Oluwatosin Osho – Profile


Name: Oluwatosin Osho
Country: Nigeria
Email: alhadeez@gmail.com
Birthday: December 14, 1993
Education: BSc Economics(in view) – University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

Overtime, I have fantasised and dreamt of how a peaceful world would look like. My dream world would be one with economic equality, free of the commotion and insecurity that currently pervades it. My vision of a dream world would be one rid of nuclear weapons, terrorists, environmental wastes, and the likes; with equal opportunity for all. The possibility of a world where- from the desert of Africa to the coast of Europe to the grassland of the Americas, Middle-East and Australia- each and every individual would live, play and work in a serene and peaceful environment is exciting.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The world over particularly the African continent are confronted with burning issues of bribery, corruption, economic inequality, ozone layer depletion(much owed to environmental pollution), lack of cooperation, and personal interests over national interest, all closely linked to the failures of leadership or bad governance. The world and Africa’s development is hampered by mundane acts of corporations and government officials who connive to plunder the economy and deprive citizens of their due. The main cause of economic inequality is the inability of leadership to act in the proper redistribution of national wealth. Also, world leaders have often failed to come together and act for the greater good in pressing times. The on-going political crises in Syria gives an exact example of the inability of world leaders to place national interest before personal interest.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

The issues highlighted above have been attributed to a lack of distinct and selfless leaders ready to place national interest over personal gain. Thus, it is essential to promote the ideal type of leadership by designing programmes that would help intending leaders improve their leadership and decision making ability; programmes like the one operated by the institute are a step in the right direction. However, issues like corruption, environmental pollution (evidenced by the depletion of the ozone layer) need the joint efforts of both leaders and citizens to remain solved. Environmental pollution could be reduced or eradicated if manufacturers resolve to use environmentally sustainable materials in production and citizens alike decide to recycle all recyclable products rather than dispose them inappropriately.


My name is Oluwatosin which in English means God deserves praise. I come from a very religious and cultural background. I hail from the South-Western part of Nigeria. I currently live in Ibadan where I study at the prestigious University of Ibadan in the hope of becoming a world renowned economist. When I am not reading or working on assignments, projects and coursework, I love to walk around and do a bit of sightseeing. Also, I love sports and I support my local club Shooting Stars FC and Arsenal FC in London; including the Nigerian national team.

I equally relax by reading magazine and novels. My favourite novels are those authored by John Grisham. However, I also love reading novels authored by Paul Coelho and Mario Puzo. I also try to familiarise myself with global and local happenings by listening to news and browsing on the social networks. I have special interests in developmental and international Economics and I recently did a coursework on the state of the manufacturing sector in Nigeria with a couple of my classmates.

I love watching local and foreign movies, and I love movies that feature Kunle Afolayan, Jason Statham, Bradley Cooper and Morgan Freeman. I cherish honesty, commitment, hard work and dedication while I hate lateness, dishonesty and arrogance.

Early in life, I perceived taking up leadership responsibilities to be pointless and time wasting, thus I didn’t put myself up for any leadership post but instead focused on other things. However, I was left with no choice when I was appointed as class head in the final year of High school. My first day as class representative was a disaster and I felt very bad about myself. However, I summoned enough courage and ensured that I never repeated the mistakes of the past which turned out to be the right step as I was later given an award of excellence and exemplary leadership by the school. This was the beginning of my leadership experience as I was later appointed as the Public Relations Officer for the Maths club. Presently, I am a student representative for the Faculty Student Help Centre where I assist in organising workshops for and interacting with students. Also, I have been appointed as Project Finance Manager for AIESEC Ibadan Local committee (an arm of AIESEC international) which is a student organisation that offers the platform for young leaders to explore and develop their leadership potential; within five months of joining the organisation. As project finance manager, I help in keeping track of income and expenditure associated with projects while I also ensure reduction of projects costs through outsourcing and fund raising efforts.

My goal in life is to be successful and also be able to give back to the society. My career dream is to become an investment manager. I have a strong interest in entrepreneurship and investment, and my recent internship with the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Ibadan where I was able to interact with thriving entrepreneurs has helped in encouraging me to follow up my passion in investment management.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull