Okorie Eusebius Tobechukwu – Profile


Okorie, Eusebius Tobechukwu

Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeira


Birthday: 16th December, 1986.

Education: B. ENG: Agricultural and Environmental Engineering.

Occupation: Serving Corp Member

Please Describe Your Vision of a World that Works for Everyone.

My vision of a world that works for everyone is encapsulated in the phrase “self – mastery.” Socrates, one of the greatest philosophers ever always says “Know thy self”. Self – knowledge is my vision of a world that works for everyone. Many people do not know who they are and as such do not know the unlimited powers that lie within their minds strong enough to command the universe to submit to the desires. But, with good self – knowledge and self – mastery about oneself as a creature with unlimited potentials, anybody and everybody can lead a world that works for everyone.

What Do You See As The Most Pressing Problems Facing The World Today?

What I see as the most pressing problems in the world today are racism, global warming, poverty, corruption and poor education. Racial discrimination is one of the most pressing problems facing the world today. In this way, the “blacks” are discriminated against by the whites and as such deprived of their fundamental human rights to enjoy certain benefits which they truly merit. Global warming is a major problem facing the world today thereby causing the earth to be excessively hot beyond human comfort caused by the depleting of the ozone layer. Poverty is a disease that is killing us today especially Africans and it constitute one of the pressing problems facing the world today. Corruption have eaten deep into the fabrics of the society the world over thereby creating problems here and there and depriving people what they truly merit and favouring those who do not merit the benefits they enjoy. Poor education is a major problem facing the world today. This is a situation where somebody would prefer to remain “half -schooled” or poor in the knowledge of how to face the numerous challenges in the world. These to me are what I see as the most pressing problems in the world today.

How do You Feel These Problems Could Best be Solved?

To me these problems of racism, global warming, poverty, corruption and poor education could best be solved in the following ways: Racism as a problem could be solved by the calling for meeting by the presidents of every nation the world over and flag off the campaign against racism whereby the president of each country will take the message back home encouraging living together in unity and harmony ignoring skin colour and all what not. Corruption in itself is a systematic problem and can only be solved if there will be a change of mind – set beginning from the family, the church, the work place and in all sectors of leadership. Also, to punish those involved in corruption according to the law, no matter how highly placed the person or persons involved may be. “Ignorance is a disease” so goes a popular saying. Parents should try to give their children sound moral and formal education since they (the children) didn’t give birth to themselves. As such parents are admonished to give birth only to the number of children they can train effectively so as to encourage proper literacy in all its ramifications in the youths and future leaders of tomorrow. These are they ways I feel these pressing problems could best be solved.


I am Okorie Eusebius Tobechukwu. I hail from Ihitte – Uboma of Imo State. The first born child of my parents from a family of nine (9). I attended 72 Unicord, Army Children School, Makurdi after which I proceeded to Government Secondary School for my Junior Secondary School Education and later proceeded to Special Science Senior Secondary School all in Benue State. I later gained admission to study Agricultural and Environmental Engineering at the prestigious Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi. Presently, I am serving as a Youth Service Corp Member in Government Day Secondary School, Rabah Local Government of Sokoto State. I love good education; whether formal or informal. I love or have interest in anything that contributes to good knowledge like good books, good movies, good documentaries and interpersonal interactions and good relationships. I also love teaching people that are ready to learn thereby contributing to knowledge in the areas of music, interpersonal relationship, positive motivation to success and even the word of God. When I was younger, I taught catechism to members of the Block Rosary Crusade in my church. In my secondary school days, I have natural inclination for subjects that includes mathematical computation like General Mathematic, Further or Additional Mathematics, Physics and Economics. This was what motivated me to venture into the field of Engineering. As I bag a degree in B. Eng. (Agricultural and Environmental Engineering) with Second Class (Upper Division). I hope to further my Education in the field of Engineering immediately after my Youth Service year to my fatherland.

Aside mathematically inclined subjects, I have special interest and love for Classical and Jazz music and even ICT. I am a classical organist and a good computer operator. I am particularly interested in playing good music for the church regularly. I work as a computer operator during my holidays in order to keep myself busy, learn more about computer and ICT better and also to earn some money for myself. Also, I love reading and listening to Inspirational and Motivational Self – Help books and tapes respectively.

I have special interest for Inspiring and Motivational Self Help books like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki “See You at the Top” by Zig Ziglar, “How to Increase Riches” by Dr. Robert Anthony, “The Psychology of Persuasion” by Kevin Hogan, “Releasing your Destiny” by King Omudu, “The Magic Formula for Wealth Creation” by Remy Onoja, “Discover yourself” by Cally Cussons and a host of others. Though, I am yet to travel to countries outside Nigeria, I have travelled to many states within Nigeria such as Imo, Abia, Port – Harcourt, Enugu, Benue, Nasarrawa, Kogi, Lagos, Kaduna, Kebbi, Zamfara and Sokoto States and so on. I have held several leadership positions such as the post of House Captain and Vice President of Jet club in my Senior Secondary School. Also, President National Association of Catholic Corpers (NACC) Rabah Local Government Chapter of Sokoto State and also Leader of the Place of Primary Assignment in Service amongst others. I am aspiring to own Business Empire and lecture in any tertiary institution in the world someday.

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