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Name: Kagame Vincent Sebikari
Country: Uganda
Email: kagamevincent@yahoo.com
Birthday: November 20, 1982
Education: University of Pretoria Graduate
Occupation: Business Rescue Doctor

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My vision is that of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

Today, the world youth and women are mostly affected by poverty, unemployment and limited possibilities of accessing education. Poverty is more complex due to social and economic state of affairs. World’s hopes lie in the contribution of the youth who signify the active force. The African Development Bank shows that more than 40% of those who are economically active and under the age of 30. Leadership is one of the most essential elements for improving youth inclusion. In recent years, many countries have strengthened their governance frameworks and policies.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

Democracy, youth participation and human rights awareness are critical to economic growth. Good governance as an engine for government effectiveness, transparency and accountability. Engaged youth are likely to exert more influence over the use of standard processes, teamwork and the degree to which there is a culture of improvement. There is growing consensus that creating decent work, reducing inequality and defeating poverty can only happen through a new path founded on business rescue. Creating more and better jobs must lie at the heart of any strategy to fight poverty and address rural underdevelopment.


I am Kagame Vincent Sebikari: Business Rescue Philosopher; Reformer; The Group’s Chairman and Director: Sebco International Group LTD; Founder, Za Serikali Sirikari Foundation. The foundation aims at raising the standards for leadership to acquire the essential skills for top positions in international organizations. Professional member ofthe International Society for Development and Sustainability (ISDS): Membership ID: 1500454.

I possess high organization skills with high-level interpersonal and excellent written and verbal communication skills, vast experience in qualitative and quantitative data analysis, skills in data collection, strong analytical skills, customer service skills, planning and leadership skills, ability to work on my own initiatives as well as a member of a team, ability to deal with people with tact and diplomacy.

In addition, I am a competent and centered leader, highly motivated, innovative thinker, high level of integrity, self driven, eager to learn, performance and results oriented, trustworthy person. Has a track record in Athletics, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, and Physical Fitness, all aim at teaching the importance of teamwork in achieving success.

Economics, graduate from University of Pretoria, Republic of South Africa. Proficient in computer applications such as Matlab, Spss, Stata, EViews, Sas, Pastel/informatics, Power point, Word, Excel and Access packages for data analysis. I have best displayed my ability to compile and analyse statistics of various economic indicators, also been able to apply my academic background to this setting.

Primary research interests mainly focus on Economic Efficiency (model of entrepreneurial performance), business rescue (Levelheaded theory), small business management (innovation solver model) and macro-economic management (Africa Real Development model). Has reviewed a number of international journal papers; and published in numerous journals:

Sebikari, K. V. 20015. Challenges in the Business Rescue Industry in Uganda. British Journal of Economics, Management & Trade 10(3) 1-11

Sebikari, K. V. 2015. SMEs can be rescued from failure. New Vision Publication (Thursday, May 14)

Sebikari, K. V. 20014. Entrepreneurial performance and small business enterprises in Uganda. International Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Research 2(4) 1-12

Sebikari, V. K. 2014. The impact of Entrepreneurship on Economic Growth in South Africa. Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective 3(5): 120-125

Sebikari, K. V. 2014. Critical analysis of the taxation policy on small businesses and entrepreneurial enterprises in Uganda. Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development 5(10) 12-19

Sebikari, K. V. 2014. Critical Analysis of the obstacles to business creativity among Small and Medium Enterprises in Rwanda. Journal of Developing Country Studies 4(10) 49-54

Sebikari, K. V. 2013. A Guide to Business Rescue in Uganda: Prepared by Mwamis Business Rescue. Unpublished

Most recent book is Analysis of the public policy on small business enterprises in Uganda, Lambert Academic Publishing, 2014: Germany, 978-3-659-60788-2.

further areas of research include leadership, Public Policy, Technology Management, Globalisation and International Institutions, Macroeconomic theory, Macroeconomic Policy, Macroeconomic Management, International Business and International Finance, Public Economics, Management of Organizations, Strategic Management, Applied Mathematics, Money and Fiscal Policies and how to understand better the complex process of creating regional integration mechanism.

I intend to work for international organizations and governments by contributing to debates leading to the formulation and implementation of policies. As I understand, this Institute For Global Leadership is very competitive, attracting highly motivated students. I would be honored to be part of global leadership network.

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