Janet Mumo Maundu – Profile

Janet Mumo Maundu
Email: maundujanet@yahoo.com
Website: www.alfanetork.org
Birthday: 1986
Education: College
Occupation: Teacher

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
Positive leadership in all nations through serving people in three dimensions, leaders as a servant, leaders as shepherd and leaders as stewards, this will bring harmony and understanding in our world.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
Lack of effective leadership, the challenge the world is facing is lacking leaders who can lead and be productive, in there leadership without being egocentric and serve the nation. Leadership being the foundation of development of the nation people misuse power like the autocratic leaders who dictates when leading or serving the nation without using dialogue or in a democratic leadership, I could like to change leaders to be democratic leaders in our nation other than autocratic and authoritative leaders.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
Through dialogue and being democratic leaders, and also taking other people’s interest first, through also capacity mobilization, sensitization, lobbying and campaign to our society to elect leaders who have values and vision that can be role modeled by the youths, and small children since leadership starts from home. (Charity begins at home) Especially here in Kenya we should be holding chief’s meetings (Baraza’s) in order to enlighten the community and create awareness to the community about leadership and also identify the qualities of a good leader like obedience, kind, caring non judgmental, empathetic other than being sympathetic.

My names are Janet Mumo Maundu, last born in a family of 4, two boys and two girls, I have a Diploma ECD, and I have been involved in volunteering in teaching young and needy children. I have also been volunteering in one of local community based organization called Alfa network ( A better life for all) to educate children through a local radio program called Pamoja F.M. My future dream is to have a school which will be helping needy children and orphans, I have also been involved in changing youths in to positive behavior through counseling since I have done guidance and counseling. I have also been a girl guide so I have some tips on first aid, rescue of emergencies in case of calamities. I have done psychology, child development, creative arts social studies, health and nutrition, I have also made a project in child abuse, child rights, phys co – motor activities, personality and special needs education. I like reading the Bible and helping the needy children, guiding and counseling others staying with children and helping them achieve their goals also teaching children to use polite language, like excuse me, may I, please, thank you.
I like networking with people making substantial friends, I have the power of attraction, once given a chance to establish a task, I do it to my perfection and fulfillment not to please others but to the best of my knowledge with bragging.
I have managed to visit a special needs school in a place called Thika in Kenya, because of the special need subject and applying it practically, and it is from there I came to realize how to deal with physically handicapped, mentally challenged, this come up to categorize children with special needs in

1. Physically challenged
2. Mentally challenged
3. Visually impaired
4. Deaf and dumb
5. Multiple handicapped
6. Children with cerebral palsy
7. Muscular dystrophy
8. Brittle born disease

I am a tall lady, I like laughing because when you laugh you grow younger, and also through laughing and smiling you reduce the toxin in your body, I see, I touch I ear I forget.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull