Utomi Jerome Chijioke – Profile


Name: Utomi Jerome Chijioke
Country: Nigeria
Email: jeromeutomi@yahoo.com
Date of Birth: April 20, 1074
Education: Higher National Diploma
Occupation: Social Entrepreneur

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

I envision a world that is free of ignorance. A world where everyone is highly knowledgeable in his/her chosen field of lives. A world where peace reign supreme and where human beings have access to the basic necessities of live. A world that is development/growth based.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

From my candid evaluation of our world today, I see ignorance as the major problem bedeviling our world today. Ys, lack of positive knowledge has led to insecurity, wars, corruption and other social vices. The second major problem facing our world today is the problem of lack of effective leadership because leadership is lacking, followers are going astray.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

The first and most important step should be the provision of very effective leadership that will provide a platform for the shaping of the political and the socioeconomic landscape of the world. Secondly, people should collectively and individually seek knowledge that will enhance self liberation and awareness, through this self awareness, one can discover his/her purpose in life.


I was born in the mid-1970s in Delta State, Nigeria, Jerome Chijioke Utomi is a 2016 Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) sponsored graduate of Advanced Writing and Reporting Skills Certificate Program, School of Media and Communication, Pan Atlantic University (PAU), Lekki, Lagos. I also hold a Higher National Diploma in Public Relations. As a result of the quest for personal development and coupled with a burning desire to impact positively in the lives of the people, in May, 2015 I resigned with the Social and Economic Rights Action Center (SERAC),a Non-Government Organization (NGO) where I have functioned as Executive Assistant and Protocol Officer at different times and Proceeded to the Center for Media Development (CMD), Lagos for a Professional Programme in Media Production and Programming in July 2015, graduated in December 2015 and currently functions as a Freelance Journalist with the LensNG, an online media Organization based in Lagos. I am also into Social Research and Documentation. I am a prolific writer and consummate communicator. I have passion for community development and media relations practice in addition to entrepreneurship and Leadership education, mentoring, youth engagement and capacity building prowess. Thus I have demonstrated by incubating, nurturing and sustaining the skill acquisition project and the Entrepreneurial Development Scheme (EDS). The twin pet projects that he is executing in my locality, Ketu, Lagos in partnership with my local church, Saint Michael Catholic Church,( SMCC), ketu, with technical support provided by the National Directorate of Employment (NDE), Lagos office and he is actively engaged in Career Clinic, a platform that I am using to nurture, mentor and dutifully engage the youths on career related conversations, Entrepreneurship, leadership training and exposure to civic obligations. The skill acquisition program which was opened to all irrespective of faith inclination in December 2016, graduated over One Hundred and Forty participants in different skills while the EDS has trained over 200 youths and fresh graduates in career guide, interview etiquettes, Business incubation and management in a six weekend seminar that brought the likes of Prof. Patrick Utomi of Centre for Value in Leadership(CVL), Mr. Chike-Obi Mustafa the immediate passed Managing Director of Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria and Dr. Isah Momoh, Director, New Media Enterprise, School of Media and Communication (SMC), Pan Atlantic University, Lekki, Lagos and others as resource persons. These projects he is making frantic effort to extend to other states in Nigeria as a way of getting the youths and the young adults gainfully engaged and empowered.

I am interested, willing, ready and eager to volunteer, work or contribute to any course that will promote civil society, ensure dignity of human person and lives and bring about growth, development and empowerment of citizenry in any part of the globe. I hope to achieve these through partnership with development minded individuals, civil society groups and other development based agencies irrespective of their location. I equally hope to work very closely with grass root people, the vulnerable groups and the less privileged, a strategy which he has started putting into practice. A certified project Manager by the PMP partners, London. I am an Associate of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (ANIPR), Associate, Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management and has attended numerous Conferences, seminars and Workshops on Justice Development, Human Right Protection, Campaign on electoral reforms and campaign against forced eviction in Nigeria. I am an active member of the Justice Development and Peace Centre (JDPC) in his Parish and the Lagos Catholic Archidiocese. I am the Program Coordinator, Social Action and Welfare Committee, an umbrella body that activate, control, and Coordinate all the Socio-economic/Humanitarian engagements in his Parish and he also heads the media and communication Committee in his parish. I am married and the union is blessed with two lovely children.

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