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Name: Stephanie Willis
Country: USA
Email address: WILLISS17736@GMAIL.COM
Birthday: August 26, 1975
Education: Associates in Business Mgt
Occupation: Business Analyst; Entrepreneur; Taking a Break to Recalibrate

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
My vision is for a world where we respect all living/breathing creation and live in harmony with the nature and vibration of all creation. The world I envision, has a lot less stuff (waste), less entertainment and less technology. Overconsumption is polluting the planet in every way possible, through every channel possible. What we need more of, in the existing reality, is compassion. I am “highly” inspired by this doctor and her son helping the mentally ill in Bali ( Compassion can help us now. Upholding life and the love of life for all beings, can help us now.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
There are so many issues in the world today. The real problem I believe is the disconnection from the source of all creation, the source of LIFE. Life, which is a real gift, is greatly undervalued, thus we have: eugenics, planned parenthood, human, slavery/enslavement, trafficking, crimes against children, today’s government/politics, war/crimes, crimes against women, organized/glorified religion, gangs, agriculture (food)/poor health, healthcare systems, prison systems, poverty, mental health issues, etc.

They are all created systems, evident of a broken society. The systems are too broken but they successfully uphold the broken society so they are effective. It’s nearly impossible to repair such a patchwork system without disassembling the entire operation and starting all over again, because of the dependencies.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
Broken systems require upgrades, re-wiring, re-programming. Like a water leak, constant fixes get costly, are never-ending and almost always create a bigger problem. It never addresses the core issues. Therefore, I believe that empowering people will help solve the problems of the world. The following are ways to empower:

1. Upgrade humanity (at all stages/ages/levels) through knowledge
2. Demonstrate compassion (vs tolerance or intolerance) for the disadvantaged/impoverished/ mentally challenged
3. Create (enlightened) community leaders that can blaze the trail for systemic change
4. Educate the youth to shorten/close the knowledge gap and break destructive familial patterns/cycles

Ancient knowledge has begun to ‘resurface’ in great waves via writings from the late 1800’s, thus more people are exploring consciousness, quantum energy, spirituality, past lives and more. In addition to that, science continues to unlock and present evidence of this knowledge (awesome for those who need that kind of evidence to believe). I truly believe the program offered here embraces the kind of knowledge and understanding required to change the world. That is the reason, I want to be a part of it!


Hello, my name is Stephanie. I found IIGL when I was considering a retreat visit at Mountain Light Sanctuary. I am planning to go there for a wilderness experience because I find that getting in the silence is the best space to connect with my intuition and receive messages. I decided to join this program as it was just the type of program I was looking to join to support my path forward. My goal is to develop a highly effective coaching/consulting/mentoring organization to help make our world a happier place to live.

My entire life has been one big mystical experience. Since 2007, I have experienced many cycles of (spiritual) death in my life (death of the old self). I have also traversed through the Dark Night of the Soul (2015), and I have seen many past lives over the years. I see them now more than ever and pretty frequently, as such, I’ve developed a great interest. It’s been an interesting catalyst for healing trauma in myself and within the lineage.I am driven by problem solving and I worked in corporate as a business analyst, data analyst and database developer for many years. I had the pleasure of navigating and balancing people, processes and technology during my younger parenting years. As I approached 30, I began feeling the calling to really dig deeper spiritually. As I approached 40, I was feeling the call to challenge myself and change my life in a bigger way. That began a new cycle in my personal/spiritual growth and development. I quit my job, leaned into faith, and began discovering myself. It’s also the time when I learned to live with less (and love it). Those years, I started homeschooling my youngest son. He’s now off to grad school pursuing a PhD in Physics. My son and I created a community garden. I began my soap making business and started teaching both gardening and soap making in a youth summer program. This is important because everything I mentioned required me to reprogram my mind and overcome the fear of the unknown. I really had to overcome a lot of obstacles, limited beliefs, negative perceptions and tough circumstances so that I could level up and move forward.

In 2017 I began writing a book, which I self-published in 2019. It’s titled “Help I Need a Reboot.” I wrote that first book as a basis for my Self-Discovery workshops.
As my sons got older, I opened a small retail business where I made and sold my soap in a cute downtown storefront. During this time, I attracted a wonderful like-minded community, coordinated several sound healing events and led a small meditation group. I also spent a year actively facilitating generational healing (for my family) and all of these were wonderful experiences along my path of self-discovery… All of these experiences (shortened for brevity) brought me here. Here, I am hoping to be an active connection in an international community of like-minded world changers effecting change all over the globe.

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