Mark Elisha Mazadu – Graduate Profile

Mark Elisha Mazadu

I’ve always had this childhood dream of doing something that will make people feel the joy of purpose, and to be aware of their mission to society, that I’ve been able to achieve through my involvement with different local Non profit organizations in my home country Nigeria, where I’ve been able to help people identify their talents, dreams and aspirations in life.

I’ve also worked as a hospital Administrator and a Public Relations officer where I worked as an integral part of a News Magazine editorial board at a Government Owned Hospital in Northern part of Nigeria. Prior to proceeding on graduate studies, I’ve also worked with some International Governmental/Non Organization(s) in areas of Leadership, Maternal Health Care and Gender Equality awareness. I hold a Bachelor of Science Honours in International Relations, Honours in Social Entrepreneurship & Leadership Studies and a Masters of Business Administration: Strategic Management (In-view).


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