Matilda Nthenge – Profile


Name: Matilda Nthenge
Country: Kenya
Birthday: January 27, 1995
Education: Technical college
Occupation: Tailor

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My vision to the world that works for everyone is whereby life is respected and equal opportunity, provided to everyone irrespective of your color, race, gender and your background also a corrupt free world, whereby you get what you deserve not who do you know and what do you offer in order to get services.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

Unemployment, most of the youths finish studies with the aim of getting a white collar job, unfortunately they end up being frustrated, this leads, to criminology in our society, we have been brought up in a society that education leaders to a good job and getting a lot of money we are not trained to gain survival skills for our future life, this is a hindrance to the society, some parent do not allow their children to exploit their talents which can help them gain a living, sports or co curricular activities was termed for those who are not academically excellent. Once we embrace and encourage our children to be who they want to be then we will have a better world and a better future to our children.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

Empowerment of our children at earlier stage will help curb the unemployment issues, let the students know that they do not go to school to get a job or good employment but know that its a formation to equip them with survival skills that even if there is no job they can create one and employ other professional, also let us not restrict our children on their choices, let them do what they feel its good for
them, most people under perform on their duties because they do what they didn’t love but they were forced on careers that are not of their choices, that is why we invest a lot to our children and at the end of the day they abandon, what we forced them to do and follow their path when its too late.

My names are Matilda Nthenge we are two in our family, I have a young
brother, I come from Makueni hills in Eastern part of Ukambani. I lost
my parents at a young age. I have been assisted with well wishers up to
where I am today. I have gone through all the educational levels right
from primary level, secondary and technical education through the help
of people and God.
I am a qualified tailoring and dress making, I love my job because this
is what I wanted to do whereby I am self employed. Sometimes it’s challenging to deal with clients but in everyday I learn new tips on how to handle the. I could love in future to have a tailoring institute to empower other less privileged people like me to get survival skills. I am very much active in church whereby I am a Sunday school teacher, teaching morals to our young children in a society where morals are lost. I feel good working with the children, I am determined to see good come out of them and be good people in future
and responsible. I am also good at singing. I sing in church and teach the children new songs to praise God.

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