Onyema Augusta – Profile


Name: Onyema Augusta
Country: Nigeria
Email: augusta.onyim@gmail.com
Date of Birth: July 24, 1999.
Education: S.S.C.E
Occupation: Teacher

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My vision is a world that has enough love, harmony, and resources available to everyone. This can be accomplished by showing more consideration for one another.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The most pressing problems that the world is facing today includes: Lack of love: this is the fundamental problem and is from this problem that others originator. In short, it is the root of other problems. It is said that where there is no love, there is no unity and growth. In our world today, there is no love among individuals. You see the rich oppressing the poor even to the point of depriving them the right to their life and freedom, that a typical example of lack of love and where there is no love, there will be hatred. Other problems include: Corruption: this has eaten deeply into our society and the world at large. An example is the embezzlement of funds and other resources by the government and the govern-owned. The truth is that in our today we have only few individuals that are not corrupt. Greed of all sorts: which includes power, wealth, possessions. This is another problem that is very dangerous to the society and it will hinder the world\’s growth and development. Jealousy: this is a baby of hatred. It means that hatred started from jealousy. This problem is very deadly because it what leads to hatred. A typical example is when girl A is jealous of girl B simply because girl B can sing more than girl A. Then girl A will start thinking of the possible way to convince her audience to her favor. But when she discovers she cannot, then the jealous will gradually grow to pure hatred. And this is very bad because, it only lead to regrets.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

Gandhi once said and I quote be the change you want to see in others. In short, don\’t do to others what you don\’t like them to do to you. Simply means, we should love others the way we love ourselves. Be Considerate: if we try to put others in shoes, we should also try to see ourselves in another person shoes, because that one of the ways to solve this problems by being considerate. Discipline: A nation that has law and order, and obey them is disciplined and will definitely flourish. So, discipline is an important attribute this solving problems. Moreover, it is very important to seek wisdom, grace and strength to do the right thing and resist the wrong thing from the Originator of the Originated. That is God Almighty. Avoid extravagant living: most times we spend money unnecessary while there are many out there lavishing in poverty. Some of us take part in while elephant project like most of our politicians, Knowing that the investment can be channeled to helping the less privileges. Such attitude should be avoided. Planning:- it is very important for every one to plan ahead of time. In order to face expected and unexpected happenings. Also for future reference and these are my own views on how to solve this problems.


My name is Miss Onyema Chiemeka Augusta. I am eighteen years old and I attended Nigeria Navy Primary School. Also, Haklat College at Alemu Ijanikin Lagos State. I am from IMO state but precisely, I live in Lagos with my family. We are a family of six and I am the third born of my family. I graduated from secondary school last year and presently I am an O-level student and I will soon be in the university studying nursing science, this year by his grace. back then in secondary school, I was the social prefect of my school and the acting band captain of my primary school. It wasn’t an easy responsibility but I was able to pull through by his grace. I love singing and reading motivational books a lot. My dreams in life are to be a Nurse, a motivational speaker, and a musician like Celine Dion. Because that is the area I find myself happy and fulfilled. Listening to music is a habit that I am used too and sometimes my mom do complain that I do that often.

There are a lot of places I have been to here in Lagos, few in my home town and none outside Nigeria. In the aspect of sport, I love racing, skipping, playing volleyball. If there is any other sport I will like to learn, it will be swimming and basketball because it is amazing when I see people participate actively in the sport activity. Sometimes, I wish I knew how to swim and play basketball, It will be fun. And I will one day.

Life has taught me to be smart, courageous and to be hard working. Presently I am a teacher and I have been able to know what it takes to make ends meet. And now I try to work hard to get my things myself in order to discipline myself and to reduce the expenses my parent make on daily basis. It has been easy but there is a quote by Mr Donald Trump that encouraged me to move on. He says and I quote: “The more I try the luckier I become.” This quote made me want to go on doing what I can do best and even the things I cannot do, I try to do them because I know that the difference between those that make things happen and those that watch things happening are focus and discipline and I know with God by my side, I will be among those that make things happen.

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