Kaddu Anatoli Kiriggwajjo – Profile


Name: Kaddu Anatoli Kiriggwajjo
Country: Uganda
Email: kaddukanat@gmail.com
Date of Birth: December 17, 1981
Education: Bachelors of Arts with Education, Masters in Public Administration – Research Year at Uganda Management Institute
Occupation: Teacher

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
World over, there is need for more peace, love, growth, wealth, health, education and so on. A world that works for everyone is where individuals are granted the minimum opportunities to acquire more in the fields described above. It a world where development matches with preservation of the basics of life for both humans, plants and Animals.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
It is Leadership! John Maxwell affirms it when he says that “everything rises and falls on leadership.” The world today is challenged poverty (even in the urban centers), disease, systemic corruption, poor hygiene due to poor waste management, poor quality services and service delivery, inadequate clean water supply. Pope Francis I, while addressing teachers in Ecuador told the them how much they had succeeded in teaching all the physics, chemistry, history and art but failed to teach children how to relate with the environment. To him this was the cause of environmental degradation. World over many leaders have great qualification but the prior mentioned problems have persisted, the transactional leadership model has failed we now ought to adopt the Transformational Leadership model that begins with the transformation of the leaders themselves to take people to the next level of growth. Otherwise, all the problems are as a result of Bad Governance.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
First, there is need to develop people who will address the current needs. Character formation should be at the center of raising such men and women. From personal experience and work, the girls and boys who went through our mentoring sessions and completed the course, have stood to challenge status quo- they do things differently. The ideal is if the CEO of an organization is trans-formative enough, then his followers will too. Good followers make good leaders, young leaders should be taught to be good followers before they are loaded with great leadership challenges. In history, the story of the Sabre-tooth curriculum was very popularly used and being educated and trained was seen as all relative to the time period in which you live, where you are, and who you\’re with. The idea is by creating people in accountability groups where they learn to do things for the sake of others and not for their own good and that is Servant Leadership.

I am Kaddu Anatoli Kiriggwajjo, 38 years old, and married. I am a Makerere University graduate teacher class of 2006. For the past fifteen years I have been engaged in not only the teaching of History and CRE but also invested a lot of time and resources in mentoring, nurturing and training of high school leaders. I am part of the “Lead Like Jesus” movement in Uganda, partner with Cornerstone Development Africa in the preparation of the next generation of African leaders. So, I chose to become a student of Leadership and through self-improvement online courses, I’ve achieved a lot. I am currently Serving as the Deputy Head teacher at Emmanuel College Kazo and undertaking my year of research as a partial fulfillment for the award of a Masters in Public Administration at Uganda Management Institute Professional Synopsis: Design strategy, monitor progress of the set goals and objectives. I deputize the Head teacher and coordinate School Programs. Liaise with service providers and coordinate programs. Monitor Academic programs of the School and ensure consistence of routine; such as Scheming, Planning, Teaching, Evaluating and correction of student learning materials. Observing, Recording and Assessment of students’ behavior and designing a behavior change plan. Out-sourcing and sharing of teaching and learning materials for students. Mentoring, Training, Identification of potential leaders and organizing of students elections. Design work ethics for student leaders as well as monitor social clubs’ activities in school. Liaison with parents about the potential of their children and implementing strategies discussed. \r\n\r\n• Provide reports to school administration on termly activities in the various departments \r\n\r\n• Identify and be a part of personal growth avenues to ensure continuous learning. My Skills Acquired and Knowledge include: Confidence and leadership ability, I accept challenges and enjoy working to guidelines. I am a team leader as well as a team player and effective communication skills both verbal and nonverbal. I have the ability to see possibilities, implications and to examine issues objectively, bring reality to the situation.

Aptitude for creative problem-solving and Understanding of complex issues. I have strong motivation to be competent, drive and ambition to succeed. I have high standards and strong work ethic, I adhere to procedures and policies. Logical and analytical decision-making skills – I am very task oriented. Decisiveness and strong organizational skills. Comfort with technology, strive to produce accurate and precise work (get results). Ability to make requisition for office resource needs, monitor usage and consumption reports for on going projects and programs. Skills in areas of preparing project presentation/documentation/reports writing; papers for briefing, setting agendas for arrange and take recordings/minutes of events and meetings. September, 2006 to May, 2018 (Full Time) – Rubaga Girls’ Secondary School. Classroom teaching, discipline management and evaluation of students’ learning experiences Head of Department (CRE), mobilizing resources for students and teachers with and outside school \r\n• Teacher in-charge of Students’ Leadership Nurturing, Mentoring and organizing Students’ elections. Member of the Disciplinary Committee in charge of designing and recording students’ discipline notes and behavior change plan of action. Counselling and guidance of students. Conducting parents meetings to make follow up and forge a way forward for proper growth of learners.\r\n• Writing and submission of reports to the administrators and disseminating feedback to my team. Overseeing the sanitation of the students and supervision of the prefects’ work. Prepare induction and officiate inauguration of prefects/student leaders in school.

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