Nwaeze Daniel – Profile


Name: Nwaeze Daniel
Country: Nigeria
Email: Danielnwaeze@gmail.com
Website: www.globalyouthagents.blogspot.com
Birthday: May 11, 1992
Education: Bachelors
Occupation: Corps member

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

Utilitarianism: Greatest good for the greatest number.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The greatest problem facing the world today is embedded in individual mindset not wanting to accept positivity and change for better. In my part of the world, lack of quality education and vision is largely to blame.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

These problems can be solved via reorientation of ourselves and willingness to extend a bridge to underprivileged ones.


I come from a ghetto like area always prone to youthful exuberance, cultism, gangsters and cultism in Nigeria; didn’t attend the best of primary and secondary schools (my school was literally likened to a pig farm but thanks a new government who rehabilitated it years after I had graduated). As one would expect, I should be a gangster or perhaps a dullard but the reverse is the case. I was raised by a passionate single mother in a ghetto area but my determination helped me scale through the vices of the ghetto and is taking me places. This in turn transformed me into a role model/mentor for others who hope to scale through the vices in violence prone areas.

All through the time, I developed passion for development and values which helped me scale through the vices in the ghetto. With substantial financial support I proceeded to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka to study Political Science. My early days in the University exposed me to two sides of a coin and I chose the developmental one. I became a member of AIESEC (an international student organization that encourages leadership and personal development) and there discovered innate potentials of mine by exposing me to projects in local communities, experiential leadership positions and ambassadorial opportunities. I was through dedication able to also combine these with my academics and had good grades. Back home in the ghetto, I use my experiences to counsel youngsters and help them find a path in life and escape the negative influences and have recorded success. Some others look to me as a role model academically and/or socially while the majority I inspire and counsel.

Currently doing my youth service in the central region of Nigeria (Kogi state) doing my National Youth Service and my passion carried on as I visit local suburb communities inspiring youths and educating other community members (adults and children too). In the past seven months, I have reached hundreds of youths individually and hundreds more in group projects/outreaches.

I am one of many who are passionate about education and leadership. I love to write, travel and work in teams because they help me learn and share my ideas. I travel mostly around my country because currently I can’t finance international travels but positive of it.

My dream is to someday be a diplomat/ambassador for my country at the United Nations. This I have nurtured since my early childhood and thus led me to work on voluntary ambassadorial role on campus for Dell (Dell Social Innovation Challenge), Nokia and currently for A World at School (AWAS). As a lover of the global community, I partook in global projects as the Global Enterprise Experience and local one as project director, team leader etc working in teams that had internationals and locals.

The Bible, Who moved my Cheese by Spencer, and The Secret by Rhonda Bryne are books that have personally inspired me while the movies Great Debaters and Three Idiots are my favorites and they exposed me to greater hidden talents in me and how to exhibit them.

I am ready to fulfill all tasks of the Institute of International Global Leadership as this will help me improve myself as a global leader, reach more people through exposure and give me more insight as to my personal development.

A one sentence definition of me is: Diplomatically passionate and creatively excellent.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull