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Name: Popoola Mayowa Racheal
Country: India
Email: oluwatopraise2014@gmail.com
Date of Birth: March 1, 1996
Education: B.Sc Nursing

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
A world in which there is equity and inclusiveness, in which there is no distinction no matter where you come from, a world that portray peace and strive to be at peace. A world that takes into consideration other people from different societal strata and work hand-in-hand to ensure that all lead a good quality of life is a world that I envision to work for everyone. Though these can\’t be attained in a day but with dedication and unity we can get there.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
There are lots of pressing problems facing our world today and this has been narrowed down by the United Nations as the 17 sustainable development goals ( SDGs) inorder to achieve a better and sustainable future for all. These goals are tailored in such a way that it addresses the challenges being faced by our world today. The lists focus on the following problems; poverty, hunger, health problems, educational problems, gender inequality, inequality, climate changes and so on. Looking closely at these lists, the problems are interrelated, if one can be solved, then there might be a solution to another. For example, if there\’s a program oriented at empowering people from low socio-economic status with skills acquisition which can be sources of income to them, they will be able to rise above the social hierarchy they are economically and be able to feed themselves. If there’s sustainability from this same skill they further can do something tangible for themselves which is why solving a problem can be a solution to other pressing problems within the society.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
Joining hands together globally to proffer solution to these problems is essential. There are lots of awareness going on as regards to imploring diverse social innovators and entrepreneurs towards orienting and tailoring their approaches and solutions to these social problems which is a great movement aimed at driving massive results which are sustainable. There is an adage in my language that says (interpreted as) “with both hands or together we can lift a heavy load, a hand alone cannot do so” which preaches about the importance of unity and togetherness. Likewise, creating an environment in which all citizens of the whole world are aware about the responsibility that each person have towards these pressing issues can also create a sense of accountability in all. Furthermore, providing different forms of support for social entrepreneurs and innovators in terms of funding, resources, empowerment and the likes can also aid them in achieving the goals of their different organizations towards offering solutions tailored to meeting these issues. In conclusion, policy advocacy legalizing the implementation of the SDGs by different goverments into their schemes of service for different countries can also create a sense of urgency in regards to the approach taking by the government towards solving these discrepancies in return creating a better world for all.


I am Popoola Mayowa Racheal, the firstborn of a family of seven in a town in south-western part of Nigeria, a country in western Africa, popularly known as the giant of Africa. My parents are working class citizens, my father being an immigration civil service officer and my mother a teacher. I completed my senior secondary education in the year 2013 from science department and graduated as one of the best students in my batch. With my leadership qualities being a plus, I served as the Labor prefect girl for the whole school that particular year. In my pursuit for excellence, quality education and novel experience culturally, I decided to enroll for my Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bangalore, Karnataka State, India instead of enrolling in my country. This has exposed me to a culture entirely different from mine, though I encountered a huge cultural shock the first year of my stay in India, I am now well adjusted to the environment as this year mark my sixth (6th) in the country, something I consider a huge feat. During the period of my studies, I volunteered to be an executive member of the federation of international students association in Bangalore, India for a year, an association established by the Indian Council for cultural relations (ICCR) because I desire to be in an atmosphere where inclusiveness and mutual growth is fostered regardless of who you are. I graduated with First Class degree in Nursing and I am now a Registered Nurse and India based Nurse tutor. Being an individual passionate about providing sustainable impacts and attaining professional competence in my field and in leadership earned me several awards, including leadership, social entrepreneur and project management certifications from MOGi Global Leadership School and Leaders Quarters, Ideation Hub Africa and Management and strategy Institute respectively.\r\n I am driven to attain competence in all that I do, which always serves as a push towards equipping myself through diverse educational programs and books. I am passionate about inspiring vision actualization in youngsters and youths towards actualizing their purpose and driving sustainable impact in them. I believe that value shouldn’t be a one-time effect but that which is lasting and that create a ripple effect. And this has led me to conduct various webinars on leadership, leadership development and Health Promotion on different platforms and also the book I authored “Pa Genomresa” (In Transit) which captures my life’s journey till present. I am deeply concerned and have a great burden towards ensuring that the distribution of quality health care is affordable and accessible to even the remotest part of and the less privileged in my country, Nigeria. I am also interested in seeing ways to incorporate technology into health (nursing) care as I believe in holistic health approach for health is wealth and one of the vital factors that contribute to the growth of a nation. I love reading, music, graphics design, travelling, meeting new people, event planning and organizing. I am a firm believer of living purposefully driven by compassion, excellence and competence in providing sustainable impacts within the society.

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