given the opportunity of proving there dignity by giving them the most vitual asset in this world and that is knowledge, educating them and having them be reliable as men this will enlighten the girls and also give them a bright future.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
The most pressing problem facing the world today is the climate change. As we can see the climate change is really affecting the s really affecting the world in various ways like we have an increase in drought, flooding, among others and this is caused by as humans due to the day to day activities we do.

Lets take the example of global warming that has been the main issue in the wolrd, its is caused by the fumes we get from cars, companies among other activities has temped with the O zone layer thus causing global warming. Another problem is drought which is caused by activities such as cutting down of trees thus reducing the water catchment areas this cause the reduction in transpiration and everporation due to the reduction of water volumes on earth causing low rainfall leading to drought. We also have the issue of flooding, flooding is caused by the activities we tend to do around the water catchment areas thus causing breakage of the beds another reason that causes flooding is the increase of the average tempreture in air and ocean thus leading to the increase of melting of snow and ice leading to the raising of the sea level.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
Every problem has a cause and must have a solution. The only way to solve problems is by going back and try to find what was the cause, then try to impliment the cause and see the out come. Just as a river will never flow up stream but can change channels and still reach down stream where it needed to be then the problem can be solved and we still get to enjoy our activities. Lets take for example the issue with fumes we can try and get eco friendly gas so that we reduce the amount of carbon reliesed in the atmosphere. We can also plant trees and nature them till they get to grow then come up with policies that will help us prevent the cutting of trees any howly. We can also take the liberty of building manmade water catchment areas. Incase of flooding we can reduce the activities that are going to weaken the water beds or even break them competily.

My name are Vivian Muthoni Muciri. Was born in 20/11/1988. I come from a family of three and I am the first born in the family. My ethinicity is Kikuyu from Embu.I have done certificate level in Information Technology. I deed this course because I enjoy learning the wonders in this device called a computer.

My parents are divorced thus we are raised by our mother.Being brought up by a single parent who happens to by my mother I come to learn to apriciate woman more and learned to value them. My mum hard to struggle to make ends meet and she never gave up on us but was always there promising us a better life ahead what kept us going is what she used to tell us in every storm there must be a rainbow which is the contrust of the storm and so beautiful.

People tell me that I was naturally born a leader in my entier school life I was a prefect and also had an opportunity of being a head girl. Other side activities is that I was a group leader in various school clubs such as HOPE CLUB this was a club fromed to inform student about HIV/AIDS and how to prevent it from spreading and talking care of the infected I got the chance of becoming a peer counselor. I was also a founder/ leader in the MATHS CLUB due to my love for mathematics. I also enjoyed the opportunity of becoming the chair person in SPORTS CLUB and DRAMA CLUB. Other than school I also worked as a volunteering in various organisations and churches. I have volunteered with my father in drug destribution and door to do visitation of HIV positive patient at NASCOP. I was raised and brought up in a church thus was once a church routine dance and actor at Mission Outreach Centre. I become a sunday school teacher at my local church Greater Glory Church. I enjoy participating in various organisation activities and I have got the opportunity to participate in a trip organised by ALFA NETWORKS, I’ve also attended sunday school section done by GHETTO LIGHT and visited there offices and see what they do. The special studies I’ve attended are those organised by my local church the first I did attend was the MARKET PLACE PROFFICIENCY COURSE in this course I learnt the bases of how to right a CV, how to behave in an interview section,how to dress among others. Am also a member of my local church and we have the liberty of reading inspiration spiritial books written by Kenneth Hagin.

When it comes to book I have a variety of them but for me its deffirent I have learnt to appriciate authers by the work they do and the messege they give together with the language they use. if I have to pick on romance any book done by Nora Roberts will do when it comes to action I would pick Robert Ludlum will do, when it comes to inspiration book I got variety of them such as Think Big. I also enjoy Goerge gershwin book. I enjoy reading book from all journals anything that is worth reading I read and get to enjoy them.

Movies? nice… lets see my favorite movies are features and documentaries I really enjoy them other than features and documentaries I love animated movies. One of my favorite documentary was the resent one done which featured 26 african countries I also love the big five collection and the wild cat one. in animation movie I love Shrek.

One of my graetest hobbies is traveling. I enjoy traveling cause you have a first hand experience of the place you are visiting and also get first hand information about the place. I have been privilaged to visit most places in my country Kenya such as Kisumu, Mombasa, Nakuru, Meru, Embu, Machakos, Mwingi, Eldoret, Kericho, Nairobi among others this got me to see our diversity in culture and learned to apriciate the uniqueness of each community and what makes us different yet one. In this places I managed to visit the parks, game reserves ophanage
and museum. Apart from traveling my other hobbies include writing,reading, taking
photographs and browsing.

My goals in life is to become a reliable citizen in my country by working to the best of my ability to improve my living standard and being able to touch someone else life directly or inderectly. My dreams is to run a successful business that will offer employment to the people who are jobless, being able to work with an existing organisation or create my own organisation so that I maybe able to touch the millions who are suffering by giving them hope of a bright future and showing them you dont have to be a multibillionare to give something back to the community or to be what you want to be but you can work with what you have and achieve what you want. My personal intrest is not to be rich and famous but to have a confortable life where I have more than enough for myself and family and to be able to share the rest with someone close to me and may really need it coz I believe we are all brothers and sisters and when we all smile and have a full belly the world can change to be a paradise that we all wish for.

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Jonathan Livingston Seagull
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