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Oladapo Greatness Oluwafemi
Email: flem2k4@yahoo.com
Education: BSc.Chemistry
Occupation: teacher

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
My vision statement in life is “Show-casing to the world a full man with the full knowledge, with the full dominion that God has made him to be”. The world can be better if the people living in it can become better. The world can only work if the people living in it start working. Since the whole world was made by words, therefore to make the world work our words (positive) must start working. My vision is to start LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT STUDIES (LEDS) from the womb to tertiary institution until mature and well seasoned leaders emerge. We have started work on this and of which IILG is a MUST place for me to learn.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
The pressing problem i know is facing the world especially Africa is a failure of leadership from which all other problems emancipated such as greed, selfishness and corruption. You see empower the leaders properly all other things will be right. The failure of leadership is reflecting in other sectors of human endeavors. We need visionary leaders who can drive our world forward. Change the leaders then the nations of the world will be change for the best. Families also contribute to the problems we have, for example, some parents do not know the essence of education because true education was not design for us to become job seekers but job providers but the reverse is the case in most Africa nations.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
I believe so strongly that the solution is already here. How? HOT-EYE INITIATIVE has a blueprint it follows. More so, IIGL is the answer because everyone can be disciple by what the institute can offer which i have seen in the life of the person who introduce IIGL to me. I am passionate and concern about the new world without neglecting the old one. I mean we can start building new leaders from the womb to kindergarten, nursery ,primary and junior and secondary schools into the the tertiary institution. Why? You may ask. This is so because more people are going to school lately. Then we can catch them young for the purpose of building a nation just like we can see in what Singapore did to her young men and women.Lets go re-visit our educational curriculum and start from there. THANKS.

I am Oladapo Greatness Oluwafemi.Greatness has a great assignment hence the name
GREATNESS. I love to influence over 150 million young people positively before i am 40 years of age. I have started already. I am an author, i just finished a book project title HOW TO EMPLOY YOUR EMPLOYER. I also love traveling. I read a lot not all books in the world but books that help my goals and aspirations in life. I am a leader really worthyof emulation. I am also a warm and dynamic public speaker. I have some awards to my credit. I only have interest in leadership. I have work has youth corp members in Niger State Nigeria where i got an award for my work. Presently i write inspirational books, i also teach Leadership Development Studies in Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria. So far my best book ever read is ‘Dynamic Law Of Success’ by Harvey Day. I am a graduate of Chemistry University of Ilorin,Kwara State Nigeria.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Success through a Positive Mental Attitude
The New Dynamics Of Winning
Real Magic