Iziomoh Emmanuel – Graduate Profile

Iziomoh Emmanuel

Lagos, Nigera

IIGL presented me the opportunity to practice what has been a dream, to visit a Francophone country and got involved in community development which was part of my Sociological studies and foreign language ability. The Journey of a thousand miles began with one but the most important thing is the endlessness of thoughts and actions by reading has broadened my mind through IIGL. It is a great opportunity to be a part of the IIGL community, learning at one’s speed and capability. I owe it to myself, to learn to share, to share to give, to give and not to expect. There is a need for global reorientation looking inwards, I imagine how Thomas Edison would have been a candidate to a psychiatry home when he first told someone that there could be a light brighter than fire. We need to pause and change the way we live, organize religion, media and curb the pollution of hatred instilled in us especially in Africa. Despite never having seen anyone smile, blind people smile because it is a natural human reaction, so also can it be a natural human reaction to love, to forgive and to show compassion.

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