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Name: Salad Ahmed Halane
Country: Somalia
Date of Birth: January 1, 1990
Education: Bachelor in Clinical Medicine (MBBS), Masters’ degree in Health service management
Occupation: Medical Doctor

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
My vision of a world that works for everyone is the to see world in which no child is left behind in regard to the fundamental rights of children. a world with no conflicts that could lead to wars in which negotiations and common understanding is much preferred rather than confrontations.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
Among the most pressing problems facing the world today are man-made disasters, terrorism, preventable diseases that kill millions of children and mothers in the underdeveloped world. in every year the world loses millions of people to the preventable diseases and conflicts. terrorism is also an other pressing problem in todays’world that leads to the loss and displacements of vulnerable mothers and children in the war-torn areas of the world. natural disasters are also among the pressing issues/problems that the world is facing today which if prevented human life can be saved. Climate change is also an other important pressing problem that the world is facing today. We have witnessed how the environment is affected by the climate change.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
These problems could be solved by focusing more on cost- affective approaches in preventing in communicable and non-communicable diseases that cause huge loss to the human life in the world. For example, Malaria kills many children in the undeveloped world compared to the developed world. Terrorism can be defeated in collective collaborations in fighting physically and ideologically. Negations can be initiated to the end this ruthless killings of innocent human beings. Climate change can be prevented and resolved by preventing dissertations and hunting wild animals. Natural disaster and man-made disaster can also be prevented by global awareness and campaigns, advocacy, putting universal policies and regulation in place.

My name is Salad Ahmed Halane and my place of birth was Mogadishu, Somalia. I am married and still live in Somalia. I am a medical doctor and am excellent at problem solving and decision making skills. I am loyal, trustworthy and honest. I am able to work in multi-cultural team and able to deal with confidentiality. I am able to work in strict procedural framework. I have good communication skills, planning, organizational, liaison skills. I have rigor am flexible and open minded. I am able to listen and be diplomatic. I have formulating Strategies and Concepts, planning and delivering skills. I can apply technical expertise and am skilled at team management and leadership skills. I have good report and proposal writing skills as well as the ability to use computer office packages. I am a good negotiator in working with local partners and local authorities plus strong knowledge of the social and geographical environment of Somalia.

From 2018-2019 I pursued a masters degree in health service management (MHSM) from Kampala university. I have a Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) majoring in Clinical Medicine, Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China. I studied there from 2008-2014. My work experience includes from December 2017- Present; Organization: Save the Children International (SCI). My Position: Health Project Manager. My duties and responsibilities: include The project manager is responsible for running and supervision of health and nutrition programs at all stages of the project management cycle. I provide overall technical, managerial and coordination support to the project teams implementing funded emergency response/developmental health projects in southern states of Somalia. In collaboration with the Program manager and Field coordinator the project manager will be budget holder for the Grant and will manage it through the existing staff in each location. Key functions of the role will include technical joint planning of the intervention, oversight in implementation, monitoring of the intervention, consolidation of the donor reports and budget management. He is also expected to promote and disseminate best practice, documenting achievement s and lessons learned from project and carried out project implementation out in line with MoH policies/guidelines and SCI’s strategy, internal procedures and policies. Project manager is expected to be conversant in emergency programming with focus to health, nutrition.


The role holder will closely work with other technical teams. Further objectives for the PM concern the capacity building and mentoring of staff; humanitarian needs identification through monitoring of the evolving situation; context analysis to contribute to the development of future programs; and internal coordination to reinforce SCI integrated approach. Depending on the size and organizational structure of the mission. April 2017– November 2017 Organization: Save the Children International (SCI) Position: Emergency Health Officer, South Central Somalia. Duties and responsibilities: Under the general guidance of project manager, the Health officer will take the overall Responsibility of the day-to-day implementation of the health program activities by leading Coordination of health activities with the staffs at the health facilities and working closely with the IDP health management team where he is expected to support on sectoral assessments, project planning, implementation, coordination, recruitment, procurement and budget management. April 2015, March, 2017 Organization: Swisso-Kalmo Position: Child protection officer/Gender based violence (GBV)/Pediatrician. Duties and responsibilities: Support Child protection and gender based violence (GBV) teams. Ensure implementation of Protection activities as defined in the proposal/LFA/Budget. Carry out participatory needs assessment in target populations (communities) in SK areas of intervention. Supervise any project relevant activities of local monitoring organizations engaged in child protection activities. Provide weekly data and monthly situational analysis reports on the child protection situation in the area of the operation. Receive, verify, and validate information provided by the child protection monitors. On a needs basis, assist in the identification and selection of credible civil society organizations to partner with in the implementation of the project. Develop, implement and monitor quarterly, monthly and weekly activity plans to achieve expected results, including planning of activities and procurement. Give continuous guidance and support in regard to organizational and individual monitors’ child protection technical capacity. Support outreach and awareness raising activities and community mobilization to invite parents, community leaders and children to participate in child protection activities. Represent the organization in meetings with government officials and other actors, to advocate and promote program goals and objectives, and communicate with major partners on policies. Liaise with other agencies, NGOs, government bodies, donors to ensure coordination, implementation of common standards in the field and consideration of protection issues in assistance programs. Ensure the documentation of the program activities is correctly carried out and maintained at field level. Provide and refer rape survivors to available psychosocial and protection services. I have also attended numerous workshops in Health and Social Science management both in Somalia and many other places! I am fluent in English, Arabic and Chinese.

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