Stella Musembi – Profile

Stella Musembi
Birthday: 22nd January 1983
Education: Law degree
Occupation: Advocate

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
A world that works is a global village where individuals can acquire information, touching on any issue in question, at a touch of a button. It is a world where resources are equally distributed, thus eliminating the need to move in search of greener pasture which in turn brings about brain drain and hence unequal distribution of resources. It is where knowledge is spread abroad and great emphasis is made and engraved to the younger generation to acquire knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
The greatest problem facing the world today is poor governance coupled with corrupt leadership. Such kind of governance leads to misappropriation and exploitation of a Nation’s resource, which resources should in turn be used to create and increase wealth, thereby raising the per capita income of that nation. A nation riddled with corruption is working towards its down full as a state with the exception of a few bourgeois who a mass wealth for themselves then hide it in foreign financial institutions or in share capital with foreign companies, where this sums earn huge profits and thereby profiting not only the investor but also profiting the country of investments, whilst depriving their own nations. Corruption is a stigma and it is contagious once it begins at the top it trickles down to all the other levels of governance up to the grass root level, thereby infecting an entire nation.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
The right value system should be instilled from the family level, such that selfish, self centered and self gratifying tendencies and behavior should be discouraged, prohibited and disapproved. Proper values should instead be encouraged and engraved into the younger generation at that tender age. Values such as collective responsibility, creating a better world by caring for other people and the environment, helping the needy in whichever way possible, giving and not withholding unnecessarily, being accountable for any responsibility delegated and or resources allocated. A nation founded on proper family values, will in turn raise responsible leaders who will have a heart for the people and will not be majorly concerned with a massing wealth for themselves. A proper value system within any nation will prune out any stems of corruption.

I am a born again Christian, I love the lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior; I have a passion for books and knowledge in general. My favorite type of books are motivational, I also love watching movies mostly animations, detective series and thrillers. My dream in life is to make this world a better place so far as it dependents on me. I have a burden for people who have never heard of the gospel of Christ, not even once in their life time, to reach them and share this wonderful gospel.

I love travelling, this passion has taken me to various towns and locations within my country and I have learned to appreciate the scenery and varying landscape within such regions. Am looking forward to travel extensively to different regions within the globe in years to come, so as to learn and behold the diversity and beauty of nature and to familiarize myself with other people’s culture.

I have been involved in rural a development project, whereby the government had donated funds to develop infrastructure, that is roads, within areas where only footpaths existed. I was part of the manpower that helped this project see the light of day. The public were very appreciative of this effort by the government, through its arms, to bring such a worthwhile venture within the region thereby opening up the area and easing transportation and by inference communication too.

I have held various leadership positions in the various institutions of learning where I had the pleasure of being enrolled as a student. In high school I was head language prefect, in the university I was appointed in the Executive Committee as head of Bible study. I have also worked as the head of a branch for a subsidiary company of the leading communication company within the country ( Safaricom Ltd Co.).

Am a last born in a family of two, with an elder brother. My father is a land survey by profession, but is currently retired and has embarked on farming. My mother is also a retired secretary who is currently a farmer and a business lady. I am an lawyer by profession currently undertaking my final attachment so as to be sworn and enrolled into the bar as an advocate.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull