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Name: Mary Oghomena Ayideji Mary-pics.
Country: Nigeria
Birthday: June 27
Education: PGD Food Science, B.Sc Microbiology

Please describe a vision of the world that works for everyone.

I envision a world where the average man will gain a much more meaningful life than the present. Emerging leaders will blaze newer trails, distinguishing themselves for a particular cause or idea. I see a world where people will live out their dreams. Even in the race for survival of the fittest, the ‘weak’ will no longer be easily eliminated because awareness and knowledge that produce understanding in civic issues would have grown tremendously and irreversibly. Peoples’ gifts and talents will increasingly seek expression and contribute to the progress of the political economy. Then technology will be providing faster and improved solutions. Then leadership will become a shared experience.

What do see as the most pressing problems facing the world?

What one considers being the pressing problems of the world; presents in different forms, perspectives and categories. I will say it is the quality of the thinking and decisive mind that makes a choice out of all alternative options. I mean the mind of the leader and the lead. The results of the choice(s) manifest broadly in all economic sectors whether severe or mild; and in either developed or developing countries. To underpin these problems to unemployment or lack of self-autonomy, poverty, diseases, terrorism, civil /religious conflicts, corruption, illiteracy archaic cultures and associated gender inequality is simple a summary. It is the mind in its quest for more power that translates to corruption and support of terrorism. Likewise it also the mind that seeks to make life conditions better and the world a more habitable place.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

The greater solution to the complexities of world issues lies within the will power of the mind to continue to think well; while abolishing failing values in the system. People should be allowed to create a balance between selfishness and selflessness. Lasting solutions must embrace everybody’s input. People seeking leadership positions should actually have laid out plans for socio-economic issues not just political speeches. People should think of leaving legacies behind. Cunning minds that have taken away what belongs to everybody and have successfully kept humans in bad states should let go of such mindset. Leadership must also continue to study principles and should be wise enough to recognize favorable advice for the betterment of the masses because what you do not know you pay and ignorance is not an excuse. People be should actively interested on how the system works, to gain understanding through curiosity; questioning their status quo and issues; seeking more opportunities to be involved. Collaborations, communication and dialogues must continue. Education must also continue to find answers to the challenges of society through the different fields of technical and non- technical specializations. It is only humans that can change the world system.


I am Mena Ayideji (preferably called), I am a self-motivated and result oriented person. The challenging experience of doing something beyond that which I have already mastered can strongly hold my interest. I am interested policy development process, food security, financial literacy and managerial leadership; family, education, women empowerment, mentorship and consultancy while teaching and praying the will of God.

I dream of using food process development/technology to project African values. My goals are to gain employment in food/agriculture sector, climb a career ladder that will prepare me for work with a bilateral/multilateral organization in the long term. I plan do MSc degrees in Postharvest and food preservation technology, Organizational development in the short to intermediate terms.

I hold a BSc Degree in Microbiology, and have currently rounded off my Postgraduate Diploma program in Food Science & Technology both at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. To my close associates, my faculty transfer from Biological sciences to Agriculture was a waste of time, resources and a step down. This idea for my last research project was borne out of the fact that overripe plantain fruit is unacceptable to most consumers’ hence increased postharvest loss. I have been able to combine osmotic/ solar drying techniques to develop a product of consumer acceptability, co-authored with my supervisor three papers not yet published and also finished as the best in my class. I have come to appreciate multi-disciplinary problem solving skill, open mindedness towards life, networking and flexibility.

Leadership experience: I volunteered as a peer trainer on HIV/AIDS prevention in the compulsory one UNICEF/National Youth Service Corps scheme in Kwara State, Nigeria; through this role I gained communication and organizational skills, developed self confidence in speech presentation, I worked with my partner to mobilize and keep the interest of rural secondary student within the age of 14 to 16 years. My commitment and dedication to service earned my selection for a week training on HIV counseling at Zamfara state, where I role played the counseling session. I was exposed to listening skills and stress management techniques.

I have held other leadership positions in the Christian fold. I have held the position of zonal secretary for NCCF (Nigeria Christian Corper’s Fellowship) with responsibilities of organizing, writing situation reports, program anchoring and in team planning of fellowship events that included induction and follow up of members, welcome/send forth parties, teaching the word of God . I have also held positions of youth leader, pastoral care fellowship leader, choir financial secretary and a dedicated member of the drama team.

With over sixteen years of helping out as sales representative in my mothers’ clothing retail business, I ventured into various small retail businesses such as foodstuff, fashion and jewelry during school years. I have understood why keeping customers’ loyalty is important. My mother trained me to appreciate quality in purchase and sales in the clothing line.

I have travelled to a least one state within the six geo- political zones of Nigeria. I like watching epic adventures, Sci-fiction, and crime investigation movies such as 24, touch, cane. I am a wife and mother. I like reading, singing, cooking and attending educative seminars.

My favorite books include Christian religion, motivational inspirational, finance/management to food science books.

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Books Completed

As a Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Success through Positive Mental Attitude
Keys to Success
The New Dynamics of Winning
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