Nimang Divine Che – Profile


Name: Nimang Divine Che
Country: Cameroon
Birthday: September 26, 1990
Education: B.Sc (Hons) Business Management
Occupation: Financial Services

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My vision of a world that works for everyone is one in which I see people having the basic necessities of life ( food, water, shelter, education, medical facilities etc ) with less struggle or stress as is the case nowadays. A world in which love and peace is the order of the day, the absence of violence in problem solving and more of dialogue. The absence of Xenophobes in our society. A just and corrupt free world in which everyone is given a chance to express his/her self. A world in which cooperation is preferred to competition.
Above all, a world with the absence of natural disasters. If all the above is possible then our world will be a Paradise.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

As spoken of above, for my vision of a world that works for all, I believe the most pressing problems facing the world could be summarized in theses few words;
Climate change
Racism and Xenophobia

Despite listing many other points, I believe the core to all is poverty. I take my inspiration from the Cameroon context. Poverty would lead to corruption, embezzlement, bribery, and robbery. Being unable to feed, shelter, educate, cloth yourself, your children and the absence of the basic medical facilities is what I consider as the basic and the most pressing problem for it has a link to all the others and this can be proven. The presence of racism and xenophobia, I consider to be the major cause for the absence of love and peace in the world today, for the unfair treatment of the others is always visible and most at times this marginalized react with violence to proof their point. “Climate change” is the order of the day. We now have longer or shorter periods of rains or the dry season (winter, summer, spring, autumn; depending on your location) than was the case before. Due to this we experience drought, flooding, poor harvest and what have you.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

The problem of poverty has a long way to go as solution to it. But I believe that if the government can provide the basic necessities for the citizens, then all the other problems would be eradicated. The youths should be educated and trained to become job creators and not seekers, that is to be self employed. Their initiatives should be promoted, subsidies, grants etc would help eradicate poverty in Africa and the world at large.
Bribery and corruption is not necessarily a result of poverty. The mindset of those in positions of responsibility should be changed. Governmental institutions and NGOs could do this through trains, education and seminars. Institutions and Firm actions should be put in place and implemented against defaulters. Meritocracy should be used in whatever position and a liberal democratic governing system used be used; freedom of speech should be practical and not just on paper.


I am a Cameroonian by name Nimang Divine Che from the North West Region of the country. I have a B.Sc (Hons) in Business Management, from the University of Buea.
Growing up I have always struggle to be independent or not be a burden to others so I fend for myself, by hawking to be able to provide for my school needs. This practice is one from childhood and this has been a boost to my personality, moral and my way of looking and things and not judging by the cover of the book. Growing up, a belief I have till this date “effective leaders are trained,” is my driving force to my being so enthusiastic and the always willing to learn nature I have. Hard working, humble, patience, dynamic and very sociable are some the characteristics embedded in me making it possible to adapt to what ever situation. I am a peace loving person, a problem solver and very dynamic by nature. I always motivate people to be self employed (though not yet), make them see the positive side of things, see an opportunity in every difficulty, to have a positive self esteem and to be adventures.

Concerning my leadership experiences, the most important which is ignored by many is being the first child, have that responsibility of assisting your followers, telling them what to do and what not to do, leading by examples (action they say speaks louder than words). I was proposed a dormitory captain for the most notorious set of students which I handled perfectly well for 2years. I worked as task supervisor in a production firm, and hold positions of authority in associations I belong to, like The Emerging Ambassadors (an association of friends with so much ambitions) in which I am the Sectary General, and many more.

I envision being a prosperous business man in the future and dream I don’t talk too much about because of the negativity from others; it’s not late, I know I would be one; a motivation speaker and leader, all to help change or better the lives of those I pass by. I am passionate about the economic emergence of Cameroon (but my president talks of emergency in 2035) and Africa at large. African countries suffer from under development because of poor implementation of business and economic policies, lack of infrastructures and legal mechanisms put in place to attract foreign investors. This gives rise to poverty and very low standards of living. My life long career goal is to contribute to policy making in the domain of International Business Transactions and foreign investment for a sustainable Africa. I love children (but have none), education, charity works, traveling and reading inspirational and motivational books and literatures. I have read many among which include Think Big (Make It Happen in Business and Life) by Trump and Bill Zamker, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hills, The Ultimate Selling Secret by Richard Carswell, Finding Your Perfect Work by Paul and Sarah Edwards, Never Give Up by Joyce Mayer, Tough Times Never Last by Joel Osteen and others.
Know all the above is knowing Divine, reading the above is seeing Divine, for that is who Divine is.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull