N. “Lindzee” Lindholm – Graduate Profile

N. “Lindzee” Lindholm

Tennessee, USA
n.lindzee.lindho lm @gmail.com

With the help of principles and tools learned through IIGL, I am answering the call to perform mediation and peacekeeping work to Ireland and Northern Ireland by focusing on the common ground of belief in God and principles of peace, equality, and social justice for all as Executive Director of Gods_i_ international (GII). I am proud to serve with British, Irish, and American roots.

Thus far, I have enjoyed being an IIGL student. Several lessons I have gleaned include: i) continually set goals and put them in writing, ii) keep a pulse in life by focusing on the pluses, and iii) you are what you think.

I enjoy helping people as a counselor. Academically, I am finishing a PhD in theology by working on my dissertation emphasizing peacebuilding in Northern Ireland. My degrees include a Bachelor of Arts in music, a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership, a Master of Arts in psychology, and a Juris Doctor with Summa Cum Laude distinction. My hobbies are reading, writing, jogging, singing, playing my bassoon, and taking walks with my Himalayan cat Alexander “Sandy” Hamilton.


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