Saidzhan Sayid Abdullaev – Profile


Saidzhan (Sayid) Abdullaev
Karakol, Kyrgyzstan
Birthday: 04/22/1990
Education: AA in communication from the College of Southern Idaho
Occupation: social entrepreneur

Why would you like to participate in this study program?

I am a dynamic, determined, and passionate global citizen and a young leader interested in applying for the IIGL that I believe has an ideal culture in which to pursue my goal of becoming a peacemaker, making difference in the lives of people, as well as putting my active commitment into the development of global youth activism.

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone. (Minimum 50 words)

As a young individual, I envisage the world where human rights are being protected for everyone, where civil society is actively participating in the development of the country, and where youth is passionately engaged in transferring the status quo into the future where politics is again an honorable profession, where streets are safe, where there are opportunities for everyone to be accepted, heard, valued, and understood, a place where democracy is real, and where peace is not a vision, but a reality.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

Kyrgyzstan is fairly a young country that acquired its independency 20 years ago. During these 20 years, my nation, has been going through dramatic transitions in economic, political, and social sectors that brought its advantages and disadvantages, however despite the attempts of building a sustainable democracy, youths are still are the most vulnerable group facing serious problems:

* Corruption in educational places: It is hard to get accepted to a public university because, it based not on your academic achievements but on your ability to buy an entrance place.

* Lack of jobs: After graduating from the university students cannot find a job related to their major.

* Brain drain: Majority of youth leave the country after graduating from high schools/colleges to find a better life.

* Political instability: There are constant protests and turmoil in the country.

* The growth of terrorism : The surge of Islamic extremists and terrorist groups in Central Asia

* Bride kidnapping: Young girls are being abducted and forced into marriage

* Discrimination: The high existence of racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia.

* Digital Divide: A lack of computer literacy in the villages and remote areas of Kyrgyzstan.

* Absence of youth advocacies: No organizations that would promote interest of youth and prepare them for the adulthood.

* Drugs: A high usage of alcohol and drugs among youths

How do you feel these problems could best be solved? (Minimum 100 words)

There are many ways to resolve the social problem, however one of the best on I see in organizing project: Youth and Entrepreneurship

Objective: To empower youth to actively participate in building a sustainable economy of a country via developing a small business grants program for creating small and medium business that are planned and run by young people and financially supported by the government or international organizations.

Entrepreneurship is not highly developed because of the political instability in the country, however it has a high potential for creating new ventures that would lead to creating new opportunities for youth and improving their quality of life. In the frame of the project there are can be supported numerous small grant proposals for youth who would like:

– To work with live stock. For instance, chickens can be raised and then later on used for selling eggs or meat.

– To get skills in the areas of computer literacy, languages, sewing, wood-making and later use it in opening their own small enterprises.

– To produce cultural souvenirs using local wood

– To create fashion clothes using local materials such as plants, herbs.

According to the survey that I was able to conduct in local high schools and youth groups it showed that in case of implementing the proposed activities it will generate more trust towards the government and would motivate students to take advantage of these opportunities to create their own entrepreneurship businesses.


I am a dynamic, determined, and passionate global citizen, young leader and a founder of the Youth for Peace Initiative that increases participation of young people from different social backgrounds in the development of civil society and sustainable youth movement via the empowerment programs such as: peace camps, leadership trainings, diversity development, and social entrepreneurship.

As an executive director of the Youth for Peace Initiative based in Kyrgyzstan and the USA I have successfully coordinated more than 30 youth projects and have implemented more than 300 local/national/international programs on different topics: International Volunteer Exchange, Youth Advocacy, Social Partnership, Fundraising, Inclusive System of Education, Human Rights, UN Millennium Goals, Genocide, Peace Building, and Diversity, which were focusing on empowering young people and increasing their interest and awareness in the political lobby and advocacy, fostering a healthy dialogue among the young people from the conflict areas, and developing a capacity building programs for youth This has strengthened my interest in youth initiation, cultural exchange , peace, and leadership. Moreover during my management as an executive director the organization was able to receive major grants and recognitions for the outstanding youth initiative from the US Embassy, US Department, Global Clinton Initiative, Kyrgyz Republic’s Government, United Nations, OXFAM, and many more others.

Additionally, I have participated in numerous exchange projects and international youth programs, including International Fund of Election System – Kazakhstan (2005), International Volunteer Exchange by Solidarite de Jenese (2006) – France, Future Leaders Exchange Program by US Department (2007), Jane Goodall World Youth Summit – Jane Goodall Institute (2008), Global Village Iacocca Institute, US Department (2009), Opportunity Grant (2009), Youth Leadership Program by Miracle Corners of the World (2009), UN Peace Day (2010), One Young World (2010), OXFAM Action Partner (2010), Global Clinton Initiative University (2010) Caravan of Peace (2011), CAYN COP 17 (2011) – UNFCCC. These allowed me to become a Global Teen Leader and an Outstanding Youth Leader for the UN Youth Assembly, but most of all my active involvement in the development of peace helped me to understand the importance of diversity, power of young people and positive impact it can bring to the World.

Academically, my course work in the Political Science and Communication departments at the College of Southern Idaho has allowed me to gain an understanding and appreciation for the global citizenship, government, diplomacy, interpersonal and intercultural communication, diversity, poverty reduction, and other essential topics of peace building.

Currently I live in my native country of Kyrgyzstan, where I continues my work as youth ambassador of peace and an independent expert for the variety of local, national, and international nonprofit organizations and social projects. I hope to use my rich experience in youth development and peace building in becoming the UN Secretary General.

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