Thomas Shereni – Graduate Profile

Thomas Shereni (Zimbabwe)

“If I am given 8 hours to cut down a tree, I would rather spend 6 hours sharpening the axe” advised Socrates.

I am a family man married 23 years ago and have been blessed with 4 boys. I am excited to be the 31st graduate of International Institute for Global leaders; an institution that is holistically devoted in creating a better world for every person through imparting leadership skills and principles.

The Challenge:
Visionary leadership is no longer an option but a need in every sector of human endeavor. The need for purpose driven leaders to take charge and influence human affairs is now of paramount importance. The cry for visionary leadership is audible in all corridors of power. This is why I am convinced that “no nation or organization can succeed unless the spirit of leadership is strong among its citizens”. My core vision is the advancement of Leadership principles in individuals and organizations. Owing to recent trends challenging contemporary systems; pressure is mounting on institutions like governments, non-governmental organizations, business, civic groups and religious sectors to develop the leadership qualities of their human resources. It is no longer a secret that most historically successful organizations are now threatened with extinction, hence the need to continue developing leaders. “Give us leaders” is the cry of our time! And this cry will ever be heard in the corridors of influence and I have taken it upon myself to champion a leadership evolution through advancing leadership principles.
I have developed a training program made up of 12 modules which are opportunely constituted to induce leadership spirit in individuals and organizations. I intend to raise a crop of leaders that are God fearing, honest and bankable; Leaders who are able to blend professionalism and sound ethics in any field of endeavor.
My Vision!
No nation or organization can prosper unless the spirit of leadership is strong among its citizen.
My Mission!
It is my mission to stimulate this spirit
My Aim!
Is sharpening leadership potential and skills in individuals to influence the direction of their lives and organizations!
My Values!
• Faithfulness: in everything I do!
• Excellence: in delivering my promise:
• Integrity: in executing my daily business
My Target Audience!
• Young leaders
• Clergymen
• Entrepreneurs
• Leadership aspirants
• Government officials
• Civic and community leaders
• Women and men Groups


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