Mbasa Rugigana – Profile


Name: Mbasa Rugigana
Address: Kanombe, Kigali City, Rwanda
Birthday: 5 July
Education: Degree in Business Administration and masters of Banking and Finance
Occupation: Supply Chain Management

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

Promotion of education in third world will reduce the level of ignorance among the population. This will lead to increased understanding and application of policies relating to health, nutrition and population growth controls. Improved farming systems will improve food production through application of modern farming techniques like irrigation, mechanization and green house farming. Pollution caused by emission of gases from industries of industrious countries should be reduced to the lowest level through the use of other sources of energy like solar, wind and other sources that do not degrade the environment. Treating people with respect by world leaders will prevent wars and integration of economies.


I am called Mbasa Rugigana, was born on 5th July, 1977, married with two children, Christian, Rwandese and my permanent residence is Kanombe – Kigali Town Rwanda. I hold a Masters degree from Kampala International University, Kampala – Uganda in Business Administration MBA – Finance and Banking. In 2005 I graduated from Kigali Institute of Science and Technology, Kigali –Rwanda with Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting Option.

I am a certified Humanitarian Logistician. A Training offered by Fritz Institute and Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport UK – International Certificate in International Humanitarian Logistics (CHL) –Procurement, Supply Chain management, Fleet Management, Store and Stock Management and Transportation May 2011. I am currently undertaking a certification program in Accountant certification ( ACCA) reached at part II.

I have written research papers on taxation in the East African region. The impact of Value Added tax taxes collections in Rwanda. This research helped me to understand more on the implication of taxes on businesses and how businesses can be more compliant to taxes. It also revealed how better government tax bodies can administer better tax policies which can minimize tax evasion.

What has been more exciting to me has been my recent research on application of common external tariff in the East African Community countries. I was prompted to research in this sector because of the fear that the business community in my country had because of the country accession to this block. It was surprising to me however, when actually the findings showed improvement in the revenue collections in the country despite uneven distribution factors of production.

As a Green Belt trained process improvement, I have managed and led process improvement project in my work place. I have formulated many policies in the areas of procurement, logistics and registry. Reading Lean Six Sigma Pocket Tool book by Michael L. George and David Rowlands, New York, 2005 has helped me improved process quality, speed and complexity.

Having worked in humanitarian sector in most of my career, I have been perturbed by events that happen in the world, children suffering due to preventable diseases and manmade disasters are outrageous. My belief is that man can change the course of events that we see today. It takes one courage to cause a difference provided one stands for the good cause.

Some personalities like mother Theresa and Mandela have changed my perception. Reading their biographies have changed the way I serve the people around me and especially the beneficiaries in the projects where I serve. What is more striking is that writing this summary itself has made me focus on the real issues affecting the world. I am wondering how I will be at the end of the course and the impact I will cause. This application process alone has put me on the road of leadership.

My hobbies are travelling, listening to gospel music, reading, watching documentaries and debating.

I am a dedicated Christian and married with two children and my family fellowship at the Christ Embassy Church in Rwanda.

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Books Completed:

Jonathan Livingston Seagull
As A Man Thinketh