Rotimi Isaac Kolade – Profile

Rotimi Isaac Kolade
Lagos, Nigeria
Birthday: January 5 1985
Education: Secondary Education
Occupation: Publisher

Why would you like to participate in this study program?

I like to participate in these because; I want to make a change in life. I believe I can make a positive contribution to the world but before I could be able to do that, I need to expand learn and grow and tap my innate potential. And I think with International Institute for Global Leadership and God, I could create the future I really want.

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My vision of the world that works for everyone is the world of unity where we all live with total respect and love for life, a world of peace, a world of equity where all human races are equal.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

I think one of the pressing problems facing the world today is leadership: and a good example of that is my country Nigeria. Since Nigeria gained its independent in 1960 it has never had a good leader and that has really affected the growth of the country. Unlike United States of America and a country like China they have good leaders and due to these they are economically developed and their citizens are highly productive compared to other countries that lacked good leadership their citizens are not educated and they lacked information to worked with and nothing to motivate them to be productive. Another one is: Education because, they said “education is power”, and without it our level of awareness is low and when our level of awareness is low we can never know what we have to do and make a difference in life.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

I believe the problem of leadership can be solved by raising the right leadership at the right position. Because, I believe that: “leadership ability determines the follower’s level of effectiveness”. Before a leader could be elected those who are to elect the leader should check the candidates performance background and find out that not only they could steer the ship, but they could chart the course.

Good-quality education should be made available and affordable to everyone in the country. Information should also be made available at the right time and not that it should only be shared within a particular group of people, but should be made available to every one.


My Personal Goals…
* I want to get myself a university degree. (1 year)
* I want to loose more weight. (Within 1 year)
* I want to have a lady that i will love, and who will love me in return for who i am,
(Within 1 year)
* I want to develop my retentive memory (within 1 year)
* I want to challenge myself to read at least two books in a week (1 year)
* I want be skyrocket my self esteem.
* I want to be friendlier with people around me (1 year)
* I want to be more caring and sensitive to peoples need (1 year)
* I want to be able to get what i want anytime i want it. (2 years)
* I want to be getting in touch more frequently with my family (1 Year)

I want to own a beach in Nigeria (5 years)

Why I must achieve this goal, “getting myself a university degree”.

Achieving these goals will help in boosting my career profile which will affect my moral positively and it will make me to be more confident in myself, i could go out there with the satisfaction that there will be no educational barrier in accomplishing my heart desire both with friends and in business world.

My Career Goals
I want to build the best publishing company in West Africa. I want to build the largest emission reduction project in Africa. I want to develop at least five successful businesses in the next 20 years from now. I want to travel to see mountain Everest before i clocked 30 and maybe i could climb it to e certain height. I want to take my kids to visit Disney’s land. I want my children to be educated in the best university at the world. I want to be able to be ranked among the richest in the world.

Adventure Goals
I want to own a helicopter: deadline (7years) this will enable me to travel and execute business without delay or traffic hold back. I want to travel to Fiji Island. I want to have my personal adventure Island. I want to have my personal Ship and a private Jet. I want to own my own personal castle and i want it close to water. And be able to view the sunset. I want to own a music studio so i can record my own personal music and help those who love to sing good timeless music record theirs too.

My dreams in life are; to be among the best business men in Africa and the world at large, to be one of the most charitable person in the world and 1st in Africa and to have my own business that have branches all around the world.

Favorite books; Sophie’s world by Jostens Gardner, Lion and the Jewel by Prof. Wole Shoyinka, The prophet by Kahlil Gibran, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Rich Dad poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Cracking The Millionaire Code by Mark Hansen and Paul Allen, Awaken The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins, 7 Habits by Stephen R Covey…etc.

Favorite Movies, Romeo & Juliet, Titanic, August Rush, Matrix,…etc.

I came from a family of seven, three boys and four girls I happens to be the Eldest child and my parent are low income earners and they are still together as at now. We have our problems though but we still love each other. What else can I say? Ok that’s all for now.

I have a business that I am building right now, and the business is “Book publishing”. Now we have a book in the market that is doing fairly good but I want more.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull