Mugenzi Frederic – Profile


Name: Mugenzi Frederic
Country: Rwanda
Date of Birth: January 1, 1978
Education: Master\’s Degree in Educational Management (Kab.), Bachelor’s Degree in Education (NUR)
Occupation: Trainer

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
A world that works for everyone is a world where everyone respects each other\’s rights. By all means, we need each other to grow up mentally, physically and socially. Selfishness blocks some people to act as human in some cases but consequences never dely. The world needs leadership that is giving space to everyone to express him/herself, to give his/her contribution to others\’ development. The leadership that takes people equally regardless their possessions or political status. This is the World I need to see for every one to be happy and prosperous.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
The most pressing problems that the World is facing today include war, hunger, drugs and leadership/Political crisis. Everyone comes on this world having nothing in hands but when we look at people some are rich and others are leaving miserably. Some are favored to get some profit, but others are burned. This has been the source of misunderstanding which brings people to civil wars and things come worse, creation of refugee camps wherever the world, hunger and diseases attack people, then the poor become poorest, and the rich grow in pocket. It is lamentably to see how youth use drugs. They forget about being the hope of next generation and take drug in spite of all efforts that the government invested in them. Some Politicians use them to harm others because those ones have lost control. Some politicians take advantages of this world crisis and jump on power and continue their malpractices to their colleagues, fellow citizens and it forms a cycle-of-harm with no end.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
First of all there is a need of human mobilization about Tolerance. People need to treat others as they wish they would be treated. Governments are replacing others on power, but the coming in government revenges the outgoing one. Some governments all over the world do not respect laws they elected, and dictate their citizens. This is what brings death for those who claim for their rights, others jailed for no reasons, their families suffer from all sorts of harm until they die. I thing Leaders should respect existing laws, human rights and international laws as opted for. There is need of respecting Democracy as they claim their leadership to be democratic.

My name is Mugenzi Frederic, I am 41 years old and feeling a strong need to enroll as an active student with International Institute for Global Leadership. Since my early age my wish was to become a teacher. This was motivated by my mentor, my father who was also a teacher in a remote area called Mamfu, eastern Rwanda. My dream was nurtured by training got from primary teacher training center (TTC) in Northern Province. My dream came true when I completed my High School in 1998, and became a primary teacher from my former primary school. On ground, my expectations of being just a simple English teacher in lower primary level were surpassed.” He is not far from a leader a teacher in his class.” these are words said by The Head Teacher in his early first speech to us at the beginning of the school year.

When a teacher? When a leader? Questions in mind of a fresh confused teacher within a period of one year spent in that career, I discovered that more than being simply a Teacher, I was an educator thus, a mentor, a leader by example. Leading in discipline, guidance, teaching targeting pupils’ behavior change from worse to good, from good to better and from better to best.
I liked teaching profession. I could not wait for five years from 2000, to complete my graduate studies in Education to go back to teach.

Qualifying to teach in a secondary school, I was called to be a Teacher Trainer in TTC-MATIMBA, what a chance! Now I had to train future primary teachers, and a serious note was put on reminding my students that a primary teacher is more than a simple Content deliverer, he/she has to be an agent of change targeting pupils’ positive behavior and competence based knowledge. The Experience got from being a trained primary teacher to Primary Teacher-Trainer in a TTC allowed me to apply for different managerial vacant and succeeded: The head teacher for a junior secondary school, Dean of studies, and Director for a private senior Secondary school, This is where a need of leadership skills was sounding. Handling teachers’ issues, representing schools in local authorities solving students’ issues, overall management of respective school were my main responsibilities.

Since 2013, the completion of master’s level of education from Kabale University (Uganda) contributed to my promotion from a secondary head teacher to An Assistant Lecturer of education and school leadership related modules at University of Rwanda, College of Education (UR-CE), University of arts and Technology of Byumba (UTAB) and Catholic University of Rwanda (CUR) successively. The next interest on Leadership skills arose again when I was requested to handle module entitled “School Supervision and Inspection” with Level Five students, from the Department of Education Management and Planning (EMP) at Catholic University of Rwanda (CUR). The module was about the application of school leadership skills in a real context of teaching and learning context. Without enough knowledge about leadership skills, the discussion in class was limited to Rwandan education laws, roles and responsibilities of teachers, dean of studies and those ones for the Head teachers instead of extending it to counseling skills, Problem solving skills, conflict management skills, Knowing Oneself skills, to list few which I think I would learn with IIGL.

A part from my academic qualifications, I have gone for different certified courses in:
Gender, Planning and development; Professional Development for Teachers
Global School Partnership; Building an effective partnership;
Higher Education Teaching Child Social and Financial Education” Trainer of Trainers
Personal Effectiveness at Work; Trainer of Trainers; Managing the Training and Development Function

Knowledge and skills got from above courses helped me to grow big in thinking and planning positively, living with objective, presenting effectively constructing ideas, which I think could be part of effective leader’s qualities. Enrolling with IIGL, I have no doubt that my dream to become a helpful citizen leading other fellow citizens would become true. My current post at Rwanda Revenue Authority Training Institute is at Level V. Which is, according to The RRA’s Policy, the last level for junior officers. As my performance was very good for the last three years, I am, with no doubt, candidate to promotion to junior Manager. How would I be a manager with limited skills in Leadership? I think this is the real time to get inspired by the experienced Institute like IIGL.

This will be an invaluable additional experience to the daily responsibilities I have to fulfill, since 4years ago. Those responsibilities are but not limited to:

Coordinate designing of Curricula for RRA, Ensure that development needs identified in job analysis are included in the Training Plan, Under the supervision of the DPA, participate in all Training activities of the Institute,
Assume responsibility for the safety and administration of the training aids, Prepare annual procurement of Training resource persons required by the Department, Facilitate the training whenever appropriate or during the absence of a trainer, Maintain statistics on-time attendance of trainees on Training venues, Prepare terms of reference for the consultants required by the department, Evaluate the quality of services before submission of invoices for approval,
Ensure periodic reports are submitted to the Principal of the training Institute.

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