Sky Schulz – Profile


Name: Sky Schulz
Country: USA
Birthday: December 22, 1991
Education: B.A. Art Practices
Occupation: Field Instructor for Second Nature (Wilderness Therapy)

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

I don’t have a clear vision of a world that works for everyone other than one in which everyone works for the world instead of for themselves. The political system needs to be redone, ecology needs to be taken care of, education needs to become meaningful, humans need to tap into their inner wisdom and power, people must assume responsibility for themselves and their creations.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

I think there are many pressing problems that are all manifestations of one core issue: people experiencing a disconnect from their true or higher selves. It is easy to forget who we are when our basic needs aren’t being met, or when we believe that we don’t have time for anything other than making the means to meet these needs. Our needs are blown out of proportion, financial wealth imbalanced… we are a confused species. We don’t, as a whole, know our potential or ourselves. We have lost touch with our bodies, our spirits, our minds, our fellow souls, the planet, and more. It’s all disconnected.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

I believe in reconnecting with our higher selves. I’m not claiming to have devised a plan to make everyone get back in touch with themselves and the world but I have experienced many small steps towards namely this. I am dedicated to being a presence in the world that allows for other people to become present themselves. Experiencing our bodies through exercise and Vipassana meditation, our spirits through prayer and art, our minds through reading and analysis, our fellow travelers through discussion, compassion, and love, and the planet with respect and TLC are all great ways to get connected with the source and realize our true purpose.


In one of her earliest memories, she is sitting in the sandbox her father furnished in the front yard. She is building sand castles with one of the older neighbor girls. She is about seven years old. She has fantasies and day dreams and the world is very real to her. The adults make little sense. They placate her, “Did you really arrange this bouquet yourself?” asks her dad’s best friend in response to flowers she picked for him. Of course she did, what did he think?

The girl sitting next to her isn’t building anything with the sand. She is her brother’s age. A year older. And is staring off into space. The pause in conversation gives the young girl a chance to muster up her courage and share her most exciting secret, “You know, I just know I am meant to deliver some kind of message to the world, Mandy.” As she says this she imagines riding a dark horse through the night carrying a white scroll containing the message. Mandy scoffs at her, “Don’t be silly, there’s no such thing as messages for the world.” Hurt, the young girl lowers her gaze and starts poking at her castle causing it to fall into itself. Confused because she was certain and now does not know, she puts her truth aside.

Another time, she remembers, she is dressed up as a masked superhero with a black cape and green sequins adorning her attire. She sneaks down the stairs and peers around the corner. The adults notice her immediately and smile because she is damn cute. But they don’t get it. She’s on a mission. She’s a superhero for crying out loud – you don’t just sit there and smile at a superhero. Embarrassed by the mistake they made, she goes upstairs and changes into normal clothes. She is angry at the mask. I kept my mouth shut for the remainder of my childhood and leaned into the rebellious teen years earlier than any parent would hope. But now I’m an adult and the yearning has not gone away. The message is still rolled up in my heart and I am avidly seeking ways to uncoil it and lay it out upon the world.

On a more technical note, I am a skilled and loving vegetable gardener, a thru-hiker of 2660 miles of western wilderness and mountain ranges, a loving partner, daughter, and sister, a wilderness therapy field instructor for troubled teens, a meditator, occasional lucid-dreamer, a painter, reader, a sunset-gazer, beach-walker, a manifestor, hobby-writer, and friend.

I aim to live close to nature, keep a very low cost of living , connect deeply with people including myself, learn to love and practice uncompromised compassion, live in line with my higher self and the universe, remain awake and alert and inspire others to do the same. I am very open to creative ways to negotiate being a person in this world but not fully of this world. I believe that the ultimate goal is not physical survival. Though I am not fearless, I make a point to face my fears, learning at least not to fear itself. I take myself apart on a regular basis, surveying, processing, and reinventing my values, striving to live the life I am meant to live.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull