Kosi Sepénou Davui – Graduate Profile

Kosi Sepénou Davui

I have always been interested in human development, social work-human service and humanitarian actions. I began this in my family, through my parents. This led me to community service in a variety of activities with local NGOs in my country Togo . I served as volunteer in the field of peace mission-projects, assistance to disable and old persons, protection and promotion of children’s education, youth development, advocacy on human rights, campaign on health concerns and protection of environment.

With my graduation from IIGL studies, I am making career in social entrepreneurship and leadership as change maker, agent of change. I am consultant, educator, trainer and coach. My aim is to get involved in people’s development in general, youth in particular.

I have profound and particular respect to parents, older persons and children. I love family life as home peace maker.

My goal in life is to take part in the well being of others as helper, advisor available to serve human cause anywhere. I am highly interested in the social, ethics, human virtues and philosophic studies. I am a lifelong learner to know more and further about human diversity. Self help books are my favorite.

I believe any authentic change and transformation begins from the self. This is my first personal leadership experience. I hate greed, a zero-sum view of the world, inertia, lack of trust as well as lack of vision and leadership and unity of purpose in life. Those are constraints and forces which hinder our personal and collective development. For me, any human sustainable development begins from self knowledge and consciousness. It is the focus on self awareness, empowerment and improvement, growth and development to undertake something worthwhile to change one’s life in the positive way; reach success and happiness. It is a choice to live purposefully to shape a destiny. It is a matter of personal responsibility to take a stand for one’s life to reach others. It is a personal process of liberation man engages to make wonders achieving peace, prosperity and freedom.


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