Mutiu Damilola Samuel (Dammy) – Profile

Mutiu Damilola Samuel (Dammy)
Akure , Nigeria
Birthday: 05/27/1987
Education: Computer Science Student of Ogun State University, Nigeria.
Occupation: computer Training Services

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone?
My vision of a world that works for everyone is to develop the mindset of as many as possible people that I can reach to through one means or another. My vision is to let every creation realize their purpose of being created, and to let then realize that they need to fulfill the purpose. Vision to let every body have plans for his/her future and forth coming generation. Vision also on how I can help them to fulfill their purpose of being created. These are my visions, just to let every body live in freedom and unity. Vision to allow peace to reign among beings, for people to depend on themselves and not to depend on anybody.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
The most pressing problem I discover facing the world today is lack of good leadership. This has lead to so many things that causes problem, let me just discuss about one of the problems. The problem I want to discuss about is unemployment, which is seriously affecting the world generally, both economically and population. But what I discover is just that, the government don’t know that unemployment is causing backwardness to their economy. How is it affecting global economy? In a situation whereby people are living without job, and they are taking their three times meal in a day. This is taking from the government and these jobless people are not contributing to the progress of their economy, there is only input and no output. This is not the fault of most of the citizen, because most of them are graduates, and after schooling no job, and there is no money to establish the business of their own or to empower themselves. This same problem lead people to internet fraud, stealing e.t.c.

How do you feel these problems could be solved?
My belief that there is nothing too difficult for God to do. We should keep on praying to God for changes, and also that God should touch the heart of our leaders to remember the poor. But I belief that we the citizen have a lot to do to bring these problems to an end. These are the role for the citizen to take in the progress of our country, and world entirely.
1. By prayer
2. By hardworking and encouraging themselves
3. By focusing on what they are doing
4. By studying their environment and control what their environment
5. By voting for the right people
6. We ourselves should not limit ourselves, we can work hard to become a leader. So by this it will be easier for us to develop this world.

I’m having so many goals and mission, I always dream big. I always reason about how thing is going on in my environment, state, country, and world as a whole. I plan to be a successful man, that’s why I always work hard. I use to do anything I plan to do with target.
My dream is all about doing good, helping the needy, providing jobs for as many that need job or jobless, most especially youths, both graduate and none educated ones. I belief by doing this it will reduce the level of poverty in the country and world generally. What I discover is just that, to eradicate or reduce the level of poverty in the world is not what a man can do alone.
But I belief there is nothing God cannot do, with hard working and enthusiasm it will surely workout.

I was not born with this passion but I developed it immediately I discover my purpose been on this earth. Since then I’ve been developing this idea of helping less privileged people. The purpose I discover was been made to make peace and to make people happy. To develop this idea of helping the needy and making peace, I look at my environment and I went on research of what people lack most, and I discover that it was job. This issue of unemployment has cause and lead to so many things. Indirectly this unemployment is affecting economy and growth of each nation. Which I belief that individuals that are able to help should do everything possible to help them, not by giving them money to eat, but by empowering them and by enlightening them.

This great task has change, I myself, because I was not born with this mission, I developed it by myself. It has help me a lot by reading motivational books, which has change my mentality, dressing and the way I approach people also the type of movies I watch.
This great task has helped me to participate in many projects, one of the project I participated was youth farm project (Y.F.P). which was organized for youths in my community. This project is been organized just to let the youth realize that they have power to do great things, and also to keep them busy. This project was youths in their various areas of needs. Is also made to generate money to make it known to other youths, and government that, there is power in youths and farming. What youth farm project all about is helping youths by empowering them. Youth farm project is a farming project that started with less than ten youths. This project was started with planting of maize, from there it started developing, and I was made the secretary of the project.

The mission of this project it to empower the every member of this organization and our society. I myself also benefit from this mission of farm project. How? As I’ve said that I love helping people, and I’m a computer literate. I decided to be teaching people that are not computer literate, computer in a cheaper rate, so this organization bought me a desktop computer to carry out my mission. The name of the computer school is Leaders Computer College. Thank God (LCC) is now government approved with three computer, and is speedily progressing.

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