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Names: Jibril Abdul Razak
Country: Ghana
Email: jibrilenterprise@yahoo.com
Birthday: November 30, 1992
Education: Diploma in Agriculture technology
Occupation: Farmer

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
My vision is to create awareness of the global youth today concerning self employment. Youth should not school for the purpose of completing or graduating to be employed by government or other people. They should have self vision while in school, to initiate or invent something on their own. I think with this, high rate of unemployment will reduce drastically especially in our part of the world (Africa). And also youth should not regard some works as work for aged people and illiterate example farming.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
Firstly, High rate of unemployment among youth; across the globe this problem have been rampant issue especially in Africa and some part of Asia and then expose them to do unlawful things and being illegal immigrants in some countries. Secondly, pertaining to our educational sector, I have noticed that we concentrate much on theorical aspect in stead of practical and technical. Not to go far, here in Ghana our education is basic base on theoretical field or classroom activities instead of combine with practical or technical section. This issue have hindered our youth not to be able to invent something on their own., which expose us to over dependence on importation of goods and services, which is a factor of depreciating our economy and currency value.\r\n\r\nIn my conclusion, I will say low level of income and poverty aviation in developing countries should be the clear point as this aspect is concern.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
These problems above can be solved through educating the youth about initiating or inventing something as source of income on their own, rather than relying on government and other private sectors for employment, which are even scarce to get. Again, our education sectors should concentrate much on practical and technical aspect rather than give more attention to theory or classroom activities, because every human has his/her talent, which he/she is born with. But with this theory education, I think inhibition of people talent will be prevailed drastically. If all people take heed to self employment, learning technical or practical works and being creative to invent something. I think these problems above will be minimized.

I am Jibril Abdul Razak, the CEO of Jibril enterprise with business registration number BN062572018, an agribusiness service and development provider having it principal place located at Ejura in the Ashanti region of Ghana. I am a male, born of 1992 on 30th day of November. I was nurtured by my grandmother at Ejisu also in the Ashanti region, from the age of five to fifteen years, where I was sent back to my parents at Ejura to further my junior secondary education there. I am from Ejura but currently reside in Kumasi, capital of Ashanti region.

I attained my high school education at Ghana senior high, Tamale, (2007-2011), where I offered Agriculture Science. I continued to pursue my dream as a passionate Agric Entrepreneur by enrolling myself in the University for Development Studies (UDS), Where I obtained Diploma in Agriculture Technology. I have been a commercial farmer of some primary produce ever since practically going into farming since his early stage. I won best district livestock farmer award in the year 2011 and district youth best farmer award in the year 2013 in the Ejura-sekyedumasi District. I was also awarded a certificate of participation in the farmer and enterprise training in commercial Agriculture under the Millennium Challenge Agency, Ghana (MCA), a collaborative initiative of MiDA and MCA which lasted for six weeks in the year 2010. I also like travelling to other countries to seek for new innovations and technologies for the benefit of my passion.

I am medium in size. I am chocolate in color with black hair. I have an oval face with dark brown eyes, pointed nose and small mouth and lips. I like watching football matches a lot. I like reading motivational books and texts. I also like watching African English movies especially Nigeria Hollywood movies, I get most of my vocabularies from movies and books. I like visiting social media websites during my leisure time. Push ups exercise and morning jogging are my favorite fit actions. Most times, I like travelling locally and internationally to explore and learn new innovations and technologies.
I always like seeing new things in life and I love doing something on my own. I am the first born of my parents and we are a family of eight, both parents, four gentlemen and two ladies. I am married and have blessed with two boys.

In all my school and home histories, agriculture has been my background, My father was a farmer and he use to take me to farm during my early stage. Due to this, I developed passionate in agriculture and had all my education in agriculture sector. I attained my high school education at Ghana senior high, Tamale,(2007-2011), where I offered agriculture science. I continued to pursue my dream as a passionate agriculture entrepreneur by enrolling myself in the University for Development Studies(UDS) at Tamale, in the northern region of Ghana. I have been a commercial farmer of some primary produce ever since practically going into farming since my early stage. I won the district best youth award in the year 2013 and district best livestock award in year 2011 in the Ejura-sekyedumasi district in the Ashanti region. I was also awarded a certificate of participation in the farmer and enterprise training in commercial agriculture under the Millennium Challenge Agency (MCA), a collaborative initiative of Millennium Development Authority(MiDA) and MCA (United State of American) which lasted for six weeks in the year, 2010.

During my University days, I joined an organization on campus called “Talent Hunters” which priorities was to advocate entrepreneurship and how to manipulate in life after school, if not found job. This organization was managed by high time business gurus in Ghana. We hold a conference annually and dignities across Ghana come to talk to us on the priorities of entrepreneurship. I was awarded a certificate for that endeavor. With this little experience and knowledge I had, I have been able to change few lives in my community through entrepreneurship advocation.

In the year 2013, after wining the district youth farmer award, I was taken to Dubai by the District Assembly for two weeks holidays, as sign of motivating other people especially the youth to engage in farming as business. In the year 2010, Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Ashanti region, reported that people who were dominant into farming were noticed to be adults and people with non formal education. Since then through my entrepreneurship publicity; personal and through other media have improved upon farming among youth in my community, Ejura. And now Ejura, is known to be one of the farming districts in Ghana.

My advice to the world is that, we shouldn’t have the perception that this work is difficult to do; have it in mind that at all cost I will do it. Because every work in this world have ever be done by someone and you can equally do it as well, and don’t always say some people have been blessed by God for some project, God is never bias.

My dream in this world, is for me to become the subject to people prosperity in my country and to the world. I want to leave a remarkable legacy behind by becoming one of the prominent philanthropy in the world. I pray that, if God bless me with long life by 2027 through the help of International Institute for Global Leadership I should own an NGO and a leader of big organization in the world.

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